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The Campaign will soon begin.

Many will fall.

Fewer will rise.

But from the ashes,

a new Jedi will be born.

This is the saga unlike any you have witnessed before, nor, will witness again.


CHAPTER I - THE BIRTH STAR (Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 )





(This story is not meant to adhere strictly to the Marvel 616 time frame. It is an imagining of something different with some alterations based on previous stories I have written. Enjoy.)

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We have an advertisement thread.

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Hi my apologies, but i'm posting the story in this thread.

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Have you seen a pivotal moment in history? A moment so existentially important, that it transcends understanding and renders time, to a halt?

I have. I have witnessed events in time and space so fleeting, so monumental, that lifetimes upons lifetimes could never equal its importance. The is the essence of the ‘endless frontier’. A vast space that continually grows, continually develops and requires, watching.

This my purpose. This my role. I am Uatu.

And this is how I saw the universe grow, again.




Descending from the twinkling stars amidst the blackness of space, entering through the burning orange atmosphere of Earth and into dark bluish night sky, Uatu the Watcher sees the immense glowing white moon overhead behind the nighttime clouds.

Floating high above in the night sky, Uatu’s eyes glow brightly, peering past the plumes of thick storm clouds and to the from the reflecting veins of lights far below on the jagged pieces of ground. Seeing the numerous thin lines of light that spread across various directions, Uatu streaks down towards the lights at high speed as his white robe flaps in the gusty wind. Breaking through the thunderous storm clouds, Uatu streaks out below and soars invisibly over streets illuminated by street lights, immense lit skyscrapers to his left and right and pauses in front of the immense television screen found in New York City’s 42nd Street Times Square.

Unseen to the naked eye, Uatu turns around to see the people below amassed in a large group, all counting down in harmony as a crystal orb on a large pole slowly descends to the lit numbers of 2016.

No Caption Provided

Hearing the harmonious and thunderous ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ roar from the crowd below, Uatu floats among the snowing cascade of pink and blue confetti as drizzle turns to rain. High above the celebrating crowd as bright pink words on the 42nd St screen ‘HAPPY NEW YEARS’ reflects on him, Uatu raises his eyes above, noticing another figure floating in the night sky, a Watcher.

Like, he, all Watchers were similar. So much so a human would think of them as ‘identical twins’.

As with all Watchers, this one was eyes devoid of irises. Skin clear and smooth. Clothing was also similar. A cape floating well past the short body and beneath their bare feet. A white robe rivaling the whiteness of a pale star. Draped over their body like that of an ancient scholar in Ancient Greece; a garb they all wore in remembrance of the ‘unknown scholar’ and golden metallic gloves that stretch up to their elbows.

Gracefully, the Watcher lifts his arm up at the sight of Uatu, splitting his stubby fingers in two, forming a ‘V’.

A smile comes over Uatu’s face at seeing the human custom. Promptly Uatu effortlessly soars upwards through the rain and snow, coming face to face with his peer while imitating the friendly gesture.

“Welcome Ulana.” Uatu greets, “I see you have imitated the custom of the humans here on Earth Six sixteen.”

Looking down at the crowds far below, Ulana smiles at the sight of confetti fluttering through air as spotlight beams illuminate the night sky.

“They are a curious species when they imagine.” Ulana comments, raising her eyes to Uatu, “I see why you care for this station.”

“Indeed.” Uatu replies, “I cannot wait for when they develop into a civilized species and formally join the greater universe.” he says, “However, I am sure you did not come to witness the induction of a celebrated year achieved without extinction. I was hoping to see a friend in this amassed cross, alas I am unsuccessful..”

Ulana bows promptly, “Precisely. I am here because a development has occurred.” she states before raising her hands upwards to the Moon, “Shall we convene, in private?”

“Of Course.” Uatu states; turning to the moon, Uatu’s eyes glow. Seeing all color around them turn to fine dots and then streaks of lines. Uatu’s eyes dim.

No Caption Provided

Blinking twice, Uatu looks around, ensuring they have arrived undisturbed.

Floating in front of him, Uatu looks to Ulana floating over the gray dust of the Moon’s surface, observing the Earth and the Sun in full view.

“Are the accomodations sufficient?” Uatu asks.

Glancing over her shoulder, Ulana nods, “Quite.” she replies before outstretching her pointed finger to the blackness of space over the Earth, “I’ve come to inform you of an occurance, do you see it?”

Floating past her, Uatu squints his eyes, magnifying his vision. Across the ocean of stars, over the glowing blue Earth and past the brightness of the sun, Uatu’s sees with perfect clarity the phenomena to Ulana’s attention.

“A Birth Star?” he mumbles.

Likened to a pool of black ink swirling with blue glitter, stars churn and swirl together in a concentrated form. The density and gravitational pull of such an object, when left unabated, was more pronounced the Black Holes in their natural state. And here it was, before their very eyes, in its infancy.

Turning to Ulana, Uatu folds his arms, “Have you brought this to the others?” he asks.

Ulana nods, “Yes. All the Watchers have concluded over your course of action of the millenia’s has not resulted nor assisted in this phenom. It is, natural.” he concludes.

“So the Universe…” Uatu says, turning his attention to the phenomena, “ expanding from here.” he states.

“Or…” Ulana interjects to Uatu’s attention, “...a Universe is expanding, to here. A convergence of sorts.”

“Either way…” Uatu swiftly concludes, “...this is most unexpected. I will investigate this occurrence before the inhabitants of Earth discover it. They’ve achieved an aptness for preemptive resolutions that often bumble into apocalyptic events.”

Ulana covers her mouth, hiding her grin and shoulder shaking chuckle.

Arching his eyebrow, Uatu looks to her, “Have been observing my notes?”

At his question, Ulana brings her palms together swifting separating them, revealing a tanned scroll with curvator writings in gold.

Leaning his head back and looking up at the stars, Uatu shakes his head while Ulana holds her poised finger over the golden shimmery writings, “I am at the occasion where a reclusive race who had kept their existence secret since time immemorial, sued the Watchers in the Cosmic Claims Court and the Living Tribunal assigned you…”

Uatu waves his hand at the floating scroll, “Deliberations over the past are ill-advised at…”

“The radiated human known as She-Hulk? To represent you?” Ulana smirks, “Oh, I am reading this in its entirety.”

Watching Ulana chuckles as she claps her, closing the scroll, Uatu arches his eyebrow and points to her, “You should hope your records of time, history and events are as honest and captivating as mine.”

Ulana nods with a smirk, “Naturally Uatu, and thank you for your time. You’ve always been an adequate mentor.” she humbly replies.

Turning his eyes to the distance, Uatu holds out his arms to his side, floating off the Moon’s surface, “My thanks Ulana for giving me notice to the phenom. I will deal with it accordingly. Shall you wait for me to see this ebated?”

With a wave of her hand, Ulana causes a tear to crack in the very fabric of space beside her. “Unfortunately no…” Ulana replies, “...I must meet with a small blue friend in another dimension. He is proposing a police force to come to our universe to police order by way of emotion and will.”

Seeing the tear in fabric of space crack and explode into a circular opening of gold light and white clouds, Uatu nods to her, “Every century, they ask and, every century, we say no. They are a stubborn lot.”

“Indeed so.” Ulana agreeds, “So long friend.” she says, disappearing into the turbulent wormhole that collapses as soon as she enters.

Turning his attention to the Birth Star, Uatu flies over towards it. Its immense force and powerful pull had not fully matured yet. However, the closer Uatu approaches the Birth Star, the more he notices the typical traits. Nearby half-developed stars have been pulled into the phenom, fueling its power and giving it strength. Soon, planets, nebulas and cosmic storms would be absorbed along with anything else that could assist it in opening, until, a glorious explosion would erupt and rip through the fabric of space, opening an entirely new ‘space’.

Coming upon the Birth Star, Uatu floats the immense dark cosmic swirl. Looking down from the cosmic phenom, Uatu takes notice below his feet, the glimmering blue sphere, Earth. It was well within range to be dragged into this phenom within a year or so, annihilating all inhabitants. Any missile or attack to it, would indeed further its growth exponentially.

Millenia’s prior, Watchers wouldn’t care to interfere. But then again, with 400 infractions of chronic interference to preserve what is known as ‘Humankind’, what’s one more. However, as Uatu raises his eyes to the rather small Birth Star, he sees the seven foot tall swirling cosmic force suddenly crackle with red lightning.

A curious demeanor washes over his face. Uatu looks about his surroundings, nothing imposing its power, nothing irritating the Birth Star, yet, a surge of energy.

“For Earth to survive, I need to move you.” Uatu surmises. Raising his hands, Uatu’s eyes glow, “I suppose Thanos could receive a well contrived practical…”


Uatu’s white eyes open wide at hearing the eerie whisper. No need to search for its origin, Uatu could hear, feel, know; the voice came from beyond the phenom. All conclusions, all realites, all notions of concepts of a thousands years funnel in a fine point in the front of Uatu’s mind. His universe was not expanding, rather, something else was, which leads to the inevitable conclusion: Something.Lives. Behind the Birth Star.

Lowering his hands, Uatu moves away from Birth Star. Destroying the Birth Star and risking an interdimensional explosion without the consent of his peers, was well past his typical rule breaking.

Rather investigation was the proper course of action. Why this formed and how something came to live on the otherside, was a question paramount to answer. A question only Uatu could answer. His decision made, Uatu closes his eyes, places his hands on sides of his head and reaches out. As if seeking to hear something from a great distance, Uatu telepathically searches for the ‘minds voice’ call for aid through the birth star.

“Heeelp, meee….”

Opening his eyes, Uatu locks onto the location of the active mind like a metal chain going taut by an lodged anchor. Then, like an overwhelming wave washing over him, Uatu’s gasps, clutching his chest.

Pain. Suffering. Fear. Death. Something, someone, was in great pain. And it was crying out. Crying out, for help.

Looking up at the Birth Star, Uatu senses the death was near the victim. Life was seeping away and perhaps the answers he needed. Composing himself, Uatu floats erect and immediately outstretches his hand that glows brightly.

Instantly the Birth Star that swirls with growing power, illuminates. What was once swirls, now turns into crimson clouds frothing and pouring out like fog over a warm land. Seeing a bright light at the center of the Birth Star, Uatu wastes no time and dives straight into the center of the Birth Star.

Surrounded by light, white lines and crackling gold lightning with thunderous echoes, Uatu squints his eyes as the brightness continues to grow. Feeling as if he’s falling down a lit pathed highway of white light, Uatu covers his eyes, feeling his momentous speed reaching its peak as all goes sheet white.

Suddenly an explosive eruption fills Uatu ears as he falls out the wormhole in the black void of space. Twirling about, Uatu extends his arms and legs, instantly gaining control of his inertia. There, above him, Uatu sees the pulsating light of the wormhole he came from.

However, like a thunderous explosion, Uatu immediately looks below.

“By Hala…” Uatu gasps.

Uatu eyes open wide at the spectacle.

A planet. A metal planet. Feeling the hisses of electricity buzzing about within the massive planetary sphere, Uatu cannot believe his own eyes. Bigger than his Moon, yet smaller than his Earth, Uatu’s eyes feast on the spectacle.Tiny mists erupt from various points on the metal planet to slow its momentous speed. However, the thunderous sound heard prior could have only been made if the planet broke speeds that the defied the achievements of his own dimension by light-years. Yet, as the planet draws still, Uatu feels the millions of lives contained within massive metal planet. Soon the voices. All of them, tainted with fear, suffering and death.

No Caption Provided

Suddenly, Uatu grips his head, clutching it a paralyzing pain seizes a grip of his mind. Radiating and spreading from one side of his mind to his entire cranial circumference, Uatu entire body helpless arches back, seizing in agony. Grinding his teeth, Uatu shakes his head, struggling to fight the impending force gripping his brain with a merciless aggressiveness while a distant, faint cackle of what could unmistakably be an old man fills his ears before everything goes completely, black.



The haunting voice jolts Uatu awake from the deep voice of unconsciousness he laid in. Raising his head as instructed. Uatu shivers, feeling cold and naked all at once. Trying to move, Uatu immediately feels restricted. Looking to his hand, Uatu sees his arm is forcibly contained in a metal cylinder, his hand out of sight. Feeling his senses become more acute, Uatu clenches his jaw as he looks at his feet, contained as well in metal cylinders.

His limbs outstretched, Uatu quickly deduces he’s held in a circular device. Naked in the dark, Uatu looks over his shoulder at a circular spider-web like window-pane showcasing the stars of outer space.

No Caption Provided

“I am afraid your time for rest, has concluded.”

Turning to the voice in front of him, Uatu eyes immediately fall upon a the dark room spread out before him, covered in grey metal paint. Standing in the shadows of the darkness, a figure dressed in an oversized flowing dark robe lifts his arm, revealing his narrow aged finger, “We have much work to do and your sacrifice, will echoes in the halls of greatness for all that come after you.”

Clenching his jaw, Uatu narrows his eyes at the figure, “Release me. I will not ask twice.”

“I’m afraid, that cannot be allowed my ‘little’ friend.” the figure replies, his voice strained with hate. His narrow tooth grin glows in the darkness like a harbinger from the devil, sending chills up Uatu’s bareback.

“Everything I have planned, everything that has transpired until now…” the figure says, slowly approaching Uatu, “...has come to pass. However, my dear bald friend…” he says, pointing at him once more, “ shall become the battery for what will inevitably be our next phase.”

Standing some five feet away from him, Uatu looks up at the cloaked figure standing in the pale moonlight, “It was your voice I heard.” he says.

“Indeed.” the mysterious figure replies, “For decades I must say.” the Uatu’s surprise, “Calling, and crying and begging for aid…” the figure says in a mock sadness, “...hoping something beyond us, would hear me.”

A grimace comes across Uatu’s face, “But I felt, fear, pain, suffering, death…”

“Of course.” The mysterious figure replies, “For is only through pain, does one have fear. Through fear, we suffer. And through suffering, comes Hate. And from Hate, comes passion, through passion, strength and then victory. This, is what powers the Empire and everyone in it. This you will see as you aid me.” he grins.

Trying to hold himself up, Uatu narrows his eyes at the shadowy figure, “I will not do any such thing. I am a Watcher!” he says, glowing his eyes as he reaches for his power. However, within a moment, Uatu feels his entire body give out in strength.

“Uhn…” Uatu moans, falling limp in his constraints.

“I’m afraid your constraints have siphoned off a sufficient amount of power for our facility. Your power, whatever its source, is not to dissimilar to others I have encountered. And as such, not connected to wear you, 'reside', it will not translate as much here before ebbing away entirely. ” the figure says to Uatu as a wash of concern comes over his face, “Does that cause you fear?” he asks.

Uatu’ narrows his eyes, “No.” he bitterly replies.

“I see.” the figure corrects, outstretching his hand, “Let’s see if we can CHANGE that.” he grins before a blast of hyper blue lightning shoots out his hand and consumes Uatu’s body! Uatu helplessly wriggles in pain, his body tensing and every muscle contract as a scream becomes trapped in his throat while electricity covers his body, enters his mouth and pours out his nose.

Relenting his attack, the mysterious figure watches as Uatu finally lets out a deafening scream before his body collapse, hanging from the constraints. Gasping for air, Uatu grits his teeth. Anger courses through his body as his eyes glow bright.

“YES!” the figure, “I can feel your fear has become anger! Its growing, let it out.”

Lifting his eyes, Uatu’s eyes blaze with power as the constraints he’s in, hum with power.

“YES! HATE! USE IT!” the figure exclaims, watching a swell of light manifest around Uatu, “STRIKE ME DOWN IF YOU WISH TO BE FREE!” he shouts.

“EEYAAAH!!!” Uatu yells, summoning a burst of power that causes the entire constraints system he’s attached to, to crack! A bright white light glows from Uatu’s power as he summons power deep from within. However, to his surprise Uatu notices a white energy flow, glow on the floor in front of his constraint system! The white light funnels up the flooring from the constraints, through the floor and into a circular panel surrounding the mysterious figure.

To Uatu’s shock, the figure pulls off his black hood, revealing his horribly scarred face. His eyes yellow with red cataracts. His grin soul disturbing, the figure nods at him, “Well done.”

To Uatu’s horror, the mysterious figure closes his eyes, lifts his head to the ceiling and opens his arms. From the surrounding white light embedded in the floor, white sparkles lift up around him like miniature stars.

“Power…” he sighs as the white energy spores seep into robe, causing his skin to glow. Opening his yellow eyes, the figure sets his sight onto Uatu jaw-dropped face, “...infinite…” he snarls, “POWAAAAAAH!” He shouts while thrusting his hands, sending a cascading cluster of bright red lighting bolts through Uatu’s body.

Screaming at the top of his lungs, Uatu hollars unbearably as he jolts back and forth in his constraints. Ceasing his attack, the mysterious figure drops his hands, watching Uatu slump in his restraints as smoke rises off his chest. Looking to his hand, the figure sees his once old flesh, grow young and renewed as his wretched evil smile comes across his face.

“Well done.” the figure grins, lifting his eyes to Uatu, “Let’s do that again.”

Uatu weakly lifts his head up, “You will not, have, my power.”

Grinning at the statement, the figure arches his eyebrow, “Power, is a path to the dark side. An instrument of the sith…” he says, extending his hand towards him, “...and a fuel for a Sith Lord.Thus, your power, was always ‘MY’ power. As you will see, once you open the way you came.”

Suddenly it all comes together, Uatu’s eyes open wide as the figure draws closer to him, “That’s right, you will see, once you open the way YOU CAME!” he shouts another flurry of blue lightning bursts out from his hands.

To be continued….

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I have. I used to witness events in time and space so fleeting, so monumental, that lifetimes upons lifetimes could never equal its importance. But now, in this ‘endless frontier’, as space continually grows, continually develops and requires watching - I see what is now finally unfolding.

The Beginning of the end.




No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

The door to the central bridge whooshed open, disappearing into the walls and revealing the long reflective platform. At each side of the platform, deep sunken in data pits filled with staffers sat at their stations. Over them, narrow black walkways line the walls, providing easy observation to each man's work, as well as give a three hundred and sixty degree view from the ray-shielded windows of the ship.

Marching out to the middle of floor, a sandy haired officer decked in a black uniform comes to a stop at the center of the walkway. The sound of low tone prompts from terminals, low voiced conversation and general noise all come to an immediate halt as the officer exclaims:


Immediately the tenseness in the room becomes palpable as swift footsteps are heard. A collective stomp echoes as everyone stands up to attention at the sight of a young officer, decked in a grey uniform. Coming to a stop at the center of everyone’s attention, the young officer, no more than twenty, turns to the officer in black who announced him.

“No need for ‘the second’ My father was General Tarkin.” he sternly advises, “General Tark will be suffice for me.”

The young officer gulps with a nod, “Y-yes sir.”

His sharp brown eyes shift to the data pits, “That goes for all of you.” he declares, “As you may know or have heard, My Father had the privilege of serving at the discretion of our Emperor.” he states while raising a clenched fist, “As do I, as do you. Serve him well. Follow every order.” he states before looking into the pits behind him, “Lest you incur my wrath and I assure you, I am not as forgiving as Lord Vader, or our Emperor.”

“YES SIR!” everyone shouts.

“Good.” he says, nodding at their resolute dedication. Seeing their readiness for his next order, General ‘Tark’, looks to the open ray shield windows, “Now, first order of business. I want this Death Star primed for a Planet Level Strike within one hour.”


Drawing a breath, General Tark slowly turns on his black heels and looks to the young operator standing in the data pit. The officer, glances as his fellow officers slowly back away from him.

“Speak man. Everyone has the ability to voice a concern in my ship.” Tark exclaims, narrowing his eyes to get a clear name at his nameplate, “Officer Trin’zen.” he reads.

“Y-Yes Sir.” Trin’Zen replies, “I am the Weapons Primer. The cannons take two hours to reach max power.”

Nodding at his statement, General Tark looks to the officer who announced him, calling him over with a gesture of his finger. Promptly the Officer hastens over to him with a stomp and stand to attention. General Tark nods at him, “Thank you.” he says before pulling out his blaster and promptly shooting the young Weapons Primer in the head, much to everyone’s shock.

Holding the smoking blaster in hand, General Tark looks to everyone, “Would anyone else like to exercise their ‘ability’ to voice concern over my order?”

Hearing the silence and seeing the faces of all the officers glistening with nervous sweat, General Tark nods, “Good.” he grumbles, tossing the blaster to aside. “Now get to work!” he barks, strutting towards the end of the walkway, looking out to the window.

Taking a stance, General Tark folds his arms, looking out into space, “For today, our Empire will go to a galaxy far, far awa-”

At that moment, General hears electricity throbbing in the light panels over head. Arching his eyebrow at the sight of the in-ceiling lamps pulsating from a surge in energy.

“What the…”



Screaming at the top of his lungs, Uatu hollars unbearably as he jolts back and forth in his constraints. Ceasing his attack, Darth Sidious watches the residual red lightning crackle over Uatu’s shivering body that’s drenched in sweat.

Hours had passed and the seconds felt like hours. Looking upon the device he created, Darth Sidious savage yellow pupils that bleed jagged red edging across his irises, rove over the torture device bounding Uatu. Likened to a large metal wheel, each of Uatu’s feet remain covered in large metal constraints. His hands, each forcibly outstretched and contained in metal enclosures affixed to the circular rim.

His limbs drained of energy, his knees buckled; Uatu groans in pain as the circular frame he’s affixed to hums from the raw power having been drained out of him. Each breath, accompanied by a sharp pain in his lungs.

Observing Uatus’ naked body that’s riddled with burn spots like a leopard's fur, Darth Sidious watches Uatu being rotated upside down in his confines. His ribs exposed under his thin body with each exhalation.

“Have you given consideration to my order?” Darth Sidious asks Uatu as he’s hung upside down, Sidious eagerly watches as a pool of sweat forms under Uatu’s upside down body.

“I-I…” Uatu pants, “...will never help you.”

Rolling his yellow tinted eyes, Sidious turns away from him, looking into the vastness of space through his multifaceted ray-shield window.

“Do know the difficulty of ruling an empire, you stunted footrest?” Sidious spits, “The difficulty is not in knowing not who to trust—which is nobody, absolutely nobody—but who can be allowed to know how much about a given situation. It's no secret that our Empire is strong, but its security comes by means of compartmentalized information, and absolute fear." he says, glaring at Uatu.

“Contingencies safeguard that system.” Sidious continues, moving across the dark room like ghost, “And the best contingencies are monsters. And I have created a great many.” he evilly grins, contently observing his youthful hand.

“Of all the monsters I have created, my minor masterpiece was turning a bright-eyed, tousle-headed youth into the greatest Jedi killer of all time.” Sidious reveals to Uatu before pointing to his view of the stars, “But he will try, one day to overthrow me. I have foreseen it. And yet, knowing this, given the opportunity to create Vader again, I would, and with zeal. Thus to ensure the existential survival of this great empire, we must create him again; but in your world, in a galaxy, far far away.”

Standing over Uatu, Darth Sidious shadowy face seems to light up from his vibrant yellow eyes and nearly pindot sized pupils, “Hence, where you come in. Have you given thought to my offer?”

Panting and out of breath, Uatu shakes his head, “I will not give in to your-”

Sidious promptly thrusts out his hand, emitting a cluster of bright red electricity from his fingertips that cascades over Uatu’s entire body. Uatu convulses in his restraints as if having a seizure. His bare skin tints red from the pulsating electricity crackling over his skin.

Gritting his teeth in anger, Sidious finally relents his attack. Uatu’s screams echoing in the room as he lowers his head, his body free of any strength as he groans in relief.

“You have lived for a millennia upon millennials, that is obvious.” Sidious exclaims, “You have witnessed events that result in death and in life, so I ask you…” he states, watching Uatu wince while raising his eyes to him, “ will this event end for you if you do not give me what I want?” he states as sparks crackle around his fingertips.

The statement causes Uatu’s face to change. Much to Sidious displeasure, Uatu’s begins to chuckle. His levity of the situation draws a scowl across Darth Sidious face as Uatu chuckles more at his statement.

“I am a being of more power, more ability than you.” Uatu retorts, “You may torture this body to your content, but even as I be in this dimension, rendered weak by the lesser connection to my universe - I will give you no access to any knowledge held in my mind.”

Sidious yellow eyes narrow, “Give?” he retorts with a sinister grin. “Oh my small little friend, how mistaken you are to believe that I would wait for you…” he says, holding out his outstretched hand, “ ‘give’ me anything!”

Immediately Uatu struggles to draw his face away, straining against his restraints as Sidious eyes light up with glee, “Tell me then, what do you know of the force?” he asks.

Uatu’s face grows dim. His lips firm as silence settles between him and Sidious. His eyes laser on Uatu’s, almost burning into his soul like two lasers as he maintains his raised palm.

“Silence I see.” he smirks However Uatu’s face remains resolute, his lips firmly pressed against each other as a pain courses through his mind.

“So…” Sidious nods, “ do know then.” he says, bringing his outstretched palm closer to Uatu’s face, “Of the power of the dark side.” he exclaims.

Feeling his body go cold, Uatu closes his eyes, clenching his jaw in pain as he gasps for a breath.

Tiling his head to the side, Sidious smiles deliciously at Uatu’s discomfort. Curling his fingers as if tightening his grip around something, Sidious wrangles through Uatu’s mind. Grinding his teeth, Uatu shakes his head as blood leaks out his ears.

“Stop, STOP IT NOW!” he shouts, feeling his entire body tense tighter than when he was when being shocked.

“No.” smirks Sidious, motioning his hand closer to Uatu, “Not when we’re so, close.”

Suddenly, Uatu’s ears pop! Sidious evil laugh turning into a muffled voice. Uatu’s vision doubles and blurs like sound waves colliding and reverberating off Sidious hazy outline. Grinding his teeth in pain, Uatu hears the sound of what is like hissing air fill his ears with noise as Sidious draws his hand closer to his face.

