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The Path Apart

The watcher is looking out over the cosmos. He does not move he dares not blink he wishes to see every single moment. The birth of Norman Raad is one of those moments.

His chamber malfunctions and he is trapped inside.

The scientist does not panic they dare not because they are trained to show no fear.

It has been removed like every other emotion. The baby must figure it all on his or her own. How to save one's self even when it means it is your first action in life.

Deep in the worlds, Norran Raad is busy repairing the space tunnel. The place that exists between life and death. His friends all around him in this virtual world all look at him.

They stopped for some reason they stopped and they look at him.

Norran they say you have to fix this or your going to die.

They all wander off and leave him alone. They represent the pods all around him all connected all in sync.

I could die he thinks. How fascinating I could see the beyond and he looks at the dark tunnel that represents death it has opened before it has taken those who for some reason or another died before being born. Lost to the cosmos.

No child born in Zenla was born without knowing all the information of the planet its past included. Programmed into them it was just a memory just a thought. Emotions were something that was bred out. Norran Raad looked at this problem as an old man would solve a complex puzzle. With the wisdom from the ages. He tried everything and then the solution came to him he caused the laches to give way the bubble to burst and air to rush into his lungs. He opened his eyes for the first time at all the people in the room and he then went right back to sleep. Still connected to the universe by the means of the static shell. A machine that guided the souls of all from Zenla to this point. No others from any other part of the universe were allowed.

Norran cheated he felt the souls from all across the known universe. He reached out to places never seen before and when he found what he was seeking he asked questions.

Reed Richards was one such soul waiting to be born in the womb of a stranger a living breathing birthing chamber. They walked and they talked and one soul to another they would question creation.

We will meet one day Reed my friend. Yes, we will say Reed we will indeed.

Then life began it went forward.

Both doing great things both become a great scientist.

What is said of one soul as they embark through the doors of life is that they never know what will happen.

One stop gets you a quest to save all creation and another makes you the doom bringer the herald of Galactus. This was not that step oh he showed up and he threatened to consume the world but Noran Raad solved his hunger issue and he sent him away from a happy customer. He looked at his people a scientist above them all but the people were bored with all they had done. They unplugged they left they stopped caring and all died leaving Norran to wonder how to go forth.

How does one get past the death of your planet by lack of ambition?

He was told to shut down the soul forge to let those souls get lost in the space that is.

He did so without thinking he simply pressed the buttons condensing the entire planet and its moon into a small handheld device.

The cosmos and creation and the science of exploration.

He walked away into space and looked at his schedule.

Past the watcher and as he did so he stopped.

The watcher looked at him and recorded the date and time of his passing.

On this day Norran Raad left to start his quest.

The stars and space all creation was never a problem for Norran. He seemed to know all about everyone in his galaxy.

He moved with the speed of thought and before you know it he was going down the very first planet that caught his attention.

A planet teaming with life. They were at war with one another they did not seem to notice him at first. The battles the fires they drank and they spit on him. He dodged with ease from his years of online combat. It was imparted to all at first to get the war impulse out of their system. So they were given combat skills to equal thousands of years before even being born.

He was skilled in every form of weapon and every form of martial arts.

He dodged and weaved his way to the bar.

I am thirsty he told the bartender.

They looked at him and glared. He was not sure why he had come to this planet but it drew his attention.

He looked at the watcher as he stood silently by.

Do you know why I was brought to this place?

The watcher spoke breaking his oath to not interfere.

This is the first planet you would feed your master Galactus in another universe, as a matter of fact, all the other universes where you have taken up the mantle of Herald of Galactus.

You came here and you laid waste to the planet.

Then you called your master to consume the world while you waited for him to get done.

So foul and evil you found the place.

They were indeed a troubled lot thought Norran but he thought he could solve this without resorting to destruction.

He looked at the files on the planet and he comes to the solution.

He had to get them motivated.

He attacked and made war.

They fell before him they went down with every strike. Be it kick or punch or power of ki they went down.

All they knew was war so Norran would give them more of the war they craved.

For years he battled until he had to change his tactics.

They were learning from him and getting better not falling back.

He woke up one more with a dark-haired woman in his bed and he wondered if he was just doing what this other self would be doing in some other universe.

He had to talk to this Silver Surfer self.

He opened a door through space and time and walked through.

The world was empty and devoid of life.

He was long gone.

Clearly, this was not what he would have done.

He used his senses and science to track down his alternant self.

There it was on some world sending up a signal to Galactus.

Norran had to move and move fast.

He waved his hand and opened up a portal to the place just before his other self would send the signal.

He walked in.

Coming out of the hole in space he put his hands up in the air to show he was a friend.

Norran Raad confronted the Silver Surfer AKA himself.

I must say that the power cosmic is a sight to behold.

He thought to himself.

