Superman: The Redemption-Part One

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This is a sequel to the fan ficSuperman: Bred to Kill

Part One: A New Life:

Lex paced back and forth nervously. Beads of sweat dripped from his bald scalp. His client would be here any minute, and he did not want to disappoint him.

Kal El flung the doors open with a bang, and strode into Luthor's office.

"What do you want?" He asked.

Luthor calmed down, and sat down in his chair, lighting a cigarette. "Smoke?" He asked. Kal did not answer. He simply crossed his arms. "That's fine." Luthor joked. "These things will kill you anyway." Kal El let out a breath, blowing out the match.

"What do you want, little man?" Kal El asked. "Why are you here?"

"I could say the same about you." Luthor rebutted. "I know all your secrets....the genetically modified being CADMUS sent you to kill....your birth planet of you killed your "Father" General Lane..."

In a whirl, Kal crossed the desk and picked Luthor up by the neck, his eyes glowing red. "WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT?"

Luthor let out the words between choking sounds "I was the head of CADMUS! That's how I know! I handed my job over to someone else after CADMUS blew up!"

Kal El's grip tightened. "YOU were head of CADMUS?"

"I...was....I handed it over to....someone else!"

With a swing of his arm, Luthor was tossed across the room. When he looked up. Kal El was towering over him, his eyes still glowing red. "Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you where you stand."

"I have information!" He told him. "I can help you!"

"Then talk."

"There's....a spaceship....orbiting above Earth's atmosphere....CADMUS picked it up before I has it's sights on you!"

"And why would you tell me this?"

"I've seen you in action....I don't want you to die!"

With a glance at the sky, Kal El flew into the air, carving a hole into the ceiling upon his exit.

Luthor picked himself up, and pressed his intercom. "Yes..." he said, "tell them that it's working perfectly....he expects nothing."


Kal El flew towards the sky. When he had looked up, he had seen a male figure heading for Earth. He knew he had to stop it, no matter what cost.

The two met each other, and both slammed their fists into each other, sending both of them flying into buildings.

Kal El looked up to see the figure in his face, sending a flurry of punches. "I AM ULTRAA!" The man said. "AND I HAVE COME TO EXTERMINATE YOU IN THE NAME OF MAXIMA"

Kal intercepted the punch, and struck Ultraa with a concussive blast of heat vision, then tossed him through the air with his hurricane breath. Kal El met up with him in mid flight, throwing a right cross, then spun around with an roundhouse kick. "You are indeed impressive, Kal El." Ultraa told him. After saying that, he flew forward, punching him in the nose, then throwing in uppercut. "But you are no match for me. Superman bled as Ultraa punched him to the ground, sending a shockwave through the city Ultraa met him, and Kal evaded the blow, striking the back of his neck. "Gotta be faster." Kal said.

Ultraa spun around, throwing a right cross. "I will win the heart of Maxima! NOTHING WILL STOP ME! NOTHING!" Kal El grabbed him, and flew him through through several buildings, then hit him with heat vision. He hammered his fist into Ultraa's skull. He then grabbed him by the neck, and tossed him into the air.

"Enough talking." Kal told himself. "I'm growing bored of this." He flew into the air at supersonic speed, punching his fist through Ultraa. Ultraa let out a small whimper, then disappeared in a flash of light.


Luthor watched the footage on the news.

"Such power," he said, "such raw...unbeatable....power.


Kal El flew Lois past the sign that read Smallville.

"Where are we going, Kal?" Lois asked.

"Your old life is no longer safe." Kal told her. "I saved some people when I was fighting Doomsday that said they wanted to repay me....I'm cashing in that favor."

The two flew up to Kent farm and rang the doorbell. Martha Kent answered the door to see Kal El floating in the air with Lois Lane in his arms.

"Oh dear....."