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Peter could say something smart, but is too scared and dumbfounded to open his mouth.

He had accompanied Mr. Stark and The Avengers to a fight against Doom, who had lost his marbles again. Maybe Peter should give him a bag to keep them in?

..... Okay, that had sounded funnier in his head. On with the story.

Peter had half-accidentally tampered with something important, and it exploded. He was sucked into a wormhole, and now he was stuck in a Bizarro Universe.



Peter Parker ends up in a mirror universe where heroes are villains and vice versa.



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Peter dodged a Doombot's blast and turned around, webbing it up and jumping at what he presumed was the control panel. He didn't have time for a closer look, having to dodge three more blasts. Even though he was a bit panicked, he tried his best to not show it. It and The Spider-sense's constant tingling made it harder to focus on what he was doing, and he tried to calm himself with quipping.

Dr. Doom (Whose name sounds like a villain of the week from a saturday morning cartoon) had lost his marbles yet again. Maybe Peter could get him a bag to put them in so it wouldn't happen anymore?

Doom was obviously angry, and Peter failed to dodge, getting a bad hit to right leg and a burn to left side of ribs.

Okay, he'll admit, it did sound funnier in his head.

Peter's vision very temporalily blacked, starting from the corners of his sight and quickly spreading. It was gone as soon as it came, but messed with his sense of direction and balance, making him to almost swing against a wall. He would've said something smart but was rapidly running out of ideas. He quickly jumped out of he way of yet another blast and shot a web that temporalily trapped a bunch of Doombots.

Over half of the hidden bunker somewhere in the wilderness had collapsed, giving a view to the snowy forest. The battle was slowly moving to outside, giving Peter more room for his acrobatics. If he could destroy Doom's Doomsday Devive of the week™, Mr. Stark would be happy. Everybody else was occupied with Doombots. Mr. Stark and Captain Rogers were occupied with Doom. The blizzard was obscuring everybody's sight, but The Spider-sense saved Peter every time he was close to get seriously hit. He was about to web Doom when the web fluid decided to run out.

That wasn't in the script, he swears!

Peter ran for his life, trying to reach the control panel and succeeding. He ripped the cover off. Oh, shoot. The Which Wire Dilemma. Blue wire or red wire? Or green? Yellow? One of the black ones? Maybe one of the non-black ones? He took a closer look at the red one. It's always the red one in movies.

"Don't tamper with it, you insolent idiot!!"

Yeah, definitely the red one. When the villain screams "NO!" or something similiar, you're going in the right direction.

It exploded.


After hearing Mr. Stark's voice, he saw a thing that could've been a wormhole, and was sucked into it, the air turning all black around him after a few seconds.


What had he done to piss off G*d? He felt like he was dead, but if he was he probably shouldn't feel anything?

Peter quickly got something else to worry about when he heard breathing and somebody feeling his pulse from the wrist. Something told Peter it wasn't Mr. Stark, but The Spider-sense didn't tingle, so he didn't immediately panic, thinking it had to be one of the other Avengers. He slowly opened his eyes and almost got a stroke when he saw the metal mask reflecting the moonlight.

It was Doom.

And The Spider-sense hadn't tingled.

Peter quickly scrambled to his feet and instinctively tried to shoot a web at him, forgetting he was out of web-fluid. After an awkward pause, Peter ran for it, hoping to be able to outrun Doom, find the others (Who probably though he was dead. Otherwise they wouldn't have left him. Right??!!) and return to fight another day and better equipped. Most of the costume was so badly destroyed you wouldn't know Peter was Spider-Man if you didn't notice the now-useless webshooters. But Doom had seen him. He knew who Spider-Man was.

Peter took the best option he currently had.


Outrunning Doom had been a lot easier than Peter thought. As if he hadn't given a chase at all. Seeing the city lights in the distance, Peter pushed himself harder and, finally, stopped to catch his breath next to a news stall.

Okay, now he'll just go to Mr. Stark and...

He did a double take at the tower in distance.

It said "Stark".

Not "Avengers".

After turning around, Peter saw yet another thing that definitely shouldn't be there.

It was in the newspaper, on the front page:

"The Venom saves the day again".

Oh wow.

Oh ******* Wow.

Had the whole world lost it's marbles?

He was woken from his bewilderment by the sound of sirens couple of blocks down.

And a roar.

Like The Hulk.

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Cool. I'm going to save these for my lunch breaks during the week. It'll help pass the time. :)

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Peter reloaded the webshooters - Not that he could use them out of costume, unless things got very serious - and hid them under his sleeves, running towards the sounds of the fight, upstream in the river of terrified people. At least two or three people were going to same direction, reporters probably.

The Hulk was raging, but The Avengers weren't there. Instead there were a bunch of other people:

A guy in black and yellow suit of armor with extra legs who apparently could shrink and shoot lasers, Yellowjacket, he thinks,

Natasha Romanova, The Black Widow,

The Lizard,

and Doctor Octopus.


Peter asked what's happening, and, despite the mass panic, got some answers:

"The Hulk got loose!"


"Thunderbolts will handle it!"

..... Thunderbolts?

Definitely not the same line-up.

It was only thanks to The Spider-sense that Peter managed to dodge the Doc Hulk threw off his arm. The Lizard turned it's head at Peter, sniffing the air, but decided to ignore him and focused on Doc Ock, who he called "Otto". It took Ock a moment to get up, and in that moment Hulk was already there and the spectators quickly fell back. Hulk swinged his arm towards Ock, who managed to dodge, but Lizard, for some reason, wasn't that fast, and was knocked unconscious by the large green fist.

