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Sweet Tooth

Do you want to know what I did for a living? If I have to tell you, you wouldn't believe me. But others might, because they have done this kind of job before. Hunting down the undead, or shall I say vampires. Yeah, vampires. It sounded simple as that.

It was Halloween time. The kids dressed up as their favorite characters, monsters, or whatever that they wanted to be. Of course, they wouldn't believe in that kind of stuff, even though they liked them that much. But I for one, believe in the supernatural. Not until I saw the vampire myself. It was that time of night, my Halloween Night that got ruined by the vampire. Not to mention, it had killed my parents. It was true. It or she actually killed my parents. I had been stunned as a kid, and it drove me mad to the point that I hated vampires that much. Did I ever tell you that I used to be a huge vampire fan? Yeah, I used to watch a lot of vampire movies. Blade was one of my favorite vampire movies, except the fact that the main character was a half-vampire. So, I took the notion to become a full-fledged vampire hunter, and it wasn't easy. I had help.

There were many hunters before my time. Sometimes, I had to train myself, using wooden stakes, throwing UV bombs, and garlic dust. I had a mentor, who was quite old enough to train me. He looked like that Blade's human vampire hunter/mentor. I forgot his name though. Anyways, the old guy trained me well enough to slay the undead. Again, it wasn't easy.

It’s been many years now that I had been hunting vampires. A lonely road ahead of me, and that my future was uncertain. I had a partner once, and he died from a vampire bite. Or should I say the blood draining. He came back from the dead. A typical vampire myth as you know that once the person gets bitten, they come back and suck the blood of human beings. I felt bad killing him. After all, he was my best friend. But guess what? It was the same vampire who killed my parents a long time ago. I hated her. How do I know it had been her? Because I saw her sucking the blood juices out from my friend's neck. She saw me, and taunted me of how I couldn't beat her. She had that sexy look, and for the wrong reasons that I felt a hard-on on my pants. The sexy vampire laughed. I didn't laugh at the time. I remembered her pretty face all right. The black hair, all wriggled up like she was stoned by some illegal drugs. And she had those red lips that any man couldn't resist. I couldn't resist her beauty too. It was wrong. She killed my parents, and now that I already became a vampire hunter, I wanted to bang her to dust.

But I couldn't allow her seduction get to me. Not this way. I had priorities to fulfill, and also revenge. Revenge is a strong word, and that my mentor used to say killing the only vampire who had killed my parents, could cloud a person's judgement, and rational thinking. I was aware of this. But the sensations of lust... I didn't expect that. I had no plans to do ways with the female vampire.

The vampire's name was Priscilla. I wasn't sure how old she was, even now. But I figured that she was quite old to this day and age, and like most vampires, they can be far older than an average one.

Somehow, I got the feeling that I may not able to catch Priscilla in time. I have to make sure that she doesn't know that I was following her. But I had resources, and a terrible secret. Do you want to know what that secret was?

Well, I found a young-looking vampire, an 18-year old girl actually, seducing older men. Of course, these men were stronger, and for an innocent-looking vampire like her, whose name was Jenny by the way, wanted to become stronger. It looked like she had just been turned. But most likely not. Because vampires are older, and you can't tell their age difference. In any case, I found out that she was turned by Priscilla herself. How did I know? Again, I had resources.

I tricked her into seducing me. Instead of drinking my blood, I used a garlic spray on her face. She screamed, thinking her beautiful face was going to be ruined forever. Of course, the injuries were not fatal, caused by the garlic spray. It would take less time to heal the wounds.

From that point on, I took her, or shall I say that I've kidnapped her, and planned to use her. She could tell me where Priscilla was hiding, so I had nothing to worry about. But the only question was whether Jenny will spill the beans. She may look weak, and innocent in the outside, but the inside, she can be strong than I expected. So, I shouldn't underestimate her.

We have just arrived at the abandoned house, where brutal murders had been committed. I guess it can only mean one thing. Vampires. I've learned that the human victims were brutally tortured by some vampire cult, who were devoted to becoming full-fledged blood drinkers. In a way, this cult may not be comprised of vampires at all. They could be Wanna-Be vampires. They had this stupid idea that if they drink the human blood, they're officially vampires. It sounded cannibalism to me, except they don't eat human flesh. Thankfully, some rogue vampire hunter killed them off. He had the right to do so, even though his superiors may not like the idea that a vampire hunter was just killing mere, confused humans. The torture had to be stopped, and I thanked him for it.

But the torture will happen to Jenny, if she doesn't cooperate with me. After all, she was still a vampire. Jenny was too scared of me after I sprayed the garlic on her pretty face.

I opened the trunk, and carried the bag that Jenny was in, because of the sunlight. Not to mention, it was very hot in Dallas, Texas. So, the thought of the heat, and sunlight combined together can turn Jenny into crisp. Sounds fun to me. But it sounded too easy.