The ability to use the energy of the cosmos instead of science as he had been doing.

The quantum energy he used every day was simplicity at its best.

He used it to do everything.

The planet was lush and green with no other signs of life on it.

To close to a star it only allowed for vegetation to thrive nothing else. This star system gave off a field that prevented anything to grow past the plant stage.

A good meal for Galactus and nobody would die because of it.

The silver Surfer looked at himself and he sat down.

I am you and you are me. The path of science protects you it seems. I use it from time to time but with the power cosmic I seldom have the need these days. They spoke through telepathy not a word spoken never saying a thing.

This one had never met Reed Richards in the other place nor new of him. The Zenla he left behind was still there. Yet his memory of where was erased and he missed it so.

He was hard-pressed to even speak of it for to long before the power that erased it came fourth to erase it again.

We must stay in contact they said.

I wish to see the universe and you wish to feed Galactus.

All paths will merge again I am afraid.

They shook hands and again Norran walked through space into his own universe.

The watcher greeted him.

You have set in motion things that could destroy both dimensions said the watcher.

He vanished from his sight.

Norran adjusted his sight and watched him speed away.

He followed to the planet of the watchers a place so vast it took days to get to the building that called him home.

The multiverse and all the dimensions flashed on screens watched by the eldest of the watchers.

He walked in behind his watcher he watched him take a seat at a computer and start to research. He coughed and got his attention. The watcher almost fell off his chair.

You were not supposed to follow he said.

I did said Norran I did and I have he followed up with.

The watcher dare not say much more he went to shut down the computer and raised his hand and all the other watchers vanished.

We cannot allow you to see what can be or has been or even what will be.

He vanished as well leaving Norran alone in empty space.

But he was not unarmed and he brought the computer forward and he typed in the password he had seen his watcher type in and he sat down.

It seems the watchers were much like the people of Zenla they gave up emotions they gave up everything and simply watched the universe. Only Zenla let it all consume them until they were nothing but science and then they were nothing at all.

Norran was more he made himself more.

He looked at all that would happen and he took notes.

Then he closed the computer locked it up and walked away.

A very angry watcher gave chase.

He stopped.

Raised his hand in the air

Then whispered something.

He vanished.

Two could play that game.

Chapter 2

To know yourself is to know your universe

Norran moved through space with will power alone. He calculated and measured. He pushed and pulled on a micro scale he did all the math.

Life for him was a thrill a great big calculator of events that said to him. What if you could and then he did. All the science that most people would say never work.

He got it to work he not only got it to work but work well.The events that told him he needed to breath in space was just a matter of science and if he did the math right and warped the quantum field to his advantage he could not only breath but come away stronger better and more durable then ever before. He could move faster if he chose but he did not choose to do so.

He chose to take in all the space to feel the people of the planet he was coming to. To mix and mingle in the subconscious minds of those on that world.

Are they peaceful are they trying do they look forward to advances in science and space and are they alive in all the ways that matter the most.Norran Raad felt the earth from light years away from another galaxy another universe for all that was important to them.

They drank and made war and they knew the importance of a relationship of the body as well as the mind.One must be wise in body and spirit or your doomed. Be at peace with yourself and calm your rage.

He called on that soul he knew so long ago. Reed Richards the one-day great scientific mind. He was answered with several equations and the banter went forth two people talking through binary. When it was all said and done he smiled a rare smile. How has such a mind grown on such a backwater world?

He made his way to the roof of the structure that Reed was in. He stood floating in space right off the balcony. Time and space meant nothing to him.

Reed looked out the window and seen him he waved and before he could move Norran crossed the distance.

I see you have changed said Norran. Cosmic energy made your skin stretchable and also lets you increase your intellect by scores. I could cure you know. Reed would have no part of it. A cure for a good thing is not a cure he always said.

The Thing is another story he would like to be able to change when he felt the need but that would be something to take up with Ben if they got the chance.I have seen the future Reed and the war of all your people is coming but more importantly all creation.

An event that has even cosmic beings fighting. Reed looked worried and he paced back and forth. Stopping before Norran.There are stones called Infinity Stones. They can control all creation and a villain named Thanos gets the stones and kills half of all life in the universe.I know because I saw the events recorded in the historic reference computer. He is stopped but at great cost. So I went ahead and claimed all the stones. I have them here in a quantum field hidden from all who would want them. Reed always hated when somebody changed history and this changed history allot. What would fill the gap he wondered.

Let's go over some points, shall we?

For this, I will need a ship we can travel in. Reed went to get one of his when Norran stopped him. We can use mine I never had the need before today. He pulled the ship from the in-between places held in stasis. The field washed away leaving a vessel larger than many football fields complete with robotic staff. They stepped onboard and the ship flew into orbit. They walked and talked as they moved.

