So Scary 4- Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

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Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Little Samantha never had the chance to go outside, and have some Halloween fun with her friends, because her parents thought it wasn't safe for her. Although, her brother, Brian did go out because he was 12 years old, and he was growing faster than any parent would expect. But Samantha always wanted to grow up. She knew that it would take time to do so. It's not like God can turn an 8-year old kid into a... what? a 12-year old like her brother? Was that the age that she could go out alone, and have fun? She didn't know. She wasn't old enough to think of these grown-up things.

But she had the sense of growing up, even though she was just a little child. But an 8-year old kid like her, can misbehave at this time of year, because of the candies. She wanted to eat them very badly.

She stayed up late, after her father, who just came back from work, told her a Sleeping Beauty story. How many times did she hear that story? It had been too long, she guessed. But that's the whole point. Wasn't it? In this day and age, kids like Samantha had to stay in bed, hear those boring fairy tales, and then sleep. But she didn't want to sleep. Because she was afraid of the bugs, that kept crawling around under her bed at night. She could even hear them, chirping all the time. It's like those bugs were trying to communicate with her, or were communicating with her. She couldn't decipher their language. But she was still scared, very scared.

"Daddy," Samantha said, hoping that she could sleep with her parents this time. But Busy Daddy said it again, as any father would have said to his own child. "Oh sweetheart, there are no bugs under the bed. See?" He showed her countless times that there were no bugs at all. But they were still crawling there. In fact, what Busy Daddies didn't know was that there used to be a hole on the floor. And that hole, was eaten by the bugs. Well, eaten wasn't the right word. It was more like drilling or something.

Samantha was disappointed. She wanted to cry, but couldn't. Busy Daddy had always told her that sleeping alone in her bedroom, was a grown-up thing to do. And scaring of the silly, little crawlers was a childish thing. That she knew all right. But that's not the only problem. She feared that those bugs might eat her like a piece of candy, and she had told Busy Daddy about it. He laughed.

"It's not funny, Daddy!" Samantha said, getting angry of the fact, that she was being made fun of. Of course, Brian always like to tease her at last year's Halloween, and had said, "Halloween is too darn scary for your taste, Samantha. But you only want to eat candy. That's why you wanted to come. But guess what? You can eat those bugs under your bed, you know? They taste like candies." Samantha had screamed, and called her Busy Mommy about what Brian said. Brian was grounded after that, and he had lost the chance to get out, and have candies for himself.

But now, Brian had the chance, because he had learned his lesson, not to tease her little sister anymore. Although, he felt bad for saying such a thing like that. He liked to tease Samantha all the time. It wasn't a problem. Right? After all, he was her only brother.

After he was grounded at that time, he did apologize to Samantha. Brothers and Sisters. What more can you do for them these days? Problem solved.

But there was another problem. The fact remains clear for Brian to know that there were bugs under her sister's bed. When he visited her bedroom, he had noticed something crawling under the bed. He looked down, and gasped.

"Jesus Christ!" Brian almost shouted, but his mother was too busy, talking to her sister on the phone. Brian went downstairs immediately, and called out her mother.

"Oh dear," Busy Mommy said, rolling her eyes. "Just hold on a second, sis." She put the receiver down, and stared at Brian coldly. "What is it?"

Brian gulped. He knew that he shouldn't interrupt his mother's conversation with her sister. After all, they liked to gossip things that happened in the neighborhood.

"It's those bugs, Mom!" Brian said, almost too excitedly. "I saw them crawling under Samantha's bed."

"Why did you go to her bedroom?" Busy Mommy asked.

It was a good question. Why did Brian go to his sister's bedroom? Because he was searching for his bag of candies, and he thought Samantha had stolen it. This was the opportunity for him, to check out and see, since Samantha and Busy Daddy went out for grocery shopping. So, he gave her mother the honest answer. After all, he wasn't a good liar.

"Oh, just great!" Busy Mommy said. "Sis, I'll call you right back." She put the receiver down, and Brian led her to Samantha's bedroom. Then, Busy Mommy looked under the bed.

"Brian," Busy Mommy said as she got up. "There are no bugs here. Is this some kind of joke?"

Brian gulped again. He didn't know what else to say. But he said this, "But Mom, I saw them! I swear!"

Busy Mommy shook her head, and sighed. "Young man, if you ever pull this prank on me again, you're going to get grounded." She went out the bedroom, and left Brian alone. He didn't say anything.


Brian tried to sleep at night, but he couldn't. Because he just heard the chirping sounds under his bed. He thought the bugs had crawled towards his bedroom, and wanted to bug him. No pun intended. But this is what happens, when you're out of luck, that nobody would ever believe Brian's story. At one time, he had told his friends that there were bugs crawling under her sister's bed. They had laughed, and teased him quite a bit. Brian never felt it was funny. No, sir. He thought he could tell them, because it was a life experience, that kids these days might encounter some force of nature in their homes. It was a strange experience all right. He didn't like it at all.

But those bugs like to bug Brian big time, as if there were real-life bullies, coming to beat him up in school. He can hear them crawling under his skin. Somehow the bugs got to him, while he was trying to sleep. And yes, they did. He was so scared that he couldn't even scream. They were crawling, and crawling, and it got to the point that Brian had enough of these creepy crawlers for one day, that he somehow jumped off the bed, and stamped on some of the bugs on the floor. He felt the sticky liquid under his feet. He felt sick, and almost puked, because he tried to fend the bugs, here and there. He turned around, and shouted, "Get off me! Get off me!" But the bugs didn't listen. They crawled around him, and in his bedroom, they were crawling everywhere.


"Brian!" Busy Mommy said, raising her voice. "Brian! Breakfast is ready!" She looked at the time, and it said, 9:00 am on the microwave. Great! Busy Mommy thought. Now, that kid is going to get it.

Samantha was currently eating her breakfast cereal. She felt relieved that the bugs didn't bother her anymore. After all, those bugs did scare her before, and any girl would feel the same way. Busy Daddy was proud of her that Samantha never complained about it. He was currently reading a newspaper, and eating his own breakfast at the same time.

"BRIAN!" Busy Mommy called out louder this time. She looked up the stairs. "Oh, that kid." She climbed the stairs, and knocked on the door. She remembered that Brian used to lock it, because at one time, he had a Hustler magazine lying under his bed, and who knows what other "grown-up things" that he was hiding from her and Busy Daddy. She had told her husband to remove the lock. That way, Brian couldn't have his private freedom any longer. After all, he was just 12-years old, so there was still time to experience the wild side of life.

She opened the door, and was about to call out his name again. She screamed.

Samantha and Busy Daddy heard her scream. They went upstairs immediately. Busy Daddy asked his wife, "What's the matter, honey?" Then he looked at the remains of his son. He puked.

But when Samantha saw the horrible sight, that was lying on the bed, she didn't scream, or didn't get shocked at all. She just stared at the remains of her brother, and smiled.

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