SuperGirl:The Last Daughter of Krypton

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Kara Zor-El is the last survivor of her people. When she finds herself on a new world, she must lean to deal with strange new powers. In the inky blackness space a jagged remnant of a dead world drifted away from the remains of a collapsed star.This sliver of a planet had one smooth side,on a rock.Within this dome stood a city of spires that once glinted under the light of a red sun,but which were now shrouded in eternal night.The city was Argo,last city of Krypton.

Zor-EI stood upon the balcony of his home and watched the gentle movement of the stars as the shard of Krypton Slowly Span through the void.In the days before his planet had died,he had always enjoyed standing in this spot to watch the sunset and enjoy the gentle breeze.There were no sunsets anymore,nor any breeze.Still,he took the time to stand there,it was the only time he got any rest.

There was never much time for rest these days.There was always something that needed doing.Life had become a daily struggle just to survive.The main thing was power.Without power they could not recycle the little water they had left or grow food in the little makeshift farms.Without power the air scrubbers could not make the air breathable.Without power the shimmering dome which enclosed the city would fail,leaving the city dead and airless, Without power,they would not survive

He wrapped his cape around himself for warmth and looked up at the shimmering dome which enclosed the city.It was the only thing keeping them separated from the void.Keeping the shield functional was what most of the city's power went towards.

There were huge generators in the hub of the city which powered the shield dome, but the dome itself had been experimental and the short term generators had been intended to be replaced with something more permanent once testing had been completed.Now they had no choice but to work out how to keep them going.

Looking at the dome his thoughts turned to Kandor. The great city of Kandor. Primary city of Krypton. The lost city. Of course, he thought grimly, all the cities were lost now,But Kandor had been lost more than a decade before the death of Krypton.

He remembered the day, a decade ago, when a great shadow had fallen over their world as a machine entity appeared above Krypton.

With all their technology and all their professing to be the greatest civilization they were unable to stop the capital city being taken.Just like that gone,leaving nothing but a crater, as if a giant hand had simply reached down from the skies and scooped it up.

The attack had left a jagged scar on the psyche of the people of Krypton.Fearful questions and angry demands had been flung at the planet's High Council who had responded with reassurance of stronger defenses and more security.Those eyes which looked out now only scanned the skies in fear of the entity's return and did not heed the warnings of those who spoke of the sun's instability.Those who Looked inwards only looked to strengthening their defenses and ignored those who spoke of other dangers to the planet .Fear of the entity had blinded them to all the other dangers,for the entity was real and immediate.Other dangers seemed distant and unimaginable.

Zor-EI had been one of these affected by this state of fear.He had thrown himself into his work analyzing the remains of the few of the Entity's probes,which the planets defense force had managed to destroy.It was hoped that this analysis would reveal some weakness of the Entity,which would allow them to defend against it, if it ever returned,He had sworn that no Kryptonian would ever again be taken again.

Analyzing the entity's technology had yielded technological secrets, unknown even to the great minds of Krypton.And so the Entity's shielding technology,until finally they had built a protective energy shield large enough to cover the entire city.The shield itself had been a prototype,a proof of concept, a temporary device,build to be tested and replaced with a better model designed to last.

When the tremors that heralded Krypton's destruction had begun,some initially thought that the entity had returned and in the panic the unfinished shield had been activated.When the planet was ripped apart, the shield had kept the city and the ground it stood on together as they had been flung away into space. They had built the shield to protect themselves,and it had,just not in the way they had imagined.

So now here they were, trying to survive in a dying city, on a shard of a dead world. Their people were gone, there was no one coming to rescue them, their resources were dwindling and only a thin,untested wall of energy separated them from the hard vacuum of space. Danger was now a constant,any moment could bring a disaster that could end it all.Even the very rock beneath their feet now put out a dangerous radiation that the population had to be shielded from.Some felt that there was no hope and it would have been better to perish quickly with their world,rather than endure this slow demise.

The problem was how to make enough power.With the sun gone there was no solar energy,with the planet gone there was no thermal energy.Anything in the city that could create power had been gathered.Household generators,transport craft engines,even old children's science projects,if could make power it was taken to the hub and plugged into the grid.

But it was not was never enough.

There were plenty of ideas about how to make power.Fusion, Fission, Harmonic Wave,Zero Point Energy, Gravity Harnessing,Phantom Generators,but the problem was building them.They either required materials they did not have,or would require a huge amount of energy in order to start, which the city could not spare.

So they debated endlessly,on the correct course to take .Whether to build ships to flee the city,or to go and search for resources to bring back or dismantle a few of the city's,now it was now cold and dark and quiet.He closed his eyes and imagined a pleasant sunset and a warm breeze on his face.

He felt a warm hand on his arm.Opening his eyes,he turned to see his wife Alura, one of the two lights in his life that made existence bearable. She smiled a smile which drove the coldness from his bones and the darkness from his soul.

"It is time." She said softly, talking his arm and leading him back into the house.

They headed towards the entrance.Mar-En had called a meeting in order to put a request to Argo's ruling council and had asked Zor-El to attend.Mar-En wanted to shut down generators five so that he could replace a burned out component and get it back up running at 100% capacity. Zor-EI was on his way to testify that the remaining generators could handle the strain for a short time and that Mar-En was skilled enough to rebuild it.

Zor-EI found that he now spent a lot of his time giving speeches to reassure or inspire the citizens of Argo, to give them hope that they could stave off their doom for a little longer.

Privately Zor-EI agreed with those saying that their little world was unsustainable and that they should construct ships .The problem that kept cropping up could only be fixed for so long,all it would take would be one disaster to kill them all.However,he was also acuity aware that there was absolutely no way that they could build a ship large enough to carry and support the entire population of Argo. He could not bring himself to doom the city's residents, even if it meant saving a few. The cost would be too high. So he would stay with his people and hope that some solution could be found.

He Looked down at the icon emblazoned in his chest, the symbol of the house of EI. Hope...yes. But of course he had not left everything to hope and chance.

He thought, with no small amount of guilt,of the thing he was constructing in his workshop.Constructed using only materials from his home,but which perhaps could b have been used elsewhere in the city .In the topmost room,which had once been his observatory,stood a small craft.Makeshift but sturdy.Big enough for one.

Selfish? Yes,of course,Not for himself,But for someone he cared about,but selfish nonetheless.

As Zor-EI and his wife headed towards the entrance,he paused as he passed his daughter's room.She sat in there studying Hal-Ed's Treatise on empathy as a cornerstone of civilization,as she had been earlier when he had passed on his way to the balcony.She was now the youngest member of their race still alive.Every day he thought he should send her away from this dead city,but he could not bear to see her go.

He felt a squeeze on his arm and turned once more to his wife. She gestured towards the door and silently they both left their daughter alone.

As they made their way from the darkened building Alura spoke. "We should wait no longer."

She turned to him as they walked through the cold night."The craft is ready,we must send her away.Before some disaster befalls us".

He nodded. "Yes. Though it pains me to let her she will survive.We shall see to that."He placed his hand into hers."We shall tell her when we get back".

Arm in arm they walked on through the darkness,

Alura was right,there could be no further delay,Kara must be sent away.

He would see her safe,his only daughter.

Last of his line.

Last of his people

Last daughter of Krypton.


In the darkness of the void,Argo gave out very little energy.

Almost unnoticeable,but not quiet.

Something had taken notice.

It began to move towards the city...