So Scary 2- The Secret Journal of Hannibal Lecter

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Check out these tales of terror and read if you dare. And there will be more chills to come.

Note- These scary tales will not have an ending, but to let readers think what's going to happen next.

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So Scary 2- The Secret Journal of Hannibal Lecter

It had been a hell of a night. Jack Crawford had recently caught a serial killer, who attempted to skin his victims alive. The killer claimed that Hannibal ordered him to do it, so that Hannibal can have a taste at it.

Jack felt disgusted of the fact that the killer was entirely sick. So far, Will Graham had never been here. He had recently quit the force, and focused on taking care of his family. Life was good for him.

Life became even more good that Hannibal was finally executed at death row. This happened two years ago. People were happy to learn about it. Even Will Graham, and Clarice Starling.

Jack felt it was time to retire. He feels old for doing this kind of job. There were a lot of killers out there, wreaking havoc in the city. But it was a good thing that Hannibal was dead.

Jack came back home, feeling weary. He took a glass of whiskey, pouring it into the glass. He recalled the time, when he met Hannibal as a forensic psychiatrist. What a fool he was.

But that was then. He didn't know that Hannibal was responsible for the murders. Not to mention, he ate his victims. The sickening thought almost made him puke. Jack slid the thought away, and focused on going back to sleep.

How much he missed his late wife. If she were alive, he would have told her that Hannibal was executed. But that's not the only thing in his mind, that he wanted to talk about.

When Jack went to sleep, a phone rang, disturbing him. It was 11:30 pm.

Oh Christ, Jack thought. Now, what is it? He was right about one thing. He should have retired a long time ago. Now, it's that time.

He picked up the phone and said, "Hello?"

"Hi Jack," Agent Nick said. Nick was a new FBI agent, who just got transferred to work under Jack's wing.

"What is it, Nick?" Jack said with a sigh. "Be quick about it."

Nick knew that he disturbed his sleep. However, he needed to mention him about what he had found.

"Jack, you need to come here. I'm at the 113 Park Avenue."

"What's up, Nick?" Jack got up from the bed.

"It's about Hannibal," Nick said.

Oh, just great, Jack thought. Nobody around here wants to talk about anything else, but Hannibal.

"Nick..." Jack said. 'It's..." He looked at the clock. "It's 11:35 pm. Don't you have anything better to do?"

"You need to come here, Jack," Nick said. "I've just found a journal. And guess who's was it?"

Jack groaned. "It's Hannibal."

"Yes," Nick said. "Jack, Hannibal wrote a secret journal, when he was young."

Jack didn’t know what to say. It could be his childhood past. Whatever it was, it sure sounded important. But it can't be that important, since Hannibal was dead. So, what was the point?

"Nick," Jack said. Then he thought of it. "Alright, I'll come over there. It better be good." He hanged up the phone.

Jack drove to 113 Park Avenue. He wondered what Nick was doing at Hannibal's residence. It was entirely abandoned. He didn't feel like going back there, knowing that the cannibalistic killer was long gone.

He approached the new agent. Nick smiled at him. "Sorry to disturb your sleep, Jack."

"Nick, I don't understand. What were you doing at this godawful place?"

"Well..." Nick said. "My partner and I had to go through some of Hannibal's things. Then, I found his journal."

"Where's your partner now?" Jack said, looking around.

"He had to go back home. His wife was waiting for him. It's their third wedding anniversary."

Jack sighed. "Okay, Nick. Let's get on with it."

Jack and Nick went inside the house. It looked dark, yet quiet. There seems to be a presence, and Jack feared it could be Hannibal's spirit.

Nick placed the journal on the table. Jack stared at it.

"Well..." Nick said. "You do the honors."

"You haven't opened it?"

"Well...Not entirely. I took a slight peek at it. I thought I could wait for you and read it."

Jack sighed again. "Okay." He took the journal, and opened it. He started to read.

October 1, 1955

I had the pleasure to visit the United States. It never became my dream. But I had to come here, and see what kind of life I can live for. It's beautiful. I've decided to stay here.

October 7, 1955

I had to take some courses at high school. I was all on my own. I had nobody to support me, or whatsoever. But there was a man, who took great care of me. He was a science teacher. He taught me everything there is to know. A major in biology in fact, I was his most favorite student. Most other students, who were also smart were jealous of me.

October 8, 1955

There was one student, who used to beat me after the school ended. I had to fight my way through. However, the science teacher came by and saw what happened. I've told him that the student was responsible for his brutal actions. Therefore, the science teacher took him to the principal. The student got suspended.

