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part 1

The begining

It was one Friday afternoon.

It was a school day and Carlos,Miguel,and Andy were having P.E.They were greeting new students to their class."Hello my name is Carlos,and this is my brother Andy.""My name is Miguel.""My name is Brian,and this is my stepbrother Danial.""We moved here from New Mexico,because we had some problems",said Brian."What kind of problems?"said Miguel."Out of this world problems",chuckled Danial."Well welcome to San Francisco and...that plane is about to hit the school!"yelled Carlos."It's on fire",said Andy.All the students began yelling,and screaming like crazy."We'll be right back",said Carlos."We're going to inform the principal."The quickly put on their costumes and ran to the football field."Magmarock toss me!"yelled Cheetah-boy.Magmarock then tossed him.He then landed on top of the plane.When all of a sudden a figure flew next to him."Who are you?""My name is Astronaut.""Are you here to help?"asked Cheetah-boy."Yes",answered Astronaut."I'll get the passengers out",said Cheetah-boy."I'll try to stop this plane then."Cheetah-boy then opened the door and went inside the plane."How many people are in here?"asked Cheetah-boy."ten",said the pilot."All of you hold on to me".Cheetah-boy then jumped off the plane with passengers.He safely landed,but then spranged his ankle."Ouch!""Thank you",said the pilot."No problem."Debris began falling from the plane and began pouring on the school.A piece of debris was about to hit a student.Cheetah-boy quickly ran to safe the person,but someone beat him to it.A purple gooey figure stopped the debris with its body like a cushion."Who are you?"said Cheetah-boy."My name is Plasma and that's my partnet up there.""we are both superheroes."Python and Magmarock ran up to Cheetah-boy."Who is he?"asked Python."His name is Plasma and that person up there is Astronaut.""they are here to help us,and right now we need to help these people.""Ok"said Andy.Python teleported through a classroom to save a student,because he was trapped in there.Then a big piece of debris fell of the plane,and trapped three teachers."Im coming!"yelled Python.He then spit venom through his mouth.The venom then dissolved the debris. He then quickly got the teachers out."Hey that Astronaut guy needs help"said Magmarock."Hey Astronaut jump out of the way I'll help you."Astronaut jumped out of the way.The plane then hit land and began slidding through the field.But Magmarock stopped with his arms,but he was being pushed by the plane."Magmarock is slowing the plane,but it's still going to hit the school",said Plasma."I should help him slow it down."Plasma then transformed into a purple baseball glove.The plane and Magmarock hit Plasma,but he stopped them due to his gelatin like texture."We did it!"yelled Plasma.The students,passengers,and teachers began cheering.Minutes later news reporters arrived at the school."So do you guys think you'll form a team,because of your teamwork?"asked a news women."We will think about it",said Cheetah-boy."Leta go to a quite place to discuss this",said Cheetah-boy.So the heroes went to a public park."Good the park is empty",said Cheetah-boy."So Cheetah-boy wanna form a team?"said Astronaut."Well,we could use two more superheroes so..... why not.""But you will have to reveal your identity to us",said Cheetah-boy."Thats our rule."Astronaut removed his armor,and Plasma turned back into his human form."It's Brian and Danial!",shouted Cheetah-boy,Python,and Magmarock."How do you know our identities?"asked Danial.The heroes looked at one another.Then they removed their costumes."Well isn't this interesting",said Brian.

to be continued

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Nice, way too bring Super Toast to comic vine.

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part 2

The revealing

The heroes were talking in the public park.

"Would you care to explain where you got your powers, and what you are doing here?"asked Carlos.Brian begins telling the story."It was one weekend night in New Mexico.""We were home alone and it was quite.""At twelve o clock there was a blue light outside of our home.""Me and Danial followed the light until it stopped.""We were then pulled by a force that sucked us in into some aircraft.""All that we remember were blue creatures,and our agony.""When we woke up we were at home,and it was 8:00 AM.""Danial woke up as purple goo,and I woke up with a device on my back.""It was some sort of alien armor when you deactivate it.""So we told our parents,and they were terrified to what we have become.""Mostly me",said Danial.Brian continues the story."So they kicked us out of the house and we took a bus.""The bus took us all the way to here."After reading a sunday morning paper,and knowing there were others with powers we knew we had to find you guys.""Thats why we are here.""So you guys live alone?"asked Andy."Yes",answered Brian."We live in a small apartment.""So can we still be a team?"asked Danial."Sure",said Carlos."But we need a leader to lead this team",said Carlos."You should be leader",said Brian."You have great leadership"."Well I'll lead if it's ok with all of you.""Yes!"yelled everyone except Carlos."We need a name though",said Andy."It should be something with protectors",said Miguel."How about the super protectors?"said Danial."How about the Earth's Protectors?"said Carlos.