Then, within an instant, Sidious watches Uatu opens his eyes. His blank white eyes now holding a set of crystal clear hazel irises. His face relaxed, his eyes locked onto his face, Sidious smirks at Uatu’s entire body going limp like a bag of bones as Uatu’s hazel eyes settle on Sidious one more.

“Let’s try this again.” Sidious exhales contently, “What do you know of the force?”

“It is a power the Watcher’s removed from the universe at its infancy.” he states in almost a robotic tone.

Sidious nods. His mind racing with concepts, questions and ideas until one comes to the fore above all else.

“Are there any beings in your universe capable of wielding it?” Sidious asks.

“No.” Uatu replies.

Satisfied, Sidious cover his mouth, hiding the evil grin, “A final question, tell me, how do you I get to know all that you know?”


Meanwhile...on Planet Lothal

No Caption Provided


No Caption Provided

The round white marble room remained silent. Senators dressed in fitted linen clothing sat in their white seats that resembled a small stadium. Everyone positioned about with a focused view to the grey marble floor, three men stand about, facing the crowd.

One individual, dressed in fitted plain clothing with a brown robe draped over his imposing form holds out his outstretched exposed arm and hand to all the eyes focused on him.

“Rumors are going about my fellow senators.” he declares in a bellowing voice, “Whispers within the shadows of the shadows. I have it on good authority, that the Empire has another ‘Death Star’.” he says to a low collective mumble, “Ready to unleash on the Galaxy. Yet, also have it on good authority from several rebel sympathizers, that every sector of the galaxy containing five destroyers, must spare two, in addition to an entire fleet of destroyer prototypes being produced and old Clone War destroyers they are resurrecting.” he concludes.

“That would mean, sixteen destroyers at a minimum.” exclaims a Senator from the sat crowd, “Senator Azadi, would you have us believe that the Empire is siphoning off forces to an unknown location?” he asks.

“No.” Senator Azadi replies, “Reports conclude that various destroyers of different classes are assembling to a specific set of coordinates.” he replies, “Now, I know you may believe i’m advocating war, I am not. However, we must do something.” he says.

Stepping in front of him, the floor chairmen, holds his hand up to Senator Azadi before looking to the ground, “Senator Kal’zi has a question.”

Turning his attention to blue skin humanoid senator, Azadi nods to him.

“First, as troubling as this may be…” Kal’zi states, “...I do believe this can only, and inevitably end with us in war. And as such, I do not agree that we need to interfere in this. Lothal has lost enough. It has suffered enough. Let the Universe and the Empire have each other. They have forgotten us here on the Outer Rim Territories, let us forget them as if they are in a galaxy far far away.” he concludes before taking his seat.

“I for one, understand the sentiments of my fellow Senator.” Azadi exclaims to everyone, “Yet, as I do understand how much we’ve lost, my own father Rider Azadi a rebels of Lothal, among those lost as you all know. ButI cannot agree with my Senator Kal’zi. We do not live in a galaxy far far away. But we are ‘forgotten’. Which, may have occurred so we can rise like so many on this planet once did.”

“So are you advocating for a declaration of war?” the Chairmen asks.

“No.” Azadi declares. “I advocate investigation. To inquire of these ‘whispers’ that the Empire is gathering its forces for what could easily be called a ‘campaign march’, o on the Galaxy.”

“You can’t know that.” declares a senator.

“Exactly.” Azadi promptly replies, “But we can neither assume the Empire is uncharacteristically gathering resources for peace! In the end my fellow senators, we all, serve in the interests of Lothal existing. We do well not to aid the Rebellion or any force but us. That means, knowing what the Empire is doing.”

“So what do you propose?” asks the Chairmen.

“Substantiate truth to these rumors. Send a team. Myself included in an unmarked, unknown ship to the listed coordinates I have to get these questions answered.” Azadi states, “For in such answers will we know how Lothal is to exist. In peace, or in war.”

“You are asking someone to risk their life to substantiate a rumor!”

“Wasn’t that how Death Star was destroyed first time!” Azadi counters, “A rumor of plans leaked. Then those plans led to investigation, investigation to an assault and the end to the Death Star.” he concludes. “A result I must remind you, we played no role in, but benefited all the same. Yes. I’m asking for someone to risk their life, but its to ensure the survival of Lothal as a free planet, not an occupied one.” he finishes.

“Do you have someone in mind for this, almost suicide mission? They would have to be skilled.” the Chairman asks.

“I do. And if our Senate agrees, I will go to the pilot who will zealously lend their service for Lothal.”



No Caption Provided

Her wide green eyes, vibrant and clear, yet full of unbridled determination glare back at the young senator standing in her doorway.

“Absolutely not!” she exclaims, turning aside from the door.

Catching the door before it closes on him, Dyver hastily enters into the dwelling, “Hera Syndulla, please just hear me out!”

“NO!” Hera shouts again, turning around like a cornered lion with finger raised, “I have a youngling! He is no more than Eight Suncycles of Age and you want me to abandon him for a mission?!”

Holding up his hands in surrender, Dyver takes a step back, “I don’t expect you to do anything. It's why i’m ‘ASKING’! And i’m asking the best!”

Hera’s promptly rolls her eyebrows at the comment. Turning her back to him, Hera’s brushes aside her prehensile head-tails and storms over the terrace for fresh air. Dyver lets out sigh, rubbing the back of his smooth pepper grey hair. Looking at Hera step outside to the terrace and leans against the railing, staring out into distance while Dyver follows behind her to the terrace doorway.

Looking at her from behind, Dyver smirks, “You know I never saw you outside of a pilots uniform until now I think? I remember seeing you at the depot and I’d wonder if you actually had other clothes.”

“This isn’t funny.” Hera retorts, her voice gripped with anger. Peeling her eyes away from the calming open landscape, Hera raises her eyes up to the blue skies, “I built a life here. A life I didn’t think was possible without Kanan. But I have Jacen now. And here you come, knowing that I have him and defiantly walk up to my door after ten years, threatening that.” she calmly tries to state.

“I’m not threatening you Hera and i’m not being defiant.” Dyver quickly states.

Turning around, Hera holds on the railing with both arms as a serious demeanor washes over her face, “But your asking me to leave him, my offspring, to do what? Almost get killed?”

Dyver draws a deep breath as Hera’s eyes seem to bore a hole through his soul, “I’m not, I’d never put you in a position to get killed.”

A smirk comes across Hera’s face in disbelief at his statement, “Good men don’t put others in a position to killed, but it doesn’t happen anyway. Once your in that pilot chair. Once you’re in space. Odds of you getting killed…”

“Are always at a constant presence.” Dyver finishes, “I remember, you taught me well.”

Folding her arms and tilting her head to the side, Hera shakes her head, “Apparently not well enough if you’re here asking me to go on a mission.”

Dyver nervously draws a deep breath, “Look, Hera. I’m not here to tear your life apart. I’m not here to make you lose Jacen…”

“Then leave.” Hera interrupts, pointing to the door, “Leave and don’t ever come back.”

Hera’s statement renders Dyver almost silent. Hera’s staunch demeanor renders Dyver nearly mute as he can barely must anything more to say.

“I’ll leave.” Dyver mumbles, turning aside hesitantly to the door. However, Dyson draws a deep breath, closing his eyes as he mumbles to himself before boldly turning around to Hera, who simply stares out into the landscape, her back to him.

“Listen Hera…” Dyver exclaims to Hera who doesn’t move. “You, Sabine Wren, Kanan, my father Rider, all fought against the Empire. I know the stories. You and Sabine told me a lot of them, especially of my father. And I know that, Jacen, is your life.” he says. “But there’s a lot of people on this rock and other rocks out there that, like you deserve to know if the Empire is going to try and rob them of their life too.” he states.

“I would never put the weight of that on you. But I would beg that you help me delivering on shouldering this weight because you did it before and delivered.” Dyver says, “I asked Sabine, she wouldn’t go if you went because of someone has to look after Jacen. But that if you did go, she’d ask someone else who you know, to help us.”

Hera simply looks over her shoulder to Ryder.

“I just need a ship flown to one sector of space. We sit on an asteroid and take pictures, that’s all.” Dyver states, “Can you, do that?”

Hera stares back out into the distance, observing the plains of Lothal. Taking a deep breath, Hera squeezes her grip on the metal railing, wrestling with a response.

“Sabine said…” Hera states, “...that if I went, if I did this ludicrous request of yours…”

“That she would stay yes.” Dyver interrupts.

Hera shakes her head, turning to face him, “No. That’s ‘our’ pact.” she reveals, “That has nothing to do with you. What I want to know, is who she said she’d call?”

Dyver shrugs, “I don’t know. She just said you’d know the person by an alias they use to have ‘Fulcrum’, i think.”

Satisfied, Hera relaxes as she slides her hands into her pocket, “Okay, two things. Who is this mission really coming from?”

Dyver face grows firm.

Folding her arms, Hera narrows her eyes, “You have to be straight with me Dyver if you even want a chance at my considering this.”

Letting out an audible exhale from his nostrils, Dyver rubs the bridge of his nose, “You know that as a Senator on Lothal, if anyone finds out i’m even in contact with…”

“Dyver!” Hera insists.

“Leia!” Dyver admits to Hera’s surprise, “Leia, gave me everything I have. She knows our Senate on Lothal won’t hear her out and she can’t ask the rebels to go on a wild Loth Cat chase. So she asked me, and mentioned you since, well, the Syndulla’s have if not more respect in a name as does Skywalker.”

Hera smirks, “Yeah as I’ve been hearing.” she huffs, “Ok, so if we’re doing this by Leia’s order, and if she’s reaching out after all this time to just do a scouting mission, then what exactly has Leia’ so worried?”

To be continued….

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Have you seen a pivotal moment in history?

A moment so existentially important, that it transcends understanding and renders time, to a halt?

I have. I am.

I am witnessing an event so fleeting, so monumental, that lifetimes upon lifetimes will discuss its importance.

They will talk about me. They will talk of ‘him’.

They will talk about the day...

..our world ended.




With a every growth, there is always, death. -

No Caption Provided
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No Caption Provided

The door to the central bridge whooshed open, disappearing into the walls and revealing the long reflective platform. The immaculately clean black floor glistened from twinkling stars in the black cosmos. Standing at the end of the bridge to the he ray-shielded windows of the ship, General Tarkin the Second or, Tark, sternly looks over his shoulder. His steely blue eyes fixed to an officer in black uniform, hurrying to him with his head lowered like an indentured servant.

“General.” the officer states with a salute.

Nodding at him dismissively, General Tark turns his gaze back to the stars, “What is it Corporal?”

“The Emperor has requested you to speak with you.” he says, holding up his cupped hands.

General Tark turns on his heels to face the corporal, his face turned pale. However, Tark is taken off-guard as the Corporal offers up his cupped hands towards his face as if to serve him something. There in the center of his palms, a circular metal device held in his hands. Immediately the center of the device flickers with a soft red light. Red sparks swirl over the device, quickly coming together in one bright flash before emitting a holographic projection of a the Emperor in his black hooded robe.

“My Emperor!” General Tark exclaims, bowing his head to the image, “How may I be of service?”

“How long before the Death Star requires charging after firing its main cannon?”

Glancing up at the hologram, General Tark answers, “Three Minutes my Emperor. However the Death Star’s main cannon is at system ready now. All personnel await your orders.”

“Good. Tell me General Tark. How many ships do we have with us?”

General Tark gulps, his mind rushing with facts as he tries to answer intelligently.

“We have six, Imperial Class-Two Star Destroyers.” He begins. “Four, Victory I Class Star Destroyers that were retrofitted with extra hull space courtesy General Thrawn before his passing.” he states, “Also, one Praetor Mark II Class Battlecruiser for replenishing our other destroyers and dispersing Five Hundred TIE fighters. Lastly, your Super Star Destroyer, fully equipt with a one hundred Death Troopers, my Emperor. Your fleet, is at your disposal.” he proudly states, relieved he could remember the report.

“Excellent. Your father would have been proud,General Tark. Prepare the Fleet for battle. Prime the Death Stars main cannon. You will see your target momentarily.”

Nervously, General Tark looks to the hologram, “My Emperor, may I inquire of our target? For I will execute all orders, but I only see empty space and nothing on our scanners.”

You have obeyed all orders General Tark. Do not ruin it with your pitiful questions.

“Yes My Emperor. Apologies my Emperor.”

~*~*~*~Meanwhile in Sidious Chambers~*~*~~*

No Caption Provided

Inside his dimly lit chambers, Darth Sidious casts aside the holographic transponder to floor, setting his glowing yellow eyes with jagged red veins upon Uatu.

Writhing in pain, Uatu remains contained in Sidious 'Power Siphon'. Positioned in the middle of a free standing metal ring that, Uatu's hands remain held over his head contained inside two large cylinders, tightly clamped around his wrist. His head hanging long, Uatu eyes remain focused to his feet, also contained in large metal cylinders. Sidious gestures his finger to the left. Immediately the clamps release with Uatu dropping onto the cold metal floor with a thumb. Groaning in pain, Uatu shivers naked on the floor under the low ambient glow of the stars.

Sidious moves towards him in his overlong robe like grim death. Resembling the spots of a leopard, Darth Sidious looks upon Uatu’s burned riddled body. The 'force lightning' did its damage. Uatu's breaths now shallow, his face turned away and scarred, Uatu’s physical body reeks of nearing death with each wheezing exhale.

Yet, like a spider carefully moving onto its injured prey, Darth Sidious slowly kneels down to Uatu, gently placing his crooked finger on his neck to check his pulse. Uatu immediately groans in pain, his body straining at Sidious burning touch. A grin comes upon Sidious face as he pulls his finger back, watching Uatu’s sigh of relief and fluttered breath. Outstretching his hand towards Uatu’s face, Darth Sidious smirks.

“I can feel your pain.” he nods, “And it is truly, wonderful. Almost as wonderful as peeling away the knowledge contained in your thoughts." Sidious says, "Your amassed knowledge will serve the Empire and the Sith wonderfully. I will make record of your greatness in the Sith Temple on Mustafar.” he grins.

Barely able to open his eyes, Uatu’s blurred vision sharpens as he looks upon Darth Sidious youthful shadowy face, and begins to tremble, “Get away from me you evil creature.”

Darth Sidious raises his hand to his face, concealing his evil chuckle, “Evil is a label the weak place on those who threaten them.” he says, “But I cannot be threaten by a once powerful creature such as yourself." he grins, "Because I now have your knowledge. I have ripped it away from your thoughts along with the power siphoned from you, now stored, for me.”

Grinding his teeth, Uatu remains silent as the Dark Lord snickers.

“Yesss..." Sidious groans, "...I can feel your fear swelling inside of you. A Watcher of a Universe, broken by a power you banished from your galaxy." says Darth Sidious, placing his finger of Uatu’s mouth, “And this is what makes you weak.” he spits, pressing his burning touch on Uatu's lips as he writhes in pain, “For with all the eons of knowledge you possessed, you feared it, and never mastered it." he says over the sizzling coming from his finger pressed against Uatu's lip who groans in pain, "But this is not the way of the Sith. The Sith use knowledge. They master it. And through mastery, comes victory and fear from those who are lesser, like you!" he growls.

Pulling his hand away from Uatu's now burned mouth, Sidious stands up, pinching his two fingers. Immediately Uatu's gasps, clasping at his neck as he struggles to take a breathe.

"For if you mastered the knowledge you feared..." Sidious continues, " would not be the cowering prey that you are! For the strong shall always hunt the weak!” he says, releasing his hold on Uatu's throat.

Gasping for air, Uatu' painful turns onto his stomach, throwing up purple bile as he struggles to catch his breath.

“Y-you...” Uatu gasps, “...are weak." he pants, "Standing, on shoulders, of the oppressed, is weakness.” Uatu weakly pants.

Standing over Uatu like a vulture over a dying carcass, Uatu sees his statement causes a scowl to wash over Sidious face. Freeing his hand from draping sleeve, Sidious flicks his finger upwards, “Rise.” he orders.

Immediately Uatu feels his entire body stiffen! Grinding his teeth in pain, Uatu is raised off the cold floor as if he was affixed to a board. His aching limbs outstretched to their limit. Uatu’s is lifted up and brought face to face with Sidious. Uatu's fear ridden face becomes drenched in a cold sweat as Sidious vibrant yellow eyes glare at him as if peering straight into his soul.

“What do you know of 'standing’?” Sidious snarls. “To stand, requires power! To have power, means knowledge and through it, strength!” he states, “And strength, comes from the Dark Side!”

Outstretching his hand to Uatu, Sidious uses the force to slowly turn Uatu’s body towards the spider-web framed window outlooking the stars, “But you, you purged the force from your universe and you act on nothing from the knowledge that I now know, that you have!” he snarls. Held off the floor and unable to move, Uatu grits his teeth in pain as a warm feeling comes over his mind.

“You are weak by its definition!” Sidious growls, “And you now bore me with your weakness! I have no use for you, except for your mind, which, I will harvest from your corpse after and, thanks to reading your mind, I will take your eyes as well that is after, you open the door from which you came.” Darth Sidious whispers.

Sidious eerie words slither into Uatu's ears like a wet worm, Uatu shakes his head, struggling to resist the sudden urge to act on the request. Uatu clenches his teeth in pain, groaning as a painful thought seizes his mind with extreme focus.

“Stop it.”

“Open…” Darth Sidious growls, curling in his fingers that crackle with snaps of blue electricity, “...the door.” he orders.

Grinding his teeth, Uatu shakes his head, trembling in pain as Sidious words seem to echo in his mind, “I-I…” he gasps, closing his eyes shut, “...will not help you to…”

Narrowing his yellow eyes eyes, Darth Sidious catches sight of Uatu’s hands glowing. Drawing a deep breath, Darth Sidious thrusts both hands forward, “OPEN THE DOOOOOOR!” he hollers.

Uatu’s eyes open as he feels as if a thousands of small needles pierced his body at once! Uatu lets out a bone-chilling scream as Darth Sidious pushes the force to his pierce Uatu’s body from all sides!

“EEEEYAAAAA!!!” Uatu screams as bright white ribbons of light unfurl off his naked body, trembling the air around them. Screaming at the top of his lungs in agony, Darth Sidious evil grin pales in the brightening white light coming off Uatu’s naked body like smoke. Thrusting out his left hand, Darth Sidious explodes the ray-shielded window separating their room from the void of space! Exploding the wall, Sidious uses the force to keep his foot as zero gravity makes everyone float off the ground. Bone-chilling cold envelopes them with ear-piercing silence as a purple glow from above bathes them in light!

“THAT'S IT, GIVE IN THE WILL OF THE FORCE!!” Darth Sidious shouts. Lifting his eyes above, Darth Sidious watches as Uatu’s powers fly upwards in the blackness of space. Like purple fireflies in the night swirling together, Sidious watches Uatu's power spiraling up into the black void, cracking the very fabric of space.

“YES! YES!!” Darth Sidious cackles in mad laughter at the sight of the massive space tear widening and crackling audible like fracture ice on a lake. Icy frost begins to brittle Sidious his black robe. However, Sidious lowers his gaze away from the purple embers of power swirling together, and glares at Uatu starting to fall weak as frost burns riddle his bare body.

Clutching Uatu's body in his hand, Sidious tightening his grip as his eyes liven with fury, “MOOOORE!” Sidious hollers, surging a massive amount of force lightning through his Uatu's body!

Screaming in agony, Uatu feels all the muscles in his body contract, “ULANA HEAR ME…” Uatu cries out over a deafening ‘thud’ trembling the floor, “...FORGIVE ME!!” he screams as a surge of bright power bursts from Uatu’s eyes, nose and mouth like a lantern!

“DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE!” shouts Darth Sidious, clutching Uatu’s head with his bare hand. Red lightning cascades down Sidious arms and over Uatu’s body from his head down! Immediately, Uatu’s body goes numb. His raised hands explodes with purple light. Within moments, a booming thunder rumbles from overhead! Darth Sidious immediately raises his eyes upwards at the sight of a phenomena forming over the Death Star.

“Yes…” Sidious evilly grins.


Standing at the windows, hundreds of officers and Death Troopers stand at the ray shielded windows, stunned at the sight of the purplish jagged tear cutting across the very the fabric of space.

Purple light bleeds through the ray-shield windows of the Death Star, drenching everyone in a thick ominous light. Standing up from their stations in awe, everyone watches as dense fog pours out of the jagged tear like that of fog coming over warm land.

No Caption Provided

In front of them all, standing at the bridge of the Death Star in front of everyone, General Tark stands stunned and stupefied at sight of the great jagged edge tearing and stretching across his cosmic view. His palms moist with sweat, General Tark loses control of his jaw that drops. Unshakable fear swells in his stomach as everyone gasps, unable to believe their eyes.

The cosmic tear, spontaneously and violently expands like cracks in a slow breaking ice. Thunderous booms tremble the air, vibrating through everyone’s chest as if hollow. Taking a step back, General Tark gulps, feeling his mouth go dry as tear stretches far over the entire fleet of Destroy ships and brightens by the moment, ready to explode.

“SIR!” calls out the engineer.

General Tark turns to the officer in the sunken in data pit that’s bathed in purple light, and adamantly points at him, “ALL SHIELDS TO MAXIMUM NOW!”


The statement makes General Tark immediately look to the officer standing by the wall panel, pointing at a flashing light.

Immediately General Tark points to three Death Troopers, clad in black, “YOU, WITH ME!” he orders.

Running down the black platform, General Tark’s boots echo out with each firm step, followed by the weighty Death Troopers running behind him. Racing through the corridors of the crowded hallways, General Tark forcibly shoves and pushes past the specialists and junior offices standing at the entryways of various rooms, bathed in the purple light phenomena.

“OUT THE WAY NOW!” he orders.

Running for what felt like hours, General Tark reaches the east wing of the Death Star. A sea of white Stormtroopers, standing in front of a large metal blast door, General Tark face reddens with anger.

“WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!” he hollers.

Everyone immediately goes still as one Specialist, clad in a grey uniform, stands closest to the door. Pulling out his small silver blaster, General Tark grits his teeth, “WHAT DID YOU DO! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE EMPEROR! he barks.

“Na-nothing General!” The officer stutters, pointing to the foggy view window in the blast door, “See!”

Dissatisfied with his response, General Tark bashes the officer across the face, sending him to floor before peering through the peep glass in the massive titanium blast door. Wiping the foggy window with his bare hard, Tark pulls away as the cold window almost burns his skin from its coldness. However peering through, Tark’s eyes open wide in shock, “By the stars…” he mumbles.

The soldiers around Tark look at him confused as General Tark gasps and drops his blaster.

“Wha-what is it sir? Is the Emperor secure?” asks one of the Death Troopers.

Standing the destroyed quarters of his eminence chambers, General Tark immediately takes notice of the graceful voluminous black frosted material from Sidious cloak floating in the zero-gravity. In that moment, General Tark face goes pale at the sight Darth Sidious, standing in the center of his half-exploded champers under the starry surrounding of space in the zero gravity. Purple light from above suddenly bathes him in light, casting a long shadow Sidious and revealing him clutching a small frozen body in his grip with bright red lightning crackling around him.

Uatu’s eyes grow dark. His once pale skin now frosted white and glistening over the brown burn marks riddling his naked body. Uatu's body rendered stiff with Rigor Mortis Darth Sidious raises his eyes from Uatu to the massive tear in space over the Death Star. The sudden burst of blinding flash white pales everything around him before fading away as quick as it occured. However, unable to see Sidious in the dense darkness Tark eagerly searches for him before seeing two bright yellow eyes staring back at him right on the other side of the glass.

Suddenly, General Tark hears bolts within the walls scream with a thud from the safely retracting back into the wall. Grinding metal gears in the walls forcibly bend. From the corner of his eye Tark spots a red indicator light on massive blast door panel, now turn green. Immediately three Death Troopers shoot bolts into the floor, linking it to their armored black utility belts as Tark looks at them, astonished. Swiftlying grabbing on to a handle, Tark turns to everyone in the hall in sheer panic.

“HANG ON TO SOMETHING!” he shouts.

Suddenly, the blast door retract upwards and slams into the ceiling cracking the walls and trembling the entire corridor! Deafening howls of oxygen rushing out the station fills the corridor with noise. Screams pierce through hurricane force howls as screaming personnel are yanked off their feet. carried by hurricane force winds and flung into the cold death of space, freezing immediately. Grinding his teeth, struggling to hold onto the wall handle, General Turk as his feet flap in the wind from the intense winds! Feeling his grip slipping as his entire body's lifted off the floor, Tark yells as he refuses to lose his grip and be carried out to his death.

However, to his soul-shattering awe, Tark catches sight from the corner of his eye, Darth Sidious gracefully striding into the corridor against the hurricane force fleeing oxygen as if with no resistance. Standing well past the blast doors, the Emperor black cloak flaps in the fleeting oxygen like a flag in a wind tunnel. His face, filled with glee as Darth Sidious callously watches staff zoom past him along with droids, Storm Troopers and other debris, all shot collectively into the blackness of space. It was humorous. A his shoulders rise and fall with a chuckle before he casually raises his hand over his hood. Yet Sidious waits, keenly observing who is struggling to survive as their bodies are lifted off the floor, the shoes being sucked off their feet. The corridor walls filled the bodies of officers and personnel, screaming for help as they barely hold onto to any handle, door edge or nook, so as not to be sucked out into space. The struggle of the weak and strong, all decorating the hallways, fills Sidious soul with contentment.

“Very well.” he mumbles, dropping his hand to the side. Immediately massive blast door to slam into the black floor behind him with a quaking thud! Instantly everyone drops to the black lacquered floor at once. Collective groans and moans fill the Emperor Palpatine ears. Dismissing them, Sidious sharp eyes shift to General Tark on his ride, clutching his ribs on the floor beside his boot.

“Did you see the target now?” asks the Emperor, glaring at General Tark’s very pale and petrified face lift to him, shocked, stunned and horrified. “Or do shall I provide you a better view?” Sidious asks.

Trembling in place, General Tark shakes his head emphatically.

“Good.” replies Emperor Palpatine, then drops Uatu’s frozen and dried out corpse. General Tark jolts back, startled at the sight of what anyone would have believed to be a fossilized husk of a frozen mummy.

