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Storming down the mirrored hallway, Julia Carpenter throws away the bloodied cloth she used to clot the cut over her eye. She had busted her lip, a bruise the size of a star destroyer on her back and a limp she was struggling to walk off. Despite the pain, her enhanced Spider physiology allowed for some swift healing on the minor injuries but they had all not healed yet. Additionally, Julia could feel she sustained substantial injuries to her back, head and left leg that required a few days in a Bacta tank to fully recover, and was unwisely pushing herself. The fight with Xavin should never have happened and every step reminded her of it.

Regardless, Julia tries to push it to the back of her mind and sprays webbing around her wrist. But it didn’t make it better. Despite the injuries, Julia was now working alone and completely ‘off-plan’. Sabine was being carted off by Miles back to their ship, The Ghost after nearly being stabbed to death by her former best friend Xavin. The rate of success to complete this mission was dwindling.

But there was no turning back, not now. Julia pulls her oversized domino mask out her pocket and pastes it back over her eyes. Tapping the side, Julia activates the amber film that slides over her eyes, decorating her field of vision data from ‘The Ghost’ main computer. Pressing the earbud into her ear, Julia overturns her forearm, observing the scraped wrist gauntlet to connect her to their ship.

“Sound check. One two three. Ghost Spider to Gold Leader do you roger?”

~Julia, are you out of your mind~

Julia rolls her eyes. “Guess that means the sound is good.” she replies, approaching a singular red door with a pulsing wall panel for a keycard.

~Julia. What are you doing?!~”

“Finishing he mission Hera. The Auction started 15 minutes ago.”

~Julia, this is suicide you have no backup, no....~

“I operated without backup or a team just my ideas and my Spider-Sense.” Julia counters.

~But you need a plan…~

“...I have one, sort of.” Julia protests, “...sort of.” She winces, “Get the data made of stolen intel from our Rebellion and the Empire.” Julia explains “and If someone buys it, get it back. See a plan.”


“Look Hera…” Julia interrupts, “With great power comes great responsibility. I was told that the day I wore this costume which has so much more meaning now. The fate of the Rebellion is on the line. And I have the power and responsibility to Win for us, and I will win, I have to.”

Hera audible sigh makes Julia’s jaw clench.

-So, what do you need me to do.~ sighs Hera.

“I may lose signal so as Miles brings Sabine back, treat her injuries but send Miles to my location, cause i’m gonna need him, Julia out. .” Julia says, pushing the door open and entering the Black Market Auction.



PART V of X - The Chase (Annual Edition)- Happy May 4th)

Sabine Wren
Sabine Wren
Julia Carpenter
Julia Carpenter
Hera Syndulla
Hera Syndulla
Aurra Sing
Aurra Sing
Cade Bane
Cade Bane

The Collector
The Collector

Minor Cameo

Lady Ventress
Lady Ventress


Section 1313
Section 1313

Entering through the door, Julia immediately garners several ‘side-eyed’ glances. Ignoring the onlookers, Julia discreetly enters and remains quiet. Her head low to avoid making eye contact with anyone, Julia’s ignored and she takes a moment to observe the room.

The door leading to what she thought was a small room was deceiving. Closing the door behind her, Julia enters a circular auditorium. Dimly lit, the circular room angles downward for a perfect view of the center attraction. Despite the dim lighting, Julia could feel the room was packed with bodies. Some kept their masks on others. Other sat. Some stood. A few didn’t care to show their scarred faces and kept their masked tucked under their arms. Regardless, species of all kinds keep their eyes fixed in rapt attention at the Auctioneer at the center floor.

A gray colored bald female with plump lips and distinctive lines descending from the corner of her mouth speaks out loud. Her voice was both unpurposely sultry and raspy at once. She was thin framed but dressed in a dark cloak disguising her true figure. Beside her a cage containing a snarling animal.

Random voices shout out credit amounts. In response, the woman points at each one, acknowledging the bid of every low down scum to high ranking polished gun-for-hire that raised their hand, or claw, or squid arm. An assortment of criminals from both sides of the Known Universes. Glancing to her left and right, Julia takes a risk and leans over an orange Twi’lek male.

“Did they get to the good stuff?” she whispers.

The Tw’lek male glances at Julia. His light orange eyes looking over once with disinterest before focusing his attention back to the center of the room but gestures with a nod to the a far corner red door that remains open, “But i’m sure you…” he says, looking her up and down, “... may have ‘something’ he wants.” He smirks.

Julia slowly looks at the Tw’lek, licking his sharp teeth in a manner she was sure some species would find seductive; she thanks the gods it’s not her.

“Riiiight.” replies Julia with an eye roll, settling her attention in the direction he indicated. Her lens focused on the distance and it was obvious that by the look of things, a transaction was being finalized in that room and by the time she weaseled herself through the crowd to whoever bought the intel, they would be gone.

