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First of all: Nazis are still nazis and the way history goes is mostly normal.

In this AU, Cap's enemies are a resistance group, Cap's allies are nazis, nazi sympatizers, or fanatical patriots, while Cap himself is a crazed anti-patriot.

This story will obviously be a bit dark, but i will not go into details in descriping. Unlike with my other stories which are on AO3, i will put Sunshine Is Far Away here first.

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CHAPTER 1 - FÜR VOLK, REICH, UND KAISER ("For the people, empire, and the emperor", a WW1




If somebody had told Johann Schmidt, say, a year ago, that this would actually happen to Germany, he wouldn't have believed them.

But it did happen, and somebody had to do something. Johann had become a teacher to not get drafted and shipped off to other side of world to fight for nazis. He obviously hated having to spread their propaganda and hail Hitler to everybody he met, but he was still in Berlin, where he could spy and sabotage. It would be hard to do that from the saharan desert.

He had to step in the role of a hero because nobody else cared, and he couldn't just stand by and watch, and didn't understand how the common men could do excatly that. Was it cowardice? Selfishness? Or was it just another kind of evil?

He was no hero and knew it. He was just a cynical man with lots of issues, but he couldn't sleep at night if he just watched those things happen, knowing he could and should do something about it... He couldn't live like that.

When he was afraid, like right now, he told himself The Gods were blessing him and that he would one day dine in Valhalla. Not that even he believed that himself. If there were god(s) that actually cared..

A few days ago he had come across an Allied spy and, well, pretty much blackmailed the guy to tell him about his contacts, ones of which were Ludwig Beilschmidt and Baron Zemo. Beilschmidt probably was in it for his albino brother, but Zemo's reasons were unknown to Johann.

If he could form some kind of alliance with Zemo and Beilschmidt, he'd probably be better of than with a couple of communistic university students he had tagged along with so far. In less than a year, they had managed to get themselves into quite a pickle, and were at the brink of getting caugt, and Johann wasn't very eager to die with them, though he wouldn't survive long alone either. He had Kruger, Wilhelm, Julia, and Arnim, but, honestly, Arnim was kind of useless in their current situation, Willy was a bit dense, Kruger was a coward, and Julia could not be in two places at once.

Johann didn't hear the footseps of the guards anymore, so he slipped out of his hiding spot and into the night, intending to get back to the city and inside his apartment before the dawn.

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@roverlord: Please give me an at-reply-callout if you post more chapters. :)

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Steve holds The Star And Stripes in his hand while he sits on the rooftop under the night sky, reflecting his life. His country had been in a miserable state when he grew up and it hadn't gotten a lot better. Never. Steve had wormed his way to the army to help save people in Europe, but first he had been made a stage monkey, and then, when he had finally managed to prove himself to Phillips and Carter and everybody else...

Now they were going to ship him off to the Pacific to fight off the japanese. He had heard rumors about the most powerful bomb in history being designed,and presumed that government was going to blow everybody up to the kingdom come, first japanese, then germans, italians, and whoever opposed them. There was no doubt in Steve's mind, he knew how asians were already treated and what Pearl Harbor attack had done to that opinion.

He had already seen the war and the horrors along the way when he had gone to save Bucky and The Howling Commandos from Azzano. He also now knew what was wrong with the world, why could there never be a peace:

Nation. Race. Creed. That was what was wrong with the world!

The national pride, cultural identity, race and creed were the root of all conflict. As long as they existed, there would be war, suffering, death, inequality...

The people didn't want to give them up, thinking they were an important part of oneself. But the war wasn't great and glorious, it was Hell, the deepest damnation, but nobody dared to admit it, instead claiming to adore their homelands. Some seriously believed in that. They wouldn't want to give it up for Steve's dream.

But they had to! He would make them do! It only caused suffering! The horrors he had seen would repeat after a few years. Wars and genodices would never end, for they were stories as old as race. Unless there was somebody to wipe them out and lead the humanity to eternal peace. He had always known this, but had been in denial because of his naive faith, but now he finally admitted the truth to himself.

The people expected for him to care about their opinions, but they don't know what's best for them. It was them who should see the world from where he stood, not vice versa, and so they eventually would, whether they liked that or not.


"Doctor Erskine..." Steve whispered to the night sky, tears of sadness and anger burning in his eyes "I'll be a good man i promised to be."

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