So Scary 4- That Cold Feeling

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That Cold Feeling

Have you ever had that feeling someone was following you? I sure did. It happened the last time when I walked alone in the previous Halloween Night, and that someone grabbed me, or pushed me over. But when I had turned back, nobody was there. It was weird to think that I was the only person being stalked in the dark night. But how I can tell someone that the person, who tried to stalk me, wasn't really there? It must be my wild imagination.

I always break curfew all the time, and that my parents weren't too happy about it. So, they grounded me in my messy room, where I have to clean it up, hoping that I can go out, and spend quality time with my friends. But it didn't happen. So, what did I do? I go out for a walk. Always.

But then again, there's that cold feeling. I still had the notion that someone was stalking me. The last Halloween Night was cruel enough, but this time I had to be careful of my night walks. Why would someone like me, an 18-year old girl go out at a time like this? Because I wasn't a kid anymore. I can do things on my own, and this was a small neighborhood, after all. And people are bound to notice anything suspicious. But if anyone dared to touch me, I'd smack their faces right away, or pepper spray them. Well... I didn't have pepper spray yet. I'd have go to a nearby store, and buy it. That's for sure.

On the way back home, I noticed something different about the invisible stalker. Because I hadn't that feeling before. It was cold, all right. I didn't expect it to be that cold. It felt like an icy hand that tried to grab me, and planning to do what it wants to do. I never wanted to think about it. Because I know that there are perverts out there, who liked to watch 18-year old girls stripping off naked. But it's not just the perverts. It's also the jocks, and one of them was my boyfriend. Now, he's an ex-boyfriend.

Chad Wilson used to be a fun guy, and I liked him. He had said that we could do it in the middle of the night at my place, while everyone was sleeping, including my parents. Dad usually comes home late from his office, and Mom sometimes work overnight at the hospital. So, I had to make a private schedule, and talked with Chad about it.

Sometimes, Chad can be really rough about things that go unexpectedly. My parents never liked him. I knew he had sex with the previous girls in high school, and most of them were cheerleaders. I also heard stories that he made out with an older woman, one of the cheerleaders' Mom. At first, I didn't believe it was true. Then, the rumors had started to fly around the school day by day, and that I couldn't take it anymore. So, I broke up with him. Chad didn't take it lightly, which was obvious. I used to think that big guys like Chad might hit me, like in one of those movies where big jocks were in control of their girlfriends, telling them what to do, and what not to do. I hated that.

This time around, my best friend Stacy called me, and said if we can hang out in some newly-opened bar. Because she had this new car for her last birthday, and wanted to take me for a ride. I said no, because my parents grounded me for my past troubles, and that I still couldn't go out. Stacy felt unhappy about it, and I can tell by the looks on her face. But that's life, I guess. I'd have to learn to live with it. I hope my punishment doesn't go far enough these days because the isolation drove me mad.

I went out for a walk again, just to feel the fresh air. It's like I was being imprisoned for a serious crime. Sure, every young girl like me thinks that way. But that's how life goes, and if any boy or girl didn't listen to the big folks in town, well... You know what's going to happen next.

I came to this park, where some nerd, whom I can't really remember died on the bench. The news said that he was reading a comic book at the time, and that someone slashed his throat from behind. It was awful, but one has to wonder, who would read a comic book late at night, alone in the park? He could have read it at home for all I care. I did notice a bright light in the park, so it must be quiet and peaceful for the nerd to read his comic book.

But to be killed by an unknown stranger or stalker or whatever you want to call it, is a pure mystery, and it can be terrifying. I used to have nightmares that something invisible, was trying to do things to me. I had screamed that night. My parents told me, "It was only a dream." It was more like a nightmare. I laughed at the thought.

The good thing was that there hadn't been any leftover bloodstain on the bench. But the bad thing was there used to be one. And the thought of sitting on the bench right now, gives me the creeps. Can you imagine if I had to sit here, unknowingly that this unknown killer would slash my throat, or doing whatever different this time? I don't want to imagine, so I didn't sit on the bench. I just looked at it.

It was time to go home. I looked at my watch, thinking my parents would be coming home soon. They said that they'll be late from work. I used to remember that Stacy and I used to drink beer in the garage. Dad used to hide the stacks of beer from Mom, because she didn't approve alcoholism. I didn't blame him, because he needed it.

Well, that was the fun part of it. We drank beer, and dance like crazy, wild girls. Unfortunately, we were so drunk that we didn't realize that my parents came home early than expected. When Mom found out that Dad was still drinking beer, she got really mad. Not only that, she and Dad got mad at me. Later on, when Stacy went home and I came to my room, I could hear my parents still fighting over the beer.

