Skatelass Chapter 1

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The City of Townsville. 1980’s. A quiet place to live.

Professor Tapioca, an expert scientific in making weird concoctions that make people happy, is finishing his last beverage.

Narrator: Professor, what’s your new invention.

Professor Tapioca: I’m finishing my new invention is a new soda call Dr. Mojito. I can’t tell you the ingredients but is boombastic! This will make any man irresistible to any woman no matter how ugly you are men like Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Josh Harnett will look like nitwits thanks to this soda.

Narrator: Will you taste it first?

Professor Tapioca: Who do you think am I? An imbecile.

Narrator: Well…

Professor Tapioca: My assistant, Miss Pepper will do. Miss Pepper!

Ellen Pepper, a pretty woman with blonde hair comes into the lab.

Ellen: Prof?

Professor Tapioca: Would you like to taste this new soda?

Ellen: I’d love it. It’s so hot today.

Professor Tapioca pours some soda in a glass and offers it to Ellen.

Ellen: Thank you.

Narrator: I wouldn’t drink it.

Professor Tapioca: Beat it!

Ellen drinks a little bit and smiles.

Narrator: I can’t see this.

Professor Tapioca: Cut it out! Will you!

Narrator: How rude.

Professor Tapioca: How do you feel?

Ellen: I feel much better not so hot. By the way, what was the contest of that soda?

Professor Tapioca: It had no contest so I took off the tab.

Ellen feels dizzy and faints on the floor.

Narrator: I think you murdered her.

Professor Tapioca: Nah. I was expecting this.

Ellen wakes up and feels different.

Ellen: I feel different.

Professor Tapioca: Do you find me attractive?

Ellen: Nah! I just feel different.

Professor Tapioca: Are you sure you don’t fine me attractive?

Ellen: You’re ugly as a camel’s butt.

Ellen leaves the laboratory and Professor Tapioca starts crying.

Narrator: What a success.

Narrator: Go to hell!

The City of Townsville. Days after.

Ellen is finishing clean the windows of her house when a child is crossing the street just because his ball is in the middle of it. Two cars are about to roll over him, oh no! Wait, Ellen saw it and runs at supersonic speed and saves the kid of being hurt.

Ellen: Are you all right sweetheart?

Kid: Yes, but look at the cars. What a crashboombang!

Ellen turns around and sees the cars reduced to piles of crap iron.

Ellen: I forgot the cars.

Kid: Do you think the drivers are fine?

Ellen: The insurance will help them. If they have an insurance.

Ellen comes into Professor Tapioca’s laboratory but it’s empty.

Ellen: Prof? Are you home?

No answer.

Narrator: I think the prof has left, Ellen.

Ellen: Yes. Avoiding his responsibility. All a man.

Ellen finds a paper on the floor, it’s a formula.

Ellen: Dr. Mojito’s formula. Sugar. Spice. Cinnamon. Lemon. Component X. Ah… Component X? Oh yes, your personal touch. Wait a moment. The soda he gave me days ago had this taste. This is the soda he gave me.

Ellen realizes that the formula gave her a lot of power so a big responsibility.

Ellen: I’ll use my power to protect people as I did with the kid I saved today.

So Ellen leaves the laboratory walking straight to leave the house.

Narrator: Did she say help like she did with the child? May the Lord assist us!
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I really love this story. And can't wait until the next chapter.
thanks for writing it

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Soon you'll have it.