Then a thought skitters across Julia’s mind and it brings a smirk across her face. It was reckless. Risky, but it would work...probably.


“Alright, this checks out.”

Standing inside the Collector’s private office, Cade Bane lifts the data stick off his examiner tray. The verification of codes and subtext confirmed the data was real and there was no way to forge that, he killed the guys who did so he knew it didn’t exist. Reaching into his side pouch, Cade slams a briefcase on the table. Flipping it open, 8 rows of gold bars, top and bottom.

“Gold Credits. Recognized under the Empire and the ‘Known Universe.’” Case says, “Our business is done here.”

Collector grins at the sight of the gold, “With money to buy a planet, a bounty hunter, he buys intel that could alter the coming war.” he smirks, lifting his eyes at the Bounty Hunter, “I guess business is changing for you, huh Bounty Hunter?”

Cade narrows his red eyes, “One tends to know when they mind their own.” he retorts.

Collector grins a and nods respectfully, then gestures to the far corner of the room, “Utilize my private exit, less likelihood of ‘unhappy customers’.”

Tipping his hat, Cade Bane turns aside to the way he came in, “Ahh specialize in unhappy cust...”

Suddenly two loud blaster shots from within the auditorium interrupt Cade Bane mid-sentence. Cade Bane clears the blaster from his holster faster than both men turn to the commotion and shouting voices in the auditorium. Leaping out his seat, The Collector races to the door in shock.

“NO NO NO NO!” Collector shouts as pure mayhem erupts.

Multi-colored blaster fire skims back and forth the auditorium. Muffled explosions rock the room, throwing Collector off balance and bounty hunters, thieves and varied people are thrown about the room. However, to his relief, he sees the center floor now hollow as the Auctioneer descended down the escape - an extra measure he gladly took, which meant his investment sales were safe.

Feeling a rush of air behind him, Collector turns around to see Cade Bane, gone and the private exit door open.

“UMPH!” Collector grunts as he’s knocked to the floor by two feet against his chest.

Falling hard on his back Collector watches in amazement at Spider-girl backflipping in the air and landing over him on all fours.

Mouth gaping open, Collector’s eyes light up with excitement, “A SPIDER-Ma, no GIRL, such a RARITY!”

“Glad to meet a fan, now WHO’S THE ONE THAT BOUGHT THE INTEL!” Julia roars.

Collector grins excitedly, “Teeth in tact, no visible scarring you’re in perfect mint condition!” He squeals, clapping manically, “Oh what a WONDERFUL EXOTIC addition to my personal collec...”

A deft crack across the Collectors jaw throws his head back, “IM NOT FOR SALE PERV, I want INFORMATION!”

Reeling, the Collector grin is swiftly replaced with a bloodied snarl, “Seems that i’ll have to TAME that spirit of yours before you’re collected properly!”

Suddenly the snap hiss of a lightsaber catches Julia’s attention as her spider-sense goes berserk. Looking up, Julia immediately spots the bald woman, the Auctioneer, bathed in red light from the lightsaber in her grip.

“Get off of my employer.” she demands, flicking her finger.

Immediately Julia is ‘Force-Thrown’ off the Collector and slammed up against the wall, pinned in place. Grasping at her neck and choking, Julia opens her mouth, unable to voice her scream.

Collector scrambles onto his feet, rubbing his jaw as he looks at his bodyguard, “Good work Ventress, you truly earn your pay.” he says, turning Julia, “Now, let’s…”

Then to Collector’s surprise, Julia drops to the cement floor, coughing and gasping for air.

Turning to Ventress in confusion, Collector balls up a fist at her, “WHAT ARE YOU…”

“YOU paid for me to protect YOU, not your clients ...”Ventress clarifies with raised eyebrow, “...this one...”, pointing her red saber at Julia, “... wants your client, and you haven’t paid me to protect your clients, and i’m not interested in your ‘collecting‘.” She says with a finishing growl.

Setting her pale blue eyes on Julia, Ventress speaks, “His name is Cade Bane.” She reveals, much to Collectors displeasure and points at the door Cade escaped through, “Live or die I don’t care, but leave my employer alone, unless you want more of what you just got.” she warns.

Raising up her hands, Julia nods, “No-no!!” She replied, springing onto her feet, already moving to the door, “Keep the perv...” Julia smirks, referring to the Collector, “I just want Cad.” She says. With a nod from Ventress, Julia disappears through the door. .

Making a strangled noise, Collector glares at Ventress. “You’re letting her GET AWAY! He ”protests, “SHES A LIMITED EDITION!”

Ventress rolls her eyes and waves him away, “Hear it my voice, I’m. So. Devastated.” She sarcastically replies, walking away.

