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J’Son - Emperor of Spartax

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Kallark - Emperor of Shi’Ar

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Klrt - Super Skrull

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General Leia Organa

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Commander in Chief - Mon Mothma

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"You have my attention for these moments princess before all of ‘absences’ are discovered. Make it good. This space station smells like a universal mistake.”

The Emperor’s voice was deep and imposing. It completed the nature of his stature. His dark colored grey garb of a strange material, seemed to fit over his obviously muscular body like silk. His crystal clear eyes looked upon Leia who refused to be undeterred by his intimidating gaze. Thirty one days had passed from the initial contact to get to this moment, and by The Force and all those connected to it, Leia was going to make the most of it by all means necessary.

“Its General, Emperor Kallark.” Leia corrects.

Leia’s clear voice seemed to echo for miles in the expand all around her. The glow of the numerous stars and distant fading sun in the Spartax Sun Chamber casted everyone shadows on the smooth metal floor. Dressed in her rebel uniform, Leia looks to Mon Mothma behind her, nodding at her. Turning to the Emperor, Leia takes a deep breath as she looks up directly into the eyes of the purple skinned Emperor standing head and shoulders over her.

“I do appreciate you seeing us like this.” Leia begins, “So I’ll be frank. I am part of a Rebel Alliance, seeking freedom for a large cluster of systems in my galaxy from subjugation. My people are in a war and our battlefield has changed. Unfortunately this change involves you. I’m here to discuss the topic of allegiances.” she states.

Kallark arches his fine purple eyebrow at her, “Every side of a war believes they are righteous, General.” Emperor Kallark bluntly states, “Hence my allegiance is to the Shi’Ar Empire and it’s interests Thus, I see little reason to embroil ourselves in your war.” he says.

“Its inevitable that you will, Emperor.” Leia firmly replies much to the Emperor’s visible dislike.

She continues. “And to be clear, I didn’t risk my Commander in Chief or my life despite the constant threat of assassination, to come all the way to a Spartax Outpost in your Outer Rim, just to challenge you on the issue of neutrality!” she snaps, “But our universe has changed.” she says.

“I am aware.” Kallark replies. “Two universes, are now one, divided into two sectors. The Known Sector, my galaxy. And ‘The Empire Sector’ your galaxy. Both governed by their Empires. Ours the collective Galactic Council. Yours, by the Galactic Empire; I am well aware of where we stand - and I see no threat to the Shi’Ar.”

“Again, for now.” Mon Mothma interjects, “Emperor Kallark, the Galactic Empire has ambitions that will inevitably collide with the Galactic Council and your Empire.”

Her words seem to ring in Emperor Kallark ears, making his callous purple hands ball into fists, “And we get to the crux of the matter!” he states, “I do not know you Leia of Alderaan! I do not know your Planet or your people. For all I know, YOU, are the very enemy you are warning us about..”

“Kallark.” Leia sighs, “You represent Life. Your Empire, cares for scores of planets and beings under your rule. That’s my concern. I don’t care if you know me. But we should BOTH care about not letting anyone enslave millions in their campaign for Galactic Supremacy and trade dominance.”

Kallark arches his purple eyebrow, “One could argue that only a true competitor would say that.”

Leia rubs the bridge of her nose in frustration before turning to the glow of the encased sun in the distance.

“I respect your perspective Emperor, I really do.” Leia replies. “But this isn’t about competition.” she clarifies, “This is about survival! I watched, helplessly as my home world was destroyed because it was a threat, to the Empire in many ways.”

Standing aside from Emperor Kallak, Leia eyes rest on the three other individuals, contemplating best how to phrase her next words to insure how they resonate, “And you are a threat too.” she says.

Standing aside from Emperor Kallak, Leia’s eyes rest on a green-skinned reptilian humanoid standing afar. He was tall, but not like Shi’Ar Emperor Kallak, in fact it was obvious the reptilian didn’t want to stand near or breathe the same air as the Shi’Ar Emperor.

His large pointed green ears seemed to almost stand straight up from the side of his green face. Decked in a golden decorated armor, the menacing green eyes of the Skrull seemed to be fixed to Kallak, watching his every move. However at the final words Leia spoke, The Skrull’s thin line of his mouth parts open. Exposing his yellowish sharp teeth, he rubs his chin with several vertical folds before shifting his gaze to Leia.

“The Skrull Empire has ‘survived’ long before you came along Terran!” replies Emperor Kl’rt, “The concerns of our Kingdom’s are not of yours!”

Mon Mothma steps forward, looking to him and the other human standing beside him. Dressed in short high collar jacket with gold designs woven throughout and a full beard covering part of his face; he raises his white gloved hand to reply but Mothma addresses the Skrull.

“Preventing genocide is our concern.” Mothma clarifies.

“I, J’son of Spartax, having arranged this meeting…”

“Which has so far been a waste of time.” Kl’rt states.

“I wouldn’t say that.” J’Son retorts, “Aftering seeing Earth destroyed by this ‘Empire’ and that our guests have knowledge of the Empire and us having zero knowledge of them, this is, beneficial.” he says, “But I question your motive General Organa, i’m sorry, I do.”

“Bold lies can be said of those who are not present.” Kl’rt spits before pointing at Mon Mothma, “No Terran can be trusted!”

“So says the one trounced by the Avengers.” Kallark intejects.

Immediately Super Skrull’s left arm ignites into flames, “WATCH YOUR WORDS GLADIATOR!”

“ENOUGH!” Leia shouts, “This NOT what we are here for!”

“The General is right.” J’Son states, “If I would have wanted a fight, I would have asked Ronan to be here.” he says to Kl’rt’.

Snuffing out the flames on his arm, Kl’rt arches his eyebrow, “If any Kree was here, you would have been dead before he.” he growls.

“Are you done showing us how tough you think you are?!” Leia snaps to the Kl’rt

Kl’rt’s face washes over in shock at her sharp remark.

“I’m trying to establish an understanding between us, NOT a pissing party!” Leia snaps, looking to Kallark who resist the grin he wants to reveal.

Calming herself with a deep breath, Leia points to the vast view of open space, “Honestly, I don’t care about any issues between your worlds.” she admits, “I care about the lives that can be lost. So i’ll ask plainly, is there anyway, we can barter a deal with your Galactic Council to withhold all trade agreements with the Empire?” she asks as Mon Mothma steps beside Leia.

“The Galactic Empire’s only desire is subjugation of thousands of worlds and the enslavement of all galactic citizens.” Mothma explains. “Palpatine, has utilized Trade multiple times to instill fear of the unknown to do hostile occupation. He will carry secret missions designed just for this.” she adds.

Kl’rt smirks a toothy grin, “Is this not the game of ruling?” he questions

“Not when it is designed to kill trillions just to be the last Empire ruling.” Mothma answers.

“He’s already started his Campaign…” Leia explains, “... and this I promise you. Palpatine will come to you bearing gifts of wealth and trade, but in the end, it ends with you as a puppet or dead.”

“In reality…” J’Son interjects, “... the nature of ruling and conquest, is a thin between a criminal and a King and what you state, shows him in violation of nothing a great Ruler would not employ himself.”

Mon Mothma shakes her head, ‘You cannot possible believe that.”

“Its not about belief…” J’son corrects, “...its about facts. If this, Palpatine, is trying to campaign for power, there is no law against such things as long as his methods are not to end an entire galaxy.””

“What about genocide?” Leia counters, “When younglings are slaughtered just for mining facilities, cultures and civilizations and established Dynasty Kingdoms upended because you don’t like how they are born because you believe you’re superior, can you hold to YOUR argument?!”

Kallark looks to her, silent as her words ring his ears. Leia falls silent, feeling the room weigh heavy by her statement.

Super Skrull narrows his eyes at her, “Enough Terran. I am Kl’rt, the Super Skrull leader of the Skrull Empire.” he declares, “I bow to no one. I fear, no one! And I will not be coddled by two squealing Terran females who fear a Kingdom that is clear to me, they cannot defeat!” he says, turning away.

“Where are you going?” asks J’Son.

Turning his back, Kl’rt walks away, “Empires rise and fall as they always do. What care do I have if a rebellion is on the losing side? Only if this Terran female defeat interrupts the Sunrise in my chambers, will I give you further thought.” he scoffs.

“Please Emperor Kl’rt…” Leia pleads.

“NO!” Kl’rt barks, “We are in neutral space but you are in our galaxy, not yours! MY EMPIRE and the universe as a whole, is finally free of those meddlesome filthy Terrans on Earth!” he says before looking over his shoulder to Leia and Mon Mothma, “But you! You remind me of those Terrans too much! Keep your Rebellion out of Skrull Space I warn you.” he warns, “Or the Galactic Empire won’t be your only worry, Terran scum.”

Within seconds, Kl’rt is enveloped in a sparkling yellow light, “Kallark…” he calls out, getting Gladiator’s attention, “Be done with these Terrans, we don’t need their kind.” he says before disappearing into a vanishing light.

Leia lets out a discontented sigh as his eyes peer past the ray shields to the massive black ship disappearing into hyperspeed.

“I am afraid…” Gladiator says, “...that while I differ with the Skrull on a myriad of issues, I too, Superguardian of the Shi'ar Imperium, must maintain my sworn duty is to preserve stellar harmony. I see no actionable reason for the Shi’ar to withhold trade with this, Galactic Empire.”

Leia’s face grows tired, “This I know, but you must understand...”

“General.” Kallark interrupts, “What do you know of our side of the Galaxy?” he asks, folding his muscular arms over his broad chest.

They had been talking for at least ten minutes. Ten minutes and only the greetings which lasted one minute went well. Leia relents, “Little.” she says softly.

Gladiator points to the stars, “For centuries, there were three major empires ruled the known universe: the Kree, the Skrulls and the Shi'ar - the trinity of power. Yet, each of these empires had their own galaxies they commanded and Earth was at the crossroads of each three territories.”

“Forgive me Emperor Kallark…” Leia replies, “...what are you trying to explain to me?”

“Everyone hated Earth.” J’son answers to Mon Mothma and Leia’s surprise, “Earthlings, acted like you. In their search to ‘avenge’ justice, they poked their noses into matters they shouldn’t. Now like the Skrull Empire, many other small kingdoms have placed bounties on any ‘terran refugees.”

Gladiator looks to her, “None such have come from the Shi’Ar.” he says.

“But still…” J’Son continues, looking at Leia, “ say you’re here to warn us, but in the end you want something too.”

Leia folds her arms, “Yes, the end of the Empire and its rule.”

“And then what?” J’Son asks “To rule yourself? Or let us be? How do we know you’re not the enemy here in angel’s light?”

Leia arches her eyebrow, “Believe me or not, but I am what I am - and that is not a liar.”

J’Son smiles, “Of course not.” he says with a dismissive wave, “I appreciate the ‘warning’ General I really do. Everyone on your side of the Galaxy is very, ‘colorful’.” he says smugly, “But I am afraid Spartax does not see reason to withhold trade from the Empire. We will do what we believe is best.” he says, “Unless, you would like discuss other matters with me, in private.”

Leia face grows stern, “Hold your breath.”

J’Son smirks at her, “Oh I won’t. Our paths will cross again soon, of that I am sure.” he says with a short bow and smirk, “Now if you excuse me, I do have a planet to run.” he says before nodding at Kallark.

Immediately J’Son’s entire body glows brightly before disappearing into a flurry of sparks.

Feeling defeated, Leia looks to Mothma, “We tried.”

“Very nobly.” Kallark states.

Looking to Kallark, Leia watches the towering Emperor come beside her, “Unlike J’Son, I knew of Earth intimately prior to its destruction. My son spent time on the planet with, good people. Many of his friends were killed upon Earth destruction by the Empire. Many favored it - not myself.”

Leia smiles at him and nods, “I appreciate your honesty.”

“General.” Gladiator sighs, “While I do not see the threat of this Empire as you do, I can assure you that unless you attack the Shi’Ar Empire - we will can be, ‘trade’ allies.”

Leia lowers her head to the matte grey metal floor, “Emperor Kallark, thank you.” she says, “I can provide you with a list of Systems friendly to open trade agreements if you can provide star maps and planets free of any Galactic Rule.”

“My pleasure.” Gladiator states. Raising his lavender eyes to the stars above, “Its time for me to return.” he says, looking to Leia, “Godspeed with your Rebellion, I’ll be wishing your successes.”

Mon Mothma steps forward as Kallark steps aside, “Emperor…” she calls out.

Looking over his broad shoulder, Gladiator looks to her.

“Be careful.” she states, “The Empire, do not underestimate them. They will try to turn your allies against you.”

Kallark smirks. His entire body glows brightly like the other prior as she ship readies to teleport him.

“That Commander…” Kallark says, “...would be suicide.” he winks before disappearing before them.


No Caption Provided

“That Commander…” Kallark says, “...would be suicide.”

Looking at the intercepted transmission of Gladiator’s words, Emperor Kl’rt aka Super Skrull narrows his eyes before shutting off the intercepted audio. Turning around, Super Skrull folds his arms.

“Kallark, sentimental fool. He sides with the Rebellion…” he says, “...just as you foretold, Sidious.”

Standing in the dark shadows, Darth Sidious draping black robe covers his feet and part of the floor on which he stands. His black hood covering part of his face, Sidious menacing yellow eyes glare at the Skrull as a crooked smile forms.

“The Rebellion is a cancer.” Sidious states, “They spread into the ear of anyone who will listen and turn them against their allies in the name of diplomacy.” he says.

He continues, “You must protect yourself Skrull. Learn as I have. The Rebellion must be destroyed before they turn The Shi’Ar against you. They will do the same with the Kree.” he says.

Kl’rt’s eyes shift off the panel to Sidious, “Why do you care Terran?” he asks suspiciously.

Sidious grins, “Because they are my enemy and I do not need my enemy creating more allies or hurting my friends.” he evilly grins, placing his hand on Kl’rts armored shoulder.

Kl’rt smacks Sidious hand off his shoulder and steps forward, inches from Sidious face, “We, are not friends terran.” he snarls.

Sidious pull down his hood, exposing his youthful face, fearlessly glaring into the Skrulls eyes.

“But we are not enemies, Skrull.” Sidious clarifies with a raised finger, “For if I was, your head would be detached from your body, your crew’s blood, decorating the walls and your screams, would be the music playing as you die.” he threatens.

Kl’rt smirks toothy grin at his threat, “You’re an unusual Terran.”

“I”m no Terran skrull. I. am. Sith.” replies Sidious.

“Fine, Sith…” Kl’rt consents, “ thirst for vengeance on your enemies, and I, do no trust who your enemies are secretly aligning themselves with - what do you propose we do about it? A war?”