The Man in Black and Ock were currently the only ones fighting, Widow staying out of it for some reason. Yellowjacket seemed too badly injured to walk. Venom made an appearance. Romanova finally decided to step in, and "sang a lullaby" to Hulk, finally making the monster fall down. But the Hulk handn't been alone. There was another man in Captain America-esque dark blue bodysuit with a large black star on chest.

He took Peter as a hostage, pressing a sharp-looking, pitch black shield with a red star against his throath. When they were out of the sight of the people, Peter tried to see if he recognized the guy.

Holy hell.

The man's face was shadowed by the dark alley and slicked back hair halfly fallen down, but he knew him. He did. It was Steve Rogers.

And he looked very evil.

"M-Mr. Rogers..?"

The sharp, bright, reflectionless eyes were instantly fixed on Peter's, burning with ice cold fury that very effectively scared the shit out of him.

"I am Captain Winter."

Rogers didn't talk at all until they were in a sewer somewhere under Brooklyn. It was there where he drew a gun, pointing it at Peter's forehead at point-blank range. Mr. Rogers wouldn't do it, please somebody say he wouldn't.

Yes, he would. It was clear from the look in his eyes. Peter could've gone down with a good quip if he wasn't too scared and dumbfounded to talk.

The actions speak louder than words.

He shot a web at the definitely-not-Roger's face and kicked him on the hand to get it off him. Peter's face met the shield and the still blindfolded definitely-no-Rogers shot him twice, hitting him on the rib and the leg wound. Peter kicked the Cap imposter on the nuts and got to feel the vibranium edge on the flesh of his hand. The fake Rogers got Peter on a stranglehold, he couldn't see a thing and shot the webs blindly, having absolutely no success.

"Succumb to your fate. It was a necessary sacrifice for an unified world."

Wow, that guy suddendly became talkative.

.... That was a very bad last words.

Peter really thought they would be, but The Lizard appeared out of nowhere, along with Doom. That was when Peter blacked out from the loss of air.

"Yes, they are Tachyons." Doom.

"And they are..?" Who knows?

"Hypotethical particles that move faster than light. If their power was harnessed, it could be used to travel between the dimensions." Doom again.

"I've heard the theory. With every choice we make, we literally create a world. The history branches in two, creating one earth where we made the choice and the other one where we didn't." Romanova.

Peter has heard that theory too, in comic books. Earth 3 and Bizarro universe, What-If's, Star Trek, Darkwing Duck, et cera.

"Why was he scared of Vicky? Could the theory be actually possible? Is his world's Vicky a villain?"

"That sounds a bit absurd. I mean...." Who-knows again.

"All'ss posssssible." Definitely the Lizard.

"I wish i could say i've seen stranger things...." Doc Ock.

Peter didn't really know why, but he opened his eyes, and everybody turned around, clearly waiting for him to do something.

"......uhh..... sup?"

He mentally facepalmed at himself.

"Are you sure he's The Spider?"

"-Man", Peter corrected, because there really was no point in trying to lie, "Spider-Man.

I saw the newspaper article about me being a villain and Venom being a hero, Captain America tried to murder me in cold blood, and Doctor Doom saved me. WHAT'S GOING ON??!!"

"...Dr. Doom..?" Peter ignored Doom's confusion because he was too panicked to stop his rant, barely able to breathe borderline normally.

"I was just helping The avengers. Then it exploded! I was sucked into wormhole! Then my friends tried to kill me and the villains saved my life. DID I MISS SOMETHING??!!"

Thunderbolts muttered amongst themselves about "The Avengers" as if they had never heard of them, except Romanova who was quiet but clearly interested to learn more. Peter, recovering from the sudden panic attack, still trembled a bit, and Doom carefully put a metal gloved hand on his shoulder.

"Can you tell me what happened? Exactly?"

Peter, at a loss of what else to do, started from the beginning, also mentioning The Lost Marbles. He also, at Doom's request, told them about The Avengers (Mr. Rogers being the paragon of Truth, Justice, And The American Way™, (earning some stares), Mr. Stark being an arms-dealer turned superhero with amazing tech, Banner and Hulk being Jekyll and Hyde, and Thor being "a big overexited puppy" as Mr. Stark once descriped him), and some of their enemies, like Ultron, Dr. Doom, Venom, Yellowjacket, Lizard, Loki, Crossbones, and Red Skull. When Peter told Thunderbolts about Red Skull, nobody said a word. They just looked at each other in silence.

Yellowjacket interrupted the situation with:

"Your world's fucked up."

"They both are."

"So, we're going with the dimension-hopping theory with a potential enemy's panicked rant as our only proof?" Romanova summed up the situation with brutal honesty, glaring at Doom, who nodded.

"I do not find it hard to believe it could actually have happened. We will, of course, be cautious until we can be sure, but currently there's no need to be hostile, he's just a child."

"I was just a child too, Damme. You're always too nice."

Peter couched a bit to get their attention again.

"Um.... Sorry to interrupt, but would somebody tell me about this world? I'd like to be prepared.... if something happens..."

He'll be cautious too, but The Spider-sense hadn't tingled after the fight at all, so it was safe to presume he wasn't in immediate danger.

He felt like the main character of a crazy crossover fanfic. Did Deadpool feel like this? All the time?

Yellowjacket offered to explain everything, but Peter didn't answer because he was still kinda scare despiscared of them all despite the Spider-sense not tingling. And he felt like he'd get a long and loud rant. Doom might've sensed Peter's discomfort and asked if he was hungry.

"y-yeah, thank you, Mr. Damme (?), i'd like some food if it isn't too burdensome?"

"Don't worry, it isn't. And you can call me Victor."