“I want the medics to preserve the Eyes and the Brain at all costs.” orders Sidious, “I have what I need from him, but the rest is still stored in his biology. Here my Tark, ruin his body and I will do no less, to you!" he threatens Tark who quickly goes onto his knees and bows before him.

"Y-ye-yes ma-ma my emperor." he stutters as Palpatine proceeds down the corridor like an apparition of death.

Walking through the corridors, Darth Sidious says nothing as officers, Storm Troopers, droids of all sizes, shapes and beeping, all stand aside, clearing a path for the Emperor. Between the blare of distant alarms and warbles of announcements, Darth Sidious pauses momentarily, looking over his shoulder.

Three Death Troopers, standing behind him with loyalty.

Grinning at the sight of them, Palpatine continues his stroll until he reaches a grey metal door.

Waving his hand casually, the massive doors splits open, slamming into the walls with a thud as Palpatine sets his eyes on the central bridge. Immediately everyone's stands up in harmonious clamor, saluting him their seats slide back. Moving over the immaculately clean black floor like grim death , Darth Sidious reaches the end of the walkway, standing inches from the ray-shielded window.

“Beautiful.” Sidious mumbles.

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

Turning aside from the view, Darth Sidious points his aged pale finger to one of the standing officers in the data pit, “Put in these coordinates." he orders, "Six Ten Alpha, Sixteen Delta, Six Ten Alpha.”

As soon as he finishes, the swift typing officer stands erect, “Done My Emperor.”

“What are you reading on the scanners?” Sidious growls.

Looking down to the panel, the Officer gulps, “I, uh.” he stutters as his eyes open wide, “I’m picking up an alarming amount of uncharted space. We have no information in our data but, i’m seeing a planet. We don’t even a name for it.” he says.

A grin comes across Sidious face, “Its called Earth, according to my now expired little friend. ” he grins. “Use the Planet’s Telemetry to lock onto this location, 40.729264, -74.000679.” he orders. “I want the full might of our Death Star’s to strike our most significant obstacle.” he states, “We cannot hope to launch the assault successfully for long with this, strange, being alive. How long before impact?”

Immediately a young man stands up from the sunken in data pit, “It will take exactly one hour before impact my Emperor. However, due to the hull breach, some power was directed from the blast to secure our shielding. The Death Stars primary weapon is currently at Eighty two Percent.”

Closing his eyes, Sidious lets out a disappointing sigh. Lowering his gaze to the floor, Sidious looks to his hand as an annoyed scowl coming across his face while gently lifting two of his fingers.

“You should have seen to it that we were not compromised." growls Sidious, gently raising up a third finger, "Your short-sightedness, has compromised the effectiveness of a rather pivotal ‘surprise attack.’ that hinges on swiftness and brutality.” he says, now fanning out all his fingers.

Looking over his shoulder, Sidious yellow eyes glares at the five men floating over their data pits, gagging and clutching their throats, violently kicking their feet. Everyone eyes open in horror as Sidious lets out a groan, "Going forward, the failure of one, will be the failure of FIVE!!" he snaps, promptly closing his hand into a fist. An instant harmonious crack of the five officers necks snapping echos in the room. Dropping his hand to his side, Sidious watches the multiple officer's bodies hitting the hard floor with a thump.

“How long until we are at one hundred percent power?” Sidious asks, turning to the data pit on his left.

No Caption Provided

Inside each of the data pits, everyone freeze, petrified to breathe, let alone think. Yet one of the remaining ranking officer, nervously pushes aside the dead officers, topped over his chair, and observes the blinking meter on the terminal. “Tah-tah-Ten minutes My Em-emperor.” he stutters.

The reply puts a grin across Palpatine’s face. A simple invasion, with the amount of threats on the planet that he could surmise from Uatu’s mind, would inevitably result in failure. Yet a sudden ten minute surprise attack surgically performed, would cripple any army and ten minutes was enough.

“Very Well.” Palpatine grumbles, “A ten minute war then.” he mumbles.

Looking to the data pit on his left, Palpatine narrows his yellow eyes at the officer, “Prepare my shuttle.” he orders, “Once I board my Super Destroyer, I will strike at those coordinates and land the planet's surface." he states, "Once we land, begin the planetary assault on all primary targets I send, starting with the orbital satellite station, then, every capitol city. I will instruct when to begin the ground assault on my location.” he orders, walking towards exit doors.


Everyone silently winces with anxiety as Palpatine comes to a halt and slowly turn his yellow eyed glare towards an officer standing in the middle of the walkway behind him.

“Shall we contact Vader to lead the assault, sir?”

The comment causes a sudden chuckle to Emperor Palpatine. “Send this message to Darth Vader…” Palpatine spits, “... gather all the Inquisitors he can and rendezvous at my location. And, that he should not to dare to fail in bringing, his hidden apprentice.” he grins.

To be continued….

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EARTH 616.1 - NEW YORK CITY - March 1st, 2016 - Time: 12:25pm

No Caption Provided

“And how are those nightmares of yours, have they tapered off?”

“They’re still there, not as bad though.”

“Still in the day? Or at just night?”

“Its at night for now. The daydream nightmares have like, almost stopped now.”

“Well that’s good. I know that was a crippling time for you. Can we talk about these nighttime nightmares your having?”

“Do I have to?”

“I’m afraid so. They can indicate what’s really under the surface of your subconscious.”

“Really? So I guess that means I’m a bonafide lunatic, huh?”

“What’s your definition of a ‘bonafide lunatic’, Nico?”

The question itself draws a heavy sigh from the young girl. Snapping her black mascara eyes open, Nico looks up at the grey ceiling as shadows filter through the blinds and walk up the wall like ghosts. The unsettling questions prompts Nico Minoru to pry to sit herself up from the plushy suede couch. The same couch she had been laying in the same way for a year. Letting out a frustrating sigh, Nico plants her arms on both sides of her self, cutting a glare at therapist.

“A bonafid lunatic is someone who can’t see a slice of pizza without getting a flashback to a dead body.” Nico retorts, her attitude filling each word before ending with a seemingly exhausted sigh.

“Is that what happens to you?”

Raising her eyes up from the floor, Nico cuts a narrow eyed look at the therapist. He was young, if not young looking. Chiseled face, crystal clear green eyes and green hair to match. His muscular frame was clearly evident under his white dress shirt, especially when he rolled up his sleeves.

“Your drifting Nico. Answer the question.”

Clenching her jaw, Nico shoulders rise and fall with as she lowers her gaze to the plushy cream carpet, unwilling to answer as silence fills the room.

“Ms Minoru…”

The name itself causes Nico to squeeze the sofa cushion as if sent into great pain. Grinding her teeth, Nico shakes her head before glaring at the therapist with fire in her eyes, “How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that Samson?!”

“You say it every time I do it.” Doc Samson states, “And I do everytime you shut down on me.”

Nico lets out a steady breath through her nostrils, calming herself.

“You’ve been through a great deal of trauma Nico.” Doc Samson states, “Compounded by your, ‘eccentric’ upbringing from your parents to put it mildly, it not uncommon for one's mind to create a complex and almost organic sub-reality to deal with trauma. But that doesn’t make you a lunatic. It makes you human.” he states.

“So is that what you determined to be more plausible then the actual truth, huh?” Nico questions.

Samson almost immediately lowers his head, rubbing the bridge of his nose, “Nico, don’t do this. Don’t backslide. We’ve been through this already. Three months in fact. We agreed...”

“No you agreed.” Nico interrupts, “Not me. I know what happened.”

“What you think happened.” corrects Doc Samson, “A version of reality you fabricated to cope with....”

“Stop painting me as a VICTIM!” Nico shouts, “Why can’t you just believe me?!” she growls, “Why does it have to be approved by this, this government forced trauma therapy session for someone to believe that i’m not lying?!”

“I don’t think you’re lying Nico.” sighs Doc Samson.

Nico leans forward in her seat, pointing at Doc Samson, “Yeah but you don’t believe I’m telling the truth either!” she spits. “Believe me i’d love nothing more but to say that it didn’t happen and be doped up on Adderall or whatever you got and so i’m not crazy and be content staring at padded walls all day, - but I can’t. Because I know what happened, I know and it tortures me!!”


“I saved the universe.” Nico exclaims, “And killed evil monstrous mother who tried to end it...” she says, clutching her trembling hands as tears well in her eyes, “ was an accident, I didn’t mean to. But it happened. And no amount of this trauma therapy can change that fact! That REALITY!”

“How do you know Nico?” Samson asks, “How do you know you could’ve done such a thing?”

Nico raises her tear-filled eyes to him, “Because I can smell her blood on my hands like it was yesterday. I can see her wretched face turned to side as her eyes frosted over almost every morning. And every night, I dream it, over and over again. I remember the same apocalyptic event that the Watcher caused everyone else to forget...

“...all of which could be hallucin…”

“....STOP calling me crazy.” Nico shouts, “I heard it enough from my friends back in Los Angeles!” she states, “And I’ll tell you, the same thing I told them, it happened, DEAL with it!.”

Doc Samson folds his brawny arms, arching his green eyebrow, “Do you want to be stuck like this forever? Ranting and raving over the same thing?”

“NO!” Nico screams, standing erect up from her seat as tears cascade down her face, “I want to be normal! You think I like feeling like i’m living outside my own body? Watching myself disintegrate before my own eyes in the bathroom mirror?! I can’t date. I can’t work. I’m a wreck!” she cries, “I HATE MY LIFE! I HATE MYSELF! I HATE EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF HAVING BEEN A HERO! THAT…” she shouts, pointing to Samson, “Is my very real, truthful reality, Doc Samson!”

Hearing the soft ‘ding ding’ alarm from his phone, Doctor Samson glances over to his phone, tapping the screen.

“Alright Nico, that’s the end of our session.” Doc Samson states, watching Nico plop back down on the couch, covering her face, “You know as with all our sessions I like to end things on a ‘positive note’. I asked you to bring me a poem, or phrase to help keep you ‘level’ when you felt real low, and i’d bring one too. Did you do it?”

Folding her legs close to her chest, Nico wraps her arms around her legs, burying face into her knees, nodding a silent reply. Samson nods as well, “Okay, well that’s good. I share my first.It's a haiku I found online. It's called Negativity and Positivity Its goes this way:

Everywhere you go

There for all with beating hearts

Choose one and progress.--

Placing down his paper, Doc Samson sits back in his soft leather chair, “That’s what I had. Care to share yours?” he asks Nico. Lifting her eyes from behind her legs, Nico sees Doc Samson tilting his face to see her reaction. However Nico lets out a fluttered sigh as lets down her legs, nervously fumbling with her hands.

“Its called Horizon.” mumbles Nico, pulling out a rumbled napkin from the back of her black jeans. Lowering her eyes to it, Nico draws a nervous deep breath, “Its says:

I am the sun,

And you the sea.

That explains the nights,

You swallow me. --

Crumbling up the note, Nico simply flicks it to the floor as Doc Samson watches the crumpled paper roll to his foot. Silence settles between them as Doc Samson lifts his green eyes to Nico, wrapping herself in her arms as tears flood her eyes.

“Alright Nico alright. Let’s pick this up next week.”


Sitting on a leather cushioned bench in a quiet lobby with multiple doors leading to dimly lit offices; a young girl wearing a pink puffer jacket, yellow scarf and blue and white star sweatpants, swings her white sneakered feet enthusiastically back and forth. Bobbing her head left to right while gesturing her hand in the air to the beat coming out her large headphones, the young girl comes to an abrupt stop as she suddenly sees a set of black boots stop in front of her.

Pulling off her headphones, the young girl quickly looks up to see Nico. Nico’s pointed face was despondent. Her wide set black mascara eyes, now a tint of pink. She watches Nico quitely pick up her black leather jacket thrown beside her before mumbly a raspy, “You ready Mol?”

“Ye-yeah.” she replies, hearing the sadness in her voice, “You okay?” she asks, gathering her things.

“I’m fine.” Nico sniffles, quickly wiping away a black mascara dyed teardrop from her cheek. “I’m sorry to make you wait for me while I do this stupid stuff.” she says, clearing her throat, “I know its not the way you expected to start your New York vacation.”

Sliding on her pink backpack, Molly nods at her, “I don’t care Nico. I rode on a train for the first time, that was freakin’ awesome! I never heard so many people swear.”

With that said, Nico and Molly proceed down the elevator and out the door, entering in amongst the herds of New Yorkers in Forty Second Street. Fading winter air relents to the spring warmth in the sun's glow. Brushing past packs of people walking to and fro, Molly gawks at everything in her view. Towering buildings, herds of New Yorkers filling the sidewalks, a sea of yellow taxis in the streets; Molly’s eyes feast on the sights and sounds stimulating all her senses at once. However, at Nico’s direction, Molly is pulled out the crowds and into small cafe. At the closing of the door behind them, sounds of the city is drowned out and replaced by the scream of espresso machines steaming milk and grinding coffee beans.

Making her way through the cafe, Molly follows behind Nico like a puppy through the establishment. Giving a general wave to one of the barista’s that wink at her, Nico continues her stride to a lone a wood table at the rear of the establishment. Sitting down, Molly watches Nico sit down in her seat as if relieved to be out of the building they left. Letting out a sigh of relief, Nico peers past Molly, making eye-contact again with the handsome barista in his black apron. With a simple gesture, Nico nods as he starts making her drink.

“So how you like New York?” Molly asks, “Better than Cali?”

Nico shrugs, “Yes and no.” she replies, “It's way too expensive and there’s no real beach and there always seems to be some explosion happening with so many men in tights flying around. But, its not why I came so, it is what it is.” she huffs.

Molly nods, folding her small hands, “I know. We miss you though. Gert, Karolina, Xavin…”

“Really?” Nico scoffs with a roll of the eyes. “The way we left things...” she recalls, her mind drifting momentarily before snapping herself out of it as the barista places a foamy cappuccino in front of her, “...I’m just sorry I left, the way I left.”

Molly’s eyes open wide at the sight of the scrumptious drink. “Well if it's for this thing, then I get it!”

Smirking at her reply, Nico nods, “Its my post-therapy treat. Edible consoling.”

“Oh.” Molly nods, “Why do you have to do that again?”

Nico rolls her eyes, “Because after the event that…” raising her hands up to make air quotes, “...‘never happened’ that ‘no one remembers’...” she says, “...the one other person that does know, got social services to get my name in their systems that I was a ‘runaway’, assumed I fell between the cracks and put me on government assistance. Catch is, therapy is mandated. I apparently have PTSD or whatever.”

“So have espn?” Molly asks.

Her questions makes Nico smirk momentarily, struggling to gulp down her coffee, quickly setting it down. “Post Traumatic Stress Mol, its a lil different.” Nico replies, “But it doesn’t matter. My ‘shrink’, Doc Samson, doesn’t believe me so it kinda…”

“Sucks.” Molly interrupts, sliding over Nico’s cup to her, “He should believe you. I do.” she says, sipping Nico’s cappuccino, “You never lie. Like, ever.” she says.

Nico cover her mouth as an uncontrollable smile comes across her face. Handing Molly a napkin Nico points to her, “You got a foam mustache.”

“Oh dangit.” Molly whines, rubbing off the milk foam from her lip, but then emphatically points at her, “SEE SEE you always tell the truth!”

Nico leans back, folding her arms as she stares at the table contemplatively, “Molly, can I ask you something?” she asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah sure.”

“Why do you believe me?” Nico asks, “I mean like, no one, Xavin, Gert, Karolina no one remembers anything, do you remember how we saved the world?”

Molly shakes her head, “No. I mean, i wish I could. I try to imagine the stuff you tell me in my head. If you count that like kinda remembering I guess, I do but, not on my own. No.” she admits.

Nico nods, “So why do you believe me?” she asks, “I mean, you’re freakin’ thirteen you don’t have to care about this stuff or me.”

“But your my friend.” Molly plainly retorts. Her eyes fixed to Nico as if it was obvious no explanation was needed. Looking down at the foamy cappuccino, Molly stirs it with her small wooden stick. “I mean don’t friends do that? Like, believe each other even if the whole world doesn’t? You’ve been a good friend to me, always. An, well, the other guys are nice but, when I think of you, sometimes I wish you were my mom. Is that okay, to think that?” she asks with a tad of caution.

Nico lets out a deep sigh, feeling the weight of her simple words almost bring her to tears, “Yeah Mol, of course that’s okay.” he gulps, folding her arms, “It’s more than okay.”

Nodding her head happily, Molly smiles “Cool. So yeah, um, I believe you. I don’t care if you told me you saw a big bear wearing a pink tu-tu, I’d believe you.” she says, sipping Nico’s cappuccino again before cautiously looking up at Nico, “But you didn’t did you?” she worriedly asks.

“No Mol.”

Letting out a sigh of relief, Molly wipes her forehead, “Okay good.” she grins before turning serious, “Because that’d be horrible. Poor bear. I hate the circus.”

Nico shakes her head, “Okay, well, enough about this depressing topic. It's your first day in New York City. I’m sure you want to see a lot of stuff right.”




No Caption Provided

Standing on the lone bridge overlooking the docking bay, Commander Abigail Brand slides her green hair behind her ears before tapping into her earpiece, “How did it go?”

*She’s still very insistent. I think we’ve gotten her to the point where she is stable enough to know she can’t express what she believes occured, but still believes it.*

“Good. Last thing we need is one person removing the veil of security.”

*Agreed. I mean, I didn’t believe Nico until you confirmed it but still, I’d rather have not known the world ended and was brought back. So I see your point. How are you doing?*

“I’m not your client samson. I’m just the one keeping tabs on the only person that can be a threat to our Planetary Security if she opens her big mouth.”

*And if you think a general concern into your well-being makes you my client, then maybe you do need to be one. Is it that stressful up there that you can’t tell the difference from a ‘hello and...*


Turning around to the wide open door, Abigail Brand watches a corporal agent run up to her. His face sweated, his eyes full of panic as he pants out of breath.

“I gotta go.” Brand says to Samson, hanging him up, “Speak Agent, cat got your tongue!”

Pointing behind him, the Officer shakes his head, “We have Level One Priority Breach over Earth.”

Stunned, Abigail body goes cold at his statement.


Shaking it off, Abigail Brand takes off running past the agent. Sprinting out hanger balcony, Abigail reaches the dimly lit grey hallways that hold panoramic view of their location. Touching her earpiece, Abigail peers out the window, looking for any anomalies, “This is Abigail Brand to the “Peak Overwatch” what are you se….oh Hala” she gasps.

Peering out the window, Abigail Brand pulls off her dark glasses and touches her earpiece. A gaping swell of fear fills her stomach as her face grows firm.

No Caption Provided

“This is Commander Brand to all stations…” Abigail says in a stern voice, “...we have a Code Black, I repeat, we have a code black!”

To be continued….

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No Caption Provided

“Some secrets were better left hidden.” she mutters as the saying skitters across her mind. The gentle reminder of what was told to her before she took her current station.

Abigail Brand stood in the center of the ‘War Room’s lacquered floor with immense ray-shielded windows overlooking Planet Earth. Earth’s gentle blue glow casts light in the wide-open space, casting everyone’s shadow on the floor while Abigail stands alone, massaging the bridge of her nose. Her frustrated sigh barely audible from the loud voices shouting over the communication channels.

Agencies were supposed to be secret, especially the ‘off-the-book’ type. Hence, The Sentient World Observation and Response Department, or SWORD, the fabled Off-World’orbital anti-terrorist space station that countered more hostile threats in a single afternoon then Earthbound agencies did in a decade, wrote the definition of ‘clandestine’. It fulfilled its purpose; allow everyone, and every hero, to believe they had a bigger role in saving their existence then they actually did. That is, until today.

Glancing at her watch, Abigail rolls her green eyes before raising them to to the 80 inch holographic screen in front of her.


Glancing to her left, Abigail looks to a purple skinned humanoid with bright yellow eyes, handing her an electronic table. Her green irises dilate like a cat as she scans the screen.

Letting out a groan, Abigail pulls her eyes away from the tablet and turns her attention to the massive screen. Small four-by-six frames in the screen hold various Presidents, Generals, Secretaries of States, Emperors, Czars, Experts and the like, shouting at each other with red-faced passion.

“GENTLEMAN!” Abigail Brand shouts, touching a button on the table that mutes everyone.

Almost immediately everyone realizes their rendered exclusively to Abigail Brand’s voice coming over the feed. Looking to her, Abigail folds her arms with a coy smirk, “As much as I would love to hear you all curse at each in your own languages in an inaudible fashion…” she says, holding up her tablet, “...we have wasted three minutes with no ground gained. I’d like be productive, and share SWORD’s Analysis Brief.” she says.

Hearing footsteps beside her, Abigail glances over to Nick Fury. His dark skin reflecting the bluish hue from Earth’s reflection as he stands ominously in his long leather trench coat, black eye patch over his eye and his arms crossed.

Nodding to him, Abigail turns back to screens, “So, as of three minutes ago this opened up…”

“HOW COME WE DID NOT RECEIVE THIS SOONER!?” shouts the President of Germany, “How do we know we can even TRUST YOU! You existed all this time! How do we know you didn’t perpetrate this!”

Abigail arches her green eyebrow, “With all do respect, we can waste time figuring out if you can trust this quite high level clandestine agency, or I can just let you all get blown off your own planet.” she shrugs, “Unless you have a five way point plan to get off the planet, or is that just the deep level data on the structure of your European neighbors?” she asks to everyones very quiet response.

“Please Commander Brand…” the Prime Minister of Britain intervenes, “...we all need to hear this briefing. As you were. She says.”

Abigail shakes her head, “As I was saying, please look to your screens as I show the images.” she states, “As of, now four minutes ago, a fleet, dropped out of what could only be considered a Wormhole and over our planet. As seen here.”

No Caption Provided

“What for?” asks the President of Uganda.

Abigail rolls her eyes, “Why any other fleet of ships and war crafts come from the middle of nowhere to a full thriving planet....” she states, tapping a picture, “ invasion.” she answers to everyone's mumbled concern. “Now our readings and schematics suggest these ships are arriving over strategized positions as you can see here at their first sighting over the Indian Ocean.” Abigail continues.

No Caption Provided

“Each of these arrow head like ships…” Abigail points out, “... span the length of at least three miles and each are twenty stories at a minimum. Encryption codes on these ships are light years ahead to ours, so hacking them’s impossible.” she explains, “Additionally, each ships power readings indicate they are class way above any nuclear response we could launch at them.”

“How sure are you that a Nuclear Option would be ineffective?” asks China’s Emperor.

Abigail points to the image, “Because most, if not all, Alien Civilizations outside our own solar system, consider nuclear energy as archaic as we do cavemen.” she explains, “But these ships, are among the most advance in our galaxy, and we know most.” she answers, “Which leads to how they geniusly positioned themselves:

“...we have one in Paris France…”

No Caption Provided

“...another in the mountains over Zurich, Switzerland…” Abigail continues.

No Caption Provided

“One right over China’s South Province...”

No Caption Provided

“...two in Baghdad with smaller fighters soaring over the city. Guess who they’re blaming?”

No Caption Provided

“The Caspian Sea…”

No Caption Provided

“...And of course…” Abigail sighs, “...two in Washington D.C. conveniently over the pentagon, not to mention…”

No Caption Provided

“ right over the freaking White House.” Abigail states.

No Caption Provided

“The Largest of these ships however...” Abigail sighs, “...landed over part of New Jersey beside Manhattan.” she says.

No Caption Provided

“It's almost the size of the entire island as you can see in this satellite view, we've picked that a cannon shot from this ship struck South of Manhattan the moment the wormhole opened up.” she explains.


No Caption Provided

Removing the images from the screen, Abigail hands over her tablet to an agent behind her, “They may seem to be positioned randomly, but it is quite genius.” she states. “Each ship..” Brand continues, “ positioned over Fault Lines that, if fired on, would decimate all of Earth’s major cities with Earthquakes alone.” Abigail Brand reveals.

“So, that’s the report. Do I dare ask if they’re any questions to this dismal situation?” she asks.

The silence coming from all the monitors settles and seemingly sits between everyone in screens, not daring to ask the obvious question on their minds.

“And I should be clear…” Abigail says, “...the largest ship in Manhattan is not over a fault line.” she clarifies.

“Perhaps this is their way of a studying us?” asks the French Prime Minister, “Maybe they are trying to help us with our planet?”

The statement causes Abigail to take in a hiss of a breath. before glancing look over to Nick Fury standing quietly on her left. Letting out a calm breath, Abigail fixes her attention to the group like an aggravated teacher to a class.

“With all due respect Prime Minister.” Abigail huffs, “This is an invasion.” she spits, “It is hostile, as hostile as i’ve every seen and they’re doing it in expert time. The only reason we’re not all dead, is because…” she says, pointing to the massive ship in New York, “...that ship is after something. But make no mistake, once it leaves, people will die. Evacuation needs to be our top priority” she sternly advises.

“What exactly did they attack South of Manhattan?” asks the Vice President of the United States, “Avengers Tower? For if this is an Avengers issue, evacuation is off the table, we can hold them accountable.” he counters.

Glancing over to Nick Fury who nods at her, Abigail looks back to them, “They attacked the home of Stephen Strange, well, the entire block." she says

"We know that Stephen has 'talents' to prevent this." Nick Fury states, "...but SHIELD intel theorized that attacks from other dimensions, such as in this case, would make Stephen vulnerable, and someone else, proved us right.” he explains.

“What do you think they want?” asks the Canadian Prime Minister.

At that moment, Abigail hears her phone ring. Pulling out a burner phone from her pocket, her face turns grim as she listens before glancing over to Nick Fury, “Its New York, they breached the lair."

~*~*~**~Meanwhile, In New York City, Under the Remains of Sanctum Sanctorum~*~*~*~

“This way.”