I closed the trunk, and head out to the abandoned house. She was quite heavy, even for her vampire age. These days, I wonder if she had grown mature enough to realize what she's doing was wrong. But she needed to survive, so I couldn't blame her. It's a fact of life. Whatever happens, it happens. I had to deal with the death of my parents. It took me a while to figure out what I had to do with my life. But I've decided that already. I swore to vengeance, and I also swore to eradicate the entire vampire race if that were possible. Because in the entire world, there were clans of vampires, types of vampires, hoping it wasn't those American Vampires, coming straight out of a Scott Snyder comic book, and vampire sympathizers. Vampire sympathizers, you say? You might be thinking that I must be crazy to kill humans who protect vampire kind, not after that rogue vampire hunter destroyed the vampire cult. No, I wouldn't go that far. But I can stop them, without killing them. I can beat them up for sure. But, not torture.

I laid the bag down in a store room, and waited for her to wake up. It was still daytime. Because vampires sleep by day, and they needed to nourish their strength. So, I had to wait until the sun goes down.

In the evening, my mentor called me to see how I was doing. I said I was doing fine, and that I was still hunting Priscilla. He warned me already not to take this as a personal thing. I said, "Sure, old man. I know what you're saying." The mentor must have sighed on the other line. He sure can't handle arrogant guys like me. I was only 35 years old. What do I know? I was sure to hit the balls on the right track. I can't seem to know what I'm doing was wrong. Because these vampires used to be humans, and that I was worried. Worried that I was a cold-blooded killer just like them. But my mentor had told me that the vampires were already cold-blooded killers after being turned, and it may not matter whether they were murderers, doctors, preachers, etc. No, it didn't matter at all. But I have to wonder about the kids though. If they became vampires, should I kill them? The thought seemed horrible.

The old man ended the call. I saw Jenny standing there, watching me. I didn't know how much conversation she had heard. But I guess it didn't matter.

"Come here," I said. At first, Jenny didn't move. I sighed. I guess I'd have to use full force on her. I got up, but she finally came, and sat on a chair besides me. She looked down.

"Look at me, Jenny," I said. Jenny looked at me. She looked too sweet, and innocent. Sometimes, I wonder if she really was a cold-blooded killer.

"What do you want from me?" Jenny asked. I've asked her about Priscilla, her maker, and how I can track her down without further notice. Jenny didn't say anything much. I had known she was trying to protect Priscilla. So, I had to do the unthinkable. I took out a UV pen, and burned her arm.

She screamed. She begged me to stop. And I warned her if she's still keeping things from me, I can make it worse. I figured I can use this small weapon on her, because I didn't want to kill her. Not yet, anyways.

"Please! Stop!" Jenny begged again. "I'll tell you. Okay?"

"Okay, Jenny," I said. I had to make sure those doors and windows were locked. They weren't really locked. I had to make crosses on each exit with a can of paint spray, which graffiti artists normally make nowadays. But the shape of the cross had to be done right, just like wooden crosses that you see in churches every day. Otherwise, Jenny could easily escape with her vampire strength. I didn't want that. I needed her.

Jenny told her life story of how she became a vampire in the first place. In World War 2, or it was the year 1944, the German raids were showering the countryside of Sweden, and that Jenny was there, and almost caught by the soldiers. She was 18 years old at the time, which made sense given the current state of her age in the present day. The soldiers tried to drag her away, but a woman named Priscilla came to rescue her. She killed the German soldiers in one swoop. "She was beautiful," Jenny said. "She saved my life. If it wasn't for her, I would have been killed."

That made sense. And I guess I knew where it goes from there. But Jenny told me anyways. In exchange of saving her life, she had to do her part. She had to become a vampire or die. Because in 1944, nobody can survive the war. Jenny was too afraid of death and destruction. So, she decided to become the undead.

Well, that's the end of her story. I've also told my story. It went pretty long than hers. But Jenny felt sad for me. "I'm sorry," she said. Like as if she cared. Because one thing for sure is that vampires are not emotional. Not at all.

In the end, she finally told me where Priscilla was currently hiding. There used to be an abandoned church, located in Ohio with inverted crosses. Those kinds of crosses won't have any effect on the vampires, unless you turn them around. Yeah, that would be a lot of work for me. But I already have weapons to kill vampires easily.

I've told her that I was going to sleep. It had been a long day, and that I was too tired to stay awake, and watch Jenny all night long. I've also told her not to pull any tricks on me. Because I would know about it. I had learned a lot from the old man.

I was lying alone in the bed. Even after all the hard work I did today, I still couldn't sleep. I stared at the ceiling, wondering what would happen after I've killed Priscilla. Should I kill Jenny, or still use her? I didn't know. She was pretty all right. For some reason, I couldn't take my mind off of her. I know it was wrong for me at my age to meddle with a youngster like her, even if she was really old. It's the outside that counts, I guess. It felt so wrong, and bad.