“A war without a plan is a waste.” Sidious says, as an evil grin forms on his face, “No, we shall endeavor for something more. Something that is birthed from crisis. Grown into purpose and then, made into war.”

“And what exactly is that?”

“A Campaign.”






To be continued…

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Planet Ergonar
Planet Ergonar
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“This is the Ergonian refugee cruiser Piercer. We are under attack, I repeat, we are under attack! Our planet is under siege and our escaped vessels are being shot down. PLEASE! We are 39 jump points away from Hala! We are not a warcraft. I repeat, this is not a warcraAAACKK.”

Gagging at the built-in wall communicator, the red skinned Ergonian slumps down to his knees. Staring at his chest protruding the tip of a glowing purple energy blade, the alien refugee leans forward as a foot is pressed against his back. Suddenly he feels the sword ripped out his back. A cry of pain forces him to fall onto his back. A puddle of green blood pools under him he gasps for air.

Life was escaping him like smoke from a fire. Every fluttered exhale was struggled attempt to hold on a few moments longer. Yet the body start to shiver from the cold realm of deaths invite. His dying breaths fill his ears like water, muffling everything around him, even the faint screams and cries of voices familiar. Struggling to turn his head to the side, the red skinned humanoid squints his dark eyes at sight of the chaos erupting throughout his ship.

The white armored stormtroopers that poured through the exploded through their hull, scatter about from the opening into their ship like roaches. Decisive and brutal, dozens of red skinned humanoids die hunch over their loved ones in a flurry of blaster fire from the stormtroopers prejudiced slaughter. Grinding his teeth in anger at the sight of the slaughter, the Ergonian clenches his jaw in pain, desperately struggling to stand up despite his wound.

However at that moment, a sudden hard boot presses on his critical chest wound, forcing him onto his back once more. Parting her fine jet black hair away from her face, the Ergonian refugee face pales at the sight of the oriental beauty, Betsy Braddock, standing over him. Decked in her black one-piece body suit with eyes fiery red-rimmed, Betsy’s eyes focus solely on the Ergonian as the cries of pain fade in the backdrop.

“You, show me where’s the rest of the royal family?” she asks.

The Ergonian clenches his jaw and shakes his head, “I will die before I tell you anything witch!”

Letting out a frustrated sight, Psylocke clenches her strong jaw. Her eyes focused on the dying Ergonian, Psylocke simply touch the side of her temple, “Well, we agree on one thing.” she snarls as her eyes glow bright purple.

Immediately the Ergonian bares his teeth in agony as the muscles in his mind tighten. What feels like thousands of hot needles piercing his through his brain all at once causes the Egonian to scream out all at once.

Grabbing both sides of his head, the Ergonian screams out as green blood pours out his ears.

Psylocke angrily balls a fist, hearing the Ergonian squeal as she slices through his thoughts, “That’s it, that’s it, give it to me…”

Suddenly Psylocke pauses, feeling the hidden thought the Ergonian struggles to forget like a throbbing heart in someone's chest.

“NO! NOOOO!!” the Ergonian cries out.

Glancing down at the Ergonian, Psylocke smirks, releasing her telepathic hold on him. “Thank you, for your usefulness.” she says, before plafullying swiping her finger across the air and telekinetically breaking the Ergonian’s neck.

Turning aside from the body, Psylocke looks at the sea of Stormtroopers shooting down Ergonian’s struggling to flee or fight back. Closing her eyes, Psylocke tilts her head to the side, tuning out the screams and ambient noise, sifting through all the mind's on the ship.

Then it comes. The fear. The anxiety. The connection she was looking for, Psylocke smirks.

“GLAKTU!.” she hollers. Opening her eyes Psylocke looks ahead with determination, “GET UP!” she demands

Instantly all the stormtroopers cease their fire. Stunned, the few remaining Ergonian’s, watch as the stormtroopers remain frozen in place like statues before all turning to one red skinned humanoid dressed in rags, hiding behind the body of a female Ergonian clothed in white robes.

Glaring at the him, Psylocke points at him, “King Glaktu. You're a slippery one. We descend on your Kingdom like locust, have burned your icy marble of a planet. Annihilated your whole government but you still live. Well bravo at lasting this long." she says, gesturing for him to rise, “Perhaps we can discuss your underground catacomb system after we have a little, 'chat'.”

“Chat?!” The King bellows in his gravelly voice, “I have talked with your so-called ‘Galactic Empire’ Emissary. And i’ll tell you the same thing I told them, you can't attack us! Its suicide! The Ergonian Kingdom is under protection by the BADOON DYNASTY YOU VAGRANT!” he shouts.

"The Badoon Brotherhood to be specific.” Psylocke corrects, “Which, Darth Void just razed the entire Kingdom and pitched them into the nearest Sun. Fortunately, the Badoon Sisterhood, which was quite welcoming to see, are logically forfeited any protections the Brotherhood have promised in interest of keeping a central government. You belong to the Empire now. Thus you will not address me as a Vagrant, but by my name I have earned.” she says.

Glaktu chiseled face washes over with fear as Psylocke steps closer. Watching the red skinned humanoid clench his jaw, Psylocke gently raises her finger, telekinetically lifting Glaktu off his feet. Helpless, Glaktu gulps as Psylocke narrows her mascara heavy soulless eyes.

“DARTH Locke!” Psylocke exclaims she says, gesturing to her finger to the left. Suddenly Glaktu is hurdled through the air slammed up against the metal wall of the ships hull, , “And we need to have a conversation!” she finishes. Immediately Glaktu whines in pain his body is pressed against the metal wall with mounting pressure. Stalking towards him, stepping over the bodies in her path, Psylocke points at him.

“Empire Probes picked up some of your, ‘people’ looking at our Super Secret Mining facility near the Clench Worlds.” Psylocke states, “For your protection, I need to have whatever Intel you gathered and I need guarantees they weren't circulated.” she demands.

Grinding his teeth, barely able to move from Psylocke's tight telekinetic hold, Glaktu face strains in great pain as he struggles to get out his words, “W-we do-nnnot haaavv…”

“Let’s try this again…” Psylocke growls, gesturing her finger to the ceiling.

Suddenly Glaktu is shot up off the wall and slammed up against to the ceiling with a tremble. All the Ergonians in the room to scream at once, watching their King grind his teeth in pain. Tilting her head at him, Psylocke narrows her eyes at the King, "I want you to know this can get VERY bad for you." she says, as random objects fly from around the room and stab into the ceiling, milimeters from Glaktu's face.

"But I am under STRICT orders not to harm you physically or mentally in anyway.” Psylocke explains, but points to the crowd, “But everyone else…” she pauses, looking upon the crowd of Ergonians held at blaster point, “..well, everyone's gotta die some time.” she spits, glancing at a Storm trooper.

Glaktu becomes fearful, seeing Psylocke evident mental control over the storm trooper with a swiftness.

“What are you doing! Stop this!” Glaktu pleads, “I do not have what you are looking for!”

Psylocke cuts a glance at Glaktu, holding her finger to her mouth, “ pleading yet." she says.

Quickly the stormtrooper makes a swift hand signal to the rest regiment. At that moment, all the Ergonian younglings are pulled away from the screaming hands of the Ergonian females.

“STOP THIS THIS! STOP!!” Glaktu shouts.

"I'm sorry I can't...” Psylocke states as Storm Troopers gather all the younglings to her in formed line up, “ started this when you let your backwater, dirt hole of Kingdom refuse to dealing with the Skrull or the Kree Empires and only the Shi’Ar who aren’t as, shall we say, flexible when it comes to the Galactic Empire.” she states.


“So it makes me wonder…” Psylocke continues, “...if the Badoon politically deal exclusively with the Shi’Ar, and your under the Badoon jurisdiction, wouldn’t you share what you have with the Badoon, who would turn it over to the Shi’Ar, thus making a stronger alliance?” she asks, angling her face towards Glaktu on the ceiling, “But if the Badoon Empire is destroyed, your treaty void...” she says, “...then that means you have a decision to make, King Glaktu. Tell me what I want to know, or I start ripping through every younglings mind to find what I'm looking for, then move on to everyone else.”

“You think you can bully me into submission by fear.” Glaktu replies, “I AM KING GLAKTU. ITS MY DUTY…”

“TO SERVE YOUR PEOPLE!" Psylocke loudly interrupts, “But you can’t serve them, if they’re all brain dead. Unless you want to be a King of the Dead, which i'm happy to oblige if that's the case.” she flatly threatens.

Psylocke eyes shift to to a crimson red skinned youngling with big blue eyes, clutched by his mother.

“Don't think I have guilt over doing this.” Psylocke snarls, placing her hand on the crying child's head as she looks at Glaktu “The Emperor showed me how to embrace my darkness for a purpose. And right now, you’re getting in the way of that ideal and I have no qualms over my actions.”

“DON’T TOUCH HIM!” Glaktu shouts.

Psylocke narrows her eyes at the boy before looking back at Glaktu, still telekinetically held up against the ceiling. The sound of multiple high pitch charges from the storm troopers blasters fills their ears as Psylocke eyes glow bright purple, "No." she replies.


“My my, I can already see when he was four years old, interesting, how your planet looked.” Psylocke she says as the youngling screams.

Grinding his eyes, Glaktu shakes his head as the child's screams grow louder and louder.

"Stop this...I SAID STOP!"

Psylocke's eyes return to normal as she looks to Glaktu, "I'll stop when I have a REASON to stop! But i'm getting bored of this youngling." she says in huff of frustration.

Psylocke raises her arm and clenches her fist. Immediately a bright telekinetic knife comprised of purple light constitutes over her fist as Psylocke looks at the youngling, “Perhaps I should dispose of this one and find one more interesting, What do think, O'King Glaktu!" she says, her arm poised over the youngling like a guillotine.


Dissolving the Psy-Knife, Psylocke drops her hand to her side, making King Glaktu fall from the ceiling to the metal grate floor with a ‘thud’.

“My chambers, down the corridor, behind the plasma image.” Glaktu says.

Psylocke looks at the Stormtroopers and nods, "GL One Forty Eight, check it!" she orders the Trooper.

Groaning on the metal floor, Glaktu looks up at the Psylocke staring down at him as the Stormtroopers run past her.

“The Empire thanks you for your cooperation.” Psylocke says, “You’ll be transported to Mustafar for processing.” she adds, pressing the communicator in her ear, "Lord Vader I am on the Shuttle, I have the King and I should have the Intel shortly."

Rubbing his neck, Glaktu gasps for air as Storm Troopers rush over and grab him by his arms, lifting him up onto his knees while placing a blaster against the base of his skull, “I hope my eyes live long enough to see you pay for this!” Glaktu pits.

“Tell me that after you return from Mustafar." Psylocke smirks.

“Darth Locke!” calls out a Stormtrooper.

Immediately Psylocke eyes snap to a Stormtrooper running over to her in haste.

“What is it Trooper?"

Standing before her, the Stormtrooper looks at Glaktu’s once angry and resolute red-skin face, now soften to a panic-stricken demeanor, “Vault was already opened and empty. Troopers on the lower level found an escaped shuttle too.”

Closing her eyes in frustration, Psylocke lets out a steady breath, rubbing the bridge of her nose, “Well that's unfortunate.” she sighs, resting her eyes on Glaktu’s resolute face.

“We are all prepared to die…” Glaktu says, “...we do not fear you!”

Looking around, Psylocke shakes her head, “You wanna die, fine, but I don't need your fear" she says before turning to the troopers, "TURN THIS BUCKET AROUND! SET COURSE FOR SHi'AR SPACE IMMEDIATELY!" she orders.

“Ma’am?” says the Storm Trooper.

Psylocke narrows her eyes at Glaktu, “I just need you to be useful.” she says before turning to the storm troopers, “SWITCH BLASTERS TO KREE ROUNDS! KILL EVERY LAST SOUL ON THIS SHIP AND GET ME A TRACE ON THAT ESCAPE POD!” she orders.

As soon as she speaks, Glaku covers his head dropping onto his face as screams and blaster fire erupt. However, Glaktu feels Psylocke’s overwhelming telekinetic hold seize his body. Forced to sit up, Glaktu sees Psylocke standing over him, holding her hand out with purple light swirling around her hand as green blood splatters on her face, “Oh no King you said you're all prepared to die....”

Grinding his teeth, struggling to to resist, King Glaktu screams out loud as his neck is forcibly turned and his eyelids stretched open.

“ lets see how well they die!” she snarls.


No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

“This is closest rendering we have of our newly expanded universe.” C3PO states. “The Top Sector of space is called, the Empire Galaxy. While the Lower Sector is described as ‘the Known Sector’.

“And the regions with no stars?”

“That is where, prior to the joining of the two universe, what each prospective galaxy would have called their ‘Outer Rim’. Its seems it is quite devoid of life.” answers C3PO.

“Thank you my friend.” says Mon Mothma, placing her hand on the loyal androids cool shoulder. Looking at the crowd around her, Mon Mothma takes a deep breath as she feels everyone’s rapt attention focused to her.

“Our Intelligence gathered Intel that the Empire is striving to develop allies in the new territories.” Mon Mothma declares, “Knowing what Palpatine has done in our galaxy, we have no doubt he will try to replicate what he’s done times past. Coax other kingdoms to ally with him, and then use them as a blunt instrument against his threats - especially us.”

Stepping beside her, General Leia Organa changes the holographic image.

“There’s a silver lining in all of this.” Leia states, “We know for a fact, at least two Kingdom’s refuse to put themselves in a treaty with the Empire. One is The Kree, Homeworld called Hala…” Leia states.

No Caption Provided

“...and the other, The Shi’Ar Imperium.” Leia states.

No Caption Provided

“Both of these world are powerful to a large degree…”Leia states, “...and refuse any subjugation to another government let alone the Empire. Unfortunately that’s not enough.” she comments, “We need cannot sit by as the the Empire launches what we know is a campaign, and get caught in the middle of it.”

Seeing a fighter in the crowd, Leia points at him, “Go ahead.”

“Do you believe we can really defeat the Empire if they are already trying to get allies and recognition?”

Hearing the mumbling concerns, Leia holds up her hands, “Yes I do.” she says, “We blew one Death Star out the sky once. We saved those “Earthlings’ from destruction. I don’t know about you, but I know our enemy bleeds.” she says, “And I intend to make the Empire bleed more.” she boasts.

“Which is why we gathered you all here today.” interjects Mon Mothma, “The Empire attacked a planet, razed it with their rumored ‘superhuman’ Sith Lord. This isn’t the first time this has happened.” she says, “They are acting stealthily, but boldly, and so can we.”

“What else can we do?” asks a voice.

