Suicide Note.

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I was bored in my College Algebra class, so I wrote this. Check it out.

”Ever since the day we met, I have brought you regret/

I wish to forget, but my eyes and the paper are wet/

Wake up in sweat… every time I see that scene/

Makes me ponder, don’t you wander, what could have been?/

I close my eyes, still smell the gun smoke/

You are a brave fool, did you run? Nope/

Still hear the click and bang/

Must have been the sickest rang/

The vile scream and all it was less than a minute/

Just one, I look at my gun, there is so much in it/

But it’s not just that, my mother’s hugs/

Makes me hate the man who created drugs/

Cause I sold it, and you told it to her/

Take care of my sister/

You know I will miss her/

I know that you kissed her/

That’s why you never saw her, I didn’t let her go/

That you didn’t know, I want to let you go/

She loves you though, so… Please take care/

Stay fair, that kind of love is rare/

You remember? Last December, my eyes closed/

Three shots, my hand vibrated, the skies closed/

I saw you, falling slow/

Your face was pale, like the falling snow/

And I know, this wasn’t the best way/

But you still asked to see me in the hospital the next day/

I turned into a dealer of pain, from a dealer of cocaine/

Used God’s name in vain, maybe that’s why the pain came/

I wish there was a button to restart it all/

Some say I was too smart to fall, but nobody to pick me up/

So, maybe in the next life, with a next wife/

I won’t strain because of this strife, this knife/

I coming closer, than the dozer will ever be/

Forever see, you still haven’t told me how long will forever be/

Damn… I just reread this, and it sounds like you’re my friend/

This is my end/

You’ve always been my worst enemy, don’t pretend/

That’s why, I, have one more request/

A quest for you, or rather two/

I want to see your dreams becoming true/

And lastly, this might sound, even more stranger/

When they put me in the ground, never share this letter with a stranger/

Maybe only when you’re dead, and somewhere above me/

I put this gun to my head and understand, you must love me/”

A trembling hand, cold metal, shaky breath/

Behind him was a bony hand of death/

He didn’t cry, a manly look on his face/

And one shot that shook up the place/

And blood splattered, all over the sweater/

Sealing the letter, could he have lived better?/


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#2  Edited By Cryo-Wolf

That's awesome.

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#3  Edited By Walkingstone

Wow, it sends a shiver down my spine

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Um you okay big guy you need a hug JK, Its awesome dude I mean it.