So Scary 4- 1888

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It was a cold, dark night. The street corners of London were too quiet at the peak hours of this season. Cold October night, it was. And then, the sound of horse carriages rushing through the streets, where the homeless, and the prostitutes wandered around, and sleeping in their pillows, bags, or whatnot. What they didn't know was that a dark, coated figure was stalking the women, dragging their bodies, or doing whatever he wanted to do with them. Some had said this figure was a madman. And only a madman can do certain things to a certain individual, unless it was a she. Yes, this cloaked figure with a black hat, and the seemingly red eyes, was only after the wicked women of the wicked city. But the police couldn't catch the killer. No, there were too afraid, and yet they still search for clues and his whereabouts. People were dying to know what this killer was all about.

A young policeman, who just came out on the streets, alone at night, was checking on things. He made sure that the people of the streets were safe. But he knows that it wasn't safe. The killer was still on the loose. He was so sure about that.

As he kept walking along the empty road, he noticed a fog, and that he couldn't see anything from it. At this time of year, the fog always comes out. But he knew so well that the killer might jump on him, and slash his throat, just he like did with the women. The killer had a name, all right. It was Jack the Ripper.

Why would Jack kill women only? He didn't know. But he knows that he might get hurt in the process of finding him, or trying to find him. He was never scared of his life that he wished he had abandoned his post, and take up another job that his own mother wanted him to. Because being a policeman means tough business, and that my friends, we should be careful enough to know that this killer is very real. It wasn't an urban legend.

He stopped, and turned the lamp on, just to see if anyone was coming towards him. He was sweating like boiling water to the point that he could be burned at any moment. He was shaking all over, and he tried to stop it. The fog almost blinded his senses, and gave him the fear that Jack was going to kill him, surprisingly. The policeman hated surprises. He always did.

But nonetheless, he kept walking through the fog. The smell disturbed him. Some dog must have pooped out somewhere, and he felt like throwing up. He covered his mouth with a handkerchief, while he still held the lamp on the other hand. He looked around the fog.

He stopped when he noticed something moving through the fog. He couldn't make the details of it. Not yet. Because the fog was too thick, even for his young eyes to see. He looked closer, and raised his voice. "Ah, hullo there!" The strange figure didn't reply. For all the policeman knew, it could be a prostitute, a drunken man, or some tourist who lost his way, or got stranded in this dreadful fog of London. He said it again, this time louder.

The strange figure stopped. He seemed to know that the policeman was walking alone at this time of night. The figure had a bag with him. It was a doctor's bag. He came from a sick patient's home. Luckily, the patient was a male.

"Ah, hullo there," the policeman said again. "You shouldn't be walking alone at this time of night, sir."

The figure stared at the policeman. The black hat almost covered his face, as if the fog was trying to blind him. He said, "Young man, I just came from my patient's house. I am a doctor."

"Oh..." the policeman said. "Oh, I see. Sorry about that, sir. But I have orders to watch out for the killer. You know..."

The black-coated figure knew what the policeman was talking about. He came closer to the policeman, and said. "I know perfectly well, young man. It is to say the least that the killer never gives up his work. Don't you say?"

He wasn't sure what to expect of this strange doctor. He examined his appearance carefully. His orders gave him the description of the killer, who wore the black hat, and the black coat. Surely, this description fits the doctor right here. But then again, most men in London wears the black hat and coat nowadays. The killer could be anyone.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, doctor," the policeman said, and gulped. He was afraid, and he didn't know why. "Like I said, I have my orders."

The doctor grinned. "Of course. You're just doing your job. Now... I must be on my way. Good night." He lowered his head down, and left.

"Um..." The policeman paused. "Goodnight." He looked at the doctor disappearing somewhere inside the fog. He had this strange feeling that something was wrong here. When he was a kid, he had strong feelings that he was right about certain things. But this time, he wasn't sure. He decided to follow the doctor. After all, he was a policeman.

He raised his lamp a bit higher, hoping to see where the doctor was heading. The doctor could be reaching his house. The policeman tried not to make a sound, so that this strange doctor wouldn't notice him. The policeman gulped again, and thought, I shouldn't be doing this. I must be mad. But of course, it was his job to find out if this doctor turned out to be Jack the Ripper.

In any case, someone has to stop these brutal killings. The world was cruel enough already, and people were tired of it. The killings have to be stopped.

Finally, the policeman stopped. He seemed to be lost. He looked around the houses. Some of them were lit inside. It seemed the occupants have not gone to sleep yet. Or they were afraid of the killer, and that they couldn't sleep at all.

Where could he have gone? The policeman thought. Then he heard a sound. It sounded like a scream. A female scream. Dear God!

He almost came to a panic mode when something was scraping or dragging something on the floor. The screaming had stopped. Or it could be that the killer covered the victim's mouth.