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Leaping over a flight of descending stairs, Julia turns and sees a straight away rectangular tunnel, and the sound of fading footstop. Tapping the side of her domino mask Julia throws herself into a deadsprint. Legs throbbing, sharp air entering her lungs with each tired breath, Julia wipes the sweat from her brow and allows herself to imagine she was in New York, chasing down a mugger, possibly outpacing some cars in doing so. Breathing loudly, Julia sees the dark tunnel grow brighter ahead as well as the echoing footsteps sounding closer than before.

Taking a deep breath, Julia shouts, “I KNOW YOUR THERE GIVE IT UP!” she shouts.

The reply was as expected.

Two bright yellow blasts burst out the darkness straight at her.

In mid-stride Julia obeys her spider-instinct and twirls to the wall, feel the super hot plasma blast zip past her back with heat warming her body. Hearing another shot, Julia drops and rolls on the cold floor as the plasma shots trail behind her before springing off her hands planting her feet on the wall and backflipping off the wall as another plasma shot zips underneath her arched back. Landing on all fours to the cold permacrete floor, Julia bares her teeth in a low growl of pain from the throbbing heat burn on her back, but thanks her spider-sense and instincts at being better than the shooter.

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Reaching the end of a tunnel, Cade Bane skids to a stop, getting a clear look at the section he reached, Section 1314, the section over Level 1313.

“IG…” Cade calls into his wrist gauntlet, “'re late!”

Suddenly a rusty EasyRide Passenger AirSpeeder lifts before him.

Cade looks at the pilot and sees IG-88 swivel its head at him, “I am never late. You are precisely one seventeen standard seconds la…”

“Shut up and get us out here.” Cade interrupts, hopping into the passenger seat, “We got company.” he says, drawing his pistols as they ascend into the air.


Seeing the bright lights of the sector ahead of her at the rectangular end of the tunnel, Julia’s renewed with zeal as she reaches the open mouth end of the tunnel but suddenly doubles back as sparks and shots explode off the exit of the tunnel edge.

Dropping onto her back and covering her head, Julia peaks behind her arms and sees the Speeder flying off past lines of traffic with Cade Bane standing up with his distinctive hat.

Julia taps the side of her domino mask, “Computer track!” She commands.

At her order, Julia’s domino mask heads up display activates a ‘target lock’ marker in her field of vision. Her lens tracker settles over Cade’s Speeder, turning from red to green with a holographic yellow ‘line’ forming behind Julia and the ship, automatically measuring the distance.

“HERA!” Julia shouts, but looks at her comm, no signal. She would get them as soon as she reached the surface, “I GOT A VISUAL THEIR TRYING TO ESCAPE, I’M IN PURSUIT, STAND BY!”

Hopping on her feet, Julia doesn’t think and just acts, “Like a spider-man CAAAHN!” she shouts, leaping out the tunnel. Julia’s stomach drops. She could have been some 13 miles away from any ground with nothing but spiraling traffic lines and speeding air vehicles whizzing by.

Julia snaps herself out of it and lifts her head. Immediately her lens displays pinpointing the ship.

Thrusting out her hand, Julia shoots out a web that goes taut onto a passing speeder, “C’MON!” she shouts, hauling herself into an upswing.

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Seated in the AirSpeeder, Cade Bane straps his restraints on as the engines scream from the sharp ascent into the Core. The enormous Core, filled with lines of organized traffic spiraling up and down. It was the highway to the Surface and Underground Sectors of Coruscant. Cade saw to forging a ‘priority’ license so they could use the ‘speed’ lanes.

Pulling out a small hologram Cade activates the transmission.

Immediately a blue image of Doctor Doom appears in his lap, “I got what you need.”

~Doom needs nothing. He only demands.~

“Sure. How do you wanna pick it up?” Cade inquires.

Doom folds his arms, “You will bring it to Doom, on New Malachor IV. Coordinates are being transmitted now.”

Cade smirks and shuts off the transmission and looks to IG-11, “Can’t you get any more juice out of this rustbucket?”

“You described ‘borrowing’ a speeder that would blend in.” IG-11 says, “This is the same type a Naboo Senator used. It “blends” with social normaties.”

“Yeah?” Cade scoffs, “And I see how I always hijacked …”


Turning around, Cade hears the voice and feels the Speeder rock, and finds Spider-Girl on the back of the Speeder in the crouched position. Catching her breath with dirt littering her face, Julia plasters a pearly white grin across her face. .

“You know for an ugly guy....” Julia quips, “ play awfully hard to get, pssst, I wouldn’t.” she winks.

Cade turns around, hits a button that shifts the steer stick to him so he can pilot, “I.G. TAKE CARE OF IT!”

Julia’s Spider-sense screams, causing her to unwisely spring off the vehicle and fan out her limbs as red blasters spray underneath her from IG-11!

“JEEZUS!” Julia shouts.