The dim tunnel stretched into darkness of what seemed like an infinite tunnel. The brick walls had stretched up from the dusty concrete floor and arched over the Death Troopers. Newly formed cracks sifting dust down from the ceiling were the new additions. Muffled screams and wailing sirens all seemed distant the further the troopers continued in the tunnel behind the Emperor. Their black soulless and expressionless masks reflect the dim light as the sound of their muffled respirators fill the air with sound.

Following behind Darth Sidious, the ten Death Troopers walk behind him with blasters in hand. The smell of burning rubble fades the more Sidious enters the sheer darkness of the tunnel beneath the dwelling of Stephen Strange.

Glancing over his shoulder, Darth Sidious looks to the Death Troopers behind him. His face, covered by his elaborate black hood, Darth Sidious yellow eyes narrow at the sight of Stephen Strange, unconscious. The deep red gash bled significantly, coating the entire right side of his face red with blood. Having been dragged this far, Darth Sidious looks ahead, knowing time is of the essence.

Looking ahead into the darkness, Darth Sidious looks to one of the Death Troopers, “Trooper 2561. Your torch.” he orders..

Promptly, the Death Trooper shines the light on his shoulder, illuminating a matte black iron door at the end of the hallway. Closing his eyes, Darth Sidious lets out a satisfying groan, “Can you feel it?” he says to the Death Troopers, settling his gaze upon the door, “The Dark Side is strong with him.” he says.

Outstretching his hand, Darth Sidious balls up a fist, causing the metal door to scream as its crushed off its hinges, floated off the floor and balled into a crinkle iron mass. Thrusting his wrist forward, Darth Sidious watches the iron door shoot into the dim room. Coming to the front of the doorway, Sidious stalks to the doorway, peering inside. His gaze lowers, seeing something cowering in the far corner.

“There you are. We do not have much time.” Darth Sidious grins, raising one finger, “Just one moment.”

Turning his attention to the Death Troopers, Sidious narrows his eyes at them, “How much time we do we have before the Death Star is charged?” he asks.

“Just under six minutes left sir but...” replies a Death Trooper.

“Then commence Order Twenty Six.” interrupts Sidious, waving his hand at them to leave him alone, “Hold a perimeter in the street, I do not want to be disturbed.” he states.

Turning back to the cell, Sidious motions his hand in a ‘calling’ form towards the officers, summoning Stephen Strange’s limp body the floor. Floating over to Sidious before dropping before his feet, Darth Sidious looks to the figure in the cell, cowering in the dark, “Now, Mister Reynolds, let’s talk about your future.”

to be continued....

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PT III - Prelude

January 2016 - New Years Day. While millions celebrate around the world the start of a New Year, someone else celebrates a Cosmic Event unseen in a millennia. A Birth Star, a singularity event that rips, expands and develops new, uncharged sections of Outer Space, has occurred in Universe 616 over Planet Earth. This unnoticed but awe inspiring event, draws the attention of the one and only - Uatu the Watcher.

Seeing this Birth Star strikes dread in Uatu, for he knows that this Birth Star has the force to eradicate all planets nearby as it expands all visible space. Hence, to save Earth Uatu, against the rules of what a Watcher must do - interferes and tries to quell the threat. However, upon approaching the Birth Star, Uatu experiences an ancient forgotten power through the Birth Star overwhelming his Cosmic Awareness. Strange in its nature, Uatu sees this Birth Star is perhaps connected to another universe.

Feelings of pain and suffering come through the star as Uatu struggles to close it with his significant power, not wanting two alien universes to be connected, until that is, he hears a cry for help echos through the star. Puzzled, Uatu's cosmic awareness reaches out. Sensing fear, pain, and suffering on other side of this Birth Star, Uatu forces the Star's energy portal open. Boldly hurtling himself into portal, Uatu goes where no other Watcher has gone, endeavoring to save those in need.

Upon exiting the other side of the Birth Stars portal at its origin point, Uatu is now in a different universe. However, the Pain, the suffering, the darkness he felt, is concentrated to Metal Planet before him. Sensing his power is diminishing, Uatu is suddenly overwhelmed by the same ancient power he felt previous from the birth star. Only now, one hundred times more in strength, and rendering him unconscious.

Later, Uatu awakens chained and confined to a Power Draining Engine in a darkened room. In the shadows, a disfigured man with fiery eyes in a cloak identifies himself to Uatu as known other than Darth Sidious.

Sidious reveals an ancient fable shared only to Masters of the Dark Side. Once upon a time, all 'force users' went to War with Celestial Beings wielding a Power Cosmic. Although the Force was more powerful than the Celestials, they had the numbers, and the Force and its users were banished.

Having found evidences of truth in this fable, Sidious used his power to create a 'Force Storm' with all of his power to breach Time and Space and hopefully attract something/someone else, just powerful enough to unwittingly open it from their side. Now that Uatu has cracked that divide between two worlds, Sidious amplifies himself by draining Uatu's of his Power Cosmic, taking it via his Power Drain Engine.

Transferring the power to himself, Sidious is now rendered youthful, invigorated and proceeds to aggressively invade Uatu's mind with the Dark Side. Mercilessly tearing Uatu's apart for information, Sidious forces Uatu to rip a path open to Universe 616, killing Uatu in the process. With Uatu's body now a husk and Sidious still processing the wealth of knowledge he has acquired, he orders Uatu's eyes and brain to be 'bio-interface' or extracted and converted into data.

Darth Sidious now youthful, swelled with knowledge of another universe, a full Galactic Armada around him at the ready, a fully functional Death Star at his disposal and aboard his Eclipse-class Dreadnought - armed to end a planet - Sidious prepares everyone for full-scale invasion of another universe.

Knowing his Campaign for Galactic Supremacy has key threats on Earth that could stop him in his tracks, Sidious plans a guerrilla type approach to his war and free allies to his cause.

Thus, Sidious, orders a 'Hyperjump' to Earth. Breaching Earth's atmosphere with no warnings for SHIELD or SWORD alike. Taken off-guard, Sidious allots ten minutes to 'free' Dark Side users from Planet Earth before its be destroyed.

His first attack - the destruction of the Sanctum Sanatorium for its prisoner in the basement, the oldest dark-side user in the history of the Marvel Universe known to Sidious - The Void.

to be continued in Part IV of Star Wars - The Campaign Dec 3rd

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PT III - Surprise Attack


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NEW YORK - 3 Minutes After Global Invasion

Screams, police sirens, ambulance wails and the sound of news choppers hovering in the air fill all of New York City. Mass panic spreads throughout the city like a virus. Pushing grounds running into subways, angered drivers stuck in blocks of piled-up traffic yelling at the top of their lungs adds the City’s overall atmosphere. The streets jammed pack with fleeing crowds, towering buildings once glistening in the sunlight, now cut deep shadows onto the public as a massive Star Destroyer floats over the East River.

Standing in a trashy alleyway, Nico Minoru stares up at the monstrous sight of the spacecraft. Fear and horror fill her soul as she gawks at it. She was done with space crafts. She was done with anyone outside of the ordinary and this was far past her threshold.

With a phone to her ear, Nico remains in a trance like state as she stares up at the floating ships like a fly mesmerized by the light its drawn to.

“Who are you calling Nico?”

Snapping herself out of her thoughts, Nico turns to Molly, staring at the immense ship before looking to her.

Nico gulps, turning her attention back to the ship, “The only person who knows what I know and more.” she replies before hearing the ringing line, get answered.

“Hello?” Nico says, cupping her hand around the end of the phone, “Are you seeing this?!”

~Have they started attacking New York yet?~

Nico throws her hands up in the air, her face washing over with disbelief, “What do you think! Its a mess here!” she replies.

~But have they started firing down on the City?!~

Molly looks to Nico, seeing her lean against a brick wall of a building, trying to hold herself up as she turns pale, “Nico is everything…”

Holding up her finger, Nico looks to Molly sternly as she tries to focus her thoughts, “Abigail, what is going on?” ” she says, “Does this have to do with what we…”

~This has nothing to do with us as far as I can tell. Just listen to me, every city is getting leveled, it just started. Before fire starts raining down from heaven, you have to get somewhere safe, I have to go.~

Feeling her entire body trembling, Nico turns to the wall as anger bubbles up from inside her with intensity, “NO! You do NOT get to just blow me off! I have NO WAY OUT OF HERE!” she shouts, glancing over to Molly standing behind her, on pins and needles to find out the entirety of the conversation, “I have someone with me. Don't You have, can’t you call the Avengers or something…”

~The avengers are fighting a lost cause. I have your location, your on Bond Street and Lafayette, there’s a construction site and a white storage container unit on it. Get to Bleeker Street, and into the container. There's a small transport vessel on that construction property. Get to it and whatever you do, if you can...~

Hearing the line go dead, Nico looks at the phone. Dead.


Hearing Molly’s scream, Nico looks to her pointing down out the alley as all the lights go dark with a harmonious sound of electrical transformers shutting down across the city.

Panic stricken, Molly looks to Nico, “What’s going on?”

Grabbing Molly’s hand, Nico runs, “MOVE!” she shouts in panic.

Throwing one leg in front of the other, Nico races with Nico out the alleyway and into the maddening street. Wall to wall with people, Nico looks to Molly, “DON’T LET GO OF MY HAND!” she shouts.

The sheer amount of bodies shuffling about renders Molly and Nico into a near claustrophobic scenario. Panic sets into the sea of people as everyone almost comes to halt as something streaks past the avenue on Broadway garnering everyone’s head-turned attention.

Cheers erupt. Two-fingered whistles from people pierce the air. Looking over their raised hands, Nico and Molly see Iron Man, streak over the crowd with Spider-man swinging behind him. Blazing past in a bolt of lightning, Thor whizzes by soon followed by a metal ship with a SHIELD logo on its side, all heading to the Ship.


Molly looks up at Nico, nibbling nervously on her lip.

“Its okay Nico, the Avengers are here.”

Nico looks down at her with a look of dread, “When an Avenger comes to a fight…” she says to her, “...its the last place anyone need to be.”

Feeling the tug on her arm, Nico looks to Molly pointing at a restaurant.

“We can cut through the back of the buildings, like in L.A.” Molly suggests.

Looking ahead to the still moving crowd raising their phones to get a picture, Nico nods to her advice, pushing her along, “Alright let's go.” .


Emerging from a massive gaping hole among the remains of Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctum, Darth Sidious steps out between two massive piles of rubble. The smell of burning debris and thick smoke stings his nostrils. The sound of distant cries of children and adult alike fill his ears. However, the wailing sirens of police and fire trucks all become drowned out from the constant explosions rumbling the city under foot.

To Sidious contentment, he raises his yellow eyes to his ship ‘The Executor’ engines roaring with power as it lifts into the orange sky and over the shredded skyscrapers in Manhattan. The exposed bright blue circular turbines on his ships underbelly vibrates the air with power while red laser fire zips out from the side of the ships sharp edges. Cascading over the city like a meteor shower, red blaster fire shoots over Central Park and touches down on Manhattan’s Uptown area with a thunderous boom swiftly followed by black smoke rising into the orange sky.

It was all familiar, the fall of a city and rise of a new power. His power. Until he removed all obstacles.

As the consistent and uncompromising bombardment of destruction trembles the city, felt under his feet, Darth Sidious turns his attention to the mountainous pile of debris leading to the street. However to his mild surprise, Sidious narrows his yellow red eyes at the sight of his Death Troopers, all clad in black are scattered dead in the street with Police Officers. With a growl Sidious hastily stalks down to pavement.

His yellowish eyes scour over the scene. Smoke rises off the slain officers charred chests while bullet holes fill the Death troopers; Sidious caring little for firefight that inevitably left no survivors, Sidious groans, irritated that the feeling as if spying eyes were watching him attentively.

Promptly, Sidious raises his yellow eyes upwards, focusing to the edge of a brownstone home rooftop. There, on the shadowy ledge behind a gargoyle, Sidious narrows his eyes at the discreet shadowy silhouette of a man with the orange sky behind him, touching side of his ear before quickly disappearing from view.

“Curious are we.” snarls Sidious, lifting his open palm over his head before balling a fist.

Immediately, the concrete edge of the rooftop explodes. Chunks of concrete and fine bits a like, fall the street towards Sidious who spots the mysterious figure plummeting to the ground amongst the debris, thrust out a device similar to a grappling hook. As the line from the grappling hook is shot from the mysterious figure, on the ground, Sidious simply gestures his two fingers down, yanking the figure out the air, snapping the grappling hook line and the man slamming him into the street with enough force to break the pavement .

Clad in red, the mystery man's agonizing screams of pain bring an uncontrolled smile Sidious face as he approaches him. Narrows his eyes at the sight of Daredevil’s broken body twitching in the caved in pavement as he cries out a horrible agony, Sidious stands several feet away from.

“Interesting.” Sidious comments, calling him over with a gesture of his finger.

Using force, Sidious drags Daredevil’s broken body across the pavement slowly, savoring each howl of pain he makes. Holding up his finger, Sidious lifts Daredevil’s tattered body off the ground. Dardevil's mask half torn, blood coming from between his bared teeth, Sidious looks upon him with disappointment as their face to face, “So this is the devil of Hell kitchen, in red.” he huffs.

“I assume you cannot see Mister Murdock…” Sidious states “...but I wonder if it is by means of the force that you see? Or is it by some other means?” he wonders.


Suddenly two white energy blasts streak across and explode on both sides of Darth Sidious!

Holding up his hand as the burning embers from the explosion sizzle on his force shield, Sidious narrows his eyes at the sight of Iron Man dropping out the sky and landing in the street with a thud on his knee and fists. Dropping down beside him with a heavier ‘krug’ rumbling the street, Thor landing with his crackling hammer in hand beside Hercules. Floating over all of them, Sidious catches sight of Vision narrowing his steely gaze.

Peering past Vision, Sidious sees in the orange sky, an immense helicopter floating high over New York City, exchanging fire with his ship Executor with crackles of electricity dancing across the translucent shield protecting both their ships.

However, catching his attention, Sidious spots a black Quinjet roaring towards him between the buildings. Swiftly the Quinjet and comes to a roaring halt hovering overhead Iron Man and Thor. Sidious watches the small Quinjet's black underbelly open with Captain America, Black Widow, Hercules and Falcon all dropping out to the street.

Landing beside Iron Man, Captain America can hardly believe his eyes at the sight of Daredevil’s battered body, writhing in pain as he gags in the air beside the mysterious foe. The body of dozens of slain police officers laid beside unrecognizable storm troopers with Stephen Strange’s home laid to waste behind the mysterious hooded foe.

Captain America’s eyes ignite with anger as he points to him, “I'm not in the habit of trouncing old men…” Steve Rogers says, “...but unless you end all this, I WILL!" ”

His statement makes Sidious arch his eyebrow as he drops Daredevil onto his knees, gasping for air.

“Your confidence is inspiring.” Sidious replies, “But nothing will stop my Campaign. It is destiny.” he states.

“Destiny?!” Thor exclaims, “Earth is under Asgardian Protection you fool!"

Sidious arches his eyebrow, “Asguardian, Kree, Inhuman, whatever you may be, all things bow before the DARKSIDE!” he barks, "And your efforts Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Odinson, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Colonel Rhodes and the Synthetic human…” Sidious declares to all the stunned statement, “...are are all less than pointless."

Hercules glances at Stark “He knows of our names.” he scoffs.

"Good." Natasha replies, "That way he can get my name right when he tells his friends who broke his hip for hurting Matt." she spits, "NOW STEP AWAY FROM DAREDEVIL!" she shouts, cocking her guns.

"Look you evil Bernie Sanders..." Iron Man spits as he lifts up his face-place, "...I've already triangulated your global command that went out from your on-person transmitter." Stark reveals, "In thirty seconds, a 'retreat' will be sent out to your ships, they'll leave, you'll be stuck here, and this campaign of yours will be over quicker than it started - don't make this get any more ugly than it has to be." he confidently states, "You came against the Avengers, its inevitable you'll lose!"

Darth Sidious arches his eyes at Iron Man’s comment, and points to the rubble that was the home of Stephen Strange , "Inevitability is your hubris." Sidious replies, "Inevitability was your arrival. But if you do you believe that an attack of this magnitude across your planet within five minutes of my arrival would hinge..." he says, holding up to them a transmitter between his fingers, "...on this?" he scoffs, crushing the transmitter in his hands, "Than you are a further disappointment than I realized."

“You wanted us here?” Captain America realizes.

"No." Vision answers, looking upon Sidious deathly glare, "He wanted his biggest threats, here.” Vision corrects.

"Don't flatter yourself droid!!” snaps Sidious. “I am here only to offer you all a choice.” he growls.

Captain America, seeing Spider-Man stealthily crawl down a building behind Sidious and leap onto telephone pole, tries to buy more time, "And that is what exactly?!" Rogers asks.

“To have peace!” Sidious proudly exclaims, "I have gained knowledge of your world. World Ending Event after Event is ALL YOU ARE!." he yells, "Your world and many others like, will die without the guidance of the power that many a millennia ago was exiled. The Dark Side." he states.

"Could you have picked a more EVIL name?!" scoffs Tony, turning to Thor but remains silent at seeing Thor's face grow very concerned and grim.

"It is only by the Power of the Darkside can I this world and others.." continues Sidious, "...but first, I must punish those who shall stand between my Sith Empire and ..." he says. raising up his finger, "...let say, true peace." he grins, as Daredevil's lifted off the ground, gagging for air.

Stepping ahead of Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow parts her red hair from her face and promptly aims her pistol straight at Sidious face, “How bout I give you a piece of something!!” she counters, cocking her gun with a coy smile.

“Are you threatening me Miss Romanov?” growls Sidious, curling his two fingers together, causing Daredevil to gag as he tightens his telekinetic ground around his neck.

“SITH!" yells Thor as everyone looks to him, "...take this one warning" he threatens, "LEAVE and never return, or by the power of Odin and Mjolnir I shall break more than thy hip and spirit!” he warns.

Shaking his head, Sidious frees both his hands from his long sleeves as two mysterious metal cylinders zip into his grip as he grins madly, "In that case, as Emperor of the Galactic Empire and true Personification of the Darkside, I sentence you all to Death for underestimating the POWER OF THE DARKSIDE!” he shouts, igniting both his bright cardinal red lightsabers before swiftly spinning around and cutting Daredevil in two!

“MAATT!” Natasha screams, tearfully firing her gun as Daredevil’s two halfs drop to the ground. Promptly, Sidious points his red lightsaber and holds up his finger, telekinetically throwing back the bullets she fired.

“TAKE'EM OUT!” shouts Captain America, holding up his shield as he jumps in front of Black Widow with the bullets riddling his shield!

Hearing Cap's order Sidious eyes scours over his personal battlefield. Thor spins his hammer with veracity before bolting ahead at him, leaping across the ground in a single bound alongside Hercules. Iron Man plants his feet on the ground, charging a powerful energy surge in his chest plate. Feeling another disturbance, Sidious senses Spider-Man from behind, lunging straight for him. Falcon streaks up into the air, firing down at him, while Vision, wisely remains poised, waiting for a key moment to attack.

Drawing a breathe and using his ‘force speed’, feeling as if has slowed to a crawl, "APPRENTICE!" Sidious screams out!

At that moment the ground thuds as a blurring yellow flash bashes Thor across the face, rocketing him straight up into Falcon before an equally swift force bashes Hercules across his face, sending him straight through the street and into a subway tunnel as the ion beam bursts out Iron Man's chest and explodes on Darth Sidious!

Covering their eyes from the immense bright explosion from Iron’ Man’s chestplate, the smoke filling the street is suddenly dissipated away with a ‘woosh’. A sudden pit of dread fills Captain America’s gut. Black Widow’s eyes open wide in shock, as she stands on her feet, unable to believe her eyes.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Steve Rogers gasps.

As smoke rises off his muscled body, the large 'S' sign glows a yellow light as his blue cape remains draped behind his back. Darth Sidious incessant cackling echoes down the street as he stands behind Robert Reynolds, the sandy haired forgotten hero standing protectively in front of Sidious.

His eyes black, with pin-hole sized red irises, locked on Rogers and his fists, balled into fists.

“Meet one of the many starved users of the Dark Side in your dimension…” Sidious grins, “...Darth Void.” He declares.


“APPRENTICE!” Sidious declares, getting everyone’s attention as Void shifts his red eyes to Sidious.

"Yes My Master." he replies.

Sidious looks the group of heroes with glee, “Kill them all.” he growls.

Slowly turning his gaze to Iron Man, Darth Void, narrows his red eyes, “Gladly, my master.”

to be continued

Sw Isd Imperial Star Destroyer Over Manhattan. is a photograph by HQ Photo

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Wiping the sweat from her brow, Abigail Brand grips the edge of her glass workstation, keeping her eyes peeled to the cracked glass monitor. The glow of orange flames surrounds her, tinting everything in her sight fiery orange. The immense heat filling the Command space becomes nothing less than sweltering. Barely able to breath and struggling to keep her footing, Abigail looks behind her, watching chairs, debris and computer stations all fall to the floor and slide to into an enormous void of fire blackening the walls as the entire satellite base breaks apart. Hearing the sudden high pitch scream of turbines whizzing past, Abigail briefly catches sight of thousands of TIE fighters pouring out from the bottom of another Star Cruiser.

Touching her earpiece, Abigail Brand quickly types on the holographic keyboard, “This Commander Abigail Brand of the SWORD AGENCY!” she exclaims, “I am opening all COMMS to all agencies across the globe, SWORD HAS FALLEN! I REPEAT, SWORD HAS FALLEN!”

No Caption Provided

Jumping onto the glass touch panel below the monitor, Abigail curls up as a large beam engulfed in flames crashes down behind her. Abigail Brand turns to the window, focusing on Earth.

“As we speak, aircraft's from around the world will be launching the largest aerial battle in this history of mankind.” Abigail declares, “Mankind, a word that should have new meaning to all of you today. For today, we do not fight against tyranny or against oppression but annihilation!” she says, grabbing onto the panel with all her might as the entire space station leans towards the Earth.

“SWORD may fall today, but anyone can pick it up and wield it with power of army if they chose too. So i challenge you all, to pick up where this sword will fall, and fight! DO NOT let them bring the night upon mankind! Rage against the light, RAGE AGAINST THE----”

Suddenly Abigail sees a brightening red glow bathe everything in the crumbling command center, “Oh my…”


No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Standing on the command deck, the immense deep pit before him, filled with agents decked in blue uniform faded into the background. Grabbing onto the railing with all his strength as the ship rattles and trashes about with deafening ‘booms’ Nick’s Fury eye remains locked with intensity at the sight on his screen broadcasting SWORDs orbital satellite exploding in a flurry of green laser fire.

“ABIGAAIL!!!” Nick Fury shouts, punching the screen,

“SIR WE’RE LOSING ENGINE ONE AND FOUR…” shouts Agent Derek, “We’re taking too much damage these fighter planes are too fast for our guns to handle!”

Raising his attention from the screen, Nick Fury looks to windows, watching the whizzing TIE fighters zip by at mind blowing speeds. The deafening sound of constant machine guns and blaster fire from the Helicarrier fills Nick Fury’s ears with noise. However, everyone watches as a Star Destroyer, holding a motionless position high above in the blue sky, open the bottom of its under belly with more TIE fighters pouring out like bees from a hive, heading straight for them.

“PITCH THE HELICARRIER TO THE WATER NOW.” Fury orders, before hitting a comm button that goes to all speakers, “THIS IS COLONEL FURY, ABANDON SHIP! I REPEAT, ABANDON SHIP! AND PREP THE ZEPHYR” he exclaims.

Storming away from the command station, Nick Fury races through the ‘whooshing’ doors and into the hallway filled with Agents running for escape pods. Explosions and quaking rattle the ship, throwing Nick off his balance ashe grabs onto a railing. Presses his earpiece, Nick looks out the window beside him, seeing the entire ship lean towards a massive river, “MARIA…” he calls out, “..WE’RE GOING DOWN!.”


No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Standing in the dark room observing the myriad of broadcasting screens on the wall, Maria Hill touches her earpiece, “I see you Fury. You’re heading to the Potomac River. But once you land those TIE fighters ‘will’ converge on your location…”

~I know, i’m boarding a ship now before we crash, what’s the update, where are the Thunderbolts?~

“Thunderbolts joined Captain Britain British Forces on the European front once Spain and France were leveled.” Maria replies, “War Machine joined with Omega Flight and the Canadian Military to prevent a campaign flanks the States.” she informs him, “But with SWORD gone, the Alpha Flight Space Program is in no position to stop these Star Destroyers. Carol Danvers coming from deep space now but no one can deploy their small fighters.” she states, “Our attackers are scattering like roaches; bombarding every non capital city on the Planet.” she finishes.

“Did you see the SWORD station?” Fury asks, “Something else it took out SWORD and it came from within portal!”

Maria slides her finger across her tabletop screen, revealing a map of the United States with two dots swiftly moving across the map towards New York. “No I was in the bathroom, OF COURSE I SAW IT?!!” she replies in frustration, “Something else is coming through that portal but everyone is still scrambling to put on underwear let alone get up to space to fight what’s trying to kill us right now!”

*Have Avengers assets mobilized yet?”

“Monica Rambeau, Wonder Man and Miguel Santos aka Living Lightning just got word their heading over our atmosphere. ” Hill states, “They’ll link up with whoever’s left from Alpha Flight and launch a sweeping assault over the Western Hemisphere.” she says, “In D.C. Red Hulk and his U.S. Avengers and War Machine are in a full-scale battle-zone in front of the White House struggling against whatever aerial superiority we just lost, oh yeah, our Air Force is gone!”

*What about our allies?” asks Fury.

“Ma’am’...” interrupts an Agent as he turns away from his computer to her, “...Unity Avengers team just took down a ship in Utah.” he reports

No Caption Provided

Pointing to the screen, Maria narrows her eyes, “Put out a call to every mercenary in Madripoor…” Hill orders, “ hundred million dollar reward to the team that goes through that ship and makes sure nothing walks out!!” she points.

“Instead of calling mercenaries Maria, you should be calling in our heavy hitters.” Nick asks.