The policeman noticed an alleyway. The scream must have been coming from there. He walked towards it. Rats and dogs were scurrying around the garbage cans. Again, he tried not to make a sound. But he accidentally tripped by one of the garbage cans, and fell on the ground. The lamp broke.

Oh great! The policeman thought. Just my luck! He got up, and rubbed his pants to remove the dirt off. He can smell something coming from the other side. It smelled like a dead animal. But what if it was a person, a woman perhaps? He didn't want to know.

On the other hand, a homeless man just woke up from his sleep. He noticed the policeman, looking for something, or what it seemed like.

"Hey lad!" The homeless man said. "What are ye doin' here? Eh? This ain't the place to be foolin' around."

The policeman saw the homeless man, and noticed his Scottish accent. This was the right time to ask him questions. He hoped to catch the doctor in time, if he was the killer.

"I'm looking for a doctor," the policeman said. "He wears a black coat and a hat. He also carries a bag. Have you seen him?"

The homeless man squinted at the thought, and said, "Doctor? I've seen no doctor here, lad. No sir. I have not seen him. I was sleepin' here, as you can see."

"Are you sure?" The policeman asked. "Because I think I saw him coming this way."

"Listen here, lad," The homeless man said angrily. He wanted to sleep, now that he got disturbed by this young policeman. "You best be off here. I tell ye. Okay? Let me get some sleep. Okay?"

"Okay," the policeman said, and sighed. "I'm sorry to disturb you, sir. Goodnight." He passed the homeless man, and off he went further into the alleyway.


The policeman was truly lost. The doctor could be anywhere in this area. It was too quiet out here. There were no other sounds, even coming from the woman that he had heard earlier. It was a terrifying thought that this woman could be tortured by the madman.

He wished he had something to see clearly, now that the lamp was gone. But the good thing was that the fog became cleared. He can now see the tall buildings, and most of the windows were opened. He guessed the occupants wanted fresh air. It might be cold out here, even at this time of night. But the inside of the buildings might be too warm for them. So, they had to open the windows.

He noticed something peculiar about the movement near the buildings. At first, he thought he saw someone going downstairs. And that someone was grabbing something, or pulling it. But the policeman wasn't sure what it was.

The policeman walked slowly. If anything happens to him, or to the victim, he had a gun, and he had the right to shoot. But he wants to make sure that someone, whom he just saw right now was the killer.

When he reached the buildings that the figure went near, he noticed a staircase, which led downstairs. It looked too steep for him. He stopped for a while, just to hear any sound coming from down there. There was none, not at the moment. He continued walking down, all the way down until he reached some sort of cellar. He figured that the cellar could be locked. But when he touched the knob, and twisted it, the door was open.

When he came inside the cellar, a waft of bad smell overcame his senses. He wanted to puke. But he couldn't do it, because he didn't have anything else to eat, since he was ordered to guard the streets.

Then, there was a clinking sound. The policeman stopped. There were barrels of wine stacked around the cellar. He turned on the other side, and noticed a female figure caught in chains. He gasped.

"Mo... Mother?" The policeman said. He couldn't believe it. He wanted to scream. That scream of the woman... It was her mother all along. He came closer to his mother, whose face and wrists were slashed by some weapon. A knife, perhaps?

Oh, dear Lord! The policeman thought. He saw the blood dripping from her wounds. She seemed to be dead. He raised his gun, and looked around. Then, he looked at his mother.

"Mother!" The policeman shouted. But then a voice said, "She can't hear you." The policeman stopped, and dropped his gun. He was too stunned to hold it.

He looked around to see the black-coated figure, and it was him, the doctor, the so-called Jack the Ripper. And those eyes... It looked like they came from Hell.

"You!" The policeman said. "Why... Why are you doing this?"

"Why?" The killer said. He came towards the policeman, and said, "I'll tell you why. Because it feels good. These urges... I can't control them, as you can see." He passed the policeman, and came closer to his prisoner. He used a surgical knife to cut through her chest.

The policeman felt repulsed by the sight of what Jack was doing to his mother. Sweat dripped from his forehead. He stood there like a statue.


Two policemen, one young and old were assigned to guard the streets of London. So far, there hadn't been any murders being committed by Jack the Ripper. But one has to make sure that these brutal murders doesn't happen again.

The fog was still there. The policemen raised their streetlamps, looking around the fog. Then, a strange figure was walking towards them. They stopped.

"Ah Hullo!" The older policeman cried out. "Who goes there?" The figure stopped, and when the policemen walked towards him, they gasped.

"Jesus Christ!" the young policeman said. He threw up.

"Oh God," the older policeman said. "What... What the devil?"

"It's alright," the young policeman said. "It's just me and my mother."

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