Simultaneously, Cade abruptly hauls the speeder into a sharp incline as Julia jumps off the speeder, throwing her clean off. Quickly Julia shoots a webline that sticks to the bumper of the Speeder and hurls a small device at the back of the ship. Glancing over her shoulder, Julia sees another speeder with an alien family inside, open mouthed in wide eyed shock, they all at eight eyes each, it was overwhelming.

“Late for work!” Julia shoulds before getting yanked by the torque of the Speeder as its ascends.

Looking ahead, Julia eyes lock onto the thin assassin droid IG-11, unfold multiple skeletal like arms with blasters and red laser dots all illuminating on her chest.

“OH NO-NO-NO-NO!” she shouts, letting go of the web line.

Falling back and away from the Speeder as it pulls off, Julia braces herself as she smashes onto the windshield of a speeder driven by Twil’ik speeder, her entire body cracking the windshield.

“Awwwhaww…” groans Julia, making eye contact with the pilot and his mate between the splintered glass.

Dazed, Julia quickly comes to her senses, hearing the alien screaming curses.

“Oh Screw your window, my back hurts!!” Julia shouts. Suddenly her spider-senses go berserk!

Julia raises up her eyes and her mouth gaps open, “Holy…”

Barely able to jump away to another vehicle, red blaster dolts rain down, utterly destroying the vehicle Julia leaps away from. Horrified, Julia watches black smoke trailing the spiraling speeder as it descends before exploding into a heap of twisted metal and flames.

Angrily Julia raises her eyes but gasps at the sight of another descending cluster of bright blaster fire from IG-11 bathing her in red light. Scores of blaster fire seconds from raining down at her.

Immediately Julia looks to at pilot of the vehicle she had lept on, a furry Bothan driver, a lionlike species, roaring at her in anger. Despite his aggressive appearance, Julia flips over the Bothan pilot, grabs him by his heavy broad shoulders and summons all her strength before hurling him out his seat, out his vehicle before landing on her feet, and swan diving off the trunk of the speeder.

Red blasters tear through the vehicle behind her with the speeder's thunderous explosion quaking. Falling through the air, Julia shoots a massive spiderweb that splatters onto Bothan and safely adheres him to the side of a passing but descending cargo ship.

Landing on all fours of the metal wall of the core tunnel, Julia sticks to it and raises her eyes upwards. There, weaving through the traffic, Julia spots IG-11 and Cade Bane ascending in their speeder through the Core’s traffic to the Surface of Coruscant.

Lowering her head, Julia let’s out a defeated exhausted breath. Her cheeks flush and face drenched in sweat, Julia feels the urge to cry from ache in her arms. Her legs throbbed and trembled in exhaustion.The thought of letting go of the wall and falling to death in relief skittered across her mind, but she couldn't. She couldn’t lose.

Lifting her eyes, Julia sees the holographic yellow tether measuring her distance to the speeder, it was fading fast. As soon as Cade cleared the rim of the Core, Cade and the data, would be gone. They were getting away, with the data that would end the rebellion.

She had to get that intel but to scale the Core wouldn’t be possible. She thinks. Spider-man wouldn’t give up. The Avengers never gave up, and neither could she. She had to find a way.

Julia eyes scan the moving traffic. Looking through for something, anything to aid her. Then, a flicker of hope. Two very large delivery ships tethered together, ascending in the traffics slow lane. The payloads, paralleled the other and were cube shaped. Julia could perceive a gap between the payloads as a service droid flew up and down between them, monitoring for their safety.

“Alright…” Julia pants, “...time for another bad idea.”


The Airspeeder’s engine whines but Cade could care less. Hunched over the steering stick, Cades' wide brimmed hat bends back in the wind as he stomps on the pedal, increasing speed further.

“Our pursuer has relented, do you know her identification?” IG-11 asks.

Cade smirks, “Probably a competitor, but it doesn’t matter, she’s no Jedi so there’s no chance in her following.


Grinding her teeth, Julia’s face reddens as she pulls tje two weblines as thick as rope with all her might. Struggling to keep feet sticking to the top of a fleeing service droid, Julia raises her eyes upwards, seeing the weblines pulled so tight a ‘V’ shape forms with the webbing to her.

“J-just a little more…” Julia grumbles, angling her slingshot path between payloads from below, hoping she doesn’t smash into a speeder.

“If spider-man can do it spider-girl can do it, if spiderman can do it....” Julia says, holding her breath, she releases her feet’s grip on the droid, “...I CAAAAAAAAAAAHN!” she screams.

Like a missile Julia rockets up between the two Payloads in a blur with a collective awe sounding from the drivers.

Clenching her jaw, Julia feels her cheeks flap and her hair whips in the wind as her lens heads up display rapidly twindles down the meter distance between her and the ship as she closes in! Grinning, Julia suddenly feels then something tick her tooth, then tastes a bug.

