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Spider-Dude was swinging around the city,until a new villain named Thunder Bolt attacked him.Spider-Dude and Thunder Bolt fought until Thunder Bolt punched Arachna-dude through a building,and blasted it with a thunder bolt wich blew it up.Thunder Bolt thought he killed Spider-Dude.Hours later Spider-Dude made it out of the rubble."What a kill joy man."Said Spider-Dude.The next day Spider-Dude jumpped Thunder Bolt.Spider-Dude then noticed they were fughting,and hitting other people two."We need to get away from all these people!!!"said Spider-Dude.So they went to an abanded ware house."Here is good"Said Thunder Bolt.So they fought and they fought,until Spider-Dude cought Thunder Bolt's arm,and Thunder Bolt tried to blast Arachna-dude's face in,but he quickley turned his arm around.Then Spider-Dude force Thunder Bolt to blasted his own face in."Its finally over."Spider-Dude said.Then he swang away.