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Continued from: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/splicers-the-orwell-s-chapter-12-1484748/#8

And this links into: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/splicers-the-corps-chapter-17-1485086/#3


Dr Rossini’s house, Upstate New York

Dr Emil Rossini looked Marcus Drake up and down like a hawk does prey “It’s bad enough I have to replace a President without you being here!”

“Look I’m…”

Rossini shot him a glance that froze the words in his mouth “I tell a cautionary tale of my friend Dr Quinn, who on a semi regular basis is raped and bashed by inmates at Pelican Bay because he did the wrong thing. Ed was my friend and this is how I treated him. Now imagine what I am going to do to you, an underling, a cog in my machine. Can you fathom the horrors I will inflict on you, Drake?”

Marcus gulped and contemplated teleporting away but held his ground, palms sweating, stomach churning. Across the room, silently watching him was a man in a neatly pressed suit and sunglasses. His face was expressionless but it was quite intimidating.

“Agent Johnson”

“Yes sir” he replied almost snapping to life making Marcus jump.

No Caption Provided

“The President has outlived his usefulness. You will dispose of him and make it look like a heart attack. There will be no mistakes, is that clear?”

“Crystal sir!” And with that he turned and walked through the wall and was gone like he never existed.

“Do you know who Blair Orwell is?” asked Rossini as he took a seat on a chair that cost most than normal people earn in a year.

“No” replied Marcus hesitantly.

Rossini smiled and checked his watch “Doesn’t matter, she and her brothers will be dead in eight minutes anyway. Tea?”

Oceanic Airlines 815, 32,000ft above sea level

Sky Marshall Hashtag Rigoberto levelled his XREP taser pistol at the trio of Orwells.

“Whatdowedo?” mumbled Arthur out the corner of his mouth quietly as he raised his hands.

Eric smiled “Remember when you came to school?”

Arthur shot forward, shoving his brother sideways and slapping the Sky Marshall with a dozen hits, quickly disarming him in the process. Chad screeched and ran up the aisle as the plane started to erupt in panic.

“Blair!” yelled Eric but his sister was on top of it, pointing at Chad and increasing his gravity, driving him to the floor like an invisible bookcase just landed on him.

“Terrorists!” shrieked Chad “They’re going to blow up the plane!”

The plane erupted in panic. Eric shook his head in frustration “Idiots! Blair, clear me a path. Arthur, I need to be in the cockpit now!”

Blair threw her hands up and effectively made the whole plane sit. Arthur grabbed his brother and in less than a heartbeat they were up at the cockpit door.

“Okay soldier boy” said Eric as he invited him to the door. Arthur shoulder barged the door at speed slamming open and taking out the pilot who was attempting to barricade it.

“Mayday! Mayday!” yelled the co-pilot into his radio “This is Oceanic 815…” He stopped as Arthur levelled the gun at his forehead.

“Move!” yelled Eric as he jumped into the pilot’s seat and scanned the instruments.

“You can fly one of these?” asked Arthur as he motioned to the co-pilot to stand.

“It’s just maths!” smiled Eric as he pulled on the headset “Lift, drag, weight and thrust”

“Oh easy then” said Arthur “What do we do with him?” as the co-pilot held his hands up nervously, unsure and quite scared.

“You’re an actual pilot correct?” asked Eric.


“Good, sit!” Eric pointed to the empty chair “While I’ve got the maths, you can actually fly this thing. Now what’s up with the instruments?”

“You won’t shoot me?” he asked nervously.

“I won’t,” said Eric as he looked at the radar at the objects streaking towards them ““No gun. My brother on the other hand”

Arthur smiled menacingly as he poked the co-pilot in the forehead with the gun barrel “Eyes on the skies, not me. I’m going to go check on Blair?”



“Can I have a coke?”

White House, Presidential bedroom

Agent Johnson looked at the dead body of the President, the Vice President Corvan Rockefeller, standing beside him a look of horror and excitement on his face. Agent Johnson turned to the VP and opened up a small video screen.

“Mr President, may I be the first to congratulate on your appointment!” said Dr Rossini from his home “Now a warning, you cross Nexus and this will happen to you. Agent Johnson inserted intangibly a pellet of nerium oleander into the President. Oleander is a very dangerous plant, every single thing about it is poisonous, even burning its wood can kill you. The same thing will happen to you if you do not do what I tell you, when I tell you. Is that clear?”


Rossini looked down his nose “I beg your pardon?”

The soon to be head of the free world gulped “Yes sir”

“Much better. Agent Johnson will brief you about the plane crash that will happen off the coast of California if you weren’t already in the loop. Any questions, Mr President?”

“No sir”

Agent Johnson closed the screen and belted him in the face with it, knocking him to the ground. Corvan held his bleeding mouth “What was that for?”

“He makes me angry!” said Agent Johnson shaking the laptop “I can’t hit him though. You on the other hand, are just a paper tiger. Have a nice day President Rockefeller”

To be continued.....

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@batkevin74: Great chapter, I'm looking forward to what you're setting up and just as a quick preview I will have a surprise that Rossini has been keeping to himself in the next chapter of the Corps.

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You are a doll, I was thinking you would leave me hanging with how the three siblings would get out of this mess. I know I mentioned this before but I really love how you get across their affection and closeness in their actions and dialogue -- and hey, Eric deserves that coke.


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@joshmightbe: Cool, Rossini is an excellent villain you've created, thanks for letting me play with him.

@lykopis: Everyone deserves a coke, don't they :) And they're not out of the woods yet...well sky woods...there's still plenty of drama to come

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“Can I have a coke?”

Hehe, nice. This always seems like it's right at the very edge of the s*** hitting the fan, yet the tension keeps rising...

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