"Yea I like",said Brian."Yea",everyone said."How can we protect the Earth though?"asked Miguel."No problem",said Brian."Follow us to our apartment."The team then followed Brian and Danial.Brian then took them into a secret room under his room."Wow this place is big",said Andy.

"I know",said Brian."Allow me to introduce you to Bionic Cruiser.""It looks cool Brian",said Miguel."This baby can go from here to India in just 30 minutes.""You made this?"asked Carlos."Yes,yesterday.""I'm a bit of a scientist.""Me and Danial made this out of the metal that my suit is made from.""Were did you recover this meatl?"asked Carlos."We recovered this in New Mexico",said Brian."There was a meteor shower that day,and some of the fragments laned in New Mexico.""So I recovered some ,and studied it.""This metal is light,but stronger then any metal known to man.""Thats why the cruiser can go so fast.""Interesting Brian",said Carlos."So,wanna check it out?"said Danial."Do we!"yelled Miguel.The heroes got inside the cruiser."So is it alright that we can use your apartment as a base?"asked Carlos."No problem Carlos",said Brian."Ok,because we have nothing.""It's alright",said Brian.Beep beep!

"Whats that?"asked Miguel."Thats the sonar,and it can detect any disturbances around the world",said Danial."Where is it coming from?"asked Brian."From.....here",answered Danial."Looks like we have our first mission",said Andy.

to be continued.

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part 3


The heroes quickly put on their costumes.

Astronaut flew the cruiser to their designated destination."Everyone off",said Astronaut.On the rooftops the heroes watched the crime."Who are those guys?"asked Plasma."It's the Red Puma and his gang",replied Cheetah-boy."They're trying to rob that museum,again.""This is the third time this month",said Magmarock."Well lets stomp their party!"yelled Magmarock as he jump and landed into the ground.The landing caused an earthquake.Three members flew across a member from the tremble.

"Oh no it's Cheetah-boy and his friends!"yelled a member."Looks like they have new teamates",said Red Puma."You bet Puma!"yelled Cheetah-boy as he ran in front of the Red Puma.Pow!!He punched the leader.The members began shooting at Plasma."No dice",laughed Plasma as the bullet were stuck in his body."Want them back?"asked Plasma."Don't to do it!"yelled Astronaut."Fine",said Plasma as he stretched his arms as hit all ten members with his arms moving like an arc.Five members pointed their guns at Astronaut."That won't work,"Astronaut said.Astronaut took out a device(the device can form into different kinds of weapons)and made it into a shotgun.Bam!An electrical pulse came out of the gun and made the members paralyzed.Magmarock made a spike come out of his palm,and he threw it at a member.The spike tore the shirt and was pinned against a wall.The member was stuck,and Magmarock finished him with a punch.A few members escaped and are hiding from the heroes.All but one."They will never find us here",said a member."Are you sure?"said a voice."Who are you?"said a member."I'm the master of the shadows",said the voice.Python was now visible and he jumped on top of two men.Then he began using martial art on the members with kicks,punches,and karate chop."They are all done",said Python.While the others have finished Cheetah-boy was still fighting the Red Puma.The hero ran towards the Red Puma at mach 10 speed.He finished him with a claw stab on the ribs."Ugggh"."Looks like we're done",said Cheetah-boy."Lets let the cops put this guys in jail",said Cheetah-boy."Oh no,here comes that news woman",said Python."Crap",said Plasma."What a spectacular performance and we got it all on tape",said the woman."So is it connfirmed that you are officially a team?""Yes we are",said Cheetah-boy."And who's the leader?"Cheetah-boy",everyone replied."Now if you excuse us we are going to have a victory feast",said Astronaut."Well looks like we have a new team of superheroes in our neighberhood"."But wait what's your team called?""Oh they're gone....wait there's a note."It says. "This is a new era of superheroes,for the world.""In every corner of the world you will find us saving the this wonderful planet from any evil.""Make sure you count on the Earth's Protectors.""Well there you have it.""This Jessica Shaw signing off."