“Aaww hAAAww thaaats GROOOSSS!” she screams.


Reaching over the Rim of the core, Cade Bane levels the speeder over the metropolis, joining with other lines of traffic.

No Caption Provided

“In the clear now.” Cade says.


Cade looks at IG-11, peering behind.

With a grimace, Cade turns around to see IG holding up a small red blink spider shaped device.

Snatching it from him, Cade crushes it in his hand, “Well?”

IG adds swivels its head, “The Pursuers efforts are calcultable to that of a Jedi.”

Cade narrows his eyes at the sight of a thin black framed body streaking high over the lines of traffic.

“Grnnn…” Cade growls, watching Julia swiftly drops out of line before upswinging over other vehicles by leaps and bounds before dropping out of sight again. Turning his attention forward, Cade settles in his seat with a growl.

“Yeah well, Jedi can die too.” he says, jerking the steering left and diving the speeder out of the traffic lanes and dives.

Sticking underneath a speeder, Julia’s domino masks heads up display locks onto Cade’s speeder diving out the line of traffic.

“Oh you son ova…” Julia sighs, shaking her head, “How’d Ahsoka say, the force is one with me, i’m one with the force, the force is one with me and i’m, GAAAAH!” she screams, pushing off the underbelly of the speeder into a straight freefall dive!

No Caption Provided

Tucking her arms, Julia streamlines her body as howling wind screams in her ears and pushes on her face. Seeing IG-11 glowing neon red eyes focus in her direction, Julia shoots webbing under her arms and connects it to her torso making webwings.

“HA!” Julia scoffs to herself as she feels the air catch! Julia turns her body and swoops left as a barrage of red blaster fire trails her from IG-11.

“JEEZUS!” Julia shouts, tucking her arms again before diving low, beneath the level of the speeder, but now at a faster speed.

‘Proximity Alert~‘Proximity Alert~‘Proximity Alert~ sounds Julia’s heads up display lens.

Then, Julia’s stomach drops. The fast approaching line of high speed lanes, she never saw it.

“Ooooh…” Julia sighs, “...sugar.”

No Caption Provided

Fanning out her limbs and catching wind in the webs under her arms, Julia hopes to slow down but its too late. Swiftly whizzing between two high speed vehicles in the 'Northbound' lane, Julia's life flashes before she falls zips into the traffic lane and headlong into 'Southbound' lane, sees a speeder zip by, and then, spots a Coursanti bus suddenly fill her vision.


Curling up, Julia smashes through the side window of a public Corscanti bus!!!

“AAAAAHH!!” screams a lime green colored humanoid.

Skidding along the glass ridden floor, Julia screams out, slamming her fist in the floor repeatedly as she rolls onto her stomach, groaning in pain. Cuts decorate the side of her face and glass slides off Julia’s back.

~Julia come in! Julia come in!~

Letting out a gasp of pain, Julia can barely hear Hera speaking in her earpiece as pain seizes her body. Julia clenches her teeth and rolls onto her stomach, punching the floor repeatedly. Something, somewhere had to be broken. Sure, Spider-Man had the strength and proportion of a spider, but she didn't - not fully. She was more agile than durable and she was now far above her 'durable' threshold.

Drawing in a deep breath, Julia struggles to response to Hera's repeated calls,, “Heh-heeerre.” Julia responds in a groan, collapsing back onto her belly.

Hera was speaking, but Julia tunes her out as she reaches into her concealed tights pocket and slides out a whisper thin square card. Bringing it to her mouth, Julia bites off the top with her blooded teeth and firmly sticks into the left side of her leg. Letting out a flood of conjugated curses, Julia tosses the needle aside, feeling the pain rapidly fade away.

Grabbing onto a pole to hoist herself up, Julia glances down at her leg and swiftly looks away. Grimacing, Julia pulls out a needle thin glass splinter. Grumbling, Julia jolts, than reaches down and yanks out another shard, tossing it aside.

Letting out a sight of relief, Julia now notices the dozens of passengers, holding up their halo-cams (this sides version of cellphones) and grinned while recording her. Throwing up her middle finger at the passengers, Julia narrows her eyes at as everyone happily throws their middle finger at her too, and squint boorishly, imitating her.

Rolling her eyes, Julia crawls out the window, “I hate space.” she mumbles.

~JULIA do you copy, are you there~

“I'm freaking here Hera!” Julia replies while crawling ontop of the bus, “WHERE IS MILES! I NEED BACKUP!” she says, searching for Cade’s ship in the sprawling distance. Suddenly her head up display in her mask starts to spark. Shaking her head, Julia pulls off her domino mask. Cracked in multiple places, it was useless. Cursing again Julia tosses it and punches the metal bus roof. .