“Look Nick…” Maria aggravated groans, “...we just got sneak attacked by more than ten ships with a collective signatures able to take our planet. They’ve blinded us, they’re crippling us and currently sending two flank squadrons at the U.S. to both coasts, all within FIVE minutes…” she explains, “ sue me for delegating.” Maria snaps.

*This is a lot of planning for five minutes Maria* Nick counters, *And it all started when that ship in New York took out Stephen Strange non-existent house. Last I check before we went down, that ship, started lifting off the city, if that thing leaves the planet, I have a feeling we’re...”

“Nick? NICK!” Maria Hill shouts before turning to an agent, “What happened?”

“An E.M.P just went off from five Star Destroyers over New York CIty.” The agent replies, “The entire East Coast just went into a blackout.”

Maria HIll balls up a fist before kicking a desk, “SOMEONE GET ME EYES AND EARS THERE NOW!”

“Ma’am’...” calls out an agent, “...I have a transmission from the ‘X-Men Gold Team and Blue Team…” he says skeptically, “... they saying they’re on route to backup the Avengers Unity Squad. E.T.A five minutes.”

“Commander Hill!” interrupts an agent.

Turning around, Maria Hill catches sight of an agent holding up his tablet, “Singapore, Japan and China governments forces just got wiped out and the aerial squad that ‘hit’ them, is heading to the U.S. now.”

“Jeezus…” grumbles Hill.

“COMMANDER!” shouts another Agent, “San Francisco just reported a Star Destroyer entering the Bay Area and firing down on civilians.”

No Caption Provided

Maria points to the screen, “Get whatever allied fighters we have in the skies over Canada West coastline to get down to the California to back up the X-Men and Unity Squad! We lose that Coast, we’re cornered in the East.”

“Ma’am!” exclaims an officer, pointing at his screen, “A small craft shot just shot out of the same portal the rest of these ships came from. They just broke over the Pennsylvania and, and…” stutters the officer, his face washing over with a skeptical look.

“SPIT IT OUT DAVIS!” Maria shouts.

“Its..” Agent Davis continues, “...its just shot down a bunch of its own fighters just because they were in the way…”

Storming over to him, Maria Hill pushes him aside and hunches to his screen to see with her own eyes, “This is Hill to all open channels…” she announces, “...I got a bogey coming in hot from the atmosphere. That ship must be a high-ranking officer and its headed over to New York City from the South.” Maria states, tracking it via the satellites as ship moves fast over the midwest, “Can somebody take it out!”

*This is Quinjet 009. We have the bogey in sight...*

Maria Hill looks to the large wall screen, “Agent identify yourself.” she orders.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

“What?! You don’t recognize our sunshine demeanor voice?” Phil Coulson says.

“This is Agent May and Coulson ” answers Agent May, “And whatever just came down, it broke up into three ships, its coasting past Lady Liberty, we’re in engaging .” she adds.

No Caption Provided

Descending out the clouds at high speed, Agent May hears the loud ‘BOOM’ around the Quinjet as they break into Mach 2. Sucked in her chair, Agent May’s face firms as their craft picks up speed. Tapping the touch screen panel, Agent Coulson watches two joysticks extend out dashboard and flip up to him.

“They’re hitting Mach 4, we’re gonna lose’em!.” Coulson states.

“Not today.” May replies, bringing the red throttle lever beside her forward.Trees below them turn into a green blur as Coulson grunts in discomfort as the Quinjet blasts forward. Sucked harder into their seats, May shifts in her seat with discomfort. The speedy quinjet puts a strain on the body as they roars past a bridge, pulling off the top of trees in its wake. Fire roars out the rear propulsion, careening faster headlong into the distance towards the mysterious three ships that continue steadfastly in one direction.

Seeing their target in sight and over a forest area with no civilians, May nods to Phil, “Fire when you have a…”

Before she can finish, two of the small tie-fighters abruptly barrel roll in opposite directions, while the middle streaks up to the blue sky.

“Crap!” May fusses, pulling the yoke towards her and arcing up the nose of their speedy quinjet.

Feeling as if he fell deeper in his seat, Phil braces himself as May rockets them upwards to the overcast sky. Peering out the window beside him, Coulson narrows his eyes seeing the other ships that peeled off, “May we got two bogeys at our rear!” he warns.

“I know, I Know!!” May replies.

*Agent May what’s your status!!* Maria Hill asks over the comm.

“SINGLE AND NOT DYING!” shouts May as the entire quinjet rumbles from turbulence as they rapidly ascend higher and higher into the overcast sky “COULSON, SHOOT THIS GUY DOWN!” she shouts.

“ON IT!” exclaims Coulson, pulling on the triggers.

Coulson unleashes a barrage of machine gun fire from the belly of the quinjet. Hundreds of bright orange fiery bullets hurdle through the sky at the nimble speedy TIE fighters that defies all laws of avionics, twirling around like a spinning top before abruptly, changing course to a straight nose dive!

Suddenly alarms ring out. Coulson eyes zip to the pulsating red indicator light, “Missile lock, the ships behind us!” he exclaims.

“Hang on!”” May exclaims, quickly veering the ship left. Sucked into her seat, May strains as she puts them in a steep descent. A deafening hiss passes them as they turn. Seeing two missiles miss them and continue to space, Coulson concentrates firing at the extremely nimble ships dodging every shot as they barrel down to the water, “May these two ships behind us aren't’ going anywhere we gotta shake’em.”

“I’m gonna try something.” May exclaims, swerving quinjet into a sharp left steep turn.

Barely able to stay in his seat, Coulson looks to her with concern, “Whatever it is, do it before this ship reaches Manhattan!” Coulson replies as they pass over Staten Island.

“Reeeady…” May says over the howling winds filling their ears as Phil quickly taps the touchscreen dash.

Immediately on their windshield, a yellow crosshairs appears and turns green settling on one TIE fighter zooming past the Statue of Liberty as it levels off over water, barreling towards the city.

“NOW!” May exclaims.

“GOT’EM!.” Coulson says, firing a missile.

Yanking the ship to a sharp left with all her might, May barrel rolls the Quinjet to the right as a missile zooms underneath their left wing and streaks ahead for the TIE fighter ahead of them alongside their missile. Leveling off quinjet in hot pursuit of their target, before Coulson and May’s very eyes, their eyes open wide, stunned as the two missiles closing in on the TIE fighter, suddenly wobble from the nose before veering off and exploding away from it!

“Tell me that didn’t happen!” May growls, tightening her grip on her controls. Hitting the dashboard in frustration, May shakes her head, “TELL ME THAT DIDN’T JUST…”

Before she can finish and against all her practical knowledge, May and Coulson watch as the speedy TIE fighter ahead of them abruptly flips in the air as small rockets propel it backwards at high-speed.

Peering ahead to the cockpit, Coulson rises out his seat in sheer disbelief trying to see the pilot in the fighter. At that moment, Coulson points to May “PULL BACK NNnn...”

Immediately Coulson gasps, clutching his throat.

May looks to him, confused as Phil clasps at his neck in agony and lifted off his feet

“PHIL!” she cries out, but suddenly May’s sent face first into dashboard as the yoke of the plane is pushed forward, sending them into a steep dive right into the murky waters.



Trying to compose herself, Maria Hill face firms as she touches her earpiece, “Helicarrier One REPORT!” shouts.

Hearing nothing but white noise, Maria turns to an agent standing up from his seat, “Ma’am..” he says,

“...its New York, I got this from a building’s weather cam.”

Maria folds her arms, bracing herself for what she’s about to see.

No Caption Provided

Maria Hill hands drop to her side as her breath escapes her, “Void…” she mumbles.


Closing her eyes, Maria clenches her jaw and turns to the Agent, “What now.” he snarls.

The Agent pulls off his headset, “I have something coming through the portal over earth...something big.”

Aggravated at his vagueness, Maria plants her hands on her waist before narrowing her eyes at him, “Define, big.”

The agent looks to her before turning back to his screen, “As big, as the moon, ma’am.” ,

to be continued....

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Nico’s brown eyes snap open. Immediately her body stiffens. Overwhelming fear seizes her nerves like vise. A sudden cold sweat drenches Nico’s back. Her fingertips numb, her nails blue. Her pounding heart hastens at the speed of a firing machine gun. Uncontrollable tears burst from Nico’s eyes like a broken dam. Sobs tremble her body. Her chest tightens. Breath, now shallow. Nico desperate wheeze for air reddens her face even more. Struggling to catch a breath, Nico gasps as paralyzing fear and terror engulf her in another wave of terror, pouring over her like waves on a sandy shore.

It was happening again. Her panic attacks. Overwhelming and drowning her all at once.

Suddenly a soft touch warms Nico’s shoulder. Terrifying her, Nico’s eyes snap open, her irises’ contracted into pinholes! Nico sends herself onto her back desperately crawling away like an injured animal until her back touches an unmoving cold metal wall.

Shocked and paralyzed, Nico’s face turns ghost white as her eyes lift upwards, transfixed at a silhouetted figure standing in front of her with a burning sky behind it.

“Mom please...” begs Nico in a weak whimper with tears cascading down her cheeks, “...don’t kill me. Not now. Not yet.”

“NICO!!” says the voice.

“Mom please…” Nico repeats, holding out her hand,“...D-don’t, don’t kill me…”


Closing her eyes, Nico shakes her head before refocusing on the small girl standing in front of her, Molly Hayes, standing before her. Wearing tattered pink sweater, purple jeans, white sneakers, and her pink puffer coat tied around her waist, Molly kneels down to Nico who stares at her as if having seen a ghost.

“Nico…” Molly says softly, “...its just me.” she says, extending her hand to her. Nico, like a scared cat, jolts back, staring at her dirted palm as if it was foreign object.

“Breathe Nico…” Molly interrupts, her big blue eyes locking with Nico’s, “... jeezus breathe.” she says in a soft tone. Nico’s eyes blink repeatedly as Molly’s words echo in her ears. Resting her head on the back of the metal wall behind her, Nico covers her face with her trembling hands, trying to steady her breath.

“I’m calling for help.” Molly says, pulling out her cell phone, typing out a text, “What happened to you?””

Nico rubs her moisten forehead with her trembling hand, “I became a hero...” she mumbles, “...and got Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a souvenir.” sighs Nico.

Suddenly a earth quaking rumble makes Molly rises to her feet defensively. Nico anxiously grabs the concrete, her eyes darting to the left like a petrified animal of prey, “What’s going on?!” she nervously asks, her heart racing all over again. However, her senses back to normal, Nico observes their surroundings. Confused, Nico sees the blue seats and bent metal poles decorating the ceilings over them. Broken half glass window frames lodged in the concrete with bits of glistening glass scattered about.

“Are we in a bus?” Nico asks Molly as the haze of her panic attack lifts. , Nico’s looks upon Molly as if for the first time, truly, for the first time. Standing before her with blooded knuckles, bullet holes in her sweater, and a pink bandanna wrapped around her forehead with her backpack at her feet, Molly kneels to her.

“Something’s goin’ on out there Nico.” the twelve year old preteen says, “And…


Hearing the voices outside, Molly pulls away from Nico, looking to the end of the upside down bus, “I’ll be back, I promise.” she says, taking off in a sprint.

Paralyzed and shocked all at once, Nico struggles to get up but falls onto her knees as fear buckles her knees, “No…” she groans, shaking her head, “Mol....MOLLAAAY!” Nico shrieks as the young pre-teen throws her legs one after the other, running out the narrow bus as fast as she can.

In seconds, Molly’s once blue eyes turn determinedly bright violet as she skids outside the bus. Her violet purple eyes look up at the apocalyptic flaming skyscrapers burning in the black smoke ridden orange sky. Howling engines roar over head from swift moving TIE fighters obliterating military jets with ease while massive boat like Helicarriers descend out in the sky in a flurry of flames. All the while, one massive arrowhead shaped ship, climbs over the city with dynamic aerial superiority as TIE fighters swarm around it protectively like bees around a hive.

On the ground before her, hundreds of people fight in the streets against other Stormtroopers struggling to shoot them down. Among the mad crowd, leaping onto one Stormtroopers , the masked yellow and blue heroine Hellcat, acrobatically flips off the white trooper, kicking another across the helmet as she lands in the street. Grabbing his blaster from the ground, Hellcat blasts another Stormtroopers before tossing it to Punisher sliding across the ground and laying waste to group of Stormtroopers chasing innocent New Yorkers. Other citizens rush out stores and alleyways with clubs, pipes and anything they can grab, to support the heroes as more Stormtroopers arrive.


Molly’s violet eyes immediately focus to the ten white armored Stormtroopers running at her with blasters in hand, “TAKE’ER OUT!” shouts the Storm Trooper as they skid to a stop to fire.

Quickly, Molly raises her foot, “RAAH!” she shouts, stomping the ground with all her might! The black pavement crumbles beneath her foot, quaking the entire street and sends everyone to the ground. Hellcat and Punisher take advantage, going after the Stormtroopers who are taken off balance. Wasting no time, Molly opens her arms wide before clapping her hands, sending a thunderous sound wave into the ten Stormtroopers , launching them away.


Looking over her shoulder, Molly spots Luke Cage, far behind with a bullet riddled yellow shirt on, pointing to a flaming building behind him, “WE GOT CIVILIANS IN THERE! GET’EM OUT!” he shouts. Her glowing violet eyes look over the bodies and dead Stormtroopers on the streets to a small art store with people inside, peaking out while the top the entire building is poised to crumble from the flames engulfing it.

“ON IT!” Molly shouts. Bravely running across the chaotic street, Molly holds up her hands as stray blaster ricochets off her bulletproof body. Reaching a toppled burning car, Molly thrusts her small palm into the searing hot fiber glass and flings the burning car low and fast into the Stormtroopers, taking them all out. Peeking out from the bus, Nico’s eyes open wide in shock as Molly leaps into the burning through a broken window as the building billows smoke from its top, ready to collapses.

“SHE WENT IN THERE!” shouts a Stormtroopers .

Nico’s heart sinks at the sight of the numerous Stormtroopers gathering in front of the burning store. Knowledge of Molly’s super strength and durability was nothing knew, but at seeing a Stormtrooper pull out a grenade, a flurry of fear rolls in Nico’s stomach.

“MOLLY GET OUT OF THERE!” Nico shouts, quickly garnering the attention of the Stormtroopers.

Suddenly a deafening boom trembles the ground. Before anyone can see, a swift moving ship explodes through the middle of a high rise building, plummets out the air, slams onto the street with tremendous quake and grinds across the pavement with an ear splitting metal scream. Unable to escape the ships momentous path, civilians and Stormtroopers alike are run over as Nico dives away as the ship screeches pass and smashes through a building.

Lifting her up her eyes, Nico’s heart sinks at the smoke filling the streets as a gaping hole now rests in the storefront Molly had went into with bricks crumbling down. Nico’s heart sinks as she scrambles on her feet as the entire building starts to collapse, “MOLLLAAAAAAY!!” she screams

Suddenly a blur of red, white and blue streaks past her and smashes into a charred car frame!

Amazed, Nico looks at the hulking figure of a bloodied Captain America, holding up his shield over his body defensively, and quickly rising to his feet. Suddenly a massive iron beam slams against the shield a loud ‘bung’. Deflecting the iron beam with all his might, Steve Rogers feet slides back from the impact as the beam drops to the ground. Letting out a tired breath, Steve Rogers eyes meet with Nico staring at him, awestruck. His face mask torn off, his face bruised and bloody, Rogers staggers momentarily before pointing to shelter, “GET OUT’VE HERE!” he shouts before taking off running from which he was sent.

Running with all his might, Steve Rogers sprints down the destroyed street at great speed, smashing his shield into any storm trooper daring to block his path. Leaping over the slain bodies littering the street, Steve Rogers reaches the intersection leading to the main avenue but comes to a prompt halt, stunned at what he sees.

Standing back to back, Sentry and Darth Sidious fight fluidly atop a mound of crushed cars. Decimating dozens of SHIELD agents rushing them at a a time, screams and howls fill the air as Sidious ducks below Sentry’s blinding red eye beams that shoot out from his eyes and spin in a three hundred sixty degree rotation around the street, cutting down dozens of agents at once.

Silently and efficiently, the pair hold their ground. Sidious shoots out bright crackling clusters of red lightning from his fingertips through multiple heroes. Sentry ruthlessly grabs hold of Moon Knight by the face and hurls him straight to the Sun with conscious. The street teems with slain bodies. Still, Police and SHIELD agents duck behind scorched cars, shooting at their assailants while braver heroes flank the pair.

Everyone concentrated in one direction with one aim as Sentry and Sidious murderously hold their ground with absolute dominance; until a bellowing voice calls out from above.


Lifting his yellow eyes to the above voice, Sidious raises ten SHIELD agents around him off their feet while looking up to Vision, diving bombing at him like a guided missile. Narrowing his piercing orange eyes, Sidious smirks at the newly acquiring knowledge he attained from Uatu's brain, having grown anxious to use it.

“Finally.” he mumbles under his breath. Balling his fist, Sidious hears all the agents neck crack at once around him before shouting, “Ultron Programming Nine two five seven Alpha Shutdown!”

Hearing Sidious words, Vision suddenly clutches his head. Unable to control himself, he plummets out of control and slams into the pavement, rolling onto his back. His eyes turn black with bright green ‘ones’ and ‘zeroes’ running down irises. Twitching on the ground, Vision struggles to get up but Sentry swiftly drives his heel straight through his mechanical head, destroying him.

“NOOOOOOOO!!!” shouts Natasha Romanova. Howver her cry calls to Sidious predatory attention and he promptly ‘force pulls’ her off her feet towards him.

“APPRENTICE!” calls out Sidious, meeting his eyes Sentry, “ARE YOU LOYAL?!!” He shouts, shooting his eyes beams through Romanov's chest.


At that moment, Thor drops to the Earth with Mjolnir crackling in his grip, “BE GOOOONE!” he shouts, unleashing a powerful flurry of lighting at Sidious!

“IF YOU ARE...” Sidious shouts to to Void, “THEN PROVE IT!” he orders.

Sentry quickly speeds away from Sidious, smashing through a building but streaks back faster than he came, hurling a bloodied and battered Luke Cage straight into Thor’s lightning blast! Luke Cages bones flashes under his skin like an x-ray before abruptly exploding from the inside out at Thor’s lightning attack.

Stunned, Thor drops his hammer at seeing Luke Cage’s ashes linger in the air like smoke..

Proving himself to his Master, Sentry plows through the ashes of what was Luke Cage, clothes-lining both Hawkeye and Falcon across their jaws with his outstretched arms, and breaking their necks! Barreling ahead at full speed, Sentry plows straight through Ben Grimm aka Thing’s torso, exploding him into pebbles before careening straight at Iron Man like a missile!

Suddenly in a flurry of lightning, Thor body slams Iron Man away into a car and bashes Sentry across the jaw with his hammer, sending him face-first into the ground, shattering the windows from the blow. Dazed and now with a ringing in his ears, Sentry grinds his bloodied teeth as pain radiates from the right side of his face. However, at hearing the snap and crackle of Thor's hammer, Sentry pulls his face out the broken pavement, his eyes meeting with Odinson’s angry face glaring down at him.

“Yield thyself Roberts...” Thor growls, “...lest Mjolnir end you.” he warns.

Sentry blazing red eyes turn black. His face pales and blue veins rises under his skin as he crouches down like an animal, “You can’t kill...the VOID!” he shouts, throwing himself into Thor breaking the sound barrier over the ground. Immediately the pair arc into the air, with white smoke trailing them into the burning red sky.

Getting himself up, Iron Man taking advantage of the opportunity, he promptly charges his chest piece uni-beam!

"Jarvis divert all auxiliary power to the unibeam now."

Paying him no mind, Sidious touches his earpiece as he looks up to the blazing orange sky and burning hazy sun.

“Commander Tark, how long before the Primary Weapon is fully charged?” Sidious asks via comm unit.

*Exactly Two minutes and twenty seconds, my eminence.* replies the Officer on the Death Star.

Sidious looks to his wrist gauntlet, seeing the time: 12:34.

Suddenly Sidious sees the blue glow of Iron Man’s incoming unibeam bathing him in its light. In one motion, Sidious spins around, slashing both his red lightsabers through Iron Man’s energy beam, causing it to explode on both sides of him. Seeing Iron Man standing from far through the waves of heat, Sidious watches Iron Man’s face-plate slide up, exposing his astonished face.

“My turn.” snarls Sidious.

Quickly rotating his hands over the other, a pocket of foggy air formulates between Sidious palms before thrusting out his palms outward. Starks faceplate slams shut just as Sidious ‘force burst’ explodes the ground, disintegrates the slain bodies and slams into Iron Man, sending him straight through a building! Seeing the massive hole in the building structure, Sidious is taken off guard as Iron Man rockets back out the building at top speed, tackling him into pavement!

Rolling over several times, Iron Man pins Sidious to the ground and grabs him by the throat, “NITE NITE GRIM DEATH!” he shouts as the slots on his armored shoulder rise up, exposing tiny darts. Tightening his armored grip around Sidious throat, Iron Man shoulder darts shoot out to Sidious, but Iron Man can't believe his eyes as all the darts halt over Sidious face.

‘Armor integrity compromised, 80 percent, 60 percent, 45 percent…’’ alerts Jarvis.

Feeling the grip around his hand strain open, Stark sees schematics of his suit on his interface caving in from Sidious ‘force grip’ squeezing his armored suit from all sides as sparks being shooting out his uit. .

Sidious yellow eyes glare into Iron Man’s blue eyelets, “If Mandalorians are no match for me...” Sidious snarls as sparks spew out Iron Man’s armored back “...NEITHER ARE YOU!” he shouts as Iron Man’s entire suit gets enveloped with red electricity from Sidious body! A explosive burst erupts, blasting Iron Man off his body and into the air. With a groan, Sidious sits up as catches sight of Iron Man smashing into the top floor of another high rise, but then narrows his eyes at a figure standing in the middle of the street.

Stunned, Rogers sees where Iron Man was sent through, but suddenly hears two laserswords ignite. Roger's blue eyes dart to Sidious ‘force speeding’ at him with his blazing red lightsabers cutting bright molten marks into the pavement . Instinctively Rogers flips over the red blades that cut across at him, as the dark lord skids past him. Landing on both feet, Steve turns around and flings his shield at the back of Sidious head.

However Sidious turns slams his lightsaber against the shield, bouncing it straight back to Steve as bright sparks erupt between the two objects, forcing Sidious feet to slide back over the pavement from the blow. Sidious yellow eyes peers past the glow of his red lightsaber, observing the red white and blue shield zip back to Rogers grip, now sporting a long black scorch mark.

“Now that…” smirks Sidious, dissolving his lightsabers while pointing at Rogers, “...was impressive.” He says, flicking his finger upwards. Immediately Rogers is 'force-thrown’ straight up into the air like a ball.

"But ultimately pointless." Sidious mumbles, gesturing his finger to the ground, ‘force pulling’ Rogers straight down out the air.

“It is obvious the materials your shield is made of a quality...” He snarls, as Rogers slams into the pavement with a ‘krug’.

Screaming at the top of his lungs at the sharp break in his leg, Sidious narrows his eyes at him, "...and its quality is far more superior than you!" Sidious spits.

Screaming out in pain, Rogers clutches his leg but then hears a crackling lightsaber ignite again, and is drenched in red light. Rogers eyes lock onto Sidious standing over him with his red saber poised over his head like a blazing red guillotine blade.

“I find it fascinating how Uatu could watch someone with such dedication...” Sidious snarls, “...and they only be weakling hiding behind a shield and a mask, pathetic.” he says, swinging the blade down.

Suddenly Sidious gets a sucker punched clean across the right side of his jaw! Sent staggering back from the speed and momentum, Sidious gasps in pain before getting cracked across the left side of his jaw once more. Sent spinning and unable to get his footing, Sidious gets caught in dizzying flurry of rapid punches over his entire body. Sent convulsing back and force, Sidious can barely yell before a firm gut fist drives straight into his soft stomach, making him drop to his knees in a silent gasp!

Skidding to a stop with Rogers held over his shoulder as Iron Man drops down beside him, Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver stands with smoke rising off his feet and fists, “You’re welcome.” Pietro cockily says to Rogers as Hercules pulls himself out the broken street,

Seeing the scores of bodies littering the street with Sidious clutching his stomach while on his knees, Hercules looks to Rogers, “Where is he!?” Hercules grunts, speaking of Sentry.

Iron Man looks skyward. Flashes of lightning behind the rolling orange clouds and distant booms rock the skies as Iron Man takes a deep breath, “Blue Marvel, Carol and Thor have him handled…” he says, focusing his attention to Sidious clutching his stomach, “...this one needs a special touch.”

Turning aside from them, Hercules narrows his eyes at Darth Sidious, on his knees, spitting out blood while raising his angered eyes at them. Rubbing his callous fists, Hercules narrows his eyes at Sidious, “By the gods I’ll do more then just ‘touch’ him.”

“Get in line.” Pietro spits, “His forces killed a lot mutants - so we sent our best, X-Force.” says the mutant speedster, as a blackbird jet streaks between the burning buildings in Manhattan. All at once, Archangel, Psylocke, Cable, Laura Kinney aka X-23, Bishop, Warpath, and Old-Man Logan in a long tan trench coat drop down from the plane beside Quicksilver, Captain America, Hercules and Iron Man.

“Don't just rush in!” Captain America shouts as the mutants come to his side, ready to go on his word, “He’s a powerful telekinetic.” Rogers warns.

“We’ve handled worse.” Warpath huffs.

“You....” growls Sidious, rubbing his bruised jaw, “underestimate the darkside, like your ‘Watcher’ friend…” calling both his lightsabers to his grip, “...that is, before I ripped his mind apart for all his knowledge.” he smirks.

Steve Rogers face goes nearly white as he looks to Tony Stark in equal surprise.

“That's impossible.” Steve mumbles, looking to Tony who is equally shocked.

"Old man..." Thor exclaims, " kill a Watcher, a cosmic being of such importance and strength is achieved by a lesser mortal as yourself!"

Sidious narrows his yellow eyes at the Asguardian, "There is nothing 'lesser' about a Sith!" he replies.