I looked down at my pants. A guy like me couldn't help it. I sighed, and woke up from the bed. When I came to the kitchen, Jenny was drinking a glass of animal blood. I didn't care if she drinks it, because she needed it, and survive.

Jenny looked at me, while she was drinking. She probably thought that I was going to torture her again. She thought wrong. I said, "Take off your clothes."


The weather was still hot, and that I had to buy a stack of Coco-Cola with me. It's a long journey to Ohio anyways. I had to leave Jenny behind, so that the vampires, including Priscilla that I was going hunt right now, wouldn't know that Jenny was working with me. If that were the case, then they would certainly kill one of their kind. That can happen, you know. I have seen it on shows and movies.

On the other hand, I had to keep the secret of using Jenny from the old man. If he knew that I was using Jenny, and not to mention banging her as well, he would get really pissed. There were rules not to be broken by a vampire hunter. I have broken those rules. What can I say? Maybe, I was too desperate.

But to say the least, using Jenny as bait might be a good idea, even though it sounded risky. Other vampire hunters should do the same. They can use these vampires as dogs on a leash. It can be an asset to our cause. That would certainly make things easy for us. But the old man wouldn't agree to it.

I've reached Ohio, and it seemed like the best place for any tourist to come by and say hi to folks around town. But the fact is that sometimes people can be rough about certain things that doesn't work along the way. There was one time, I remembered that my partner who used to say that a tourist had just met a vampire, and guess what, that tourist became a vampire, and my partner had to kill him.

I've reached the abandoned church. It seemed too quiet out here. The sun was going down, and it might be too late to kill them, while they were asleep. They were going to wake up anytime soon. I couldn't wait any longer. Because if I wait until daytime, Priscilla might escape this time, or go out strolling into the night, looking for fresh victims. Time is the essence here.

I went out of my car, and scanned the cemetery. It was a creepy place all right, even for guys like me to hang out here. Who knows? A couple was probably making out in the middle of the night, and then the vampires must have jumped on them, and drank their blood.

The church looked big enough for the vampires to rest in peace. It almost looked like a cathedral. I used to be a Catholic back then, and rarely I go to the church anymore. But I do believe in God though. So, there was nothing to complain about. Except that I've banged a pretty vampire. It was wrong and unholy.

I went inside the church, and it looked empty. Nowadays, I wonder what happened to the priests here. Did they get turned into vampires as well? Only God knows. I kept walking on the aisle, and noticed Jesus Christ was also hanging upside down. It looked like real blood was dripping from his hands, and feet. But I can tell these vampires used human blood or theirs to mock the Saviour. It was totally wrong. They made this church an unholy place. Any Christian who comes to this place, should be really careful.

There was a sound coming from the back of the church. A vampire, tall and strong noticed my arrival. He hissed, and was about to attack me. I shot a stake from my crossbow, and out went the vampire. It fell on the ground. It'll take time for the vampire to turn into ash.

I can hear more hissing sounds. More of them were coming on the other side. Priscilla was among them. She was completely naked, as if she came out of a vampire orgy. When I saw her, I've tried to calm my lusty feelings. Of course, Priscilla would know that I was still getting a hard-on. But no matter what, I have to kill her.

But there were a lot of vampires surrounding me. I had to fight them off before I get to Priscilla in time. She was laughing out loud. I couldn't stand her voice any longer. She may look sexy, and all. But I couldn't stand her naked appearance. I had to fight my way through this big crowd of the undead. I fought hard.


The night was long, and I was so tired that I had to drive slowly. The other cars were honking at me. Along the highway, I was stopped by a sheriff. He examined me, asking my driver's license. He noticed my tired face, and said, "You alright, son? You look very tired. What have you been doing lately?" I said, "I just had a party, officer. That's all." Yeah, some party that turned out to be. I was truly exhausted. I've managed to kill all the cathedral vampires, including Priscilla. She was finally dead, and I felt relieved.

The sheriff let me go, without taking an alcohol test, which didn't come as a surprise. Because he must have smelled my breath, and knew that I wasn't drinking. But he gave me a ticket anyways for driving slowly. Great!

I stopped at the motel, just to sleep for a while. I wished I could call Jenny, and see how she was doing. But there were no phone lines in the abandoned house. I doubt Jenny would try to escape, since they were graffiti crosses on each exit. She couldn't open the doors and windows, even if she tried.

The next day, I returned to the abandoned house. It was night, and I figured that Jenny would be hungry right now. I brought a stack of animal blood in jars. A local farmer knew that I was a vampire hunter, and he was the one who supplies animal blood for vampires, who don't like to kill humans, or turn them into vampires. He also knew that I was using a vampire as bait, because I told him. I gave him cash for the animal blood, and extra cash to keep the bait a secret. I hoped the farmer kept his promise.

Jenny didn't take the news lightly, when I told her that Priscilla was dead. She cried in tears of blood. I guess I was wrong about vampires not being emotional. I didn't know what else to say because I was too tired. All I need right now is a drink.

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