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continues from here http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/joshmightbe/splicers-the-syndicate-chapter-4/87-83308/

THTF HQ Chicago, Illinois

Rob stares off into space as Campbell informs him he'll be assuming Frank's position in the Organization. He places a hand on his shoulder, "Trust me, Rossini will pay for this but I need you to keep your head."

Rob looks over, "I'm pissed, not stupid. Rossini is untouchable right now but its open season on dog boy. I need you to authorize a little field trip."

Campbell stood straight, "You have a month, your team stays here. Can't leave a city vulnerable to catch one guy, but what I can do is give you a temporary team."

He tossed a stack of files on the table, "These are the guys Frank considered some of the best soldiers in the organization. You can have 4."


Alpha company HQ L. A. California

Lt. Blake tossed a file to Morgan Ellis, "You're going on a trip."

Ellis looked down, "Where to?"

Blake shrugged, " I was told and I quote, its none of my damn business."


Bravo Company HQ, Detroit, Michigan

Lt. Davis marches in to the rec room, "Kirby, got a job for you."

He looks over, " What is it?"

"Eyes only, looks like you'll have to live without us for a bit."


Charlie Company HQ, Kansas City, MO

Col. Dave Smith steps out on to the roof of the building, "Emerson, you're being loaned out."

Victoria Emerson looked back, "Cool, is it one of those things I can ask about?"

He shrugs, "You can ask whatever you want when you get there."


Zulu Company HQ, undisclosed location

A man named Rick Hollis opens an IM on his computer, "Report to the following coordinates in 24 hour."

He nodded and went to gather his gear.


Chicago Illinois

Rob stands before his assembled team, "Morgan Ellis, precog, with low level probability altering ability, John Kirby, Super human Strength nearly invulnerable, Victoria Emerson, auto adaptive physiology and photographic reflexes, Rick Hollis, super human agility and reflexes and in born stealth that renders him invisible to virtually all detection equipment."

"You've all been gathered here because you are considered some of the best soldiers the task force has to offer, you were all hand picked by General Frank Monroe and now you're going to help me catch the people responsible for his death."

He began tossing files on the table, "Ivan Bagrov, Sergei Krol, Marcus Drake, Emil Rossini. Rossini is currently off limits but we can change that if we can bring in the other three. The catch is that Bagrov has over the last few months, completely taken over the majority of organized crime in the continental United States meaning we pretty much have an army between us and them."

Ellis picked up the file on Ivan, "Even if we make it to them, how do you expect to bring this guy down? We pumped enough voltage through him to short out an entire city just to knock him out for a minute."

Rob sat down, "That's why we have Kirby, He's pretty evenly matched with him power wise, your abilities will be helpful with keeping tabs on Drake, he's a teleporter with impressive range. Look if any of you don't want in, head home, no will even know you were here, but if you want in you'll be helping to bring in not only some of the worst criminals in the country but you will be helping to bring down the man who is personally responsible for every bit of s**t we've taken since the moment we were born Splicers, we have reason to believe all our abilities, even how society has reacted to them has been a part of some plan he's been working since last century."

Emerson gave an incredulous look, "You expect us to believe that?"

Rob nodded, "Ask Hollis, Zulu company uncovered the evidence in the first place."

He looked to Hollis, "Everyone here has clearance to hear everything once they agree to sign on."

Ellis nodded, "I wouldn't have came if I weren't gonna do the job."

Emerson sighed, "Fine, I get paid either way."

Kirby put his hands down on the table, "You had me at 'chance to kick Ivan's ass'."

Hollis then pulled a sealed file from a briefcase and opened it.

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: Going to have to go back and reacquaint myself with this!

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@batkevin74: I'm still trying to find the library again

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I love how you have different groups -- this is a whole world you've developed here and branching out like this is fantastic, especially having them be considered the best by Frank.