October 9, 1955

The former student came back to haunt me. He was furious that he got suspended from school. Not only that, he was totally embarrassed. He tried to hit me. But I've managed to hit him back. I kicked him on the gut. He fell back on the floor. Then, I smacked his head with a baseball bat. The former student became unconscious.

October 10, 1955

The former student was held captive by me. I had to teach him a lesson. I've told him that if he ever going to hit me again, I'm going to do something far worse than an average human being would do. He laughed. I held his body, bit his skin, and tore it off. He screamed.

Jack stopped reading the journal. Nick knew that the things, that Hannibal had written down, would make him sick.

"Are you okay?" Nick asked him.

"Yeah... Yeah, I'm fine," Jack said. He continued reading the journal.

October 11, 1955

I still tortured the former student. He cried for help. I covered his mouth with the tape, so that nobody could hear him. I amputated his arm with a large knife. I can tell from the looks that the former student screamed so loud. But the tape prevented that. I had never felt this kind of pleasure before.

October 12, 1955

I cooked his arm in delicious varieties. It looked like a chicken's leg. The taste was good. I called my science teacher to come and visit me for dinner. He was surprised that I was a good cook.

Jack paused reading the journal. He wanted to puke. But he held his breath, and let it go. He continued reading.

October 13, 1955

The former student was still alive. His arms and legs were gone. I have eaten them. It had come to this point that I must eat the living flesh. I have never tasted it so much in my life. At first, I might puke over the fact that I ate the human flesh. But nothing happened. I was different.

October 14, 1955

I ate the rest of the former student. Police reports have indicated that the boy was missing for days. They came here, asking several questions. I've told them, that I had never seen him. The last time, the teacher saw him, began to wonder what happened to him. If he knew what I did to the former student, I have to eat my favorite teacher as well.

October 15, 1955

I was right. The teacher had just found his remains at my place, while I was out for grocery shopping. He was shocked. I tried to explain to him, but he didn't listen. I took out a knife, and threw at his back, before he was about to call the police. I felt sorry for him.

October 16, 1955

I ate my teacher. He was utmost delicious. The opera music has played in my ears. I drank the red wine, cherishing it. The red wine represents blood. How often I wonder I had to kill people, and then eat them, without anyone's notice. I have to be careful.

October 17, 1955

I've decided to pursue my studies in psychology. Someday, I'll become a psychiatrist at my utmost bringing. People won't find out what I did here. I've come here to lead a normal life. But it didn't turn out that way. If the former student hadn't interfered me, then who knows... I might not have become this monster.

Jack stopped reading. There were other entries, that detailed his life becoming a psychiatrist. He didn't want to read any further.

"So, what do you think?" Nick said.

"I think I'm going to be sick." Jack chucked the journal on the table. He got up from the couch.

"You shouldn't have said that, Jack," Nick said.

"What?" Jack was confused.

Nick raised his silencer, and shot Jack's leg. Jack howled in pain.

"What... What the hell is wrong with you?" Jack was stunned to see that Nick had just shot him.

But Nick didn't answer him. He shot another round to Jack's other leg. Jack tried not to scream.

Nick pulled Jack away into the basement. He pushed him on the floor. When Jack got up, he saw the remains of Nick's partner.

"Oh my God," Jack said. He puked on the floor.

"It's beautiful. Isn't it, Jack?" Nick smiled at him. He then pulled Jack from the floor, and hooked it behind his back from the ceiling. Jack screamed again in pain.

The screaming ended, and Jack was trying to breathe. He never thought Nick would do something like this. What was going on?

"You might wonder why I'm doing this," Nick said. "Well... I have to tell you that Hannibal might still be alive."

"No..." Jack stared at him in blank motion. "No... He's dead."

"Is he?" Nick said. "Did you ever think that someday Hannibal would change his complete appearance? Or maybe, he has a copycat killer on the loose? Take your pick."

Jack didn't know what to think. He thought Nick was crazy. "But the execution..."

"Hmm..." Nick said. "There's a chance he might have escaped. Anything is possible."

"You're crazy, Nick," Jack said. Whoever you are.

"Am I?" Nick said. "Listen, Jack. Whether you think Hannibal is alive or not, it's up to you to decide. I care less."

Jack wanted to hit him. But his back still got hooked.

"Don't try to struggle," Nick said. "It won't hurt, if you stop moving."

Jack stopped moving. "Better," Nick said. "Now... I'm going to get a toolbox, and see what I can cut open." Nick left him.

Jack was terrified of what was going to happen to him. Most likely, he's going to get eaten either by Hannibal, who was in disguise, or a copycat killer. Either way, he was still stuck in this godawful nightmare.

I should have retired.

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