Spider-man: Racist? PART 2

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peter's spider sense awoke him instantly. peter sprung out of bed. nothing was different in the little apartment bedroom. peter glanced around the room, looking for whatever danger could have woke him. *BANG BANG BANG* the door was almost knocked from its hinges by a banging on the door. peter slipped on his mask, and checked the clock. 6:30 am.
" this better be a group of lost super models" peter grumbled. peter stopped " no, peter your a married man" he thought. " this better be a giant check, AND a group of lost super models" peter smiled. 
*BANG BANG BANG* the door was shaken by loud blows. " I'm coming!" peter called out. he opened the door. *SMACK* peter was hit upside the head with a rolled up newspaper. 
" PETER BENJAMIN PARKER!" it was aunt May. " i taught you better than this" she yelled waving the newspaper at him " i raised you better than this!" she yelled.
" aunt may what are you talking about" peter asked rubbing the side of his face. he'd been knocked around by octopus men, cackling goblins, and evil alien suits, but when aunt may got mad it hurt. " you know very well what I'm talking about." she said, aunt may unrolled the newspaper, the daily bugle, the headline read: 
with an old picture of spider-man.
 "well at least i'm getting some money out of this" peter thought. he read on:
" an anonymous source has given us, the daily bugle, a in depth recording of the menace spider-man slandering the good people of Asia, the recording quotes spider-man as saying " i hate you people in my country" spider-man has not responded." aunt may was crying now, " what would your uncle ben think, you swinging around and talking about the immigrants of this great land, in such a way."
" no, no aunt may, they were drug dealers, i wasnt talking about asian. one of them must have recorded it. and jameson had a field day twisting my words" peter explained. " aunt may stay here, i'll explain everything later, right now i have a dealer to see."
peter changed into his costume as aunt may sat in the dining room with a cup of tea.
" i'll make it right agian, aunt may, i didnt say those things" peter tried to confort her.
peter waited and then left out the bedroom window.
" i'll make it right, i swear" peter whispered, as he swung away