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Stone looked around at the dozens of warriors beside him. He was confident that he could defeat each one of them. But not yet, the tournament hadn't started. It was the annual Motzinatu Battle Tournament. The Ultimate Prize was 10,000 Nut-Tsus, and the Motzinatu World Warrior Championship Title.

Although Stone was young, he had some experience in the battling Tournament. He had had his first battle two years ago, when he was 20. He was three rounds away from the final round, but he was defeated by a World Warrior.

World Warriors were the ultimate battling class. They traine since they were children, and were blessed with Super Natural powers. Stone was only a Mantu battle class warrior. They were good warriors, but not enough for the World Warriors.

"Alright, listen up," A man called out at the group of warriors that were waiting for the tournament to begin, and to find who they would be fighting against each round, "Go to the Tournament Tents to ask for your schedule."

Stone listened carefully, and after the man was done, he headed for the Tournament Tents for his schedule. The tournament only had five rounds. 32 men had been chosen to battle. And he was one of the lucky ones.

"Hello, my name is Stone, do you have my schedule?" Stone asked a women who was giving out the schedules to each warrior.

"Stone, stone, stone, stone," The woman whispered to herself as she looked through the schedules. "Oh, here it is." She handed Stone a white peice of paper with his schedule on it.

He went over to a boulder to sit on it. He started looking at who his first opponent was. He would be battling Stap Gont... a World Warrior.

To Be Continued...