Psylocke touches her temple, “This is over, i’m shutting him down.” she states. However, Psylocke gulps and cuts Rogers a concerned look, “I can't...his mind... I-I can’t read him.” she says.

“That curious little creature had a good many gems for my advantage.” Sidious snarls, “Apparently even Watchers know how to protecting themselves, especially ones like you, Betsy.” grins Sidious.

Laura Kinney aka X-23 looks to Psylocke, unnerved, "Did he just call you out by name?"

“APPRENTICE! RISE!” Sidious shouts. Immediately everyone takes notice of the massive crash landed ship behind Sidious, shoot off its cockpit window as steam pours out. Feeling a cold chill run down their spines, everyone hears a crisp and metallic respirator echo. From the midst the white steam a shadowy silhouette emerges until all at once, all the steam is quickly cleared way, exposing Darth Vader holding out his arm, igniting his lightsaber.

“Great...” Psylocke sarcastically replies, “ the old man has a cult following.” she says, igniting a bright purple katana from her bare palm.

Sidious glances over his shoulder to Vader lowering his lightsaber to his side, revealing a young man sporting a short buzzed haircut. Decked in all black, the young man’s crystal clear golden irises narrow at the sight of the assembled heroes.

“It's time to weed out the worthy, Vader." Sidious announces, “Inform the Inquisitors to search for any ‘force sensitives’ as instructed...” he says to everyone surprise as multiple red lightsabers ignite on top of the buildings around them, “...But tell your, ‘hidden’ apprentice…” Sidious snarls, shifting his yellow eyes to the young man at Vader’s side who fearfully takes a step back, “ fetch me my next Grand Inquisitor.” he demands, pointing at a very shocked Archangel, “Or you both die for your treachery.” He threatens.

“I don’t like the way he’s looking at me?” snarls Archangel, unnerved at the Sith Lords direct attention.

Psylocke shakes her head, “Me either.”

“The dark side is strong with you boy!” replies Sidious, pointing up at the orange sky rapidly forming purplish clouds swirling about like paint colors swirled in a cup, “I can feel it churning in you like a storm as it does only in one other but, you, shall be MINE.” He says.

Psylocke glances at Archangel wince, taking another step back, “Warren? Are you ok?” She whispers , watching him break into a sweat as he nods to her. Looking to his apprentice, Vader steps back from his apprentice, “Ready yourself, Starkiller.”

“You are all to be commended for presenting yourself in action together.…” Sidious shouts to the heroes, “...It shows greater initiative than I'd foreseen but, you shall pay the price for purging the force from this universe.” he declares, “I AM LORD OF THE SITH...” he declares as booming thunder rumbles overhead, “... AND MY JUDGEMENT...” he shouts, “...IS DEATH!” he declare pointing at them as the swirling clouds descend out the sky like a tornado, stunning all the heroes!

“Zeus's grave…” Hercules gawks at the descending 'force storm'.

“I GOT IT!” shouts Psylocke thrusting up her hands. Immediately a powerful purple band of light arc’s off Psylocks body and expands like a dome over the block, just as the 'force storm' slams into her TK shield. Grunting under the great strain, Psylocke drops to her knees, grinding her teeth from the strain as everyone is bathed under the purple tint.

"I CAN'T HOLD IT FOR LONG TAKE'EM OUT!" Psylocke cries but then looks to Hercules with eyes full of dream, “WATCH OUT!” she screams.

All of them bathed in purple light from Psylocke’s TK shield, Hercules turns around just as Starkiller drops down out the sky like a bomb to the street, blitzing at them like a bull at full speed!

"AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" Hercules shouts.

“ON IT!” shouts Pietro, streaks past of Old Man Logan and Warpath in a blur.

“PIETRO WAIT!” Iron Man shouts.

Quickly Starkiller drops to his knee as Pietro is inches from him, emitting a cluster of ‘force lightning’ bursts off his body. Like an animal in a net, Pietro scream out in pain as a net of ‘force lightning’, envelopes his body, making him drop to the ground in agony. Screaming at the top of his lungs, Starkiller reaches out to Quicksilver and ‘force throws’ him to Warpath and Old Man Logan. Screaming at the top of his lungs, Pietro’s body glows like a lightbulb causing his skeleton to flash black from under his skin just before he hits the ground again, exploding into a flurry of sparks!

Clutching his injured leg Captain America’s eyes open wide in horror, “DON'T GET CLOSE!” he shouts as Starkiller thrusts out his open palms and closes his fist. Instantly Logan and Warpath’s spinal columns collapse as their bodies are crushed into itself like stomped cans before being tossing into a burning bus! Turning his attention everyone else, Starkiller reaches out to everyone else with both hands and pulls in his arms as if tugging on ropes.

Yanked hard and fast off their feet, everyone's sent uncontrollably rolling through air to Starkiller! However Iron Man watches Starkiller quickly ignite two red lightsabers in reverse grip, ready to cut them all down. Catching sight of Steve Rogers, Stark nods at Steve who ducks behind his shield as Iron Man shoots a powerful repulsor blast at him. Quickly the repulsor blast ricochets off Rogers shield and hurtles at Starkiller who’s taken off guard and drops everyone, ‘force jumping’ into the air as the pavement explodes beneath him.

Dropping down far behind everyone as everyone hits the ground, Starkiller angrily re-ignites his lightsaber and spins around, smacking away an incoming blaster from Bishop that explodes off X-23 face, sending her back. Seeing Iron Man already rocketing high overhead and diving at him, Starkiller catches sight of Hercules and Archangel bolting for him as Bishop far behind, trains his rifle at his head. Immediately Starkiller thrusts his hand to the ground, ‘force throwing’ Archangel, Bishop and Hercules face first to the pavement, breaking the concrete on contact just Iron Man drops out the air beside him with a thud!!

“ITS OVER!” shouts Iron Man, firing the full power of his unibeam on to him. Starkiller barely gets time to turn to throw up his hand as the unibeam slams into palm, pushing him back. Starkiller’s feet skids over the ground but stops yelling as the pavement shatters under his foot! Peering past the blinding unibeam’s bright light, Starkiller glares at Iron Man pumping more power into his unibeam.

"JARVIS PULL ALL POWER FROM ANY SOURCE NOW!" Stark orders as wires zip out his boots and sink into the ground, pulling electricity from the city grid.

Starkiller drops on his knees concentrating as a surge of energy from the unibeam presses onto his palms.

‘Warning, absorption detected. Target must take bodily damage.’ Jarvis warns.

“EVERYONE TAKE HIM OUT NOW!” Iron Man yells as X-23 who’s face heals, sprints past him for Starkiller with Hercules behind her.

Grinding his teeth from the powersurge, Starkiller absorbs the energy, feeling the power as his body tingles with ‘pins and needles’. Starkiller hollers at the top of his lungs as he forcibly pushes both arms forward, sending massive energy pulse back through Iron Man’s beam with a swell that explodes off Iron Man's chest, throwing him back. Sensing her coming, Starkiller glances over his shoulder at X-23, her burning face still healing as she lunges at him, claws exposed. Starkiller points his finger to X-23, shooting out the absorbed energy from the unibeam into a bright red lightning bolt that pierces Laura’s head, exploding it clear off her shoulders, leaving charred headless metal skeleton!

“LAURA!” yells Hercules while lunging through the smoke at Starkiller with both his fists reared over his head!

Seeing the Olympian coming down on him him, Starkiller reaches to Rogers, ‘force grips’ the injured Captain America’s arm and shatters the bones in his arm while ‘force pulling’ the shield out his grip and zipping it over to over his head, blocking Hercules powerful punch!

A massive shockwave rings from the shield, sending Starkiller sliding back but he thrusts his hand, slamming the shield into Hercules face, before promptly stabbing both lightsabers into his torso, “GAAAAH!” he yells.

“HEEERC!” yells Iron Man. Suddenly Starkiller screams out in pain at something quickly slices across his back.

“AAAH!!” yells Starkiller in pain, spotting Archangel streaking away with blood on his metal wingtip. Angrily Starkiller force pushes Hercules away with one hand while thrusts the othe, ‘force pulling’ Archangel out the air, swinging him high overhead and slams him headfirst into the pavement at Sidious feet. Swiping his arm left, Starkiller rips off Warrens left metal wing and impales it through Bishop’s chest before he can get to Rogers to help him.

“NOOO!!!” shouts Iron Man desperately rocketing across the ground at Starkiller again. With Hercules grinding his teeth in pain at pulling out the lightsabers from his torso and Iron Man coming at him from the otherside, Starkiller quickly brings his trembling forearms together before his face. Immediately surge of reddish air gathers in front of his body like a fog. The air rumbles around him with a great phenomena of electricity sparking and skittering across a forming bubble around him. Closing his eyes, Starkiller lifts off the ground, griding his teeth. Opening his red eyes, he extends out arms.

As if a hush fell over the area, a bright burst of light erupts before fading away with the dooming sound of breaking the concrete shattering with Starkiller hollering voice echoing over everything around him burning and disintegrating from his overwhelming force energy-wave of the ‘force wave’!

Dropping to his knee, Starkiller’s red eyes look upon the devastation as he draws a deep breath. Rising to his feet, Starkiller opens his dirty palms that are greeted by his lightsabers zipping out Hercules torso and into his reverse grip. Scouring the street full of the slain, Starkiller's eyes rest on Tony Stark, sprawled out unconscious among fragments and shards of his Iron Man suit. Hercules twitching on the smoldering ground while his skin rapidly heals over the severe burns exposing some bone.

Suddenly, Starkiller hears a distant ‘boom’ above before the ground ‘thuds’! Looking over his shoulder, Starkiller spots a bloodied Sentry standing over cracked ground behind him. His yellow tight fitted suit torn, his blue cape tattered with holes. Sentry’s bloodied sandy hair covers his resolute and battered face that curiously tilts at the sight of an injured Hercules on the ground, “About time he’s fallen.” Sentry huffs.

As the purple light fades from Psylocke TK shield, Starkiller looks ahead to Darth Sidious standing proudly with mutants Psylocke and Archangel sprawled out at his feet. Suddenly a dense shadow stretches over everyone. Raising his red eyes skyward, Starkiller watches the arrowhead shaped Star Destroyers barraging the city while what looks like a planet, slowly begins to eclipsing the sun! Streaking out from the sky, Blue Marvel slams down into the ground with Carol Danvers and Thor behind him.

All of them bruised, cuts on their faces, their costumes tattered and torn, Starkiller bends his knees, ready to spring into action, holding both red lightsabers in reverse grip. Thor’s eyes open wide in shock at the sight of all the fallen heroes on the ground behind the Sith with burning car's, rubble and scores of slain heroes. Carols’ eyes water with tears and her face reddens with anger as Darth Vader stands with Starkiller and Sentry as Steve Rogers floats past them, gagging and gasping for air, clutching for his throat.

Carol face reddens with anger, “If you think you can hide behind harming our friends...” she bitterly snarls, “...then you got another thing coming.”

Sidious narrows his eyes as Vader ignites his red lightsaber straight through Steve Rogers chest. Everyone gasps at the sight of Vader’s bright red saber glowing out from the center of Steve’s white star insignia as Sidious points at her, “No one hides today.”

To be continued….

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this might tak a while

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@4donkeyjohnson - thanks for the read! I’m trying to build a real saga with this.

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Darth Sidious has ripped open a doorway to a universe banished from the Force, The Marvel Universe.

Having killed Uatu the Watcher, Sidious stripped away his knowledge from his eyes and brain for himself.

Upgraded with untold knowledge, Sidious launched a surprise attack on Earth to build himself a new Sith Order.

Knowing he cannot sustain a long war on Earth, Sidious sought out an ancient Dark Side user trapped on Earth, The Void.

Now just over 8 minutes have passed as Sidious has ravaged a devastating attack on Earth, rendering everyone off-guard.


No Caption Provided

“Why’d I let you talk me into this?” Hera grumbles, hurtling through hyperdrive in her ship, The Ghost.

Tightening her grip around the ship's control wheel, Hera Syndulla’s palms grow moist. Her vibrant green eyes remain focused, alert to any danger lurking behind the stars that have blurred into white splotches amongst the blue canvas of space. The ship trembles in its turbulance, making Hera close her eyes as if to retreat into her mind, settling her emotions. It was so fast. All of it. One concern, then a half-baked plan. This wasn’t right, none of it was, but still, against every in the back of her mind - here she was, in the rebellion.

“We’re going to be fine Hera.”

Opening her green eyes at the statement, Hera looks to Sabine sitting beside her, decked in her retrofitted Mandalorian armor, “Sabine…” sighs Hera , “ know how many times we’ve said that before an ambush?!” she states a matter of factly, knowing they both have the history levy their points.

Sabine’s thin purple eyebrows arch at the statement, “Look Hera, its surveillance, the Rebellion.” Sabine counters, “We’re the only ones that can do this, literally the only ones. You know this is important.”

Taking a nervous deep breath, Hera keeps her eyes focused ahead, “Important, yes.” Hera agrees, “But following an entire Fleet into a literal ‘rip’ in the fabric of space...” she sighs, “ suicide!” she states, “You should’ve called that guy, that pilot I’ve been hearing about, Han is it? Because I can’t shake this, this…”

“Dense darkness?” interjects a voice

Looking over her shoulder, Hera eyes meet with Ahsoka Tano, standing in a long tan cloak behind her. Holding a metal staff to the floor, Ahsoka’s vibrant blue eyes focused to the distance as a concerned expression washes over her brown and white face.

“I know Hera…” she admits to Hera, “...I sense it too.” Ahsoka sighs, tightening her grip on the staff as she looks ahead into the distance with determination, “And that’s exactly why we have to go.” she says




No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Standing on the bridge, the son of legendary General Tarkin, Captain Tarkin or Tark as preferred, observes the glowing blue planet far below as multiple explosions streak across the sky. Glancing down at his watch, Captain Tark sees the time. Eight minutes. Eight minutes since the start of their surprise attack and already the planet’s heavy hitting forces were beginning to show their presence. His logistical worst nightmare was materializing before his eyes and the scowl of his perfectionist father lingered in his mind.

Captain Tark rubs the bridge of his nose, cursing himself for overlooking the Alpha Flight Low-Orbit Space Station having collected survivors from destroyed SWORD space satellite, now launching an attack. However the paralyzing fear of Emperor Palpatine’s reaction to his incompetence was momentarily paused as the sight of ‘powered people’ tore through their TIE fighters like paper. Twenty TIE fighters down and two Star Destroyers in flames, Tark found decisiveness through fear as plans came to mind.

Glancing at his timepiece again, Captain Tark eyes peer through the ray-shields, watching TIE fighters streak down to the orbiting space station at maddening speeds. “I want that space station reduced to RUBBLE!” he shouts before pointing ahead, “Call in Star Destroyers Renegade’ and Obliterator’ to our Port…” he orders. “...I want their collective shields at our protection so we don’t drain energy from our weapon.” he says, “AND SOMEONE GET A HOLD OF THE EMPEROR!”

“SIR!” calls out an officer from the right data pit, “Our Ground Forces are reporting heavy casualties around the planet. We’re losing Star Destroyers sir.” he exclaims.

“Instruct all Star Destroyers to start pulling off the planet…” Tark replies, “..but I tell them to drop their thermo-bombs on the planet faultlines.” he orders, “Let’s see if these primitive people can launch an offensive on a crumbling planet.” he concludes.


Turning around, the Captain glares at an officer standing away from his station, but holds up a device counting down, “The Emperor started the countdown, for his coordinates.”

Captain Tark’s face goes white as he turns to the left side data pit, “MOVE US INTO POSITION NOW!”

~*~*~*New York...4 Minutes Ago~*~*~*

No Caption Provided

Her clothes covered in dirt, her hands numb from the cold, Nico Minoru stands on a unstable mountain of rubble from the collapsed building Molly had ran into. Sobbing, Nico sniffles while tossing aside warm brick after brick. Heat lifts up from between the debris as Nico desperate struggles to dig her way down, “MOLLAY!” she screams.

Distant ‘booming’ explosions tremble the street and the rubble. The battle of heroes a mere two blocks away, Nico ignores the scores of people fleeing for their life in a collective cry. Her body throbbing with exhaustion, Nico drops down on all fours, trying to catch her breath and listen for any signs of life that Molly is alive beneath the rubble.

However at that moment, a distant explosion quakes the street an the collect cry of a crowd. Looking to the street from her high vantage point, Nico sees spots scores of people stampeding down the avenue, fleeing for their lives.


Nico’s eyes dart down to a police officer bleeding from his temple and covered in dus, scrambling up the mound of rubble to her, “YOU GOTTA GET OUT’VE’RE!” he shouts, his voice full of panic, THOSE RED BLADES ARE COMIN’ DOWN DA STREET!” he warns grabbing her arm.

Angrily Nico pulls her elbow away and grabs brick, rearing it back to hit him as she stands up, “I’M NOT LEAVING HER!” Nico doggidly yells, threatening to throw it, “SHE’S BURIED AND I’M NOT LEAVING HER!” she shouts.

Holding up his hands in surrender, the Officer backs away as a crazed look settles in Nico’s eyes, “You're gonna here die lady!” he warns, pointing to the otherside rubble as another explosion erupts, “Half dem’ heroes are dead or worse and now more of those ‘red blades’ are coming! If you’re friend is under here, you’ll die here too!” he warns.

Nico firms her face, “Then my fate will be the same as hers!!!” she spits.

The Police Offer shakes his head, “Then screw…”

Suddenly before Nico’s eyes, the Police Officer uncontrollably yanked down the rubble and off his feet as he screams of his life!

“NO!!!!” Nico scream as the Officers sent careening towards a tall figure that ignites his red lightsaber and cuts the him half!!!”

Horrified, Nico stands on her feet, terrified as she looks at the easily seven foot tall hulking figure standing in the half destroyed street with burning car's and fiery rubble at his feet. Decked in a grey armored suit and sporting a wide metal hat almost like that of a pirate, the figure holds a circular device in hand with a bright red lightsaber coming out its center hilt. His face, smooth and pale grey remains resolute. His white eyes and pale gray irises, barely visible, settle on Nico, making her feel a cold shiver run down her spine.

“Fifth Brother, do you see this!”

Startled, Nico turns around like a petrified cat, spotting slender woman standing behind her ontop of the rubble as if she conquered it. Wearing a triangular armored hat that covers part of her smooth dark olive green face, the woman lifts up her head slightly, exposing her strikingly clear, yellow menacing eyes that glare at Nico.

A murderous smirk comes across her face, Swinging her slender arm out from her backside, revealing a ringed metal device in her grip with a hilt attached at its center, the woman remains still as three white stormtroopers race up to her from behind, aiming their blasters at Nico.

“I think this poor creature is trying to save someone.’” she smirks, “She didn’t run like the others. You believe worth the effort, Fifth Brother?” she asks.

Glancing over her shoulder, Nico trembles in fear as the hulking Seventh Brother stalks towards the bottom of the rubble like a lion stalking a zebra, “The others are searching for ‘worthies’, we should not come back empty handed.” he says.

Nico eyes dart back at Seventh Sister igniting her bright red lightsaber at his reply, “Well then…” she grins, “...CATCH” she says thrusting out her open palm at Nico!

Suddenly Nico’s shot off her feet! Screaming, Nico’s sent uncontrollably down the mound of rubble like a meteor. Hitting the pavement hard, she’s sent rolling towards Fifth Brother. Brutally Fifth Brother winds his foot back and kicks Nico in the stomach to a stop! Hearing her wail in pain as Nico slumps over his boot, Fifth Brother grabs Nico by the scruff of her neck. Effortlessly lifted off the ground, Nico kicks her legs before the Inquistor starts to chokes with her his brawny hand. Seeing Seventh Sister skid down the rubble with the three storm-troopers in tow, Fifth Brother returns his attention to Nico gagging and violently kicking her legs as her face turns purple.

“This one...” growls Fifth Brother, igniting his red lightsaber, “ too weak.”

At that moment, Nico sees a Japanese woman standing far behind Fifth Brother in an alleyway. Wearing a glittery form-fitted red dress, Nico can’t believe her eyes as her mother, narrows her eyes at her, “Worthless, stupid girl.” she spits, “You killed me to save Molly, but this, this is how you die?” she huffs, disappearing into black smoke.

Immediately Nico’s brown eyes well with tears as she looks at Fifth Brother’s face colored by the red light of his saber, “LET ME GOOO!!!” she shrieks as a bright light bursts from Nico’s chest. Instantly Fifth Brother’s hand is forced open and pushed back from Nico who drops onto her knees and hands, gasping for air. Holding her redden throat, Nico’s stunned as a rod composed of white light falls on the ground in front of her, however, Fifth Brother lunges at her with his lightsaber pulled back to behead her. Suddenly the rod lifts up and shoots a white energy blast that explodes off Fifth Brother, sending him flying into a burning truck!

Stunned, Nico slowly stands up, cautiously observing the long gold rod that phased out her chest. Rubbing her throat, Nico looks over gold staff decorated in ancient carvings on its exterior. Her eyes lift to the round circle at the top, examining the etched words on its circular rim, ‘Staff of One’, as a gold light throbs at its empty center.

“I guess there’s no getting rid of you after all.” Nico huffs.


Immediately Nico’s looks over her shoulder to Seventh Sister pointing at her as three Storm troopers run in front of her, “KILL’ER!” she commands the troopers. Seeing them all of them positioned in front of the mound of rubble Molly is buried beneath, Nico opens her palm. Instantly Staff zips into her grip as Nico charges at them, “Get…” she snarls, as her irises turn gold, “...OUT’VE MY WAAAY!” she screams, hurling her Staff like a spear.

To Seventh Sister’s surprise, the staff vanishes out of thin air before reappearing sunk halfway through the lead Storm troopers chestplate! Stunned, as the trooper falls back, the two troopers look to Nico holding up her open palm that she balls into fist, “DETONATE!” she shouts.

Seventh Sister swiftly ‘force jumps’ in the air as the staff explodes, incinerating the Storm-troopers in intense green flames. Holding up her lightsaber over her head, Seventh Sister ignites dual red blades in her circular hilt that spins like helicopter propellers. Hovering over the street, Seventh Sister eyes open wide in shock at Nico holding out her hand to the flames to call staff but is suddenly pulled off her feet!

Hurtling backwards over the ground, Nico spots Fifth Brother over her shoulder, ‘force pulling’ her to him as he ignites his red lightsaber that spins like a high speed fan, ready to cut her down as he did the cop.

“NOO!!” screams out Nico as the staff zips burst out the smoke of the explosion, skims over the ground, into her grip and stabs itself into the pavement, negating Fifth Brother’s ‘force pull’!

“Impossible!!” snarls Seventh Sister, disengaging her lightsaber and dropping down towards Nico with her lightsaber poised over her head! Focused on Fifth Brother, Nico pulls the Staff out the ground and whips it, causing the long end to throw out long glowing golden rope around Fifth Brother’s waist before pulling him off his feet, over her head and throwing him down into the pavement.

“DIE JEDI!” shouts Seventh Sister. Caught off guard Nico eyes open wide at Seventh Sister, moments away from delivering her a deathblow to her head. Suddenly Seventh Sister yanked back through the air and sent crashing into the pavement beside Fifth Brother. Shocked, Nico immediately spots a figure somersault over them through the air and nimbly land on her feet in a squat in a before her.

Decked in a fitted black bodysuit with a white spider-emblem stretched across her chest, and her blond hair in a ponytail, Spider-Girl looks up at her, “You’re welcome!”

“Julia?! Julia Carpenter?!” Nico exclaims in disbelief as she stands up, “H-how did, how’d you know I was here?!” she exclaimed, thoroughly confused as she was supposed to be in California. Keeping her eye on both Fifth Brother and Seventh groaning in pain behind her, Julia immediately stands up.

“SERIOUSLY!” Julia exclaims, “We just spewing out secret identities to the bad guys now!” she shouts.

Nico goes to speak but Julia holds up gloved hand to her face, “Forget it I don’t wanna hear it.” she says before pointing back and forth at each other, “You and me, not speaking., I’m here for Molly, who ‘is’ actually my friend and doesn’t only hit me up for cash like i’m an A.T. freakin em for their freakin BAIL!!”

Nico rubs the bridge of her nose in frustration, “Jules we dont’ have time for our petty…”

“YOU cut’en run Nico!” Julia shouts, pointing at her, “YOU STRANDED US ALL so don’t you DARE pull this higher road crap on me!!” she snaps, “I’m here, because as Molly’s friend I actually look out for her, and she texted me and thank goodness I was in Jersey. So do me a favor, tell me where Molly is!”

Suddenly a dense shadow weakens the sunlight over Manhattan. Raising their eyes skyward, Nico, Julia and the Inquisitors watch as hundreds of TIE fighters zipping across the burning sky as arrowhead shaped Star Destroyers rise into the darkening sky while a small moon, slowly eclipsing the sun!

No Caption Provided

Squinting her eyes, Julia holds up her hand to the bright light of the sun, “ that the moon?”

Nico takes a step back, her face riddled with fear, “That’s no moon Jules.” she gasps.

Suddenly the sound of lightsabers ignite. Julia and Nico eyes snap back to the Inquisitors marching at them. Grabbing Nico’s arms, Julia looks at her, Grab Molly and let’s go!!”

“Not yet …” Nico says, bolting away from Julia, “...HOLD THEM OFF FIRST!” she says.

Stunned, Julia watches Nico sprint for the rubble behind them, “HOLD THEM....” Julia bites her tongue, returning her attention back to the approaching Inquisitors, “...NICO...” Julia calls out , watching Fifth Brother crack his neck as Seventh Sister flexes her arms, “...WHERE IS MOLLY.!”

“UNDER HERE!” shouts back Nico, skidding to a stop in front of the rubble while holding out the circular head of the Staff to the debris, “C’mon c’mon lift lift lift lift!” she anxiously mumbles.

