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A joint writing effort, all who wish to write a story on this are more then welcome to do so. Your character has died and gone to "your version of hell"

mature stories only.

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I'll help out.

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The sadistic cyborg proceded in a rare ritual for himself, meditation. The one man army sat in thought, prepared for the ironically peacefull mission he had been paid for.

"Why the frag am I here?"

The one man army pondered as he sat on a bench within the confines of a rebel tent in the jungles of Haiti

Why am I here, the cyborg thought, as he sat deeply in reflection...

"I am such a tool, sitting here just waiting for something to happen.... voo-doo freaks probably expect something to go down, jerk only chomps on a cigar on tuesdays, what's with that?"

But as the chanting ensued the Vile-1 found his mind drifting and his body growing slower and slower, he soon drifted off into a deep sleep.

"Where am I, and why am I... Human"

The Vile-1 stood in the body of his former self, and heard loud breathing circling himself in the candle lit darkness that surrounded him.

"Your in my realm now"

The cyborg questioned the dark voice

"Your realm?"

"Yes a place you were always destined to become a part of, a place of eternal despair"

The merc grinned, and reached for a gun, but his weapons were unavailable

"So I'm in Hell?"

The raspy voice answered the mercenary quickly

"Where else would you be Egan?"

The mercenary asked one last question to his dark host

"I dont believe in an afterlife, why am I here?"

The voice stayed silent for a moment, then with a terrible hiss stated it's reasons for the cyborgs presence in the Hell it had found itself in.

"Just because you dont believe in death, doesnt mean you dont die, just because you dont believe in hell doesnt mean you dont burn"

The cyborg awoke and as he heard the chanting above his body, and fealt more and more dirt being tossed upon him, burst out from his grave and snapped the mambo's neck, tossing the corpse into the shallow grave that had been created with the intent of turning the cyborg into a zombie.

"I have no intention of dieing just yet, not with what I know is waiting for me."

The end