~I can’t get you backup Julia I’m sorry, we have problems here, For one, Nico is gone…~

Julia covers her face and rises her to feet, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN GONE!”

~...and I need Miles here because Stormtroopers are flooding the docking bays one by one. No one can leave and if they’re doing that. They’re waiting for someone. Someone important…”

Julia shakes her head and starts sprinting to the front of the bus, “Cade! They're waiting for him because he’s gonna get them the data card with Rebellion intel on it!” she exclaims.

Then a thought comes to mind.

“Hera, my HUD is down, but I put two trackers on Cade’s ship, one he’d find so he won’t look for the second. Can you trace it from the Ghost using my GPS secondary frequency!”

~I got him, he’s heading to descending over the industrial province.~

Jumping onto her feet, Julia doesn’t wait for her to finish and sprints to the end of the bus, “Get me the shortest route to intercept and keep the engines warm!!” she shouts, leaping off the bus into a straight dive.


No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

Seated in his craft with IG-11 now driving, Cade Bane pulls out a blaster and rests it in his lap. Suddenly a hologram activates on his left gauntlet.

“What Aurra?” Cade asks, already well annoyed.

The tall bald woman with an usually high ponytail, rests her hand on her side and looks into the holo-cam on her side, as if to look straight at Cade, “Storm Troopers are locking down the docking station. ‘Someone’ wants what you have. What do you want me to do?”

Looking to I.G., Cade points at him, “Tell our Benefactor we’ll need Stormtroopers at the dock. Send him a picture.” he orders before looking at Aurra Sing.

“Keep the engines warm Aurra, we’ll be goin’ into hyperspace once we clear four hundred feet.” Cade reveals.

Aurra Sing’s eyes open wide in pure shock, “You’ll shatter the windows of every skyscraper in fifty mile radius from the shockwave?”

“And?” Cade retorts.


No Caption Provided

Swinging to the ground with speedy momentum, Julia drops to the ground running with dust kicking up behind her feet as people run out from their shops, watching her run.

“HERA! WHICH WAY!” Julia shouts.


Swiveling in her seat, Hera looks at a radar with two blinking lights, one red, the other green, moving rapidly.

~There’s a warehouse coming up on your left, cut through it, it’ll bring you to the East Side of Shipyard after that, the docks. You’ll intercept Cade.~



No Caption Provided

Breathing heavily, Julia wipes the sweat off her face as she zooms past mechanics and laborers. Running into the heart of a factory, Julia leaps over trash, twirls past workers and skids along the oily floor under large beams moved by service droids.

“WATCH IT!” shouts a worker.

~Julia turn right…~

Skidding to a stop, Julia looks around, confused.

“Right?!” Julia repeats, staring at a wall, wincing at the thought of trying to break through it.

~Sorry sorry up and then right, the schematic was on 2D.~

Letting out a frustrated growl, Julia looks up the massive red pipes and spots the immense glass ceiling a several hatches stretching overhead. Immediately Julia darts up the steep pipes. Grinding her teeth, Julia growls as her calves burn! Seeing she’s getting closer, Julia shoots two webs to the ceiling and pulls herself up with all her might and smashes out the glass ceiling entirely.

Landing on the glass rooftops iron frame with a thud and tremble, Julia’s blue eyes immediately spots Cade Bane’s Airspeeder descending out the line of traffic and soaring over and past her, “I SEE HIM I SEE HIM!” she shouts, she says, bolting after him.

~He’s coming down into a section where StormTroopers are offloading, their locking down the…~

“HE CAN LEAVE PLANET IN THAT SHIP HERA!!” Julia shouts, feeling renewed energy to go the last distance, “FIND ME THE SHIP HE’S TRANSFERRING TO!!” she shouts.

~I will, he’s coming down in the Industrial district to Corscants East Dock, head in that direction!~

Following the direction of Cade’s ship, Julia is stunned as Cade Bane’s ship unexpectedly disappears behind the view of a massive Warehouse that seems to stretch for a half mile!

Julia taps her comm look up at the immense building and winces, “I got a building blocking me, should I over or through?” she asks Hera.

~I’m um, wait, I’m not sure you can...~



“RAAAH!” Julia shouts, shooting out a webline and yanking on it so hard, Julia hurtles herself through the air, smashes into the window and is sending skidding along the slick floor! Dozens of passing workers scream and yell at her as Julia slides towards another oncoming window. Using her momentum, Julia shoots two weblines to the sides of the window and pulls herself to it!

~Julia, Cade Bane’s associate Aurra Sing was allowed to land with a Ship capable of lightspeed, that’s where he’s going to the Commercial Docking Bay A5, just ahead of you now.~

Smashing out the window with glass trailing her, Julia falls through a fabric awning and drops to the permacrete on the East Docking Port, rolling onto her stomach.