Now, Dad seemed to stop drinking. But it's not that he was drunk, and being abusive like most husbands and fathers would be. It was Mom's brother, my dear uncle who used to love me so much, that he gave me lots of presents when I was a kid. But the problem was that he used to drink a lot of alcohol, and that he died of it. Mom was afraid that Dad would end up like her brother. But on most family occasions like Christmas, Halloween, and others, Dad was only allowed to drink a glass of wine. That's it.

While going back home, I can still feel the invisible stalker following me. Then, out of the blue, someone pushed me so hard that I fell on the ground. It did hurt, but I didn't scream.

"Ow!" I said. "Who's there?" I turned around when I got up. It was still nobody.

"Candice..." Someone said my name. Currently, my friends used to call me Candy, a nickname that I even like. But for some reason, Chad never liked it. I never knew why. I guess he never liked candies?

"Who's there?" I said again. "Come out, wherever you are." I almost raised my voice to the point where I could lose it. I had to be careful because in this day and age, a girl like me wishes to become a pop star. Yes, I used to sing good back then. But for some reason I stopped it, because I felt I had to do something else for my future career. Those pop artists usually get drunk, and do stupid things these days. Maybe that's why. Mom wouldn't like it that much.

"Candice..." The disembodied voice said again. "Candice, you have to help me."

I tried to look at the stalker, where it was talking to me. But did it really matter? He was invisible!

"Who..." I paused, shivering all over. Now, I'm really scared. "Who are you?"

The ghost didn't say anything much. It just grabbed my hand, pulling me away from home. I screamed.

"Let me go! Let me go!" I couldn't stop myself from screaming. I was hoping that someone can hear me. But surprisingly, nobody heard my screams. They must be real sleeping beauties living in this town.

"Come with me!" The ghost said. "I'll show you." Then it pulled me harder than ever before. "You need to stop screaming. Or else..."

"Or else what?" I didn't want to know. But I had to make sure that I'm not dreaming any of this nightmare. I tried to calm down because I can hear my own heart beating rapidly.

"I'll kill you," the ghost said. I was stunned to hear this, because of the nightmare that I had the last Halloween Night. It was terrible, even for a ghost to threaten me like that. But sure, ghosts can do it in the real world. Can they? I must be crazy.

"Please..." I said. "Please, don't hurt me. I'll do anything. Please."

The ghost stopped because I can feel my own hand stopped as if time stood still. It let go of my hand. I didn't realize that I or we came to the park. Then, I realized something else. I looked at the air.

"Oh, my God..." I said. I knew it had to be him. I looked at the bench.

"Yes..." The ghost said. "It's me, and I know who did it."

I looked at the air again. "Who did it? Who killed you?" I wanted to know so badly that I froze, as if I've been stranded in the lower depths of Hell. Was Hell really like that? I didn't want to know.

"Chad Wilson," the ghost replied. Great. Now I've heard everything, and I was shocked.


It's Halloween Night, and everyone was partying around as usual. My parents told me that I could hang out with my friends any time soon. Because they will be too busy doing their work. They had been busy all the time.

But I didn't feel like going anywhere, which was weird. Because last time I remember, I always wanted to go outside, and enjoy my freedom, but now... Things were different. And it had to do something with the ghost named Freddy. His name sounded like that burned boogeyman from "A Nightmare in Elm Street." Yeah, that's right. That had to be it. I was afraid for my life.

I told Stacy that I couldn't come to her Halloween party. I tried to make up stories. But she didn't want to listen.

"Come on, Candice," Stacy said. "Everyone will be here. It's not fair for you the only one, not to come. Besides, Chad will be here too."

Chad. I never thought to this day that I would ever hear that name again. Because of what Freddy told me that Chad and his other jock friends used to tease him a lot. I mean a lot, and I hadn't known about it. If I had to go there, and ask Chad about it, he would certainly deny it. You know how jocks go, denying the bad truth because they wanted to protect their popularity.

But that's not the reason why I didn't want to go there. No. Freddy told me that I should kill Chad, which didn't make sense. Because Freddy did hurt me. He made scratches on my arms, legs, and even on my back. I had to hide them from my parents. Otherwise, they would think that Chad did it, since I broke up with him. Jesus! I couldn't take it anymore. I asked Freddy why he couldn't kill Chad himself. He had said this, "Because I'm too weak to kill him. In my state, I can't."

I've never heard of that one before. I guess it had to do with real people whose lives were being recorded, and written in their DNA. I may not be a science major to figure this out. But it did make some sense to me. If Chad came back as a ghost, he would be stronger.

