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When Griffyn was born he didn't have a normal childhood his dad was Spider-Man,and he was stolen alot.Then he got older and by 12 years he was a full fledged super hero.Now he had his own villains like Destuction a symbiot monster that destroyed anything in his path.Spider-Man had done because of Destruction.Now Spider Dude wants revenge.When Spider-Man died Spider Dude went crazy and went to find Destruction,and destroy him.But instead Destruction found him,and they fought through the city and didn't care what they destroyed.Destruction loved this.He nearly killed Spider Dude.They traded punches,and didn't care what was happening to them.They finally made it to the top of a rooftop,and Spider Dude hung Destruction.


Now I want you guys to put comic ideas on hear and I will look over them to see witch one will the next mega comic.

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