At that moment, Nico’s Staff of One hums with power. Instantly before her eyes all the rubble trembles and rattles. Shuttering together, Nico watches all her rubble slowly lift off the ground and separate. Peering between the gaps of the separating rubble, Nico eyes light up at seeing Molly’s body sprawled out on the ground, “I SEE HER!”

Holding out her left that forms a long blade out of her webbing, Julia braces herself, ready for the Inquisitors to attack, “AN I SEE TWO DEATH MACHINES! JUST GET HER NICO!” she shouts.

Suddenly a deafening boom fills Julia's ears and crashes down between her and the Inquisitors! On her back as dust blows past her, Spider-girls eyes as wide as quarters at seeing a bloodied Sentry on his back, struggling to hold off Blue Marvel and Carol Danvers. Dropping onto the ground behind them, Julia spots Thor holding out his hammer skyward. Thunder booms as blinding white clusters of lightning strikes the ground around Thor as a massive lightning bolt strikes Mjolnir, sizzling with intense power!

“I SHALL HAVE THEEE!” Thor shouts, hurling his crackling Hammer at Sentry. However, within an instant Thor is enveloped in a bright rainbow beam from the sky and disappears with his hammer crashing down into the pavement at Carol’s feet.


No Caption Provided

In a dizzying array of rainbow light, Thor crashes down onto a cold marble floor with a thud. Hearing thunder rumble over him, Thor’s raises his eyes from the cool marble floor under his bloodied hand, Odin, decked in gold battle armor, lounging on his throne. “NOOOOOOO!!!” Thor hollars,

The aged Asgardian rises onto his feet, “Calm yourself, my son.” he says to Thor as smoke rises off his back, “Welcome home.” he greets.

“Welcome home?!” Thor repeats, getting onto feet while pointing at the view, “I WAS IN BATTLE FOR THE REALM. I WAS POISED FOR VICTORY, AND YOU SUMMON ME! EXPLAIN THIS!”

Odin’s eye narrows, “Do I, Odin, have to explain my ‘right’ to ‘summon’ anyone, least of all to you, boy?” he growls “Especially from a meaningless battle?” He reasons.

“MEANINGLESS!” exclaims Thor angrily, motioning to Odin but then hears a collective ‘stomp’ behind him. Glancing over his shoulder, Thor sees dozens of Thunderguard filling the Throne room behind him, all bearing burnished shields and crackling tipped spears. However, to Thor’s leveling surprise, there he sees the Olympians as Hercules drops on to the floor in equal surprise.

“What is this?” Hercules gasps, thoroughly confused as he’s now in Asgard.

“A new chapter.” Odin sterily replies to Thor’s perplexed look, “One that the Olympians and I have agreed upon.” he states while looking to Thor and Hercules, “A new chapter is closing on Midgard, and it does not require our presence...” he says, “...especially yours.” he states in a tone of finality.

“You must be joking.” Thor scoffs, “People are DYING from a rising foreign power we do not recognize!

“Tell me Odinson, how did Midgards modern governance come to be?”

Thor turns around to see Athena, decked in her gold Greek armor standing behind him but glaring at Hercules as well, “It was not NOT by my Father Zeus’s hand Hercules.” She asks him before looking to Thor, “Or your Father's power at that.” she reasons, “Rather like Rome or Constantinople before it...” she states, “...all kingdoms on Midgard have risen and fallen on their own accord from foreign power, it is a ‘type of nature’ we accept, the only difference here is...” she says to Thor’s angered face, “ have yet to accept it.” she concludes.

Thor adamantly points to her, “That is wrong!” he spits before turning to Odin, “Father please!”

“Alas Odinson is right.” Hercules declares, “This is wrong Odin, we we are more honorable than this!”

“Wrong? Right?” Ordin scoffs, “Terms for the mortal…” he says, looking to Thor, “...not for gods.” Odin firmly states, “What shall occur shall be no different than the rising and setting of the sun.” he states, “And its time for the sun, to set on the inhabitants of Midgard.” he says.

“And if we stand against thee!” Hercules declares, garnering a narrowed one eyed look from the aged Odin.

“Then…” says a baritone voice that makes everyone grow silent.

Struck with shock, Hercules eyes open wide in shock as he turns around and sees Zeus standing at the doorway, “...thou is against, me, son.”

To be continued….

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Darth Sidious has ripped open a doorway to a universe banished from the Force, The Marvel Universe.

Having killed Uatu the Watcher, Sidious stripped away his knowledge from his eyes and brain for himself.

Upgraded with untold knowledge, Sidious launched a surprise attack on Earth to build himself a new Sith Order.

Knowing he cannot sustain a long war on Earth, Sidious sought out an ancient Dark Side user trapped on Earth, The Void.

Now just over 8 minutes have passed since Sidious sneak attack on Earth, catching everyone off-guard and destroying S.W.O.R.D.

Vader and Starkiller have killed countless heroes, Captain America, Daredevil and Spider-Man chief among them with countless more falling.

Sentry, now calling himself Darth Void, has gained an advantage - Thor and Hercules have been pulled off from the battlefield by Zeus and Odin.

Blue Marvel and Carol Danvers must find a way to defeat 'Darth Void' as the planet is being bombarded by Star Cruisers positioned around the planet.

Meanwhile, teens Nico Minoru and Julia Carpenter try to rescue their mutual friend, Molly Hayes buried under a building while Inquisitors hunt them.

8 Minutes have passed in the 10 minute war...

One Minute, now remains.

Julia Carpenter

No Caption Provided

Nico Minoru

No Caption Provided

Carol Danvers

No Caption Provided

Blue Marvel

No Caption Provided

Darth Sidious

No Caption Provided

Darth Vader

No Caption Provided


No Caption Provided

Inquisitors - Fifth Brother & Seventh Sister

No Caption Provided




No Caption Provided

Stunned at Thor’s disappearance with only his hammer sitting in a small crater, Carol and Blue Marvel both are taken off guard as dark tendrils with glimmering red light burst out Sentry’s chest, knocking them both away. Quickly Spider-Girl curls on the ground as Carol Danvers flies over her, "KID WATCH IT!” she calls out as Nico dives aside from Carol slamming into the mound debris falling back on Molly, “NOOO!!!” Nico screams out.

His feet skidding over the pavement, Blue Marvel’s pushes back off the ground and zips over the pavement at blinding speed, tackling Sentry and rolling with him the pavement. Seeing them wrestling in the street, Carol gets on her feet as Nico desperately digs into the rubble. “GET OUT’VE HERE KID!” Carol shouts to Nico.

“YOU FIRST!” Nico barks back, as Carol sees Blue Marvel in the distance, barely gets his arm across Sentry’s throat and his hand pulled behind his back, exposing his chest to her.

Blue Marvel makes eye contact with Carol, “NOW CAROL!” he orders.

Carol’s hands explode with a searing hot energy beam from atop the rubble. However like a dropped bomb from a plane, Starkiller drops down between Carols incoming beam hurtling at Sentry fighting Blue Marvel, and blocks it over the surface of his palms. However the brute force of Carol’s energy beam sends Starkiller sliding back over the surface ground uncontrollably.

Growling as he digs his heels into the ground to stop, Starkiller screams out in pain as Carol’s energy burns the surface of his open hands from her sheer power.

"DON'T MAKE ME KILL YOU!" Carol shouts to Starkiller, amazed he's lasting this long.

Glancing over his shoulder, Starkiller sees the Inquisitors behind him as Carol flies overhead, pumping more power to her attack, forcing Starkiller to his knees.

Grinding his teeth, Starkiller glares at them, “COLLECT THE WORTHY YOU WORTHLESS CARCASSES!!” he orders before lowering his face to the street in immense pain, “MASTAAAR!” he cries out in pain.

At that moment a deafening explosion erupts in the sky.

In pure disbelief, Julia pulls off her mask as horror washes over her face, “INCOMAAANG!!!” she hollers.

Hearing her cry, Carol halts her attack at seeing Darth Vader holding his hand out to her from far behind Starkiller, whose curled over his burned hands. A shadow suddenly covers over Carol. Turning around, Carol’s blue eyes open wide, stunned at the sight of an immense Star Destroyer covered in flames, nose diving straight at her. Glancing over her shoulder she sees Vader, calling it down. Looking at the ship, Carol could see the ship was large enough to kill everyone on the ground for three miles if not all of the Lower Manhattan itself.

Wasting no time, Carol streaks up to the falling Star Destroyer, breaking the sound barrier with an immense boom.

Stunned at the sight of Carol streaking up to the descending Star Destroying, Julia catches a glimpse from the corner of her eyes, Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother skidding past her on her left and right, poised to attack.

“AW SHOOT!” shouts Julia.

Quickly Julia springs straight up off the ground. Fifth Brother ‘force speeds’ to a stop, breaking the cement ground with saber, missing her. Frustrated, Fifth Brother looks up and sees Julia already shooting a massive spider web onto him, "WHAT IS THIS STUFF!" he calls out in disgust.

Seeing him trapped under her sticky web, Julia is suddenly ‘force pulled’ out the air and slammed back to the ground and swiftly dragged back along the ground, "INSECTS..."

Glancing over her shoulder, Julia's eyes open wide at the sight of Seventh Sister holding out her hand to her while igniting her duel red light-saber that spin like helicopter blades,, "...GET CUT IN HALF!" she shouts.

“NO!” shrieks Nicos’ skidding between the two. Boldly Nico blocks the deathblow by thrusting out her gold staff over Julia’s shocked face as Seventh Sister’s red lightsaber slams onto Nico staff!

A high pitch scream erupts between the two objects, "Only a Jedi would be so FOOLISH!" Seventh Sister says.

Struggling to hold her ground and keep her footing, Nico grinds her teeth as Seventh Sister bears her weight down on the teen, hoping to make her fall back.

Glaring into her killer eyes, Nico determinedly tries to hold her own, "I don't know what a Jedi is..." she groans, "...but you sure has heck haven't MET ME!" she shouts, s

Immediately a blinding white flash erupts from on high, blanketing Nico and Seventh Sister with Julia beneath them both as a Star Destroyer explodes.

“JULIA!" shouts Nico over the loud rumble in the sky as the blinding light fades away, "NOW!" she shouts, seeing Seventh Sister is also squinting from the bright light.

Taking advantage, Julia throws her leg up and kicks Seventh Sister under her chin, making her jaw clack! Seventh Sister off balance, Nico pushes her back and spins around aims her Staff square at Seventh Sister.

"EAT THIS!" Nico shouts, shooting out a bright energy from her Staff that explodes off Seventh Sister chest and rockets her across the street to the middle of the battled between Sentry and Blue Marvel.

Sentry rams the back of his head into Blue Marvel’s face as he tries to hold him, flips him over and punches him into the pavement. However Blue Marvel firmly kicks Sentry in the stomach, making him double over in pain and stagger back as Seventh Sister rolls onto her stomach at Sentry's feet. Irritably, Sentry winds back his foot and kicks Seventh Sister off the street and into the bus, toppling it onto its side.

At that moment a great crash captures Julia and Nico's attention. Immediately the look over and see Carol Danvers now lodged in the pavement, unconscious in the broken ground with smoke rising off her body.

Standing afar from him, Blue Marvel wipes the blood from under his nose as Vader comes to Sentry’s side.


"Battles are lost..” Vader replies, “ Wars are won.” he states just as Blue Marvel sees debris fly past him. Turning around, Blue Marvel spots Starkiller, supercharged with Carol’s energy blast, floating over the ground with burning cars, charred trucks and dozens of fallen bodies floating around him while a red light glows from his chest.

“EerraAAH!” Starkiller hollers, extending his hands as a ‘force waves’ shoots out from his body.

Seeing the concrete buckle and disintegrate into particles as does everything around Starkiller, panic grips Julia! Instinctively Julia grabs Nico by the hand and shoots out a thin web line that goes taut.

"WE'RE OUTTA'RE” she shouts, pulling them both four stories high into the air and down an alleyway!

“MOLAAAAY!!!!” Nico cries out as Julia speedily swings them away from the disintegrating wave! However Nico can hardly believe her eyes as she sees a massive bubble filled with debris and crackling electricity rises up in the street and then bursts! Nico face goes sheet white seeing the ‘force wave’ colliding into brick buildings behind them, cutting them in half and tearing up the street as it rapidly catches up to them.

"JULIAAAH!" screams Nico as the rapid wave streaks under them with a hurricane force wind! Thrown by the shockwave in mid air, Julia and Nico are sent uncontrollably through the air in mid-swing! Tumbling in the air Julia loses her grip on Nico and, helplessly watching her plummet straight down!

"NO!!!" Julia shouts, shooting a web to get her back but Nico curls up into a ball as she mashes through a window pane before Julia can get to her and smacks square onto a brick wall.

At full momentum, Nico tumbles and rolls uncontrollably through an empty office space, barely able to see her up from her down. Struggling to get top her motion, Nico tries to plant her feet but as soon as she looks up, a curse rises in her throat as he's headed straight to another window.

Ducking her head behind her raised forearms, Nico uncontrollably smashes headlong through another glass pane window, falling to the street. Her arms flailing, her legs kicking, Nico falls head first amid a flurry of glass shard to the street. However, at that moment, Nico is caught by something cold, metal colored in red and gold.


Crashing to the ground, Tony Stark wraps himself around Nico Minoru as the roll onto the pavement. Laid on his back, Tony opens his arms as Nico rolls off onto her stomach, dazed. Clutching a staff in her arms, Tony sees the girl riddled with minor cuts littering her arms and side of her face with a growing bruise - but she was alive.

"Kid, hey kid?"

Nico holds her head, barely able to comprehend exactly what just happened. Everything was spinning and the voice of her 'savior' sounded as if he was under water. Holding her head, Nico watches the a gold and red armored foot plant firmly on the ground beside a barefoot sticking out a shredded pants leg.

"Kid nap times over. Get up, now!"

Trying to catch her breath, Nico shakes her head, but whatever strength was in her arms wasn't coming. She could hear the urgency in her 'savior's voice urging her to move, but her body disagreed. Nico could barely move and whoever saved her was probably better off leaving her dead, because she wasn't moving - she couldn't move. That is until, the drumming of her ears fades and a clear, disturbing laughter grabs her attention.

Hearing the hyena like laughter, Nico raises her eyes to the street.


Now she could see the motive behind the urgent fear of her 'saviors' voice. Nico's eyes open wide, unable to un-see the image of what likes before her. The fear that momentarily had gripped swiftly turned to pure terror and absolute horror. The end was nigh, and it was right before her.

Skyscrapers burning, cars aflame, the street tearing apart slowly around him, debris rising up around him, Darth Sidious yellow eyes glow with enjoyment. Nico loses her breath seeing Sidious in his voluminous black cloak, strutting down the street with his hand held over his head and massive half-destroyed Blackbird jet floating over his head by his power.

"oh my gawd..." Nico gasps, slowly rising to her feet.

“Your false gods Thor and Hercules could’ve helped you…” Sidious exclaims to Stark.

Tony thrusts his hand to the ground, desperately summoning his liquid armor to form off his right foot to his hands “...BUT EVEN THEIR MASTERS PULL AWAY BEFORE THE DARK SIDE!” he shouts, hurling the jet plane at them.

Quickly Spider-Girl drops to the street between Stark and Nico, “I GOT YOU!!” she shouts before quickly springing off the ground with both of them slung over her shoulders. As the Blackbird crashes behind them and flames engulf the entire street, Nico’s eyes open in horror at Darth Sidious bursting out from the fiery flames with fire sizzling on his cloak!

“HAAA!!” shouts Sidious, thrusting his hands out and ‘force pushing’ Nico and Iron Man and Spider-Girl uncontrollably out the air.

Instinctively, Julia inverts her body like a falling cat and shoots a massive net of webbing around Stark and Nico before slamming down onto a toppled car.

Wrapped in webbing, Tony Stark and Nico roll on the pavement, cushioned by the thick webbing around them. However as Nico and Stark pull themselves out the sticky fibers of the web, Nico catches sight of Dark Lord dropping down to the street, charging at them like a mad dog with both his red sabers cutting molten marks into the ground in a trail.

“HE’S HERE HE’S HERE!” Nico screams. Getting out the webbing, Stark runs to meet the Dark Lord, “GO!” he shouts, firing off a repulsor blast from his armored glove while charging ahead at the Sith lord. In a blur, Sidious ‘force speeds’ to Stark. Effortlessly swiping his blade, Sidious cuts Stark blast in half while speedily twirling past him, cutting off Stark’s hand and spinning past him once more, slicing off Stark’s head in a backwards swipe!

“NOOOO!!!!” Nico shrieks at seeing Starks headless body drop.

Noticing Nico, Sidious effortlessly thrusts his finger at to Nico, shooting a red lightning bolt. Hopping on her feet, Nico defensively holds up her Staff as the lightning bolt explodes off her gold rod, sending Nico falling back onto her rump!

Stunned, Sidious pulls down his hood, revealing his youthful face that swiftly starts to age. Searching through the plethora of information in his mind from Uatu's eyes and brain, Sidious can sense he knows what this object is called as Nico staggers back to her feet, gripping the staff in her hand. She could feel the Staff trembling like a tuning fork in her grip, absorbing the power as smoke lifts off the metal. Nico's eyes lift from the throbbing Staff of One to Darth Sidious staring at her in amazement before a sinister smirk comes cuts across his face.

His smile makes Nico a step back, seeing his initial shock turn to confidence as his eyes narrow. Sidious points at her, “Staff of One…” he says to a petrified Nico taking another step back, “...I think i'll be taking THAT!!” he says, reaching out to her.

At that moment Sidious catches sight of a car engulfed in flames vaulted up into the air from behind a toppled bus, to him. Sidious angrily swipes his hand in the air, crushing the car like foil before sending it through a fifth floor office building. Returning his attention to the street, Sidious eyes open wide as Nico is now down the avenue and disappearing around the corner of an alleyway.

Narrowing his yellow eyes with growl Sidious motions to move, but then hears static comes from through the comm in his ear.

“My Emperor…” radios Captain Tark, “...the Inquisitors have made their way back to your Starship. We have reached our thirty second countdown, but we're detecting that your pilot is dead. Do you need assistance off the planet Sir?”

Looking up to the sky at the Star Destroyers exiting the atmosphere, hundreds of TIE fighters zip across the burning orange sky like bees coming out of a hive.

Sidious touches his earpiece, “Assistance?" He scoffs, insulted at the suggestion that he would need assistance.

"I will deal with your lack of faith later.” Sidious growls while thrusting out his hand, reaching out with the force, “Fire on the planet in exactly one minute. In that time my pilot will alert you that I am on the shuttle, no matter how close I am to planet, fire the Death Star's primary weapon.” He states.

No sooner than Sidious finishes his statement, does he stop a passing TIE fighter flying high above in mid-flight! Watching the TIE fighter struggle to move forward, Sidious closes his fist and thrust his hand down, the ship comes crashing down to the street before him in a glorious explosion.

Holding his hand out at the flaming wreckage of the TIE fighter, Sidious curls in fingers, ripping out the fighter pilot confined to his chair, screaming at the top of his lungs in panic as his suit, chair and seat belts are ripped off from his person before being brought inches from Sidious face.

Sidious narrows his yellow eyes at the horrified pilot clasping at his throat as Sidious chokes him while pointing at his ship behind him surrounded by rubble with Psylocke and Archangel’s bodies laid in front of it, “Ready my ship!” he demands, dropping him onto his feet, “Stay by the comms.” he demands.


Throwing her legs one after the other, Julia's heart pounds in her chest as she runs away with Nico held in her arms, “I THINK WE LOST THAT FREAK!” she screams, running between a narrow alleyway.

Looking over Julia’s shoulder, Nico’s face goes pale at seeing Darth Sidious skidding into the entry path of the alleyway far behind them, his blazing yellow eyes locking onto them like a murderous predator.

Nico frantically starts hitting Julia’s arm, “YOU JINXED IT YOU JINXED IT!” she shouts, “GO GO GO!”

Glancing over her shoulder, Julia eyes dilate in fear at Sidious sprinting at them with ‘force speed’. A dense darkness consumes the alleyway as he draws near. The sound of distant and harmonious screams fills their ears as Sidious zeroes in on Julia, seconds from catching them.

“JULES WERE DEAD!” Nico shouts.

“OH NO WE’RE NOT!” shouts Julia, springing straight up four flights off the ground in the air, “GET MOLLY!” she shouts.

Throwing Nico with all her might to a higher Loft window before shooting a web to her left, Julia zips herself through a metal grate on the building and disappearing into an air-vent.

Ducking her head, Nico smashes through a sixth floor Loft apartment window. Sliding on the glass littered wood floor, Nico hears a loud and fast warble coming fast. Looking to the window, Nico eyes open wide as a red light-saber blurs through the window, over her head and stabs into apartment ceiling over her!

Screaming, Nico hops to her feet and runs for her life. He was coming, she could feel it. The coldness. The fear. Death itself was coming for her and she had to run. Leaping over a couch, Nico sprints across the luxury apartment, fleeing from her nightmare and straight for the glass terrace doors in her sights. Holding out her Staff that glows brightly, Nico grits her teeth and leaps through glass, smashing out in a flurry of shards and before blindly leaping off the terrace!

Dropping down two flights, Nico’s staff illuminates in her hands before she lands and rolls on the gravel rooftop, unharmed. Scrambling onto her feet, Nico pants, sprinting ahead under the darkening sky. Glancing at the Sun now completely eclipsed by a massive moon, Nico’s heart drops. A new fear hollowed her soul. She could see this was the end. The ‘moon’, the moon that was finally fully eclipsing the sun and it was the end.

“Holy mother of gawd…” gasps Nico, skidding to a dead stop at the edge of the roof.

No Caption Provided

to be continued...

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~*~*~*Last Time~*~*~*~*

Throwing her legs one after the other, Julia's heart pounds in her chest as she runs away with Nico held in her arms, “I THINK WE LOST THAT FREAK!” she screams, running between a narrow alleyway.

Looking over Julia’s shoulder, Nico’s face goes pale at seeing Darth Sidious skidding into the entry path of the alleyway far behind them, his blazing yellow eyes locking onto them like a murderous predator.

Nico frantically starts hitting Julia’s arm “YOU JINXED IT YOU JINXED ” she shouts, “ GO GO GO!”

Glancing over her shoulder, Julia eyes dilate in fear at Sidious sprinting at them with ‘force speed’. A dense darkness consumes the alleyway as he draws near. The sound of distant and harmonious screams fills their ears as Sidious zeroes in on Julia, seconds from catching them.

“JULES WERE DEAD!” Nico shouts.

“OH NO WE’RE NOT!” shouts Julia, springing up four flights off the ground in the air, “GET MOLLY!” she shouts, throwing Nico with all her might to a higher Loft window before shooting a web to her left and zipping herself through a metal grate on the building, disappearing into an air-vent.

Ducking her head, Nico smashes through a sixth floor Loft apartment window. Sliding on the glass littered wood floor, Nico hears a loud and fast warble coming fast. Looking to the window, Nico eyes open wide as a red light-saber blurs through the window, over her head and stabs into apartment ceiling over her!

Screaming, Nico hops to her feet and runs for her life. He was coming, she could feel it. The coldness. The fear. Death itself was coming for her and she had to run. Leaping over a couch, Nico sprints across the luxury apartment, fleeing from her nightmare and straight for the glass terrace doors in her sights. Holding out her Staff that glows brightly, Nico grits her teeth and leaps through glass, smashing out in a flurry of shards and before blindly leaping off the terrace!

Dropping down two flights, Nico’s staff illuminates in her hands before she lands and rolls on the gravel rooftop, unharmed. Scrambling onto her feet, Nico pants, sprinting ahead under the darkening sky. Glancing at the Sun now completely eclipsed by a massive moon, Nico’s heart drops. A new fear hollowed her soul. She could see this was the end. The ‘moon’, the moon that was finally fully eclipsing the sun and it was the end.

“Holy mother of gawd…” gasps Nico, skidding to a dead stop at the edge of the roof.

No Caption Provided



PT II - 30 Seconds Pass...

Peering down from her vantage point, Nico looks to alleyway far below, filled with the smoldering rubble burying Molly. Looking behind, Nico spots the apartment she ran through, emitting an intensifying red light through the windows.

Taking no chances, Nico leaps over the edge of the roof, holding up her staff that quickly stabs itself into the brick, cutting through the bricks mortar to slow her descent before dropping onto the rubble.

Marching through the apartment, Darth Sidious holds out his hand. Immediately his dark lightsaber zips out the ceiling and into his grip while he approaches the edge of the glass terrace Nico lept from. Sidious yellow eyes rove over the street and other lower residential buildings below under the fiery sky. Tracking Nico like a bloodhound, Sidious could sense the disturbance in the force. Like a infection in the blood stream, something was making the Force move around one person, and that person was moving.Like radiowaves moving around a dense object, he could feel The Force go absent around Nico when she defended herself with her Staff. Closing his eyes, Sidious reaches out with The Force.

Almost instantly, he senses her once more. The absence in the force, moving away from him, but still close.

Opening his eyes, Sidious hastily leaps off from the shattered glass terrace. His cape flapping in the wind, Sidious drops down onto the gravel rooftop like a phantom. Spoting the glow of Nico’s Staff coming up between two buildings straight ahead, Sidious stalks towards the edge of the rooftop. However, the sound of cracking thunder makes Sidious stop in his tracks. Look up at the amber burning sky, Sidious catches sight of the Death Star almost in a perfect eclipse to the planet's sun.

He was out of time. He had Thirty seconds at best until his order would be realized and the planet was vaporized. He could pursue Nico and take what power she had, or make way for his ship. Aggravated, Sidious lets out a growl before taking in a deep frustrated breath. His decision made, Sidious abruptly turns his face aside and walks to the opposite end of the rooftop in the general direction of his ship while sensing another power brewing nearby - something, ancient.