Leia stands up, “Find survivors.” she answers, “Bring them to the Kree, to the ShiAr. Show them exactly who they shouldn’t be allying themselves with so we gain them as allies and stop this Campaign by the Empire cold in its tracks.”

“At that…” Mon Mothma interjects, “ how our Rebellion will grow substantially. Already with the help of our extraordinary Earthlings, we are in a position to push in this direction, but we need to keep fighting and infiltrating.” she says to the mumbling crowd.

“Hence…” Mothma continues, “...we will start surveillance missions as arranged by General Organa. General Organa will board the Millenium Falcon and lead the Empire Strike Team to hold the fight at or homefront. I will lead a Rebellion Task Force.”

“Names will be called out, your assignments given in person.” Leia exclaims, “This is it my friends, this the moment we’ve been waiting for, now go. Rebel.” she says, standing on her feet, “And May be the force be with you all, always.

To be continued….

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Whoa! This is okay.

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@helloman: Thanks. The next installment will be more action heavy.

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Dengar - Bounty Hunter

No Caption Provided





Wedge Antilles

No Caption Provided









Ee't Planet - Outer Realm Territories

No Caption Provided


No Caption Provided







The radiating pain from his punctured right eardrum made it hard to hear, but it was the same question. He opened his mouth in pain, clutching the side of his head with his bound hands. The throbbing pain made the bounty hunters inaudible voice sound as if he was underwater.


The next hit across sent him belly down to the floor. Wedge was beaten down and could barely talk. His bruised right eye was golf-ball sized and nearly swollen shut. They had been at this for days. Questions. Beatings. Questions. Beatings. Sleep. Beatings. Questions. Sleep was minimal.

Slowly time felt as if it was unraveling and relative.

Trying to catch his breath, Wedge Antilles ace Rebel X-Wing Pilot, is propped up on his knees, his head hung low. The puddle of blood gathered between his dirtied orange pants legs had grown. Before it was just droplets, now, it was a donation.

“HAVE YOU COMMUNICATED TO THE KREE OR SHI'AR EMPIRE?! Are they planning a strike against the EMPIRE!”

Wedge grimaces in pain as his interrogator grabs him by the face. The sharp pain surging through Wedge’s face makes his jolt and wriggle. His jaw had to be fractured, anyone's would be after the amount of hits he took. Looking up at the interrogator, Wedge’s tired eyes look upon the man. One side of his face horribly scarred from his left eye down to his lower jaw. His head was wrapped in white cloth and carefully wrapped to cover his neck, leaving his head to be exposed. However, the armor he sports was a composite. Some parts Maladorian, some parts Empire some parts from anywhere.

But his long nose rifle was pristine and kept in well working order. Only Bounty Hunters took care of their weapon so well, better than their bounties.

“You best tell ME Rebel. I get extra credit for what you can tell me and you’ll be spared torture from the Empire - which is worse than mine. So, let’s get at it, TELL ME…”

Everything goes a blur after a few moments. Feeling the cold floor pressed against his face and blood rushing his mouth, Wedge sees the boot of the interrogator standing before him tap on the floor impatiently. Waiting for something, anything from Wedge to betray his people.

Suddenly a mechanical ‘whoosh’ sound fills the room. Cold sterile air rushes against his sore back.

“Enough Bounty Hunter Scum!” says the clear mechanical voice.

Wedge didn’t need to move to identify who was speaking. Only Stormtroopers sounded so cold and sterile. Their crisp radiolike voices through the helmet vibrated off the walls. Cold air rushed in, clearing stink of Wedge’s old blood and sweat out the room.

“Name’s Dengar, buckethead!” The Bounty Hunter retorts, “If ya give me a sec, i’ll git’em talkin’.”

“He’s coming with us. Darth Locke will take him to Vader.” The Trooper informs him, “Than you’ll get your payment from my Commanding Officer.”



Whispers had spoke of a ‘Darth Locke’, but only whispers. Rumors said she was a refugee human. Some said her abilities rivaled that of Darth Vader. A ‘Mind Witch’, many called her, one that could pierce into anyone’s thoughts and leave them empty and mad.

However, Wedge’s one good eyes view became filled by the Bounty Hunter kneeling down to him with a scowl, “Shoulda just tol’ me Reb.” he says, “You’re loss.” he adds, standing up.

Wedge lets out a sigh of relief, contented to be spared a further beating, but concern about his immediate future fills his stomach with uncertain dread.

Within moments, everything blurs. Feeling himself pulled up to his feet, strength and power flee his legs, Wedge is pulled along helplessly. Dipping in and out of consciousness momentarily Wedge feels his feet drag against the glossy black metal floor. His hazy dark reflection beneath his feet moves quickly.

Wedge rouses himself up again, the pain on the side of his face greeting him awake. The collective sound of marching boots fills Wedge’s ears. He catches sight of something familiar, a helmet, his helmet with a splatter of blood on the side in the grip of a Stormtrooper ahead of him. A fleeting memory of Dengar hitting him with it skitters across his mind.

Wedge looks at the firm gloved hand gripping his upper arm. He was being held by two troopers, one on his right, another on his left. Lifting his bruised face to the stormtrooper on his left, Wedge stares into the two black lenses of the trooper.

“Keep your eyes on me two more seconds…” says the Stormtrooper, “...and you won’t have an eye to look at, Rebel Scum.” he they approach a black elevator door.

“He may not have eyes after Vader’s done with’em.” comments a Trooper.

“Cut the chit chat, hit the elevator.” advises the lead Trooper.

The comment cuts Wedge to his soul, his stomach bottoming out at the thought of seeing the fabled Sith Lord. The elevator doors splits open, exposing the bright sunlight filling the large glass elevator. He had forgotten, he had crashed on a planet. Then captured. It was all to hazy to recall. Too much pain. Too much thirst.

Suddenly Wedge is thrown forward. Uncontrollably, Wedge stumbles forward and rolls long the slick floor until he hits glass wall of the elevator. Groaning in pain, Wedge pushes back against the floor, propping himself up against the glass wall as the stormtroopers enter the elevator. Laughing at him, two more troopers enter the elevator. All of them, look down at Wedge like a pack of Loth-Cats playing with a field mouse before the kill.

“Where’d you get this runt?”

“Rebel Scum wandered too close to a Kree Outpost bordering the Outer Rim Territories. Funny, Rebels try to surveillance what we’re surveillancing.” replies another.

Wedge groans in pain as another StormTrooper pushes him over with his foot, “Look at him, glad I have filters in this mask, he must smell horrible. He talk yet?”

“He will once he gets to Vader.” comments one.


Turning around, the Stormtroopers watch as another Trooper holds out his hand, running for the the doors before the close.

“Sorry. In a rush.” says the Trooper, hitting the button quickly for the doors to close. They descend. The five Stormtroopers look at Wedge curled up on the floor in pain.

“Look at him, I say he’ll last may two hours with Vader, at best one.”

“No, Vader will make him stay alive. You don’t die unless you have his permission.”

“Too bad we can’t spare him. What are we? 60 floors up? Would love a good ‘splat’ right about now?”

“Got nothing to say Rebel?” mocks one of the Troopers kicking his leg, “Or you still holding out hope your friends’ll come get you?”

Wedge’s bruised face remains firm as he looks up at the troopers antagonizing him. However, curiously, Wedge notices the last Trooper that ran into the elevator, keeping his attention strictly to the panel of buttons inside the elevator.

“Don’t worry…” The Trooper continues, “...we’ll keep you company.”

“Alright enough…”

The five stormtroopers turn around, noticing the sixth and last Storm Trooper who ran inside, slowly pulling off his helmet to reveal a blond ponytail.

“...I honestly don’t know how you all breath in these things.”


They all stand shocked, now noticing how ill fitting the Stormtrooper armor was worn on the soldier. The young girl looks at them with wide green eyes. Her lips, coated in black lipstick, lifts at its corner for a menacing smirk. Promptly, the girl shimmies in place, shaking off over sized armor that falls to the floor around her feet. The Stormtroopers, rendered speechless. She was the likes of something they never saw. Decked black form-fitting one-piece outfit, a white spider insignia decorates the center of her torso with the white spider arms running down her slender arms, coating her hand white. Slapping on her domino mask, gold lenses slide over her green eyes.

The young girl, looks at Wedge on the floor as hope lights his bruised face.

“Hey Buddy...” the young girl says to Wedge, “...don’t worry, I got this.” she says reassuringly.

Drawing a deep breath, Spider-girl focuses on the five Stormtroopers facing her. All of them average weight. Average weapons. Cheap armor. Feeling her Spider-senses focus in a specific direction, Spider-girl is unable to help the smirk coming across her face as she focuses on one Stormtrooper, sensing he’ll attack first.

“Now before we do this…” Spider-Girl says, glancing at the elevator saying 45th floor, now 44th, before look at the troopers, “...does anyone want to get out?” she asks sarcastically. Immediately a Stormtrooper pulling out a hilt that extends out a thin six-inch red laser blade.


Reflex takes over. The lead Stormtrooper thrusts the blade at Spider-Girl. Instinctively she side steps the troopers blade, grabs his wrist and twists. The loud sound of snapping bones is drowned out by the Trooper’s scream while Spider-girl swings him around, and punches the trooper in his poorly padded throat, silencing him his screams.

Quickly, Spider-girl’s grabbed and pulled away by the four other troopers. Unable to fight them all, Spider-Girl strains to kick out her leg, hitting her foot against elevator panel. Suddenly, the glass elevator comes to a sudden and screeching stop. Spider-girl’s thrown up against the metal doors of the elevator by the troopers. Kicked in the stomach, Spider-girl holds up her hand, blocking a pistol whip over her head but both her arms are grabbed and pinned up against the wall.

Immediately, a flurry of fists rain down on her at once.

“MAGNA-CUFFS!” shouts a voice.

Her body throbbing, the punches still coming from every side like heavy rain, Spider-girl tries to lift herself up but is met with a firm knee to the stomach, making her bend over and relent. Grabbed by her throat, a Stormtrooper stands in front her, trying to choke her while the other troopers pin her arms and legs against the wall, “YOU’LL DIE HERE REBEL!”

“NO!” Wedge yells but a Trooper kicks him across the face, sending him back.

Seeing Wedge roll over in pain, Spider-girl blue face grimaces in pain as she grinds her teeth in pain, as the trooper with the broken wrist, clamor over the others with a electromagnetic cuff to arrest her.

Feeling a surge of Adrenalin, Spider-girl gasps for but throws her leg up with all her might, kicking the trooper with the cuff in the face and launching him over Wedge. Seeing the trooper hit against the window, Spider-girl pushes off the wall, coughing but knocks the four troopers down and lunges over Wedge, crashing her elbow straight through the fifth Troopers helmet, knocking him out.

“STAY BEHIND ME!” Spider-girl shouts to Wedge, rubbing her sore throat. Seeing a Trooper already swiping at her with a laser blade, Spider-girl ducks under his arm, throws herself into his torso, picks him up and body slams him back down to the floor. Pinning his knife-hand down, Spider-girl pulls off his helmet and bashes it across his face with it just as a rifle comes over her head and presses against her throat, “I GOT HER!” shouts a trooper, pulling her off the trooper.

“SHOOT’ER SHOOT’ER!” yells the trooper.

Gagging for air, Spider-girl sees the two troopers reach for their blasters. Quickly Spider-girl shoots a web to both troopers, gluing their hands to their holsters.

“WHAT IS THIS STUFF!” they shout in disgust, trying to pry off the sticky substance.

Suddenly the rifle presses harder against Spider-girls throat, “YOU'RE GOING DOWN!” shouts the Trooper. Her face turning blue, air restraining, Spider-girl plants both her feet firmly the floor.

“SAHD THA FLY...”gags Spider-girl, leaning forward with the stunned trooper on her back like bookbag, “...TO THA SPIDER!” she gags, jumping straight off the floor like a rocket! Smashing the stormtrooper on her back into the ceiling light fixture, Spider-girl covers her face as the glass shatters. Sparks rain down as they drop to the floor with thud.

Pushing the unconscious trooper off her back, Spidergirl sees two more troopers and hops onto her hands, sweeping her leg across like a break-dancer. Knocking one stormtrooper off his feet, Spider-girl’s stopped as she’s clubbed over the head with the butt of a rifle by the second.. Grinding her teeth in pain, Spider-girl feels her spider-sense heighten at the sound of the troopers high-pitch charge of the rifle and blindly thrusts out her wrist, shooting a glob of over the nozzle.

Seeing Wedge’s pilot helmet on the floor, Spider-girl grabs it, “ENOUGH!” she shouts, blindly swatting backwards, cracking it across the Trooper ‘s face she kicked off his feet, “IS ENOUGH!” she yells, pitching it into the trooper’s face before pries off the webbing!

However the Trooper who had his helmet pulled off by Spider-girl, kicks her across the face, throwing her to her side, “YOU LOSE REBEL!” he shouts, pulling out a small blaster.

Seeing the trooper raise on his knee and aim his blaster at Wedge, Spider-girl throws herself into the trooper, forcing his gun hand up, “I DON'T LOSE!” she shouts, before pulling the trooper's trigger finger and shooting another trooper in the helmet! Trying to pry his hand off the blaster, Spider-girl elbows the trooper in the face but he hits over the head and leans forward, aiming his blaster at Wedge, "ITS OVER!" he shouts

"GET DOWN!" Spider-girl yells, flipping the trooper over onto his back as shots ring out over Wedge. Grabbing the trooper gun hand, Spider-girl kicks and elbows the trooper while forcibly moving his aim away from Wedge and to another trooper clamoring after Wedge, shooting him in the chest!


“BUT YOU'LL BE DEAD!” yells the trooper, grabbing the laser blade off the floor and stabbing it into Spider-girl’s side! Spider-girl’s screams in agony as the trooper kicks her off and onto her belly.

“NO!” Wedge yells, reaching out to her but the Trooper swings his blaster, cracking Wedge across the face. Seeing Spider-girl pull out the laser blade and throw it aside, the trooper quickly kneels on Spider-girl’s back and presses the gun against the back of her head while blood leaks on the floor, “And now we're d-..."

On her belly, Spider-girl quickly punches the blaster nozzle with her left hand while shifting her head! The blasts shoots into the elevator floor beside her ear while Spider-girl shoots a glob of webbing over the Trooper’s eyes from her right wrist!

“ACK!” gags the Trooper, trying to pull the sticky webbing off his face. Her eardrum perforated from the blast, Spider-girl powers through the pain and pushes the trooper off her back! Turning around, Spider-girl shoots a short, taut web line to the Trooper’s chest just as he peels off the webbing off his eyes. Seeing Spider-girl’s bruised face and bloodied side, she bares her bloodied teeth before ripping off her domino mask, her green eyes filled with anger.

