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***This part may be short, as I am saving the final battle (and revelation) for the finale (i.e: NEXT CHAPTER!)***


Superman flew through the ceiling of his imprisoment, and stood on the top of it. He used his X ray vison, combined with his microscopic, to see the curvature. Everywhere, firepits burned, encasing a sheath of armor around apokolypse to prevent and attack. Slaves kept it burning constantly. "Back away, Kal- El!" said a voice. "So declares Kalibak!" Superman thought about making another remark about third person, but decided against it.


Kalibak was the first to strike. A powerful blow sent him flying off the edge of the building. Kalibak leaped after him. the two fought while falling. It seemed to go for an eternity. blow by blow, the two fought tirelessly. Superman remembered to fly before hitting a firepit. Kalibak stood on top of him. Superman hit him with his heat vision, erupting his hair (or mane) into flames. Kalibak refused to put it out, and kept pouncing. Since he refused to, Superman grabbed him by his hair (or mane) and threw him up into space, to put the fire out. The two fought there.


"You are soft, Kal El!" Said Kalibak. "You know who I am, HOW?! My father and master, almighty Darkseid, has told me not to tell you." Kalibak said proudly. "So you do know," said Superman. "but you just need a little..coaxing..." uhhh" "Not very bright are you?" asked Superman. Superman hit harder than ever before, sening him towards the firepits, and catching him an inch away from the fire. "Tell me what you know." Said Superman. "Never said Kalibak, who then wrenched himself from Superman's grasp. Kalibak, being the person he is, forgot he couldn't fly. All at once. Superman was not faster than a speeding bullet. He could not save Kalibak from being burned alive in the firepit's of Apokolypse. Superman knew he was evil, but felt at least some remorse over not saving him. With a gesture, he shouted to the slaves. "YOU'RE FREE!" He said, and flew away to


Darkseid's throneroom:


Superman burt down the doors. DARKSEID! He shouted. "So...you're 'almighty Darkseid.' " "Yes." Said Darkseid "And you are Kal El. You have killed my son. It is now an eye for an eye."


"A life for a life...."



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