No Caption Provided

“COPY...Gnnaaa…” Julia gasps, scrambling on her feet before stumbling straight into a crowd forming around her, “...THAT!” she replies.

Shoving her way through the shocked crowd, Julia finally grabs man and punches him in the face and throws her hands, “YOU SEE ME WALKING HERE RIGHT!” she shouts, to the stunned man holding his jaw.

Shaking her head, Julia sprints off as dozens of pilots and mechanics part a path as she runs ahead. Hustling past several hut-sized ship hangers, Julia catches swift glances of bright white bodie on the other side of the street. Narrowing her eyes, Julia finally catches a decent look and her blood runs cold.

Touching her earpiece, Julia keeps her eyes focused, “I GOT BUCKETHEADS ON MY TAIL! I’M MADE!”

~He must’ve called you in with an image but he’s straight ahead you’re almost on top of him GO!”

Glancing up at the sky, Julia immediately spots Cade Bane’s AirSpeeder, ahead of her, dropping down behind a set of buildings to land. Then suddenly Two white clade Stormtroopers skid to stop in Julia’s path up ahead from between two warehouses.


Using her momentum Julia flicks her wrist, shooting a web over one stormtrooper helmet before hurling into second stormtrooper. Immediately all the passersby and mechanics drop what they’re doing and watch on as Julia tackles the trooper to the ground, springs off her hands and spin-kicks the 2nd trooper in the helmet, shattering half of it. Dropping to her feet Julia backflips and kicks the 1st stormtroopers blaster out his hand, flips in the air, catches it, lands behind two and shoots them both in the chest before dashing away.


Hearing another Stormtrooper voice from behind, Julia turns around and unleashes a barrage of blaster fire at two white armored Stormtroopers that sends everyone running for cover.

“HERAAA…” Julia calls out through the comm.

Seeing the Stormtroopers forced to double back, Julia turns around and shoots a web, snagging the dead stormtroopers utility packs off his waist filled with grenades and dashes off for the commercial docking bays!

“...WHICH SHIP AGAIN?!” Julia asks, but then turns around and as if time stop, her keen eyes lock onto Cade Bane casually exiting a small metal door connected to a ship docking bay.

His wide brim hat tucked over his eyes, I.G.-11 walks behind him.

“I GOT HIM!” she shouts.

Her scream loud enough, Cade Bane freezes and turns around, his red eyes locking onto her even though their both some 500 feet away from each other.

No Caption Provided


Throwing all she has, Julia runs after him like a mad dog, “Force is one with me I’m one with the force, force is one with me…” she repeats while struggling to ignore her trembling hands and head that feeling increasingly light. Shaking her head, Julia swears ast herself, refusing to collapse as she gains on Cade Bane running for a ship with IG-11.


Seeing I.G. running alongside Cade, Julia notices Cade pat IG-11 on its metal shoulder. Then her Spider-Sense screams. While running, I.G. 11 swivels its head, rotates its multiple gun-toting arms backwards, skids to a stop and opens fire on Julia.’

Grinding her teeth, Julia springs up in the air, backflipping off a pipe and zip lining back and forth over piping and hurls a grenade at IG-11, but the droid swiftly shoots it in the air between them with a explosion erupting between them!


“AAAH!” Julia screams, dropping to the ground in IG-11’s path with black smoke lifting swooshing between them. Rolling onto one knee Julia grinds her teeth in pain, clutching her chest but then notices IG-11’s red eyes cut through smoke and bathes her in crimson! Julia eyes rears up her arm gauntlet, activating a cyan translucent Captain America’ holoshield just as IG opens fire onto it!

“AAARRGG!” screams Julia, struggling to hold her hand as IG walks towards her, hammering her with plasma fire. Julia struggles to keep her footing as she’s pelted with what feels like speedy bricks being thrown against an umbrella. Hearing cracks like glass, Julia sees holo-shield cracking before her eyes.

Using her freehand, Julia touches her comm, “HERA DID CADE BOARD YET?!” she shouts into her comm while glancing over her shoulder at dozens of white clad StormTroopers jogging to her.


Grinding her teeth, Julia shrugs off her cache of grenades she took from Stormtroopers, “NO!” she refuses, “I STILL HAVE A BAD IDEA LEFT!” She shouts.


“RAAH!” Julia shouts, tossing up her cache of grenade over her head before dropping to her side in the fetal position as her shield envelopes her.

Immediately IG-11 sensors automatically lock, and shoot the bag!!!

No Caption Provided


“JULIA! JULIA!!” Hera screams, standing up from the controls. Turning around, Hera looks at Miles, standing over Sabine Wren with bloodied hands and bandages around his feet.

“Buckle Sabine down, we’re extracting her now!” Hera says.


Holding on to the iron railing of a ladder leading into a high docking door, Cade Bane grips the iron iron railing as a gust of wind blows against him, whipping his coat into the wind.