“Now...” she pants, "...we're done!" she snarls before yanking him off his feet and hurtling the trooper straight through shot elevator pane glass. Dropping onto her hand knees, Spider-girl watches the trooper crash through the glass wall of the elevator and fall 40 stories down to his death.

Stunned, Wedge is curled up in the corner, looking at Spider-girl laying on her side, clutching bloodied wound amidst the flurry of glass and two dead troopers beside her, “oh man…” she groans, “...that didn’t go the way I thought it would.”

“Y-your Rebellion? Who are you?!”

Trying to catch her breath, Spider-Girl gasps for air, her body taxed and pain streaking up her bloodied right side, “Yeah. I-I’m Ju-Julia.” Spider-Girl pants, staggering up onto her feet, Rebel...exfiltrator.” she sighs.

Tired, Julia leans against the wall. Planting her bloodied hand on the wall, Julia looks at the blood oozing out her side. Suddenly sparks shoot out from between the elevator door. More Troopers trying to weld their way inside. Letting out a tired huff, Spider-girl shakes her head, “I mean like seriously.” she groans.

Closing her eyes in exhaustion, Wedge grabs a blaster and stands in front of her, “I can hold them off so you can get away.”

Julia gives a tired smirk before sprawing a fine mist of webbing over her stab wound, Wedge looks at her, shocked as she grabs the blaster out her hand, “That’s cute.” she pants, forcing herself onto her feet, “But you’re my mission.” she says, before wincing in pain.

Wedge holds her up as Julia’s knees buckle, but she pushes him away, “NO!” she shouts, looking at the sparks shooting out between the doors, “Just tell me you have everything.” she says, “You got the surveillance?”

Wedge grabs his helmet amongst the fallen Stormtroopers. Turning it over, Wedge pulls out the padded lining and reveals a data stick to Spider-girls delight, “The Empire slaughtered a ship full of people. I have footage of it and a possible lead on a survivor.”

Seeing a metal wrench stick into the elevator, Wedge and Julia hear the metal cry of the elevator hinges being forced open, “Save the details for later...” Spider-girl touching her earpiece, This is Spider One, ready for extract.”

“How are we gonna get out of here?” he asks as sparks shower on them.

Spider-girl smirks at him before nodding to the shattered pane glass, “How you think?”

“Oh no no no…” Wedge gasps just as Spider-girl grabs him and throws him out the window.

Leaping out the elevator as the doors open, Spider-girl free-falls. Seeing the city below rapidly approach, Spider-girl shoots out a web, pulls a screaming Wedge to her as they plummet.

“HOLD ON!” she yells. Plummeting down like a missile, Julia and Wedge suddenly see a white ship roar up across the sky and come right them with TIE fighters in hot pursuit.

“THIS GONNA BE TIGHT!” Julia shouts as the Millennium Falcon heads right at them. Quickly Julia shoots out a web line to the ship passing them unusually close. Grabbing firm hold of the web-line, they’re pulled along. Whipping in the wind, Wedge screams at the top of his lungs. Howling wind fills their ears along with the roaring engine of the ship. Lifting her head up, Julia sees their heading to the upper atmosphere.

Suddenly though, she feels a force unclench her hand around the web-line. The familiar feeling relaxes her as she lets go. Swiftly the float the rear of the ship as they ascend. Unable to believe his eyes, Wedge sees the rear of the Millennium Falcon open with Luke Skywalker, holding on to a handle while holding out his hands and his eyes closed.

Using the Force, Luke pulls them into the ship as Chewbacca pushes up the red level, closing the rear doors.

Placing them on the floor, Julia gives him a thumbs up. Smiling, Luke turns around, “HAN WE GOT’EM!” he shouts.

Sitting in his pilot chair, Han smirks, “We better after this crazy idea.” he says while punching in the coordinates and sending the Falcon into Hyperdrive.






To be continued with Chapter 1 - The Mission - Part 1 - The Rebel Alliance & the Rebel

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No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

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Leia sat up abruptly, her pulse racing. The sheets were sweated and wadded around her legs. Her night garment damp. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat staring at the wall. The chronometer inset showed her it was three hours past midnight. The air in the room smelled like moist soil. Outside, she knew, Yavin IV would be chilly, and she considered opening a vent to allow some of that coolness inside. At the moment, it seemed too much effort to bother.

A bad dream, she thought. That’s all it was, she says to herself.

Looking down at her hands however, Leia can hardly believe how fast they tremble. Closing her eyes, Leia balls up her trembling hands into fists, trying to steady herself. She could still feel it, the lingering emotions that pierced her sleep all at once.

The fear, the sadness but also the rising relief of familiarity - as if she had been returned to a safe place after being in danger for so long.

Looking at the wall, Leia lets out a sigh knowing she’s about to ruin any chances of her getting a perfect night's rest. Summoning her energy, Leia throws the sheets and leaves the warm comfort of her bed.

Within moments, she dresses herself, leaving her hair down as the emotions welling in her chest increase. Hastily walking through the dimly lit corridors, Leia could feel her feet almost taking life on their own as she reaches almost unconsciously, the Surveillance Pit.

No Caption Provided

However, she pauses momentarily, feeling the urge to turn left in the corridor towards Medical. Guided by feeling alone, turning aside, General Leia proceeds down the hallway to the Medical Bay.

No Caption Provided

As she approaches, the soft blue light from Medical Bay casts a light on her face. Slowly as Leia approaches the entrance of the room, she senses the intense emotions beat in her chest like a drum. However as she reaches the entrance of the medical bay, she sees the source.

“Well, well.” Leia smirks.

In the middle of the room, Leia’s eyes rest on the tall Bacta Tank bubbling with Ex-filtrator Julia Carpenter floating inside and the small boy staring at the bacta tank as well.

No Caption Provided

Leia approaches the young boy from behind, resting her hands on his shoulder, “Jacen Syndulla…”

Startled, the young boy jolts, raising his blue eyes to Leia but lets out a relieved breath, “Oh its you. Hi Aunt Leia.” he says awkwardly.

“Isn’t it a bit late for you young man?” Leia asks with a raised eyebrow, “Hera would put me in a turbine if she knew I was letting you stay up this late.” she says.

The on cue yawn makes Leia smirk at the young boy scratching at his green hair that sticks up in every direction, “N-no.” Jacen yawns, “Maybe.” he relents, rubbing his eyes. “But I wanted to see Julia. She was scared, it woke me up.” he says..

“I know Jacen.” says Leia, staring at the Bacta Tank, “I could feel you concentrating on her.”

“Me too.” says a voice from behind.

Glancing over her shoulder, Leia eyes rest on the young Mandalorian fighter, Sabine Wren leaning against the entrance post. Decked in her Mandalorian Armor, decorated with neon pink and bright yellow markings, Sabine points her thumb over her shoulder, “Jacen, your Jedi empathy is gonna wake up half the base. Come on, lets hit the bunks.” she says.

“Alright alright!” Jacen mopes, “Night Auntie Leia.” he says before scampering past Sabine.

Ruffling his hair, Sabine watches his run down the hallway, “And don’t mess with Chopper’s settings again!” she shouts.

“I WON’T!” he yells back with a muffled giggle.

Sabine rolls her eyes, “That boy is every bit Kanan as he is Hera, but he’s sure a Jedi.” she smirks.

Bathed in the glow of the Banta tank, Leia sits on a metal stool, thinking over Sabine’s statement, “I say the same thing about Ben. But Hans convinced the boy will be the Death of him.” she smirks.

Sabine waves at her statement, “One ride in that Millennium Falcon and I’m convinced the only thing that can kill Han, is Han.” she replies while coming to Leia’s side.

Leia smirks at the statement, observing Julia Carpenter floating in the fetal position within the massive Bacta Tank.

“She reminds me of him, Han I mean. Leia comments, “Always leaping before she looks.”

Sabine looks at Julia, unconscious in the water, wearing on black undergarments with an oxygen mask over her nose and mouth, “She’s reckless and out for revenge.” she states.

“Speaking from the point of view of someone who witnessed their own planet getting destroyed...” Leia sighs, recalling Planet Alderaan exploding from the Death Star’s main cannon, “...joining us out of revenge against the Empire, isn’t the worst thing.” she states.

Sabine folds her arms, “It isn’t but we need more finesse than this.”

Looking at Julia in the Bacta Tank, Leia sighs, “Luke once said, those who desire revenge need guidance.” she recalls, “With our guidance Julia and Miles have saved more of our friends behind enemies lines than anyone to date. She saved Wedge.” she says, “Their loyalty is enough for me.”

Reaching into her utility belt, Sabine pulls out a data stick and holds it up to Leia, “I get it. But pardon me if I doubt. Someone Sliced us.” she says, “An hour ago.”

Leia’s face firms as she stands on her feet, looking eye to eye with Sabine, “What did they get?”

Sabine sighs, “Enough. I have a source two systems away that knows of every Slicer job in the Quadrant. I can go see’em and he’ll tell me who did this or tell me if we have a traitor.”

Leia arches her eyebrow at Sabine, saying nothing and turning away.

Placing her hands on her hips, Sabine looks at Leia’s back, “I can be back before the next moon rotation. I’ll be safe but our informants, our undercover spies, our sympathizers; won’t be.”

“I know Sabine.” Leia abruptly replies, “Sometimes though, an enemy does just enough damage to bait you out into the open to kill you - its a Sith methodology.”

Sabine pulls out a blaster, “I have a Mandalorian Methodology.” she nods, “Hasn’t let me down yet.”

Leia arches her eyebrow, “Now who sounds like Han?” she quips.

“So what’ll it be General?” Sabine asks, “You’re leaving here for Hoth in two days. Let me do this.”

Leia stares at Julia, shaking her head, “Fine, but not you..” she concludes, looking to her wrist gauntlet.

“If it’s not me it has to be someone we both trust.” Sabine states.

Leia nods in agreement, “I know, if Luke wasn’t on on Dagobah I’d send him, so I’ll send the next best person.”


Chapter 1 - The Mission



No Caption Provided


No Caption Provided


No Caption Provided


No Caption Provided


No Caption Provided

Sitting under the starry night, Nico Minoru sits up against a boulder lodged in the dirt. A blanket with wooden plates and crumbs by her feet, Nico simply stares into the flames as the warm glow illuminates her face. The meal Ahsoka had brought was satisfying as well. Always something new and somehow, not to unfamiliar from Earth food. However silence had lingered, and the ‘spirited’ ale Ahsoka always brought her, managed to relax her even more.

Slumping down against the boulder, her sore hands and aching back now relaxed, Nico lays her head down on the dirt with her feathered hair bunched up like a plumb of black feathers.

Ahsoka sipping her hot drink in the clay cup. their visits were always brief at the beginning, but only until recently had she opened up for some reason. Maybe it was her friend persistence, maybe it was because Molly was with her always. Who knew

“Something on your mind?” Ahsoka asks.

Pointing upwards the starry sky, Nico looks at Ahsoka.“These stars, make everything feel like a million years ago.” she says, “I ran away from my family when I was fifteen, joined up with other Runaways, saved the world.” she says, with slight laugh.

“I thought…” she sighs, her face turning serious, “...I was allowed some semblance of peace, you know? How ironic then that whole world literally blows up in my face in reply.” she huffs, taking another swig of the ale. Sitting on a small rock, Ahsoka Tano looks over at Nico, propping herself up.

“Fair or not Nico...” Ahsoka sighs, recalling the distant words of Jedi Kit Fisto, “...when the sea changes and one must fight the tide, either you drown, or swim to reveal the best part of yourself.”

Her altruistic words ring in Nico’s ears, making her bristle and raise an eyebrow at Ahsoka.

“And if the best part of yourself was never good to begin with?” Nico asks, taking a swing from a small clay bottle, “Then what?”

“Remember when you came last year, with the other refugees?” Ahsoka recalls, “First day, all of them signed up for the Rebellion to pull a trigger. They didn’t care about our cause, they just wanted to shoot what blew up their planet. But you, you pulled Molly away. You pushed her into my arms, and you told me, ‘save her from this.’”

Tossing aside her bottle, Nico looks at Ahsoka, “I refuse for Molly to be made into an instrument of death like my mother did to me.” she retorts, “Train her to be a Jedi or whatever you call it. Its better than whatever I can offer her.”

“That selflessness…” Ahsoka says, “...tells me your trying to swim in a sea of change.”

“Is that what you see?.” Nico scoffs, “Well I saw people die Ahsoka. The Avengers, the Police, REGULAR people - snuffed out by a giant ball in the sky - right in front me.” she says.

Nico clenches her jaw, choking back tears, “Sometimes, when it's quiet I see them. Bodies all around me. The scent of Death in the air. Skeletons grabbing at me in the looming shadow of the Death Star.” she says, rubbing her eyes “That’s what I see. Everyday. Every night. Again an again.”

Ahsoka slowly approaches Nico resting her hand on her shoulder, “Nico, you should meditate with me sometime. You were confident I could help Molly find peace through ‘The Force’. I can help you.”

Nico shrugs away from her, walking closer to the fire.

“I don’t wanna meditate.” Nico spits back, “I don’t want help. I want....” she pauses, starting into the campfire flames reflecting off her pensive face as if she was searching for the answer in the fire, “I don’t know, forget I said anything.” she relents.

~Deet Deet~ Goes her wrist gauntlet.

Snapping herself out of her thoughts, Ahsoka looks at Nico looking at the gauntlet.

“Gonna answer it or what? Or are you rebelling in the rebellion?” Nico smirks.

“You wish.” Ahsoka huffs, tapping on the wrist gauntlet, “Hi Leia.” she answers.

~Get back to base. Something came up. I need you and your apprentice.~

The concern in her tone of voice made Ahsoka look at her wrist gauntlet as if something was wrong with it. Any feeling she had on the matter was only validated as Nico looked at her wrist gauntlet as well with equal curiosity.

“That didn’t sound good. Either something bad happened or she killed Han.” Nico quips.

Ahsoka rolls her eyes at the statement, “Yeah, I better go.” she says, turning aside but pauses, looking to Nico in front of the fire, “But we should talk more, when I return.”

Nico smirks at the statement, “Sure…” she says, dangling the empty clay bottle between her fingers at her, “ long as there’s some drinking.”

Ahsoka smirks, “Very well. Force be with you, Nico.”

Nico holds up her hand and parts her fingers into a ‘v’, “Yeah you too.”


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You’re horrible at this you know that right? Twenty four months of this and you haven’t gotten any better, you should give this up.