Reed played on the computer reading up on some of the advances in science from such an old race of people.He kept raising his eyebrow taking in all he could and filing it away for future projects. Time and space and matter all connected he thought to himself.

The world of microsurgery and how dark matter could be controlled with thought. He was lost and Norran found a kindred soul.They spared for a bit about the nature of the universe and how all the steps you could take would not mean anything if they were not carefully thought out.

A million possible combinations waiting to be put together by the right minds.

Yet there is also the chaos theory and those that would head in and be damned what took place you could deal with the aftermath.One compares Thor and Loki intellect vs muscle. Both get the job done one has flare the other brute force.


Capture me a broken sky, I will live in that moment until the universe starts again.

In time the galaxies die the worlds end and people as well as animals breath the last breath.

Spirits go to heaven or hell and the universe is filled with dark gray matter.

Life is of another sort another group and an angry group wanting to chant and destroy and that group waits on the edge of no place.I first ran into them when I walked between worlds. Millions of them in the space I did battle and wage war but they never stopped coming.

I was joined by Thor and Loki. Yet wave after wave of them tried to break our spirit and take us down.

We battled for years and then the Silver Surfer showed up and we left that place between it all.

The leader of those people strong and untouchable was in prison in that dimension. Unable to escape and do the damage he was only let loose when the worlds began to crumble.

He paced the floors of his abode he walked out into the courts and screamed at his subjects.

They cowered in fear of his rath.

Then one day a ripple of space-time broke the bubble he lived in a surge of power from the gauntlet of infinity.

He escaped early.

I shall destroy them all he told his subjects no more waiting for everything to die out we can have our cake and eat it to.

He sent his troops into the light and worlds began to fall.

Stars being torn apart the end would be soon.

I live on the edge of time and space and the many eyes of the hoards worse than hell look over the wall and they say...

The only time you have is limited to a few years.

The warriors need come the warriors need a fight. I send a flare into the void of cosmic awareness and pray it is not to late.

I live on the moon of a world with no sun.

The sun had died out years ago. I stand on the surface of the moon and give off light to keep the world below me alive.

I toss out energy keeping the enemy at bay.

billions of fighters die in my attack yet it is nothing to them.

They dare not come close.

My people down below are waiting on my signal to leave.

They have build ships they only need my permission.

I give it and they take off.

Behind them is the enemy wanting blood and death.

I wish them well the planet has consumed the moon and is all that remains.

Untold numbers of them come to fight.

I give them the battle they crave.

I draw a sword and use my shield I feel like making this last.

The battle wages on they fall and they die and my moon is consumed until it is just me and them fighting in empty space.

I wonder how long I can hold out.

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just a thought, I was working on and really rough draft at that. I would like to think that in any universe Norran would still go out and explore the universe. Still, a soul is drawn to explore.

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Some say the gods are just a myth.

The worlds of men and women and animals are all that is.

That when you look up at the stars and you wonder.

Nobody is looking down from any heaven and another dimension in time or space.Just more space to look into just more of the same.

I have been watching this drink for over a year. The water of life the creation of Odin the spark from before there was a universe. He made this fluid and he saved it for me.

He said Loki one day you will sit in a chair and you will come face to face with all you are. On that day you can pick up this fluid and you can mix it with that eternal flame and you can drink it. If of course, you can get it to mix.

The day has come the time is today I sit in this chair next to the eternal flame and for over a year I have wondered how to get it to mix to form a drink and consume it.

I have tried it all I have tried everything.

I have Thor my brother stand in the room with me he welcomes me.

We look at each other and he says I have no clue.

I am the one with the magic he is the one with the lightning and we share a few things in common. Then he asked me try to control the fire. I willed it to come to me. It goes around me it mixes with the fluid and we both look amazed.

I wonder is it all some strange game of beings larger then us.

Odin never said much about the universe only taught me magic.

He said son, pay attention do what I tell you to do and how I tell you to do it.

I never asked my birth father who my mother was. I assumed she was a giant but the truth is I did not know.

Two glasses one drink. I poured the drink into two glasses and both me and Thor shared the drink.

We consumed it and the atoms of our body glowed brightly the answers to your questions in a glass in the universe you have many paths.

This drink outlined one such path.

We found out we shared the same mother. Gia the goddess of life. She was our mother.

She was missing all life was in danger all the universe was in danger unless we found her.

Into the realms into the nine realms, we would have to go.

I set the empty glass upon the table and I looked at Thor...

Could the Avengers help, He was in deep reflection of millions of years of a battle and of war.

I gave him his space.

It never makes sense.

The universe that is.

Just makes no sense.

The path we take will give us answers or it will give us more questions but walk this path we must.

We called his goats we stepped on the platform and we left that room. Into the realm of battle and magic.

Time answers all questions.

I had many of those. But how much time did the universe have?