Shaking his head, Cade proceeds up to the door were Aurra Sing waits for him, “You’re almost late...”

“Your life is an ‘almost’.” Cade shoots back, brushing past her.


Black smoke and patches of flames around her, Julia’s bright cyan blue holo-shield flickers before shatters on top of her.

Grinding her teeth, Julia sits up as glowing shards of her cyan holo-shield slide off her. Raising her face to the sky, Julia hears the thunderous sound of a rocket turbine turn on. Seeing the flames rising from the end of the immense carrier, Julia narrows her eyes.

Grunting in pain, musters her strength and rises to her feet. Looking behind her, Julia sees all the stormtroopers coming for her are dead. Ignoring them, Julia soldiers on forward, taking a step forward but drops to the ground. Catching herself on her hands, glances at her leg but swiftly turns away, closing eyes and wishing to forget what she saw.

Taking two quick short breaths, Julia reaches down and pulls out the sharp shrapnel.

“AAAAARrrgg….GAH!” Julia squeals.

Shaking her head, Julia rallies herself and gets on her feet, hobbling as fast as she can, blaster in hand.


Flicking on switches, Aurra Sing looks to Cade Bade, “So what are we going to do about his Cade?”

“Doom is on Malachor IV.” Cade replies.

“No…” Aurra says and points at the window, “...her.”

Turning to the window, Cade tilts his head, “This is a joke.”

Hobbling to the immense ship, Julia feels the heat from the Freighter ship’s engines. Seeing large iron poles falling away from the ship, Julia holds up her hands as they fall to the ground beside her.

Rearing up her blaster, Julia draws in a cool breath, steadying her hands and aims, closing one eye.


Cade narrows his eyes at Julia feeling as if it was comedic point to aim at him, but than, a pit of dread forms in his stomach.

Immediately Cade starts unbuckling himself.

“What...what is it!” Aurra says.


Aurra turns around, looking to Cade, “WE CAN’T! WE HAVE TEN SECONDS BEFORE WE DISCONNEC...”

“THAT’S WHAT SHE’S AIMING FOR!” Cade shouts to Aurra’s horror.


Unable to help the grin, Julia levels the blaster but her vision blurs. Blinking quickly, Julia’s eyes refocus. Seeing the cable line that isn’t a cable line, Julia sees the fuel connector, that she knows will disconnect at the time of launch, and exposes the fuel intake valve port, dripping with volatile fuel.

However, Julia’s legs suddenly give out. Dropping onto her knees, Julia grinds her teeth in pain, “C’mon, not now, NOT NOW!” she shouts, rearing up her blaster once more, struggling to aim.

Seeing the ship trembling, Julia aims her blaster but feels an odd sensation of the hair on the back of her neck rising. Her eyes grow heavy. Her arms weaken. She was going to pass out, but Julia snarls at the idea and levels her aim, “NO! FOCUS!” she hollers to herself.

Letting out a breath, Julia nestles the blaster against her shoulder, and aim, but her left arm drops in exhaustion. Curses flyout her mouth, as Julia holds out the blaster, closes one eye and aims, “I WIN!” she shouts, shooting off four shots in rapid succession.

The red plasma shots soar in the air and hurdle as if with purpose to the ship as Julia falls flat on her back, arms and legs spread open.

Gulping, Julia forces her eyes open, “C’mon! C’MON!” she shouts watching as the two shots strike the side of the ship as the other two explode off the panel, just missing the valve!

Grinding her teeth, Julia lets out a scream of anger as the ship’s turbines explode with power, pushing the heavy freighter ship off the ground.

Letting out tired breath, Julia watches as the ship soars into the blue sky.


Shaking her head at the sound of her earpiece, Julia hears’ the static again.


Julia’s eyes snap open as at sight of what looks like a girl on a broom stick before a bolt of bright purple lightning, streaks across the sky in crooked formation, and not just strikes Cade Bane’s freightcraft, but severs it in half in mid-air!

Julia’s eyes open more and more, “Holy…”


Vice District - Coruscant.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Standing over the edge of a building, Luke Skywalker opens his eyes and turns around, sending ripples in the force from Coruscant East.

"That was..." Luke mumbles, peering into the distance, he squints, "...anti-force?"


Coruscant East....

Stepping off the landing platform, Darth Vader's hollow eyes stare out into the distance, focusing to the large plume of black smoke rising in the sky.

"Do you feel the disturbance in the force?" Vader asks.


Turning to Starkiller arriving at his side, Vader returns his gaze to the view, "Bring it to me."

To be continued...

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@silverspidey: I'm confused. Do you have A War of Empires and Rise of the Sith Empire running concurrently? Or have I missed the other 4 parts of this somewhere?

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@ficopedia: my mistake on the title it’s all the same story, which I’ll correct. I can’t churn them out that quick lol