The criticism makes Nico Minoru take a pause. Standing up straight, stretching her back, Nico had been harvesting for at least six hours straight. Sweat drenched her baggy linen clothes. Her black feathered tied back like a bunched up Eagle feathers. Nico pulls out a worn rag, wiping her face.

“I wouldn’t say that.” she replies, wiping her sweaty brow.

Of course not but everyone knows it. They just don’t want to hurt your feelings.

Lifting up eyes to the sunny sky, Nico holds up her hand blocking the sun’s glare.

“All I care about the two suns around this planet making what I plant grow.” she counters. “It grows in a week, I harvest. People eat, I earn my keep. Simple.” she shrugs, looking at the sprouts peeking over the surface of the muddy ankle deep water.

The real truth is that you’re meant for other things in life, great things.

Nico rolls her eyes, leaning up against the waist high grass wall, “Here we go again.”

Don’t sass me young lady. I know what I’m talking about. Look at you! Your potential is wasted in the dirt and roaches. They call themselves Rebels. They’re all pawns to die.

“Stop it.” Nico snaps.

It was bad enough that the heat was oppressive this time of day on Yavin, but Nico draws in a deep humid breath, struggling to keep her patience in spite of the aggravated nagging.

“They’re brave men and women…” Nico defensively replies, “...least I can do is feed them.”

Least you can do? As if you owe them. We should kill them.

“Don’t, don’t do that.” Nico pleads, rubbing her temples, “Don’t start.”

Their Leader, with the honeybuns on the side of her head? We could slit her throat at midnight, let everyone find her by daybreak and let this place descend in the chaos.

“Stop i’m begging you.” mumbles Nico, rubbing her temples harder and harder.

Then we could go in, pick them apart. Kill them all in different ways. There’d be no suspects...

“STOP IT MOM!” Nico screams.

Her high pitch scream, echoing over the grassy landscape.Covering her eyes, Nico shakes her head, drawing a deep breath trying to calm herself.


Slowly lowering her wet dirty hands, Nico balls up her fists, glaring at her mother. The Japanese American woman, decked in a glittery black form fitting dress with a plunging ‘v-neck’. Her short cut asymmetrical haircut stopped just short of her sharp jaw and slicked along the side of her cheekbones to a fine point. Her fine lips, coated in thick black lipstick remain pressed together firmly. Her razor sharp eyes coated in black mascara, narrow at Nico with disapproval.

Get over yourself.

“Once I do mother.” Nico spits, “A bullet goes in my head.”

Nico’s mother crosses her arms, leaning back like a praying mantis toying with its trapped meal.

I’ll never let you kill yourself. That’s a promise.

Nico kicks over the wicker basket in the watery mud and glares at her mother angrily. “Leave me alone, why can’t you just LEAVE ME ALONE!” she screams. Tilting her face, as if unable to understand the raw emotion in her voice, Nico’s mother smirks at her.

Are we done with the tantrum? Because I was when you were three months old. Until you give up this humble servitude phase, and do as I say, i’ll be here always to torment you!

Nico’s eyes turn red, welling with tears as her lip quivers, “I hate you.” she mumbles.

You don’t hate me. You don’t have the guts to hate.

“Oh no?” Nico smirks, wiping her nose.

If you hated me, you wouldn’t be talking to me.

“Lonely people will talk to anyone mother.” Nico chuckles, picking up her basket, “Even a murderous hateful ol’bat hallucination like you.”

See, through the quote on quote hate, there is love.

“Really?” Nico smirks, “Then why did I kill you?”

I don’t know. Why do you still keep me around?

Nico face turns white, gulping at the question.

“Hey NICO!”

Immediately Nico eyes open wide, hearing the familiar voice. Turning around, Nico arcs her head upwards to the familiar voice coming from the top of the grassy hill field. Holding her hand over her eyes to block the glare, Nico sees Molly Hayes, decked in a tan robe with a lightsaber hilt strapped to her side.Leaping off the side of the hill, Nico watches as Molly drift down like a bird before landing softly in ankle deep water.

“Hey.” greets Molly Hayes,

She had grown. Nico expected it, but it was another to see it. Gone was the wide eye child who seemed to wonder at everything. Gone was the fidgetity Cali-girl who said the first thing on her mind. Her face had matured. Her eyes no longer looked upon everything in wonderment or in rapt readiness to please. They were equals. Standing on the same ground.

Molly remains quiet, wondering why she was so anxious to leap down to see her, she should’ve been more composed.

“So…” Molly starts awkwardly, “How have…

Immediately Nico throws herself into Molly’s opens her arms. Resting her head on her shoulder, Nico hugs her tightly, overwhelmed by her emotions.

Molly squeezes back, relieved, “Missed you too Nico.”

Pulling away, Nico gathers herself, smoothing out her clothes, “Oh i’m sorry…” she says, apologetically, brushing the dirt off her own clothes, “Oh man i got her dirty.” she fusses.

Quickly wiping her hands, Nico pats Molly’s clothes, “I’m so sorry…”

“Its fine its fine.” Molly giggles.

Her laugh was the same. Nico steps back, looking at her, trying to adjust in her mind that her friend was not longer a little girl anymore.

Molly smiles, looking at her friend trying to contain her emotions so horribly.

“Oh my gawd you’ve” Nico gushes, “I mean like, what is Ashoka doing with you? Lifting rocks or something?”

Molly giggles, “Actually yeah.” she replies to Nico’s stunned expression. Looking around for something suitable, Molly narrows her eyes at a wicker basket floating in next rice field below, “See?” she says, outstretching her hand.

Nico turns and watches as the wicker back flies up in the air. Turning to Molly in shock, Nico looks at her, stunned.

“Keep watching.” Molly giggles. Nico turns back, astonished as the wicker back descends out the air rapidly before slowly coming between them, landing gently between her feet.

“Freakin’ blow me over.” Nico gasps, looking at Molly holding her hands behind her back, blushing, “That’s freaking AWESOME! You’re telekinetic now?”

Molly nods side to side, “Yes and no.” she replies, “More like, I learned to tap into the Force. Its…” she pauses, searching for the right words, “...very enlightening.” she says.

Nico, rendered speechless folds her arms, “Well…” she sighs, content at the sight of her, “...I take it you didn’t come to show off your powers huh?”

Molly nods, “Yeah I didn’t.” she says, her gaze shooting downwards.

Sensing her nervousness, Nico places her hand on her shoulder, “You know you don’t have to ask me for permission or anything right? I never had to.”

“You’re not gonna like it.” Molly says.

Nico arches her eyebrow, “What’re you pregnant or something? Please don’t tell me he has eight arms?”

Molly bristles at the thought, shuddering, “Oh no and NO.” she exclaims, giggling at the thought. However her face becomes serious once more. Her gaze meets Nico’s confidently, “I’m going on a mission.”

The statement echoes in Nico’s ears loudly as if a thousand mirrors cracked all at once.

Nico draws a breath, reeling from the weight of the statement as Molly looks at her, waiting. She could see it now in her eyes, the weight of her words matter now. She turned into a little girl once more, looking up to the only ‘big sister’ figure she had, only mother figure she had known - waiting for an answer.

“I uh…” Nico stammers, clearing her throat with a short cough, “, wow, okay.”

“General Leia asked me to go.” Molly explains, watching Nico anxiously run her hands through her thick hair, “I’m going with Ahsoka. Its like, reconnaissance. We’re going to meet someone who has something we need, something like that.” she says with a hint of disinterest.

“I see.” Nico says, straining not to say more, looking at Molly, hoping for more assurances.

Molly sighs, “What do you think?” she asks, “I mean, Ahsoka told me to ask you. Like, didn’t ‘tell’ me, she doesn’t tell me, she suggests. Yeah. She suggested it because you know….”

Nico draws a deep breath, covering her face with her hands before staring out to the landscape.

“...she knows how you feel about fighting in the rebellion.” Molly explains, “And she felt it was - respectful, to ask that is.”

Nico keeps her gaze to the horizon, suddenly wishing she had saved one of the Ale’s from the night prior or had one of those liquors from Coruscant.

Molly could see the stress in her. Nico never showed her emotions to people unless she was drinking or with her. What moment was for some, was a parade for Nico - and she was having her own tantrum.

“I uh…” Nico says mumbles, as an unexpected but frustrated laugh comes out, before looking to Molly “...can’t answer.” she answers.

Molly arches her eyebrow, “I’m sorry what?!” she replies, “Who are you and where’s Nico? Are a Force Spirit? Because last I checked i’m not in cave?”

Nico lowers her face, smiling at the statement.

“Look Molly…” Nico continues, “...I didn’t want to do to you, what my mother did to me and that’s make decisions for you.” she says to Molly’s surprise, “So, if you wanna go, go.” she tell her, cursing herself for even saying the words, “If you wanna stay, stay. Its your choice. Do you wanna go?”

Molly smirks, folding her arms, “Man I was hoping you made the decision for me.” she says, turning aside from her, staring out into the distance.

Nico arches her eyebrow, “Why?”

“Because you always helped me with the hard stuff.” Molly says, glancing at her from the corner of her eye, “Because secretly, i’m scared to be without you because, let’s face it. You’re all I got.”

Nico kneels down in the water, staring out into the distance beside her, “You can’t…” she pauses, smirking at the words coming to her mind, “...when the sea changes and one must fight the tide, either you drown, or swim to reveal the best part of yourself. You don’t need me for that.”

Molly looks at Nico, “Where you get that from?”

Nico winks at her, “I’m a genius, didn’t you know?” she smirks.

Giggling, Molly sighs, mulling over her words, “I wanna go. I wanna, make a difference somehow.”

Nico nods. Feeling herself sad for some reason. “Than I respect your decision.” Nico says, “And if anything should happen, I’ll come for you. No matter what. Because you’re all I got too.”

Looking at her, Molly throws herself into Nico, “I love you. Thank you.”

Hugging her, Nico sees from over her shoulder, Ahsoka walking through in the ankle deep water of the rice fields afar, her Staff in hand with a ship sitting in the waters behind her.

“No problem kiddo.” Nico says, “Looks like you’re ride is here.”

Pulling away, Molly turns around, spotting Ahsoka Tano.

“Guess its time to go.” Molly sighs before looking to Nico, “When I come back, can we like, eat or something. I miss that. I miss you.”

Nico pats her on shoulder, “Sure thing. That is if your not busy having a celebration party or whatever with all your cool friends.”

Rolling her eyes, Molly dismissively waves at her “Oh whatever.” she says, walking away, “And thanks Nico. Really.”

Nico simply nods as Molly runs past Ahsoka to the ship waiting for them. Coming up to Nico, Ahsoka sees Nico’s face turn firm, “Thank you NIco, I know that wasn’t…”

“Screw you Ahsoka, freakin’ screw you!” Nico spits acidly to Ahsoka surprise.

Ahsoka face firms, not expecting her to get upset so quickly, “Nico what…”

“You promised!” Nico snaps, her eyes livid with anger, “No mission. None!”

“Leia asked her personally. ” Ahsoka says reassuringly.

“I don’t care if the frickin’ creator asked her personally!” Nico snaps, “I told you, YOU, to keep her OUT the fight.”

Ahsoka holds her hands out, “Nico…”

“This is a gateway mission…” Nico snaps “...she starts this, she does another and another and each more dangerous until they’ll see how much more capable she is, then Molly’s obligated to do whatever mission is asked of her!”

Ahsoka sighs, seeing Nico is in no mood, “Look…” she sighs, motioning towards her pauses as she steps back.

“You better go.” Nico demands, balling up her fist, “Before I listen to the devil in my head.”

Ahsoka winces at her statement, but relents, “Okay. Okay Nico.” she says, backing away, “We’ll be back in twenty four hours. I promise.”

Nico narrows her eyes, clenching her jaw tight, unwilling to say a word more simply nods her head.

Watching them leave, Nico watches Molly enter the reach of a ship sitting on the waters of the Rice Field as Ahsoka rushes to the ship. Staring at the ship as it lifts off and soars in the air, Nico gulps.

I could feel you wanted to kill her.

Glancing at her Mother standing beside her, Nico sighs, returning her gaze to the ship flying into the upper atmosphere, “I did.”

And why didn’t you?

“Because i’m not you.” Nico says.

Nico's mother turns her, narrowing her sharp mascara eyes as a devilish smiles comes across her face.

Not yet.






To be continued...

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Sat on the cushioned bench within the cold and sterile medical bay, Julia Carpenter stretches her arm over her head. A groan escapes her in a low tone. Her ribs exposed against her skin, she peeks down at her wound. Wearing her black tights and black sports, Julia’s face grimaces at the sharp pain of a bandage being applied to the wound just below her ribs. Knife wounds were the worst, they were long to heal and its presence was known in each bodily movement. However her healing abilities were better than the average man. At least she had that.

“How does that feel Ms Carpenter?”

“Its fine C-3PO.” sighs Julia, anxious to leave she hops off the bench. Immediately Julia staggers at the sharp pain greeting along her side. Taking a pause, Julia draws in a steady breath through her clenched teeth.

“Miss Carpenter, may I suggest an extra day of rest?”

Julia raises her eyes to the golden android in annoyance.

“While I am not a medical professional, it seems to me that most with your extent of injuries would…”

“Threepio...” Julia interrupts, sighing as the pain subsides “...I’ve dealt with worse.” she finished sharply. Standing erect, Julia bares through the discomfort and unravels the knot of fabric in front of her torso, putting her arms through the sleeves of her bodysuit.

“Quite Frankly I am not sure if that is supposed to be more assuring or more alarming.” C-3P0 replies.

Zipping her suit just over her chest, Julia gives C-3PO a wrily look, “So is taking advice from a golden toaster.” she retorts.

“Excuse me I am most certainly not…”

“Don’t short a circuit Threepio.” says a voice from behind.

Turning around, Miles Morales stands at the entryway, decked in his black and red spiderman suit.

“Julia and I didn’t have a lot of androids...” he says, looking around the medical bay, “...or any stuff like this from where we came from.”

“Miles Morales…” C-3PO pleasantly declares, “ quite nice to see you. I take it your mission with Master Luke was a success?”

Miles points his thumb over his shoulder, “Yeah, we got supplies off the Naboo Transport, then took the long way. Anyway, Han is taking General Organa to Hoth and R2-D2 said they could leave you.”

“LEAVE ME!” C-3PO exclaims, “That glob of grease. All the nerve! I’ll show him what ‘leaving me is’.” he declares, hastily exiting the room.

Watching him leave, Julia zips up her costume while looking at a tray of weapons on a cart.

Seeing Julia’s blue eyes obviously trying not to look at him, Miles flicks his wrist. Quickly a thin strand of webbing zips across the room and sticks to her hand. Rolling her blue eyes, Julia lips firm as she looks up at the ceiling, tapping her foot, “Really Miles? Really?” she huffs, looking at him.