Freddy also warned me if I didn't listen to him, he could do things to my body far worse than I could imagine. He can find ways to hurt me, even though he was weak. I hated the thought, so I decided to follow his orders. Great!

I finally came to the party, dressing up as that crazy, female clown. Who was it? Harley Quinn? Yeah, that's her. I dressed up as her, holding this baseball bat over my shoulder. I planned to swing and hit my ex-boyfriend with it. But first, I needed to ask him questions, regarding the truth behind Freddy's death.

It was Stacy's big mansion, where the party was being held at. Her parents were super rich, that I almost became jealous. But she was my best friend. How could I resist her wild parties?

Stacy was happy to see that I finally came. She was dressed as one of those Disney princesses. I couldn't remember which one. They were too many of them. She gave me a hug.

"Wow, Candy!" Stacy said my nickname as always. Well, sometimes. "Nice costume!"

"Thanks!" I said. "You too." We came through the hallway, where every costumed-high schooler danced, kissed, and talked. There were also drinking involved, and I had to stay sober to hit Chad with the bat. If he really did kill Freddy, that is.

I spotted Chad along with the two girls laughing beside him, one on the left, and the right. I wasn't sure if it was him though. Because he wore a costume too. Last Halloween, he didn't wear anything else. He just wore that football outfit as usual, thinking that this was the right costume, and that he didn't have to spend money to buy another one. But this time, he dressed up as the Joker. How convenient.

I called out to him. Chad and the girls stopped laughing.

"Candy?" Chad said, as if he didn't know that I was going to come here. And not to mention, he called my nickname for the very first time.

"Hi, Chad," I said. "We need to talk."

Chad was silent. He knew it had something to do with our break-up. Even though it had been a long time ago, he probably thought that he can catch his lucky break.

"Okay," Chad said. He got up, leaving the girls behind. I led him to the huge basement. We could hear the sounds of humping, grunting, and moaning. But I didn't come here to lay on Chad's He-Man body. No way!

We went inside the theater room, where Stacy and I used to watch horror movies late at night. It was fun. Now that I came back here with Chad, I might as well have to interrogate him. i closed the door. The loud music had been overpowering the entire mansion, so I guess this is the best soundproof place to commit the murder.

"Okay, Candy," Chad said. "What's this all about?"

I breathed heavily, and then said, "Did you kill Freddy?"

Chad was stunned to see that I had found out. Now, he's going to deny it. Wait for it...

"Freddy?" Chad sounded confused. "Who the hell is Freddy?"

Oh Jesus. I have to make him remember. He wasn't drunk at all. Not yet, anyways. "Freddy the nerd, you Dumbo. You killed him, and I want to know why."

Chad gulped. I knew he killed him. He slashed Freddy's puny throat. What a guy I had been dating for 2 years. And this is what I get.

"What are you talking about?" Chad raised his voice, as if he was going to hit me, just like Freddy. "I didn't kill him. Okay? I didn't kill him!"

"Don't lie to me, Chad," I said. "I can see it in your face." I raised the bat over my shoulder. Chad stepped back towards the door, hoping to escape from me.

"Can..." Chad was getting very afraid. "Candy, what are you doing? What..."

I stopped him by smacking his legs. He screamed and fell down hard. He tried to open his eyes, and when he finally did, I smacked his legs again.


"Tell me the truth, Chad. Did you kill him?" I smacked his arm. "Eh? Did you?"


"Why did you kill him, Chad?" I was about to give him another smack. But he raised his arms either to cover himself or to stop me from hitting him.

"He... He was looking at you. I... I saw him."

I should have known. Freddy used to be all over me. He had a crush on me, and I didn't even know it. Chad had not said anything to me, not even the fact that he and his friends bullied him.

"I'm sorry, Chad," I said. "I have to do this." I smacked his head, over and over again. Blood splattered everywhere, including my makeup face.


Well, I'm in an asylum right now. The doctors had said that I was pretty insane to think that a ghost forced me to kill Chad. Like I had any other choice. I couldn't stand Freddy's torture any longer. So, I decided to kill my ex-boyfriend.

Stacy must have been shocked because when she had tried to call me at the party, she came to the theater room, and noticed the blood was all over the place. She had screamed, all right.

And my parents... Well, what can I say? They were shocked too, and disappointed. I'm not sure if they can stand the sight of me anymore. But the good thing was that Freddy left me alone. He kept his promise.

I laid down on the mattress, and noticed a food tray on the table. I wasn't that hungry. I just wanted to sleep. Then, I had this cold feeling again. At first, I thought it was Freddy who came back. But it wasn't him.

"You're going to pay for this, Candy," It said. "You're going to pay."

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