Superman: The Redemption-Part Two

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Part Two:

Martha Kent's jaw dropped.

"Oh dear...."

"Don't worry, Mrs. Kent," Lois reassured her. "We just..."

"We need a place to stay." Kal cut her off.

"I-I-I don't know what to say--I just--" Martha fumbled for words.

"MARTHA, WHAT'S GOING ON?" Jonathan Kent shouted, walking towards the door. He looked outside, staring at Kal El.

"I know you." Jonathan Kent said, unafraid. "You were that man who saved my life from that creature a while back. What is it you two want?"

"Th-they need a place to stay, Jonathan." Martha told him.

"Well, it's the least I can do!" Jonathan said, gesturing. "Come on inside. I need some help around the ol' farm anyway..."

Hesitantly, Lois and Kal El walked inside.

"How have you been, Mr...." Jonathan asked.

"Kal. Kal El....this is my sister, Lois Lane."

"Ah," Jonathan noted, "Well, we have a guest room you two can sleep in. Feel free to make yourself comfortable!"

"Th-thank you, Mr. Kent."

Jonathan smiled. "No problem, ma'am, it's the least I can do for someone saving my life.


Maxima flew through LexCorp's security, bowling through them like twigs. She finally kicked the door off of it's hinges, entering the room.

Luthor buried his face in his hands. "How many aliens have to come into my office in one day...?" He muttered under his breath.

"WHAT was that?" Maxima growled. "What did you say?"

"Nothing, Maxima." Lex answered, standing up and walking towards her. "What is it you want now?"

"I handed Ultraa to you so you could design him to test Kal El's limits. He beat him easily," her voice did not rise, but, to Lex's surprise, her voice grew calm and soothing. "Tell me, Lex...why is that?"

"You wanted him as a mate." Lex stated blatantly. "I couldn't have him killed and face your....*ahem* wrath. You wanted to see his power, I gave you an example. Nothing more." He looked into Maxima's eyes, fearless.

"I want another warrior, Luthor!" She demanded.

"And if I say no?"

"You want Kal El off the long as you comply, I can give you that!" With that, she spun around and flew out the window.

"Do they all have to ruin my office?!" Luthor shouted, angrily.

The Next Day:

Lois crept downstairs, careful not to wake up her hosts, but to her surprise, she found that Jonathan, Martha, and Kal El were already up."

"......Never seen anything like it!" Jonathan said. "You did almost all the yard work in less than a minute! You, sir!" Jonathan congratulated, "Are one in a kind."

"Thank you, sir." Kal said, quietly.

"What's wrong?"

"I...I've never experienced human interaction with someone outside of the people who trained me without having to kill someone....and even then..."

Martha, who had been listening to the two men talk the whole time, reached over and gently touched his face. "Don't worry, honey." Martha said. "Killing is behind you don't have to do that anymore."

Kal looked away, disgusted. "I wish it was....excuse me...I need some air."

Lois decided to go back to bed, while the couple watched Kal El fly into the atmosphere. Martha looked at Jonathan and said: "He needs a costume."