Miles disconnects the webbing, “Yo sorry. Its not like I dunno, lied to my partner or something to go rescue some pilot while he was gone and ya know, almost get killed.” he says, folding his arms.

His words make Julia sigh as she pulls the webbing off her hand, “Miles, you were gone.”


“He was gonna die.” Julia defensively explains. “If I didn’t get him, Wedge, would be dead and…”

At that moment Julia, an ebony colored hand reach over and grabs hold of hand, restricting her fussing with a blaster. She was a tough one, Miles knew, to a fault. However, when it came to them, just them, no one had the bond of having Earth’s destruction bind two people forever.

They were both angry. Both hurt. They saw each others weak moments, but even he had to remind her on occasion, not to push him away either.

Remaining silent, Julia nibbles on her pinkish lip, raising her teary eyes at Miles friend face.

“We promised each other. You fall, I catch you. I fall…” Miles pauses, waiting for the answer.

Clearing her throat, Julia nods, knowing the rest, “...I catch you.” she whispers.

“And you can’t be ‘dead’ if you’re gonna catch me...” Miles says, “...unless you got like weird dead powers. Cause then I should probably stop touching you.” he says, moving his hand.

Julia smirks, wiping her tear away, “Had to ruin the moment huh?.” she smirks.

“I’m just saying if you have dead powers I don’t wanna get deaded.” Miles jokes.

Julia rolls her eyes, “Oh how long you been waiting to use that one.”

“Three day and four hours.” Miles retorts. Seeing Julia smile, Miles pats her on the back, “But seriously, we’re a Spider-team. We can’t afford for either of us to get ended.”

“I know.” Julia mumbles. , “I just, Its been a year Miles. A year to the day since…”

“I know.” Miles interrupts, “Believe me I know.”

Julia clears her throat. She lifts her head, wipes her nose and wicks away any sign of tears from her eyes with no trace.

“I saw him, I saw him and I…” she pauses, her voice cracking with emotion.

Miles rests his hand on her shoulder, feeling her tense. He could see her eyes, staring at her left leg.

“He shot a frickin pole through my leg.” Julia continues, “But I had him Miles, I frickin’ had him.” she recounts. (WRITERS NOTE Part of Star Wars the Campaign I - Sidious shot a pipe through Julia’s leg while she was shooting at his craft.)

“So I thought. Maybe. Just maybe…” she admits, “...if went to get Wedge…”

“That you’d do what Jules?” Miles questions, “Find’em and what shoot’em? I talked to Luke about this dude and uh, Sidious, isn’t the ‘shoot’em in the head’ kinda bad guy!”

“Well than how!!” Julia frustratingly asks, slamming her blaster on the metal table, “What weapon will do it! Tell me, I’ll go get it. He can’t just destroy Earth and walk away! HE CAN’T!”

“I know.” Miles replies, watching Julia stress-fully wipe her forehead, “But we can’t die trying to kill’em either.”

Turning to him, Julia opens her arms out, her eyes open wide, “I joined the Rebellion, WE joined, to find a way to end him.. Either piece by piece or in one shot…”

“Julia…” Miles interrupts, holding out his hands as if approaching a wild animal, “...he’s gonna pay, but Luke said it best…”

“Oh what the great prophet of space say?” Julia sarcastically asks, “Meditate your way to the force?!”

“Don’t underestimate the Dark-Side.” Miles reveals, “That’s what he said!”

Julia looks at him blankly, “Really? That’s all he said. You’re satisfied with that answer?”

Miles shakes his head, “Coming from the dude with a laser sword who can stop ships in mid air, I tend to believe those types, especially, when our enemy, ended earth and took Thors Hammer. SO yeah, I’m satisfied.”

Julia points at him ready to say more. However at that moment, Miles and Julia’s eyes open wide. Entering the medical bay, Mon Mothma, Sabine Wren and General Leia enter the room.

Miles and Julia look at each other in silence, seeing the gravity in this, “Uh hi guys?” Miles gulps.

Looking over her shoulder, Leia gestures to Sabine, “Seal the room.” she instructs.

“Okay you’re getting me nervous.” Julia huffs.

“Like, my Abuela is about explain the birds and the bees in Pay-Per-View detail kind of nervous?” Miles exclaims.

Leia steps forward, “I'm Sure whatever that Earth Expression must mean…” she sighs, “...pales to what we have to say..” she states.

“Well you have our attention.” Julia states, “What’s going on?”

Leia looks to Mon Mothma who nods and steps forward, “Twenty eight hours ago. We were sliced.”

“What?” Miles asks.

“Hacked.” Julia whispers to him.

“Yes but, not everyone knows, and we need to keep it that way.” Leia explains, “Our agents reported that not only were we uh, hacked as you said, but so was the Empire.”

Miles and Julia both look at each other in surprise.

Mon Mothma steps forward, “But before we could get much more...” she sighs, mustering a deep breath for what comes next, “...chatter from our sympathizers came in that our agents were killed, as was their source and the datas Location.” she explains

“Okay…” Miles says, “ we usually do recovery missions, save our guys who were captured.”

“Is that you want us to get, the Data?” Julia asks.

“Yes.” Mon Mothma states, “You see, it holds a significant details of our undercover agents and sympathizers. I’ll be forward, this won’t be easy.”

Julia looks at Sabine, seeing her face wretched with concern. She could feel them talking around what the didn’t want to say. Shifting her gaze to Leia, Julia gulps, “The agents killed, who were they?”

Leia’s face firms. Her hands folds into each other as she draws a mustered breath, “They were Jedi Ahsoka Tano and Molly Hayes.” she answers.

Star Wars The Campaign: A War of Empires

Chapter 1 - The Mission

PART 1 - The Incident


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YAVIN IV Western Fields

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Sitting on the edge of a grassy slope, Nico pours the refreshing cool water over her face. Heat at mid-day was always sweltering and humid. Staring out into the horizon. Her black feathered tied back like bunched up Eagle feathers, Nico pulls out a worn rag, wiping her face before tying it around her neck.

Oh my goodness I can’t stand it.

Lowering her head, Nico looks at the two rice balls on a smooth piece of wood.

This is all we can eat?

“Not WE…” Nico replies, “...just me.”

Looking to her left, Nico squints her eyes at the sight of her mother. The Japanese American woman, decked in a glittery black form fitting dress and a plunging ‘v-neck’.

Her short cut asymmetrical haircut stopped just short of her sharp jaw and slicked along the side of her cheekbones to a fine point. Her fine lips, coated in thick black lipstick remain pressed together firmly. Her razor sharp eyes coated in black mascara, staring at Nico’s food in disgust.

I’d rather die.

“You did.” Nico grins, “Rather badly.”

Her mother rolls her eyes - You’ll get yours darling. You’ll see, one day you’ll need mommy dearest.

“The day I do, hopefully will be my last.” Nico retorts, biting into her rice ball.

However as Nico eats, her mother curiously peeks over Nico’s bushy hair, peering at something coming in the distance.

I think you have sun stricken lunatic coming. We should kill him.

Raising her eyes to the distance, Nico holds her hand over her brow, blocking out the sun. Peering into the distance, Nico shakes her head, “I can barely see.” she says, just making out the sight of someone running through the high grass.

Nico’s mother rises to her feet - Its a pirate. Most surely a pirate, maybe crazed. Let me take over.

“Absolutely not.” Nico exclaims, glaring at her mother for even suggesting it, “You don't get to murder, ever.”

Than let me hurt him a little bit.

Planting her hands on the ground, Nico closes her eyes, exasperated, “Its bad enough I see a woman who is either dead and is haunting me, or just a hallucination, which is worse since that means I HAVE the problem and i’m just crazy. Either way…” she sighs, rising to her feet, “...i’ll deal with it.”

I hope he clubs you over the head and sacrifices you to carnivorous little teddy bears!

Nico’s eyes open wide, turning around to her mother in shock at her statement, “I mean really that’s excessive even for you!”

Crossing her arms, Nico’s mother looks at her red painted fingernails in disinterest - Well we haven’t eaten.

Hearing the sound of swift moving feet over grass, Nico turns her attention back to the approaching stranger.

Motioning to her back, Nico grabs a blaster handle, ready to pull it out if need be. However, her grip softens as she recognizes the figure.

Swiftly running over to her, Miles Morales, wearing a tan linen hoodie over his Spider-Man ties comes to a stop before, panting.

“Miles?” Nico says to her surprise.

Bending over, Miles holds up his finger, trying to catch his breath.

“Did you Run all the way over here.”

Standing up, Miles pants repeatedly, holding his chest as sweat pours down his face.

Sidling up next to him, Nico’s mother grins at the young hero.

Oh my, doesn’t he look like the Wilder boy. she scoffs, scrunching her nose at Nico who pays her no mind, What is it with you and boys like him?!

Nico folds her arms, sinking her face into her hand.

“Hey you okay?” Miles asks.

Nico nods, rubbing her temples, “Ye-yeah just the heat.” she says, “Its like a pervasive racism, its everywhere at once and all you wanna do is wipe it off the planet.” she says, glaring at her mother.

Nico’s mother arches her pencil thin eyebrows at her.

Not sure to be confused, insulted or just confused, Miles gulps, “Okay I heard the heat could get to you out here but that’s a new one.”

Shaking her head, Nico wipes the sweat off her brow, “I’m sorry Miles but what is it?” she pointedly asks, “I mean, if this is another attempt to get me and Julia…”

“No its not that.” Miles interrupts, “But that is something we need to get to eventually.”

Nico’s mother looks at her, I should’ve killed that girl when I had the chance. And you stopped me because she was your friend.

Nico closes her eyes, rubbing the bridge of her nose before holding up her rice to Miles, “This is my trade.” She blanketly states, “I harvest, I send what rice i make back to Rebels. I do share. That’s it. Julia can shove it up where the sun don’t shine, i’m not fighting for the rebellion, period.”

“Yo ease up…” Miles exclaims, holding up his hands, “...I just ran like ten frickin’ miles in eighty degree heat, can you not get so defensive.”

Nico’s mother looks at Miles up and down, “Can you cut his head off? He talks too much.”

“I’m not defensive…” Nico snaps to Miles, “...I just don’t want my time wasted.”

“With what?!” Miles exclaims.

Nico’s mother sits down, “I’m actually on pins and needles waiting for this answer.”

Miles outstretched his arms and spins around before facing Nico, “You got NOTHING but time! And grass. And heat and…” looking down at the ankle deep water, “...and nasty lookin’ water. Seriously, you like it out here?!”

Tossing the rice ball over her shoulder, Nico turns around, “Bye Miles.” she exclaims, walking away.


“Tell Julia to go jump off a bridge next time you see her.” Nico exclaims.


Nico stops in her tracks. His words echoing in her ears a thousand times. Staring at the field, Nico remains still as a statue.

“Its been more than a day. We got reports that she’s dead, she could be missing. But that doesn’t seem, likely.”

Nico closes her eyes, balling up a fist, “She’s invulnerable you idiot.” she snaps.

Miles runs to her front, looking at her, “I know that…”

“She’s stopped bullets in the palms of her hands.” Nico states.

“I know…”

“She’s been stabbed, pushed off a building, fell from fifty stories high, the girl is the freakin’ hulk of invulnerability, she can’t die!” Nico snaps.

Miles folds her arms, “We’re not on EARTH Nico!” he argues, “If you got off this marsh pit you’d understand that there's a lot of other species out there who know how to kill a lot of things in Molly’s invulnerability class!” he exclaims.

Nico tightens her fist, enraged at Miles arguing the point.

“Ahsoka was with her.” Nico exclaims, “SHE IS her trainer, master or whatever. She’s making Molly a jedi, she has powers I saw…”

“Ahsoksa’s dead.”

“SHUT UP!” Nico screams, startling Miles who instinctively jolts back, “SHE'S A JEDI MILES! THEY DON’T DIE!” .

Miles clenches his jaw, “Nico! EVERYONE DIES!” he yells back.

“You think you’re so SMUG telling me all this…”

“I don’t like telling you ANY of this. Quite frankly, I don’t even know if I like you!” Miles exclaims, “Everytime i’m here, my Spidey-Sense just go off! But i’m here despite everyone else NOT wanting to tell you anything because I know how much Molly loves, I mean loved…”

Nico winces at his correction, grinding her teeth.

“...loved you.” he sighs, “She always viewed you, as her like, next thing to a mom.”

NIco turns her back to him suddenly, covering her face.

Miles draws a breath, seeing Nico already affected, “Look i’m not trying to piss you off or anything. We really don’t even know each other. But I wanted to tell you, face to face without some droid or whatever. I know she meant a lot to…”


Miles pauses, hearing Nico mumble, “Nico…”

“I SAID LEAVE!” Nico shrieks, “Get out of here of here or so help me…” she growls,.

Miles felt it again, his Spidey senses telling him to run away as fast as he could. He relents.

“Fine.” Miles nods, “But for what it's worth, I’m sorry. We’ll get’em, I promise.” he says, tossing something by her feet.

Refusing to look at him, Nico lowers her gaze to grass under her feet. Like a thousand cymbals clashing all at once, Nico’s heart thuds. Hearing Miles swift moving feet as he runs back to base, Nico slowly kneels down the ground, petrified at what she immediately recognizes.

A faded pink wool beanie. Moth holes decorate the hat. Balls of lint litter the outside of it. Resting her hand on the soft plush wool, Nico closes her eyes as tears cascade down her cheek.

Well well well...looks like you’re little friend is dead. Finally, one less of you.

A groaning comes from Nico’s chest at hearing her mother's statement. Grabbing the beanie, Nico stands up, turning to the ghostly image of her mother standing behind her. Glaring into her mother red irises, Nico points at her, “Leave.” she snaps.

Immediately her mother vanishes in a flurry dead leafy flakes.

Taking a deep fluttered breath, Nico holds Molly’s beanie tightly. Closing her eyes, Nico shakes her head as images of seeing Molly dressed as Jedi just a day ago flood to mind. Opening her tear filled eyes, Nico’s lip quivers as she glares into the distance, “Screw it.”


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The hanger hummed. Pilots racing back and forth. Technicians running beside each other holding glass pane tablets to the other comparing data. Squirrely droids no bigger than no soda cans buzzing between the Rebels feet zipped back and forth. However, a large group walks through massive hanger, giving everyone pause.

Commander Mon Mothma walks beside Leia Organa towards the large vessel aptly called the Ghost. Its engines cooled and de-powered, the rear ramp lowered, the green skinned pilot Hera Syndulla sits on the ramp with her child, laughing and giggling before her next flight.

