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In the watch tower Kara lies on an examination table with Clark watching over her frantically pacing back in forth "Clark would you calm down you pacing like that isn't going to make me feel any better" Kara said seeming a little annoyed. "I'm sorry Kara I'm just worried what if Metallo did something to you what if he infected you with something" Clark said with signs of worry on his face. "I don't remember Metallo ever doing anything like that I'm sure i was just dizzy or something we didn't need to come to the med center at the watch tower for that" Kara said. "I'm just worried about you" Clark said.

At that moment Jonn entered the room "Superman we've finished her blood work".

"So whats wrong with her Jonn" Superman said dreading the results.

"It appears she has a slight case of hyperemesis gravidarum" Jonn said.

"What is that Jonn" Superman said nervously.

"Morning sickness"

Clark's expression changed quickly from nervousness to confusion, he gathered his thoughts and asked " what does that mean Jonn" almost knowing what the answer would be and fearing he was right.

"It would appear that Supergirl is pregnant" Jonn said without skipping a beat.

Frozen in shock Kara couldn't find the words to speak, Clark in a rage yelled "how can that be" staring at Jonn angered and confused not knowing how to process what he just said, he then averted his gaze towards Kara "whats going on Kara".

"I don't know" Kara said intimidated by her cousins tone of voice

"what do you mean you don't know" Clark said in a rage

"Calm down Superman its impossible for for Humans and Krytonians to reproduce"

"then how Jonn"

"the child that now inhabits her body is completely kryptonian and seems to be developing at an alarming rate"

"How can that be Jonn" Clark asked sternly while Kara sat on the examination table completely shocked and in a daze of confusion"

"It appears Supergirl has also become the host of many nanites which i can conclude initially contained the strains of Kryptonian DNA that impregnated her, they also seem to be the cause of the embryo's quick development the child the child is now within the second stage of its developmental stage and will be born within a few weeks"

"This has to be Luthor's work" said Clark clinching his fist in anger

"We don't know that for sure Superman"

"You don't know him like i do Jonn that sounds exactly like something he would do"

"Even so what do you plan to do even if it is his doing, will you attack him in his prison cell" said Batman walking in having heard the situation whilst eavesdropping or as e would call it doing reconnaissance

"You know just as well as i do Batman that he wont be in that cell for long"

"So you'll attack him when he's released from his cell on some baseless assumption Im sure the media wont have anything to say about that"

"Then what do you suggest we do then" Clark yelled in anger

all of a sudden Supergirl ran out of the room in tears Clark and Batman ran after her the stepped into the teleporter and warped back down to earth with Clark still chasing after her Batman grabbed him yelling "Superman calm Down" Clark yelled back "Let go of me Bruce" Batman then said in a softer empathetic tone "Give her some time alone Clark I'm sure she'll come to you once she's figured things out"

If you haven't read chapter 1 please check it out and here's chapter 3

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great story

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good work

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sorry it took so long to read this.

Okay, the story is good and your style has improved. Great job.