In Chucky Cheese.

"Isn't this great celebrating our victory here eating delicous pizza",said Miguel."I'll say",said Andy.While Miguel,Danial,and Andy were playing in the arcade the other heroes are having a discussion."So,Carlos were did you guys get powers?"asked Brian."Well,Miguel was born with his.""He suffered from a disease."He lost his hair,so thats why he wears a cap on at all times.""Well me,I had cancer and I was cured.""Though I also got my powers."Andy got his powers in Hawaii.""He fell in lava during an expiriment.""And the funny thing is that we are all related.""Look at us,we're family and were a superhero team.""Destiny plays a funny factor.""Is destiny all ways good?"asked Brian."Well,it's how you want it to be.""My father once told me something.""Man is the architect of his own destiny.""And I always remember that."Brian lowered his face.

to be continued.

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dude,stuff tha flys on Marvel dont fly here,and this is one of them

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Super Toast has spread its gospel to the Vine now,lol

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you got that right.

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part 4


It was 8:00 Am,the heroes are getting ready for school.

Brian was monitering the radar at the base ."Looks like their's nothing"."I better get my stuff class is going to start in 15 minutes".As he got out of the door the alarm turned off.Beep beep."I better call the guys."So Brian called the others,and met at the base."Brian where is the signal coming from?"asked Cheetah-boy."Looks like it's coming from London",said Astronaut."I've never been to England before",said Magamrock."Alright,looks like were going to miss first period",said Cheetah-boy."It's going to be a 15 minute drive",said Astronaut."Ok then lets hop on",said Cheetah-boy.So the heroes were on their way to England.15 minutes later they have arrived."Whoa,looks like London is trashed",said Plasma."Something has been destroying the city",said Python."Something big."A British officer came up to the heroes."Are you here to help us?"he said in a British accent."Yes",said Cheetah-boy."What's been destroying the city?"."Its some kind of monster,and it went into the sewers",the officer said."Ok,go find cover",said Cheetah-boy.The heroes entered the dark and murky sewer."Do you think sewer alligators live here?"asked Magmarock."How should I know?"said Python."It's like that one movie",said Magmarock."This is no time to be playing around",said Astronaut."Sorry".Astronaut led the way by lighting the way with the lenses on his helmet."Wait stop!"yelled Astronaut."There is something there."Then there was snarling noises.Then out of the shadows a spikey dinosaur looking thing appeared.The creature was a thirty footer."What the hell is that?"asked Python."I don't know,but it looks angry",said Cheetah-boy.The monster then charged at Python.Python then took out his samurai sword,and began slashing at the monster."Hey,my sword isn't doing jack",said Python."Its skin is hard.""I'll help",said Astronaut.He took out his laser sword,and began waving it around to scare the beast.The monster then wacked Python with its tail.Python went flying.Astronaut had an opportune,and cut the monster's tail.It began wailing."Ha,take that!"yelled out Astronaut."No wait!"said Cheetah-boy."It's growing its tail back."Cheetah-boy then jumped on the monsters back,and the monster began running around.meanwhile,Cheetah-boy was clawing its back.The monster then stopped,and forced Cheetah-boy flying."Have a taste of my spikes!"called out Magmarock.He began shooting spikes,but it was doing no effect on the monster.The monster then pushed against Magmarock into a wall."Ugh",groaned Magmarock as he fell.In a desperate movement Plasma walked in front of the monster."Eat me",he said.The monster then ate him."Plasma you idiot!"yelled out Astronaut."Hey,what's happening to the monster?"asked Magmarock.The monster began growing bigger and bigger.A second later he blew up.Chunks of the monster and Plasma were everywhere(even on the heroes.)All that was left of Plasma were little pieces of goo.Then in an instant,the goo began alligning together forming Plasma."Did you guys like that trick?"said Plasma."You never cease to amaze me",said Astronaut."It was nuttin"."All I did was expand my body.""Well it's time to go",said Cheetah-boy.When the heroes came out the British began playing a theme song for the Earth's Protectors."The city is now safe",said Plasma.The British began cheering for the Earth's Protectors."Isn't it cool that we have a theme song?"said Magmarock."Oh brother",said Python."Hey Astronaut,take us home",said Cheetah-boy."We already missed most of school.""You got it",said Astronaut.

to be continued.

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Warrior Joseph says:

"dude,stuff tha flys on Marvel dont fly here,and this is one of them"

this is for my friends.