However her green eyes lift away from her child, seeing the approaching authority figures, Hera kisses her son on his forehead tenderly. Standing up at their presence, Hera watches Mon Mothma and Leia come to a stop with Sabine Wren decked in her hot pink armor with an ominous black fabric band tied tightly around her left arm.

Behind her, Julia Carpenter, decked in her black suit with its white spider-insignia in front. Her blond hair pulled back, large gold-lens goggles over her eyes. Her leather jacket zipped closed, she stuffs her hands into her pocket, giving Hera a friendly nod. Beside her, Miles Morales in his spidery suit, holding his mask in hand, “We’re ready.”

Leia looks at them all, “I wont’ be here when you exit the system. Mon Mothma will be in Command. I’ll be on Hoth”

“Got it.” Julia nods.

“I can’t overemphasize this…” Leia says, “...our priority is to recover that data, or destroy it. No one can have our intel. I know how you all feel about Ahsoka and her padawan, but we cant let emotion get in the way of our priority - otherwise everything Ahsoka sacrificed for, goes for not. Are we clear?”

“Yes.” they all reply at once.

“Good.” Leia says, “With all that said I think…”


Everyone turns around, hearing the voice echo in the hanger. Turning around, Julia pulls off her goggles, “You gotta be frickin’ kidding me.”

Marching through Hanger with a stained linen bag in hand, Nico brushes past the bustling rebels in the base before coming several feet away from the group. Dropping her bag on the cement floor, Nico looks at them as Julia’ face reddens.

“I’m not asking.” Nico says, pointing at the ship, “I am coming.”




To be continued...

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Standing on crates, hanging from the side of their docked ships, everyone was trying to see commotion. A crowd gathered and encircled the group of rebels inside the hanger like children in a schoolyard. Standing at center, the Japanese American girl Nico Minoru stands center in the crowd made circle with a stained linen bag slumped at her feet.

“Get out my way Julia! I don’t have the energy to ‘pretend’ to like you today.”

Her arms crossed, her face drenched in annoyance at Julia Carpenter stands directly in her path.

“You don’t have clearance to be here today!” barks Julia, “And I’ll be dead and gone before I let you on the Ghost!”

“Great you’re dead, now go get yourself buried!” scoffs Nico, “Cuz I’m getting on that ship!”

Leía’s lips purse at her insistence, “Nico Minoru is it? I don’t like hot heads in my base.”

“An I don’t like my friends getting lost on missions YOU sanctioned!” Nico quickly replies, sensing Leia struggling to quell the heat rising in her chest, “But here I am, and here you are.”

"Which for you is an increasing danger if you keep talking the way you are!” Leia exclaims.

“So let’s stop talking…”Nico states, “...and get to finding Molly and Ahsoka, with me, onboard!”

Julia turns around, arching her eyebrow at Miles Morales. Immediately he gulps, grinning an awkwardly at Julia death stare. Taking in audible exasperated breath between her teeth, Julia closes her eyes turns her attention back to Nico.

“So Miles opened his big fat mouth…” Julia exclaims.

“Hey!” Miles objects

“Oh shove it Miles.” Julia barks before turning to Nico full of bent up anger. “Nico, remember when we needed you? HOW MUCH we begged, I begged, but you walked away from us! You can’t just...”

“I understand how you feel Nico…” interjects Sabine Wren, hoping to deescalate all of this.

Nico arches her eyebrow at Sabine’s emphasis on the word ‘understand’.

Before she can finish, Nico thrusts her arm to her left. Instantly a gold light flashes. Immediately a long golden staff extends out from the center of her palm. Grasping the rod, everyone backs away as she sets the rod onto the concrete. Instantly the ground trembles. Nico looks at Leia’s stoic demeanor as gold light flashes around her. Letting the Staff go, it floats in front of Nico, the empty circle at the top of the staff shining with power. Nico’s tilts her face at a startled Sabine as the light contains itself to the Staff that shimmers.

“If you understood half of what I feel your fuzzy lil head would explode.” Nico says to Sabine.

Star Wars The Campaign: A War of Empires

Chapter 1 - The Mission

PART 2 - Rebel Rouser


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“WITCH!” shouts someone from the crowd. Startled and confused, Nico scans the crowd, trying to pinpoint her accuser.

Nico’s attention then zeroes to a petrified Rebel Pilot standing behind a tall droid, “SHE'S A DATHOMIR WITCH!”

“I’m no a witch you ankle high hobbit!” retorts Nico, scoffing at his short stature. “A witch is someone has abilities based on the supernatural and unexplainable. Mine are quite explainable, so I’m sorry, no spells to make you Taller stubby.”

“Then what ARE you? A Jedi?” Shouts another

“The daughter of a killer mother...” Nico cuts back, “...and career run-away from anything important.”

“Nico!” Julia shouts, pulling out her blaster, “I’m getting tired of repeating myself...”

“Is it as tired as that uniform you’re wearing or are you still trying to prove yourself to dead heroes!” spits Nico.

Fed up, Julia angrily points her blaster at Nico face, “Get your crap and your frickin glow rod outta here before I drag out a corpse!” she threatens, cocking the blaster.

Concerned this is going bad quick, Sabine grabs the nozze of Julia’s blaster. “Jules hold on…”

“SHOOT ME…” Nico goads, “...GO ON!” she shouts, “I have the staff!” she exclaims, “Shoot me gone on. I’ll get up, walk outside, and shoot down EVERY SHIP that flies outta this hanger til you put me on one.” she threatens, looking over at Leia, “And i’m not joking.”

Hera jumps down from the ramp, “No you’re threatening us!”

“I’m being honest!!” Nico counters, “Its in your best interest to use me, not leave me.”

“And so you threaten us!” Julia scoffs, “Let me help you or i’ll hurt you!? You’re laughable!”

“What’s laughable is that your so called spidey sense can’t alert you to the stupidity of going after a mystery killer who supposedly killed Molly Hayes who has first class invulnerability, and Ahsoka Tano…” she states, “...a trained Jedi…” she emphasizes, “...with an Extraction Team?!!” she reasons, holding up her staff, “But me, you won’t take, who took out two inquisitors on Earth, by herself!”

Leia glances at Sabine, noting the validity of that point.

“One of these days Nico Minoru...” Julia exclaims, “...someone is gonna punch that smug mouth right off your face!”

Nico tosses aside her staff, “Well if ‘Spider-Man can do whatever a spider can’ I’d love to see what second-rate-spider-girl-lite-reject-from-Orange-County can do aside from liquored up frat boys!”

Fed up, Julia rips off her jacket, “I gonna drop you like dirt!”. Julia frosts webbing over her fists.

“Still won’t be faster than you’ve dropped your panties for Poe!” Nico goads, kicking aside her bag.


“ENOUGH YOU TWO!” Leia shouts, startling the two teens. Leia looks at them both. Nico was calm, resolute and focused. She wasn’t giving up anytime soon. Julia, the spunky one, seemed ready to beat her into the concrete floor.

“Quite frankly I don’t like your attitude, Nico.” Leia says, “But when we have a group of Rebel Rousers like this, the decision is simple for me…”


No Caption Provided

Everyone was quiet on board. The hum of the turbines powering the ship through hyperspace seemed to fill every crevice of the hull. The tenseness was as thick as a decadent custard dessert on Coruscant. Hoping to bring some sort of comradery amongst the group, pilot Hera Syndulla looks over to Sabine, giving her a gentle nod.

Sabine, discreetly glances over, slightly shaking her head no.

Opening her eyes wide with insistence written on her face, Hera nods backwards to the rear seats, quietly mouthing something inaudible.

Sabine rolls her blue eyes and folds her arms, sitting back in her seat in protest.

Sat behind Hera and Sabine, Nico sits across from Julia - both of whom remain absolutely quiet with Miles Morales standing between them.

Hera lets out a low groan, dreading the attempt at breaking the silence, “So uh...Nico. How are you?”

Nico arches her eyebrow at Hera, “No different than I was ten minutes ago.” she replies.

“Good.” Hera sighs, cringing at the conversation, “I’m Hera Syndulla and I take it you know Sabine?”

Nico rolls her eyes, “Look you don’t need…”

“Nico…” Hera interrupts, giving up at diplomacy, “... for Molly’s sake, cut the attitude. If we cannot rely on each other as a team, this mission is already a bust.”

Hera was right. She hated it, but she was right. In the end, this was all for Molly; and Molly would want better. Folding her arms, Nico relents.

“Fine.” Nico mumbles, “Thank you for letting me on your ship, sorry for the attitude, Hera.”

Hera smirks at her sarcastic tone, “Okay that’s a start. What about you Julia?”

Julia remains quiet, simply staring at Nico who stares back, both of them silent.

“For the sake of clarity please.” Miles interrupts, “Why do you two hate each other so much?”

“Its complicated.” Julia and Nico harmoniously answer.

Nico folds her arms as Julia flatly points at her, “Fine. I’ll be a good soldier if you don’t get in our way.” she declares, “But make no mistake Nico Minoru…” she snarls, “...they may not know the real you, but I do. Even if Molly doesn’t, you’re a Destroyer.”

Nico springs onto her feet, her heartbeat throbbing in her ears “Don’t ever call me that again.”

Sabine fidgets in her seat, her hand on her gun handle, “Seriously you two…”

“Then accept what you are.” Julia demands, pointing at Nico, “You know me and I know you. No fakeness.”

“I deal in absolutes.” Nico states, “Molly’s the absolute priority. Don’t screw with our objective here and we’ll be fine. How’s that for ‘no fakeness?”

“I hate to break it to you.” Miles interrupts, “But our objective isn’t Molly - that’s yours.”

Nico neck snaps right to Miles, “Say what now? So what the heck are we doing out here.”

“We’re completing Ashoka and Molly’s mission.” Hera answers. “Track and retrieve the data that was sliced from us.”

“Sliced? Like a pizza?” Nico asks.

Sabine arches her purple eyebrow, “Who’s pizza?”

Rubbing the bridge of her nose, Nico grumbles, “What’d I get myself into?”

“Slice as in hacked.”explains Miles, “And rumor has it that the Empire got sliced too. Which means maybe the Empire isn’t the enemy this time, which gives us an opportunity to get their data too.”

“Okay great.” Nico huffs, “What does this have to do with Molly?”

“And you called me Stupid!” exclaims Julia, “It means there’s a third party out there who has a list of all our undercover spies, all our sympathizers and intel on the Empire. In the wrong hands it could throw everyone in a galactic war, using our collective data as a catalyst.”

“That’s why Ahsoka and Molly went out on this Mission.” Hera explains, “They got a lead that someone knew who ‘sliced’ us and perhaps the Empire too. We’re headed for their last location.”

“When they got close to their source, they were killed.” Sabine exclaims.

“Stop saying their dead, i’ll believe it when I see it.” Nico says..

“Fine.” Hera sighs, “Regardless, we’re heading to a known ‘dirt bag’ watering hole. A guy set himself up as a ‘Concierge of Crime’ either way, he’ll give us a lead on the data and verify any rumors about Ahsoka and Molly’s.” she says,

“Whatever.” Nico replies, “So as long as Molly is found.”

“Nico, you need to understand something.” Sabine exclaims, “Ahsoka, she’s a survivor and i’m sure she trained Molly the same, but we are a ‘Rebellion’ first, the mission is the bigger picture.”

“Yeah well…” Nico huff, plopping into seat, “...sometimes the bigger picture just cost too much.”

“Not when its the entire universe.” Hera chimes in, “One half of the galaxy needs liberation from the Empire. The other half is about to go to war BECAUSE of the Empire.”

“At that…” Sabine adds, “...Bounty Hunters are becoming more organized, taking jobs from the Empire that’ll kill thousands while trying to make space lawless.”

“And we’re the only defense out there for anyone.” Miles says, “There’s no avengers or xmen. Just Us. So if the Universe is in chaos its our obligation to try to make some order.” he reasons.

“You understand now why Molly isn’t the priority?” Julia surmises.

Hearing all their convictions, Nico shakes her head, hitting the panel at opens the door to the stairs leading the rear of the ship, “I’ve risk one for the many before, I won’t do that” she says, walking out.

Aggravated, Julia turns in her seat, “NICO!”

Turning around, Nico turns on her heels at Julia on the other side of the door, “You won’t risk it, that’s our job, but i’m sure when the time comes, you’ll just heartlessly sacrifice everyone when it suits you, again.” she corrects.

Her cutting her pierce Nico. Seeing the rise in Nico, she steps forward but no voice comes out of her. Pressing her lips together, Nico clenches her jaw at Julia’s steely gaze.

“That’s not fair.” Nico mumbles.

Julia smirks, “No, it wasn’t. Especially for our friends.” she says, shutting the door in her face.

Staring at the door, Julia turns away, looking to Hera, Sabine and Miles staring at her.


Sabine rolls her eyes, returning her gaze to the streaking stars, “Let’s just get to Knowhere.”


Walking down the dark metal steps to the cargo area. Nico bits her bottom lip, fighting back tears as a well of emotion weighs in her chest.

Don’t trust them Nico...

Stopping in her tracks, Nico sees the shadowy image of her mother, standing in the dark corner in a glittery red form-fitting dress, putting her finger to her mouth.

...don’t trust any of them.

To be continued….

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The silence in the room was ear piercing. Dark corners and long shadows seemed to only amplify the coldness in the room. The Dark Side of the Force was strong here. Stronger than most places could ever handle, but then again, not every place had a Sith Lord residing there.

“I have sensed a disturbance in the Force.” Sidious said.

Emperor Palpatine paused, stretching out his thoughts to the three men standing before his throne, awaiting their reaction. Like a wave from an ocean, everything suddenly fell into an overwhelming flow of Force energy, washing over them with heat and fear.

Ordinary men would go mad if not die under such affect from a Sith Lord. But these were far more than mere men. They were newly found Dark Side Adepts. Each powerful in their own right in unexpected fashions, and Sidious could see something. An expected future was now open to him. Darth Bane was the Sith Lord who instituted the Rule of Two - a Master and an Apprentice; and as much as Vader was his apprentice, his physical and mental trauma limited his true potential, greatly.

Sidious near red irises glow from within the darkness of his hood. His intense glare locked onto the individuals before him. He could see the formation of something new - A Sith Regime. He as the Sith Lord, ruthless and powerful in the Force ruling the galaxy with a truly worthy Apprentice and scores of Acolytes that would be better than any clone army. The ingredients lay right before him. They were watching him, Sidious knew, each trying in his own way trying to glean insight as to why each had been summoned.

The Terran or Earthling named Doom, was astute; examining the Emperor’s face, micro expressions and body stance. Calculating, his mind always assessing for his advantage.