Immediately he rushes to the edge of the rooftop on his left and leaps off. Dropping down onto the main street Sidious watches as Sentry punches back Blue Marvel while Starkiller shoots out a cluster of red lightning at him from the left. Curling down, Blue Marvel, bears his teeth in pain absorbing Starkiller's attack, before clapping his hands and throwing Starkiller back before swatting away a thrown truck from Vader with his right hand. Looking to Vader, Blue Marvel’s eyes light up flash silver before shooting out a powerful eyebeam blast to him that Vader quickly deflects with his red saber but is sent skidding back. Rushing to his aid, Sentry tackles Blue Marvel to the ground but Blue Marvel flips him over and shoots a bright white eyebeam to his face!

The battle was lost. Sidious could see it. Having extracting unfathomable knowledge from Uatu's Brain and Eyes, Sidious knew that Blue Marvel could not be destroyed this simply by brute force alone. Seeing it with his own two eyes, Sidious sees the powerful hero, was nothing short of godlike and only a godlike weapon would destroy Blue Marvel. Yet still a power was still calling out to Sidious, something ancient, and nearby. Observing the full fight before him, Sidious turns around at the distinct sound of his ship engines. Spotting his ship lift up from over the crumbling buildings, Sidious touches his earpiece while pointing behind him.

"Come down to my south, open the rear doors and prepare the ship for Hyperdrive.” Sidious commands his pilot..

At that, Sidious ‘force speeds’ over the ground, sprinting around the fight, jumping on top of a fallen over car and leaping over to the other side of the street.

Seeing Carol Danvers unconscious on the ground, Sidious turns aside from her as his ship lands behind him. Bathed in white light from his ships floodlights, Sidious grins he senses the power he felt moments ago. The relic. Glistening in the lights of his ship, sitting on cracked pavement. Turning his head to the side, Sidious reads the ominous inscription on the side of the relic.

“Whoever is worthy to lift the hammer, if he be worthy…” Sidious reads, “...shall wield the power of Thor.” he mumbles. Kneeling down, Sidious observes the long, worn leather handle of Thor's hammer resting on the cracked ground.

“Worthy?" Sidious scoffs, "Who is more pure in heart, more worthy, than an unconflicted conduit to the dark side.” he mumbles, grabbing firm hold of the leather handle, "Thus whoever is one with the Force, one with life, and all things that sprang from it." he says.

Punching Sentry into the ground, Blue Marvel levies blow after blow onto him, punching him down into submission until he grows unconscious. Standing over his bloodied body, Blue Marvel looks up to Darth Vader and Starkiller respectively.

“Its over.” Blue Marvel pants, “Yield now or…”

Suddenly a surge of electricity courses over his body!

“EEYAAA!” Blue Marvel shouts in pain, hunched over in pain. Turning around, Blue Marvel’s eyes open wide in shock at the sight of Darth Sidious standing behind him with Mjolnir in his firm grip, holding it out to him as lightning streaks across the reddening sky. Bright red crackling energy swirls around Sidious arm, radiating over his body and rendering his old skin, youthful.

Blue Marvel's eyes open wide in complete shock and horror as Sidious yellow eyes seem to brighten from the power.

"Oh my god." Blue Marvel gasps.

“And as your god...” grins Sidious, holding out his hammer to him, “ shall KNEEL!” he hollers.

Blue Marvel angrily bolts for him, skimming over the ground but Sidious shoots out a blast of lightning from out Mjolnir, causing a crack of lightning to strike Blue Marvel, making him vanish out of thin air.


No Caption Provided

Exploding out a flurry of light with thunderous lightning around him, Blue Marvel crashes into the moist in the middle of a hot and balmy forest of the Savage Lands.

Hearing trees crunching behind him, Blue Marvel turns around to see a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex roaring as it towers over him. Seeing the Death Star in the middle of the eclipsing the sun over head, Blue Marvel gets on his feet just as the beast snaps his jaw at him.

Catching his jaws open with his bare hands, Blue Marvel shoots silver eye beams through the beasts body, “eeeYAAAH!”

*~*~Currently - Earth, New York~*~*~

No Caption Provided

Holding Mjolnir at his side, Sidious looks at Vader and Starkiller gazing at him, stunned.

“COME!” Sidious orders, using to the force to lift Sentry’s broken body off the ground, “We have seconds remaining.” he advises.

Smashing out an office window, Julia Carpenter drops six flights down to the street in a flurry of glass. Shooting out an organic webline from her wrist, Julia swings down to the destroyed avenue littered with slain bodies and hits the ground running.

Sprinting as fast as possible, Julia passes by an alleyway, glimpsing momentarily at Nico using her Staff to lift the debris off of Molly. Assured Molly is getting rescued, Julia focus her attention back to Sidious.

Keeping her eye trained on Sidious haunting silhouette standing on the extended ramp of his Shuttle slowly rising off the ground. Scouring the street and she runs, Julia searching for anything to stop them. Suddenly her eyes dart to a dead police officer with his gun with an slain stormtrooper on top of him. Skidding a top a stop, Julia shoots a web to the troopers blaster still in his grip and pulls it to herself.

Standing on the Shuttle’s boarding ramp with Sentry’s battered body at his feet, Sidious kneels down to him. Seeing the powerhouse is breathing, Sidious looks over Sentry’s bloodied face decorated with purple bruises as Sentry lets out a fluttered breath.

Smiling, Sidious nods, “He will live.” he mumbles before turning his attention to the petrified pilot behind him, trembling at the controls, “Are we prepped for Hyperdrive?” he asks.

“I’m trying my Lord I don’t…” Sidious twirls his finger, snapping the Pilot’s neck in mid-sentence before turning to Vader.

“Trying, is failure.” Sidious spits, shifting his eye to Vader, “How about you, my apprentice, will you ‘try’?”

Remaining silent, Vader tosses the pilots body out the seat with a gesture as a distant blaster shot catches Sidious attention. With the shuttle lifting off the street, Sidious watches Starkiller stands up to his defense, swiping his hand in the air and erupt the blaster shot that explodes beside the ship, “Its a girl!” he exclaims.

Standing up beside Starkiller, Sidious catches sight of Spider-Girl, firing a flurry of blaster fire at them, “Look at her, fighting a lost fight.” he spits, flicking his finger and ripping the railing off the wall, “So, jedi like.” Sidious says before ‘force throwing’ the railing out the ship.

Standing in the middle of the street, Julia’s body trembles from the recoil of rapid blaster fire streaking up like red fireflies to the Shuttle lifting up overhead, “WHAT NOW YOU WANNA GO!” she hollers. However, Julia only catches sight of a silver glint before she screams out in horrible pain!

“AAAAAH...gaawwd” Julia cries out, dropping the blaster and falling to the ground in horrible pain! Groaning in pain, tears cascade down Julia’s cheeks as she clutches her bloodied left leg, shivering in pain from the steel railing rod Sidious shot through it. Grinding her teeth, Julia grabs the pole, determined to pull it out.


Closing the hatch to his shuttle, Sidious turns to Starkiller, placing his hand on his shoulder, “You did well.” he says, prompting a look from Vader over his shoulder, piloting the ship, “The force is strong with you.” Sidious says to Starkiller, stepping away from him.

Starkiller bows his head, “Thank you my…”

Suddenly Sidious strikes Mjolnir across Starkiller’s face, bouncing his head off the panel wall before dropping over at his feet. Vader looks at Sidious, holding a bloodied Mjolnir over Starkiller’s bloody face.

"Unworthy!." Sidious snarls as raises up the hammer.

Vader turns away momentarily, hearing the hefty metal hammer tremble the ship floor, crushing his apprentice skull. Looking at him, Vader unexpectedly catches sight of Sidious drive his hammer down again onto the skull.

Knelt down at the corpse, Sidious blood speckled face remains firm. However, his sharp yellow eyes shift from Starkiller’s body to Vader, “Clone me another, secret apprentice.” he orders, "Since your so good at it." he snarls.

Vader looks at Starkiller’s headless body before setting his sights ahead. Gripping the controls in frustration, Vader increases the speed of the ship as they lift into the upper atmosphere, “As you wish…” Vader sighs, “ master.”













to be continued in 8 days time with a our thrilling conclusion to Star Wars - The Campaign!!!!!

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I gotta read this when given the chance.

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@guardiandevil83 - Hope you enjoy it, this has been one of my favorite stories I've written in some time. A sequel will be coming sooner with shorter 'parts' to each chapter.

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1 minute and 30 seconds ago

No Caption Provided

“HOLD ON!!!” Hera Syndulla exclaims, “We’re coming out of Hyperspeed!”

The loud boom fills Hera and Sabine’s ears. From being sucked into their seats to being jerked forward, Sabine holds onto dashboard as the blurry space clouds sharpen to clouds.

Stepping between them, Ahsoka’s blue eyes open wide in horror. Sabine stands up from her seat, fear striking her heart as Hera covers her mouth, “Oh no.” she mumbles.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Tears well in Hera’s green eyes as she looks up on the orbital bombardment, “Is that the, Death Star?” she mumbles, “Did they, actually rebuild it?!” she asks in disbelief.

No Caption Provided

Feeling Ahsoka’s firm grip on her headrest, Sabine turns to Ahsoka staring at the planet sized death machine, but then drops onto one knee, clutching her forehead in pain.

“AHSOKA!” Sabrine cries out as she groans in pain, clutching her head with both hands.

Hera looks to her, “What happened are you okay?!”

“Its like...” Ahsoka groans in pain, “...i can hear them all at once!” she exclaims, “So much screaming, death…” she gasps, opening her eyes full of tears, “Oh no, they're gonna destroy the planet.”

Sabine looks to Hera with panic in her eyes, “Get us out of here now!”

“NO!” Ahsoka protests, to Sabine and Hera’s visible confusion, “Get us down there.” she insists.

“Did you just say…” Sabine says in disbelief, “ go ‘down’ to the planet about to be blow away!?!”

Hera turns to Ahsoka, unable to belief her ears, “Ahsoka, besides the full blown orbital bombardment rocking that planet and the miracle that we haven’t gotten picked up on the Empires yet, we are NOT going to blow all that by entering the the current target of their DEATH STAR!” she shouts.

“Guys!” Sabine exclaims, her face looking to a screen on the wall with flashing alert lights, “I’m picking up the Emperor's ship and his shuttle’s coming off the planet.” she advises, “Less than a minute before they break atmosphere.”

Hera waves her hands in the air “Alright thats it, its settled. We came, we saw and now we we’re going. I have a youngling at home and i’m not about to make him an orphan like his father was made.” she says.

Ahsoka staggers onto her feet, “We can’t go Hera!” she exclaims!

“One, we can, engines are working.” Hera retorts, sitting in the pilots chair while flipping switches, “And two, we all know that once the Emperor’s ship clears the atmosphere…”

“I know, they’ll destroy the planet.” Ashoka finishes “But before they do, we can get down to the planet...”

“And get blown to kingdom come!” Sabine finishes.

Ahsoka shakes her head in disagreement, “Not if we hyperdrive off from the planets surface.” she counters.

“WHAT!” Sabine exclaims, trying to comprehend the radical notion, “That’ll destroy fifty miles of…”

“There won’t BE fifty miles or a PLANET!!” Ahsoka shouts, startling Sabine and Hera.

Taking a deep breath, Ahsoka lowers her head as she tightens her grip on the headrest, “Look, I know we only came for a recon mission, but we I know we didn’t come to be witnesses to a planetary genocide.” she counters, looking to both Hera and Sabine’s somber faces, “And I know, I sound crazy to me too, but there is, something...someone, down there and I can’t explain it, I can’t communicate it to you in words, but I just have this, gut wrenching, force driving doom in my stomach that if we don’t do this, the Empire wins.” she explains, looking to Hera, “And if Kanan and Ezra were here…”

Hera closes her eyes and tightens her fist at the mention of their names.

“...they would know exactly what i’m talking about. Please Hera.” Ahsoka pleads, “We can make it.”

Hera looks at Ahsoka before turning to Sabine behind her. Closing her eyes and tightening her fist around the piloting yoke, Hera lets out a frustrated growl before letting out a sigh and resting her head back and glances over to Ashoka, “This is suicide.”



PT III - 30 Seconds to Die

Sabine Wren & Hera Syndulla

No Caption Provided


No Caption Provided


No Caption Provided

Julia Carpenter

No Caption Provided

Molly Hayes

No Caption Provided

Inquistors Fifth Brother & Seventh Sister

No Caption Provided

Meanwhile, In New York City

No Caption Provided

“CO’MAAAN!” screams Nico out. Grinding her teeth, Nico’s body’s drenched in sweat as the ground rumbles under her feet. Holding out her long gold Staff of One, Nico’s eyes remain attentive to the debris from a collapsed building in front of her, slowly lifting up, piece by piece.

Glancing up at the sky, Nico’s heart sinks at the sight of the Death Star, fully eclipsing the sun.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Anxiously turning to the debris, Nico tightens her grip around the gold rod of her Staff of One, glowing bright golden energy from within the gap of the circle at its head, “Come you worthless piece of crap!” she exclaims, “Your powered by a freaking infinity Ego gem that bends to my will, so you can’t JUST DO WHAT I WAAAANT!” she angrily says.

At that moment before Nico’s eyes, the Staff hums and vibrates through her hands and up her arms. Holding it tightly, Nico watches all the debris illuminate gold light at its edges before launching up into the reddening sky as if pulled up by puppet strings. However all of it matters little Nico’s brown eyes settle on Molly’s limp body covered in dirt, sprawled out from where all the debris was on top of her.

“MOLLAAY!” shrieks Nico, tossing aside her Staff as she runs to her.

Racing over to her Nico grabs Molly’s body into arms, cradling it as tears roll down her cheeks. Brushing aside Molly’s messy hair from her lifeless face, Nico shakes her head and staggers up onto her feet, struggling to carry her, “DON’T YOU DARE DIE ON ME!” she cries, hastily speed walking out the alleyway.

Hearing the sound of clanking metal falling behind her, Nico glances over her shoulder and sees all the debris that flew up, crashing down in the alley behind her with smoke billowing towards her. Looking ahead to the war torn street, Nico grinds her teeth as her arms burn from carrying Molly. Turning around the corner out the alleyway, smoke gushes out behind her to the street as Nico collapses with Molly to the sidewalk. However panic courses through Nico’s mind as she Molly laying on the ground, lifelessly still.

“Oh no no no….” Nico panics, rearing herself onto her knees. One hand on top of the other, Nico pushes up and down on Molly’s chest repeating, watching her body thump up and down as she does CPR, “Breath Molly! BREATH!” she exclaims, “You have super strength! You’ve taken worse hits than this, c’mon breath!” she says to her.

Parting Molly’s mouth open with her fingers, Nico exhales a lungful of air into her mouth.

Sitting up again, Nico’s looks at Molly chest, not rising or falling. No air moving through her nose. Her face, unchanged. Seeing this, Nico’s heart breaks. Tears fill her eyes. Her hands trembles as a deep despair fills her stomach, urging her to try again.

“COME ON MOLLY!” Nico shouts, panically trying CPR on Molly again, “BREATH!” she shouts, breathing her into her mouth again. Looking up on her face, Nico’s eyes go pale as Molly’s face slumps over.

Immediately Nico scrambles away from her. Her eyes open wide in shock. Her fingers numb. Her body trembles. Nico’s mouth opens to scream, but no voice comes.

“Oh my gawd…”

Nico eyes dart left. Having dragged herself, Julia Carpenter on the ground with a blood trail coming from her leg, holds herself up by her arms, stunned. Her blue eyes well up with tears as she looks upon Molly’s still body. Turning to Nico, Julia shakes her head, “Is she…”

“NO!!!!” Nico angrily screams, scrambling back over to Molly, “DON’T SAY IT JULIA!” rebukes Nico, pushing on Molly’s chest harder than before, “WE DON’T GIVE UP ON HER!!” she shouts, “SHE NEVER GIVES UP ON US! NEVER!” Nico angrily shouts, wiping the tears away with her sleeve, “THAT’S WHY SHE CAME HERE! FOR ME!!” she shouts, ramming down her fist onto her solid chest in frustration, “BECAUSE I GAVE UP ON MYSELF!” she screams out, “BUT SHE DIDN’T…”

Feeling Julia grab her from behind, Nico angrily pushes Julia away, “STOP IT” she screams, ramming her fist down onto Molly’s chest, “SHE’S GONNA BREATH JUST WATCH!”


“NO!!” Nico snarls to Julia. However, Nico sees Julia’s face, soaked with tears, resting her hand on her shoulder, shaking her head, “She’s gone Nico, you tried, she’s…”

Quickly Nico decks Julia in face. Standing up over her, Nico anguished face turns red with grief as Julia clutches her bloodied lip, “IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ME!!!!!” she hollers, “But I was scared!!” she screams, falling onto her knees in front of Molly’s still body.

Shaking her head, Nico grabs the side of her hair, closing her eyes tight “I-I was scared and I, I couldn’t move…” Nico admits, shaking her head, “...I couldn’t pull myself out if it…” she says, looking at Molly’s body again, ““...but she went. She went and saved people when I couldn’t…” she cries.

Biting her quivering lip, Nico grabs Molly’s limp body in her arms, hugging it as tears roll down her cheek. Burying her face into Mollys rolling neck, Nico sobs, “.I”m sorry I was a horrible friend.” she sobs, “...I’m sorry I left you alone. I’m sorry…” she cries, burying her face in her chest.

At that moment, a gust of wind blows past Julia and Nico, stirring up loose papers and trash as she’s bathed in light. Hearing the loud noise of an engine descending out the sky, Nico lifts her grief wracked face upwards to see a seeing a massive ship quickly descending out the sky to the street.

Taking up the entire width of the avenue, Nico cradles Molly’s body in her and as the wide diamond shape ship with its orbital fish-eye glass window positions to her. At that moment, steam spews out all sides with a ramp extending out from under the fisheye window. Lights illuminate on its path as a door opens, casting a yellow light onto the ramp and broken pavement.

Rushing out, Sabine holds two blasters in her hand. Her violet eyes scour the street before settling onto Nico, calling her over, Sabine points up to the Death Star flickering a green light, “WE HAVE LESS THAN SECONDS, C’MON, WE’LL TAKE WHOEVER WE CAN!” she shouts. Seemingly from nowhere, staggering people emerge from destroyed stores. Waving them on-board, Sabine looks to Nico and Julia, “ARE YOU GUYS COMING OR NOT!” she shouts.

Flicking her wrist, Julia shoots out an web-line past Sabine to the landing ramp, “COMING!” she shouts.

Sabine’s eyes open wide at the sight of the translucent web-line, “Okay that’s just gross…”

Holding out her hand to Nico, Julia narrows her tearful eyes, “Nico...” she calls out, seeing Nico look to her, “...we have to let her go.” she says as tears roll down her eyes.

Nico face turns red with anguish as she look to Julia’s outstretched hand, dirtied hand sporting cuts. Taking a decided breath, Nico closes her eyes and shakes her head, burying her face into Molly’s chest.

Suddenly a gust of wind throws Nico while clutching Molly’s body off her feet and across the street into a car!

Julia’s eyes open wide as she looks to see Fifth Brother holding out his hand, his back covered in webs while holding Seventh Sister by her leg. Dropping Seventh Sister, Fifth Brother growls at the sight of Julia and ignites his lightsaber, “You…” he growls, reaching out to her.

“HERA GET READY!” shouts Sabine before lowering herself forward as a missile zip out from her backpack. Streaking over the street, Fifth Brother sees the missile hurtling to him but holds up his lightsaber. The deafening explosion rocks the street as Julia pulls herself via the webline to the ship. Grabbing hold of Julia, Sabine helps Julia onto feet and throws her arm over her shoulder as they both fall on the landing ramp.

Seeing the flicking green light pulsate like a strobe lite from the overhead Death Star.

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A cold shiver runs up Sabine as she looks up the ramp as civilians run inside, “HERA WERE DONE!” she shouts.

Pushing her way past the civilians running in the ship, Ashoka sees Sabine on the ramp, holding Julia Carpenter as her leg bleeds out on the ramp. However past them, Ahsoka sees Fifth Brother rushing at them, “STAY DOWN!” she shouts to Sabine, motioning for her lightsaber hilt at her waist.

At that moment, a bright gold rod bursts straight through Fifth Brother’s armored torso from behind!

“grrRAAAAH!!” Nico hollars, holding her Staff of One as she amazingly lifts Fifth Brother’s body over her head while looking at a stunned Julia and Sabine, “GET OUT OF HERE!” she shouts, hurling Fifth Brother back.

“NICO! “

“I’LL HOLD THEM OFF!” Nico shouts from over her shoulder before charging at Fifth Brother, now bleeding from his mouth. Like a wild animal, Nico charges straight at him, “THIS IS FOR MOLLAAAAY!!!” she shouts.

Angrily Fifth Brother thrusts out his hand, sending out a flurry of blue lightning to her. Skidding to a stop, Nico holds up her staff as the lightning bounces off her staff and crackles over the entire street.

On her back of the landing ramp, Sabine looks to Ashoka staring in shock, “Its her.” she mumbles as the entire ships lifts off the ground.Hearing the ship lift into the air behind her, Nico keeps her focus to Fifth Brother, baring her teeth before pushes her staff forward, throwing the lightning back.

“RAAAH!!!” Nico shouts,

Looking to her left, Nico sees Seventh Sister, had face black and blue, broken arm dropped low but blazing at her with lightsaber in her right hand. Blocking her blow, Nico grinds her teeth as Seventh Sister lightsaber crackles and screams with energy against her staff, “I’m gonna tear your heart out and burn your bones!!”

Straining from the pressure Seventh Sister is exerting, Nico narrows her eyes between the bursting light and glares right at her, “Too late…” Nico spits, “ mother already tried it, “RAAAHH” she scream out, pushing Seventh Sister back. Jumping up, Nico curls her body in a wave of energy suddenly forms around her, harnessing the power of the Ego gem from within her Staff that now glows as if comprised by light.

All at once, Seventh Sister is shocked as Nico thrusts her limps out with a massive energy beam shooting out to her from Nico’s Staff! Seventh Sister entire body glows in the gold energy. Throwing her saber up, the blaster explodes off her blade, sending her feet skidding back as it ricochets to Fifth Brother, pierces through his body with hot energy before exploding on Molly’s body!

“NOOO!!!!” Nico screams in horror.

However, dropping to her feet, Nico eyes open wide at the sight of the gold energy burst into particles and absorb right into Moly’s body, making her take a gasping breath.

Stunned Nico drop sher Staff as Seventh Sister leaps through the air with her saber cocked back, “DIEE!!!”

A short high pitch scream fills Nico’s ears before thunderous explosion rocks the ground. Looking behind, Nico sees the ship roar past her from overhead with Seventh Sisters body, now a charred skeleton from the Ghost laser fire. As it makes a sharp turn in the air over the street, coming back towards Nico, she hears a deafening heavenly boom from the Death Star. Nico eyes immediately dart to Molly, sitting up.

“MOLLAY!” Nico screams, bolting for her. Running through the street, Nico runs for Molly staggering up onto her feet. Quickly Nico gets to Molly staring at her quite confused. Wasting no time, Nico grabs Mollys hand and runs into the middle of the street as the ship streaks down with its landing ramp extending out as Ahsoka holds onto the landing platform rails, holding out her hand, “RUN!”

A green flash suddenly blankets the entire street, blinding Nico as everything turns sheet white, now only able to hear for the ship she runs towards.

Inside the Ghost, Hera squints her eyes as she dives the ship to the street. Looking to Sabine, Hera nods at her, “HIT THE HYPERDRIVE NOW!”

Sabine looks to her, “THEY’RE STILL…”


Running for the ship, Nico feels the ground beneath their feet rumble as if the entire Earth jumped. Using all her might, Nico picks Molly off her feet and at seeing the ship grow close in the white light, hugs her, “I love you!” she shouts before throwing her!

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Watching the glow of the Earth’s explosion, Darth Sidious grins, “Finally, all has come to pass.” he mumbles.

“My Lord…”

Looking over his shoulder, Darth Sidious looks to General Tark, standing behind him, clicking his heels together as he stands to attention, “My lord, Darth Void is in the bacta tank as instructed. Lord Vader is waiting for you as you asked in your chambers with your, visitor.”

Sidious nods at him, “Good.”

“I must say he is quite cordial.” Tark says, “The Emissaries visited him as soon you entered the now deceased planet. However, he was a ruler, do you believe my Lord that he will her his will to you, after having been a Ruler himself?”

“Hierarchy has been established.” Sidious replies, “He will obey, or be destroyed.”

“Very well my lord.” Tark replies, “He is waiting in your Chambers at your request. How may I address him my lord, in the future?”

Sidious smirks, “By his name of course, Darth, Doom, is sufficient. ”


Meanwhile, Flying over the moon

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Flicking her eyes open, Nico opens her eyes seeing Molly’s two big blue eyes staring back at her. Sitting up promptly, Nico hugs Molly tight, “Oh my gosh…” she cries, “...I thought I lost you.” she sighs in relief.

Pulling away from her, looking at her up and down, Nick wipes the tears from her eyes “My god are you hurt are you okay?!”

Molly nods, “Yeah I'm fine…” she says, looking at her hands that tingle, “...I don’t know how but i’m fine... I feel all fuzzy inside.”

“That’s the space jump.”

Standing up at the unfamiliar voice, Nico sees she’s in a small bunk bed styled chambers. Standing across from her, Nico tilts her head at the alien humanoid. Her skin colored like orange clay, blue and white horn like fixtures to her head, Nico furrows her brow, pulling Molly behind her back, “WHERE ARE WE! What's going on! who are you. ” she asks, “And where's Julia!” She demands.

Smiling at her protectiveness, she extends her hand, “Your onboard a ship called the Ghost. Julia is getting medical aide along with a few others we rescued. ” she replies, “Were getting out this space sector to settle down, the empire just destroyed your planet so, we need to lay low.”

Nico simply looks at her hand before looking at her face, “And who are you?!”

“I am Ahsoka Tano. The one who saved your life.”

Nico looks to Molly who nods at her. Taking a sigh of relief, Nico claps Ahsoka’s hand, shaking it, “Thank you, really.” She replies.

Ahsoka nods to her, “It's my pleasure. Come and meet the rest of us. We have a ways to go before we get to Ach-to, my friend Luke is waiting for us.”








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