Beside him, Lord Vader, in contrast, remained still, stretching out with the Force towards his master. He could sense the masked fear of being replaced. He served Sidious faithfully, though loyalty was not a Sith trait and his deception of a secret, powerful, apprentice proved it.

Then the surprise trophy of his Earth Conquest, The Void. He didn’t need to examine expressions or use the force to discern Darth Sidious; he was mainlined into the Dark Side so deeply, that if not for his fragile mental state, Sidious would have executed him immediately as a Rival. Yet, he was recognized as what he was, a legendary aspect of the Dark Side long lost, confined to the body of a broken man - and Sidious had plans for it. Void could feel Sidious intent, demeanor and blazing hatred for almost all life. It burned like scalding steam against fragile flesh. It was pure, constant, and unyielding - perfect.

Sidious could feel it all from this throne. His hand draped over the side of his arm rest, petting the worn handle of his newly acquired weapon, Mjolnir. Its once glistening gray metal now corrupted to black. Its etched words glowing in red. Sidious bolster his power tenfold.

Sidious alone had credited victory for destroying the planet called Earth in a manner that was spreading as ‘Strategically Excellent’ and ‘Ruthlessly Efficient’. He had siphoned off ‘force sensitives’ from the planet and was now holding one of the most powerful relics in the known universe - Mjlnor.

All this, he had done in minutes of time. It was inexcusable, it was undeniable. His achievements, lofty and now his demands were twice as much. All in the Empire knew of this achievement and intended expectation of perfect, but only were these three knew it was demanded of them.

Sidious raised his sharp yellow eyes to the high window in his throne room. The Star Destroyer Chimera was visible in the distance, a barely discernible arrowhead shape floating in the vast blackness of space. In general, Palpatine desired all ships to give a certain distance away from his. But Palpatine had wished the ship to be ‘closer’ in proximity for this meeting as an intended point of conversation that had an end no one except Sidious could foresee.

Vader spoke first, as Sidious expected.

“Perhaps you sense the Force spreading more throughout the ‘newly’ opened universe.” he said, “Or the burgeoning powers of Darth Void.”

Sidious smiled thinly. Of course he wasn’t sensing Void. His disturbance within the Dark Side was consistent, noted, and codified. It was something Vader could not feel so strongly due to his ‘augmentations’, but the statement was not for Sidious. The suggestion was a curt reminder to Void and to Doom - Vader was there first.

Vader’s words crumbled against Void’s face, who gave not the slightest micro-expression to Vader’s comment. But Sidious could sense the entities annoyance slant towards Vader. Void was making himself useful in ways that could only be described as terrifying. Two planets, he razed single handedly within a Standard Earth Week. It spread quickly of the fabled ‘entity’ that came with no warning and left no survivors with a seeming legion of Destroyer’s and TIE fighters to emphasize the point - fighting was suicide. He was the tip of a sword that Vader wasn’t and - in tune with the Dark Side in a manner he could never be - and it bothered Vader greatly.

“This disturbance comes from neither.” Sidious replies to Vader. “It is something new. Something, different.” He looked back between his servants. “A sense a threat to the coming Sith Empire.”

Star Wars The Campaign: A War of Empires

Chapter 1 - The Mission

PART 3 - Future of the Sith (Finale)


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No Caption Provided

Dr. Doom

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Darth Vader

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No Caption Provided

Neither of his servants seemed phased. But Sidious could sense the surprise from two and their reflexive protest. Void, remained still and focused, his red eyes set to his master like a pet ready for a command.

Rather, Doom, boldly takes a half step forward as Sidious predicted.

“With all due respect Darth Sidious, the abilities of Doom are best utilized under your command with troopers directly.” Doom states, noticing Vader’s slight turn to him. “And Doom does not have time to explain matters to senseless soldiers, droids or…” taking a glance at Vader, “...half machines.”

Sidious sensed a flicker in Vader's emotions, an anger. Doom was arrogant but genius. He was the very opposite of Vader.

“I agree.” the Emperor said. “But if I am to have the new Sith Order, measures must be taken to secure its success. That includes utilizing the experience of a Sith Lord - such as Vader.” he says.

Sidious could feel the swell in Vader, a pride of worthiness. However, looking at the group, Sidious options had grown more plentiful in comparison to the time of ‘the chosen one’ being his sole consideration; and it was time for Vader to learn this - the hard way.

“If you wish, Emperor.” Doom says.

Sidious eyes remain on Doom, who remains silent but his eyes in the slots of his metal mask spoke volumes. Sidious learned quickly, Doom was many things, a leader was chief among them. He submitted to Sidious, but it wasn’t genius. Sith had many followers according to their scrolls - not all were Force Adepts - Doom was a case in point. Sidious knowledge from Uatu was substantial, Doom’s application of it was pointed and blunt - Sith-like. A mutual need was required, until the day came one of them would have to die, and it wouldn’t be Sidious.

"It is not if, it 'is' as the Dark Side WILLS!" Sidious exclaims, his voice echoing. "It has willed us to this very moment from the beginning of time." Sidious declares, shifting his attention to Void, “Do you know the Dark Side survived this universe?” he asks.

Everyone remains silent.

“It began when the universe was only one place.” Sidious answers. “It was called Ginnungagap, or as the Asgardians say, the Yawning Void. It was here, when the galaxy was infantile, and Force and the Power Cosmic began.”

“How so Master.” Void asks.

Sidious continues, ““The Aspirants, creations that worshipped the Firmament Deity, grew strong on a Cosmic Power. The Sith, a lowlier tribe, did not do as the Aspirants. Rather, they developed a sense of what bound life together as a whole, and harnessed it.” he said.

“The Force.” Vader assumes.

“Yes.” Sidious nods, “Like the Sun and Moon that exist, so did the Power Cosmic and the Force. However, unlike the Power Cosmic, the Force was deemed a privileged to a few by the Aspirants. Ironically, they could not wield it, and thus sought to eradicate others who did as it threatened them.”

Void tilts his head, his interest beyond piqued, “I was there, wasn’t I ?”

Sidious smiles. A sense Doom’s surprise was evident in his eyes, but Vader seemed to tremble the force like ripples in water, leaving Sidious assured of anticipating his reaction.

“As Sith legend has it…” Sidious continues, “ the Aspirants sought war against them, the Sith tribe manipulated the binary matter of life, midi-chlorians, to one female - making her pregnant. The child, a product of the Force, was fused with pure Dark Side Energy. So much so, legend says it was if he embodied the very absence of light itself.”

“Like a void.” he finishes.

“Yes.” Sidious says, “And when the Aspirants came, so did the multicolored rebel Celestials.” he states, “All to eliminate the power of a thousand dark suns powered by the Dark Side.” he continues, “And you fought them. You fought them all. You engulfed all Ginnungagap in darkness with no stars.”

“I do not remember?” Void mumbles under his breath.

Sidious nods in reply. “The reason being, The Aspirants and the Colored Celestials ripped a hole in time and space, leaving to another realm absent of the Force, pulling you in with them, severing you from the Force and what threatened them.”

Void looks at his hands, “This is why I am, the way, I am?”

“Unstable, yes.” Sidious coldly states, “You have been trapped in this infantile universe where time moves slower, and relegated to an inferior form.” Sidious explains, “The Sith who relegated themselves to your last stand, named the planet as to what can only be translate in their ancient language: Korriban.”

“Are you telling us that he is the original Dark Side User from another dimension?” Doom chides.

“Yes.” the Emperor replies, “Once the Celestials severed him from the Force, his mind was broken into two halves when they forced him into the body of a non-Force user with no ties to the force. Yet now our universe is whole again, the force flowing freely, he is now made - Whole.”

Sidious feels a sudden stirring of anger in his presence coming from both Doom and Vader. Smiling at this, Sidious points at Void.

“But I am the embodiment of the Dark Side.” Sidious states, “Thus, you are all powerful Adepts meant to serve the will of the Dark Side” Sidious states, his voice coated with annoyance, “Hence, it is our obligation to rightfully establish the Dark Side as the bond to all life by destroying all that refuses to be bonded to it.” he states.

Turning to Vader, Sidious looks at him intently.

“Thus Vader…” Sidious states, “Report your progress with the Kingdoms in the new universe.” Sidious demands.

“The Badoon Kingdom is destroyed. The Majesdanian Dynasty have been razed.” Vader begins, “Remnants from both empires have allied themselves under the Empire Treaty Agreement and the Skrulls remain agreeable - for now.”

“The ShiAr and Kree?” Sidious asks, irritated at his obvious omition of the two biggest Empires in the New Universe.

“They require, more persuasion.” Vader replies.

Like a pulse of electricity running down a wire, a force wave thuds the chamber floor, emanating from Sidious throne chair at Vader’s statement. Everyone goes quiet. Sidious leans forward, pointing his crooked finger at his apprentice.

“Sith Scrolls speak of Twelve sith lords who exercised powers over day to day operation of the Sith Empire more than five thousand years ago.” Sidious states, “They all had ‘proven’, their effectiveness. Darth Vader, how far short you have fallen of them.”

Sidious felt it. The brief adulation he put that caused Vader to swell caused him to crash in a wreckage of humiliation beside his rivals. It was motivation. Blood was in the water to his rivals. Vader remains still, his emotionless mask revealing to his pure anger that was as hot as the flames of Mustafar that charred his skin.

Shifting his gaze to Doom, Sidious points to him, “Doom…” he calls out calmly as if suddenly now having favor with the terran, “...take Vader’s ship…”

Again, like a pulse through the force, Sidious felt Darth Vader’s sudden anger rise even higher.

“...and rendezvous with Psylocke.” he orders, “Then travel to the planet of the Kree and ShiAr and make a way for a treaty. If none can be attained, break them.” he orders.

“Yes Emperor.” replies Doom.

Like a pile of debris set to flame, Sidious looks to Vader standing beside Doom. He could sense his apprentice temptation to pull his lightsaber and go on a murder rage, but he contained himself - barely.

“And you.” spits Sidious with a tone of contempt at Vader, “Can your circuits endure the strain of tracking down a threat?!” he asks, clearly in a rhetorical manner, “Someone has ‘sliced’ a Galactic Network Station. Rumor has it, the same fool has done the same to the Rebel Alliance. Find this slicer and bring back what he taken, I am interested to see what plans he has.” he declares.

“Yes, my master.”

“Do not disappointment me Vader.” Sidious threatens, “For I have foreseen the rise of our Sith Empire, and it will not be compromised by the Rebel Alliance, Slicers, or ineffectiveness. Succeed in your mission. Or die in it!” he says, rising to his feet.

Immediately they all bow before Sidious.

Waving them off with a wave of his hand, Sidious turns away from them, “Go.” he demands, his last word stinging their ears.

Quietly, everyone vacates Sidious Throne Room with their orders, Vader, the last of them, throbbing through the Force like an open wound filled with anger and contempt. He had to prove himself now. He had to find what Sidious needed, but he had to do more - a great deal more.

Seeing the door to his throne room close, Sidious remains silent, sitting back in his thrones as the stinging silence lingers with the twinkling stars shining the little light in his darkened chambers.

Closing his eyes, Sidious extends himself through the Force. Like a stone interrupting the ripples in a pond, Sidious senses something in the room and lets out a chuckle, “Show yourself fool.”

Phasing out serious of crackling sparks, Sidious narrows his amber eyes focus at the sight of the lean figure decked in green draped clothing with crown sat around his head curved gold horns protruding outwards in great ostentatiously.

“Fool?” scoffs Loki, placing his hand on his chest, “Quite the wounding words from a mortal wielding a weapon forged for the gods.” he chides.

Rising out his seat, Sidious cuts him a glare that could kill fields worth of animals in an instant, “Choose your last words carefully.” he snarls.

Loki grins, standing confidently before the Sith Lord, “Then how is, hurt me or I won’t help you, do for you?”

Sidious narrows his eyes at the word ‘help’. He was a Sith Lord. The word ‘help’ only existed to those crying out for it before he killed them.

Freeing his left hand from his robes long sleeve, Sidious feels the cold steel of his lightsaber greet his palm with the call of the Force. Freeing his right hand, Mjolnir flies into his grip - its worn leather handle settling in his firm grip.

Sidious takes a step forward, “I’m going to enjoy this!”

Loki holds his hands up, taking a step back, “Harm me and All-Father comes tonight with every last living creature from the Realms to end you.” he states.

Sidious pauses in mid-stride, the Force sensing no deception in ‘this’ statement, yet.”

“Do you know what I am?” Sidious pointedly asks.

“You’re the one that killed Uatu the Watcher.” answers Loki, unable to hide the pleasure in his voice from the statement. “And you destroyed my brothers lil club house called Earth.” again, unable to hide his smile at that statement. Loki’s eyes drift down to the hammer in Sidious hand, “And you’re readying yourself to do war with the rest of the Realm, its seems.”

Sidious sinister eyes narrow at Loki, still unsure what to make of his presence.

“I killed the Uatu yes.” Sidious states, “Harvested his eyes, his brain and now possess infinite knowledge from the little creature.” he says before raising his hammer at him, “And you - are not worth my time.”

Loki nods, “I think you’ll believe the contrary once I explain how to defeat the mounting armies of Olympus and Asgard, because you took my brother play hammer.”

Sidious arches his eyebrow, remaining silent.

Loki’s face turns serious, “I assume you predicted this possibility, and believed that Sentry, Void headcase, to be of aid to you, he won't be." he states, "Thor will kill him, with difficulty but still kill him. And you and your ‘Force’ will be banished again to a dismal hole like you were all those millennia ago, unless you let me help you.” he says, waving his finger at the Hammer for him to lower it.

Sidious draws in a deep breath and lowers the hammer, “I’ve foreseen my victory.”

“But how do you get there, its a bit muddled isn’t it?” Loki counters, before pulling out his fist from his pocket, “I know why, because of this.”

Sidious eyes rest on the center of Loki’s palm holding up a glistening gem, "Only so many 'gems' and 'crystals' and 'fiery birds' out there that do pose a problem to your 'Force'." he states, "And you know, as well as I know, you need more than what you have to pull your campaign off."

“And why would you tell me?” Sidious asks, sensing no power from the gem in the Force, but a different energy entirely.

“Because I never saw all of Asgard and all of Olympia, in all of my many years; become afraid, genuinely, afraid.” Loki smiles, “And I like to be on the winning side of things, not to mention, on the 'living side'." he reasons.

Seeing his interest piqued, Loki folds his arms confidently, “So, shall we talk, or will you hit me with that hammer and suicide yourself?” he bluntly asks.

Sidious places the hammer down beside him, “Start talking.”

Loki nods, “Of course, i’ll start with a question - what do you know, about Infinity Stones?”


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