Secrets Of The Universe

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Did this story over he last three days, for class.


A group of people shrugged up a snowy mountain. They looked worn out.

One woman was in the lead, not stopping; it appeared as if she wasn’t breathing either, just moving her body in a trance. Her red hair covered in snow, and boots covered in a mix of mud and snow.

She was like a hunter. On a mission to kill the biggest thing she could find.

The man behind her fell into the snow.

The woman in lead paused for a second, and then looked back at her fellow hikers.

“My friends, we have all wondered what the universe really is, what is its purpose, we have carried on our ancestors work, followed their path, deciphered their hints, now, we shall found out what it is, why we were chosen to find this secret, we are here, we have done it, do you hear what I am telling you, WE DID IT!” She spoke in a Russian accent, and it sure was a voice of confidence, independence, and courage, but she also had a slight bit of spite in her voice, her voice also sounded like she didn’t believe what she was saying, like it was just one big lie.

The hiker that fell got up, and dragged himself up into the woman “We couldn’t have done this without you Alexandra, thank you.”

The fellow hikers held up their hands, and blew a kiss to her; it was there sign of thankfulness.

Alexandra looked as if she was about to cry, she whispered to the man “It isn’t over yet Charles.”

The hikers that were behind caught up, and after catching their breath, one man, who had glasses that even Harry Potter would call nerdy, and hair that Sonic would call messed up, pointed to the little cavern standing behind Alexandra and Charles.

“Are we about to go in there, what if there isn’t an exit?” He had a British accent, but sounded like he just spent a year in Texas.

Alexandra walked towards the man “Come on Mike, you want to go this far, and just stop, the secret to our existence, to this planets existence, could be standing right in front of us, do you want to stop now.”

The last woman walked from behind Mike, “Besides Mike, I’ll protect you.” She giggled in her Australian accent, and pulled out a pocket knife.

“Very funny Tina, but I just… know, don’t want to die in a cave, that no one will go into for another thousand or so year probably.”

Charles stepped into the cavern “See, nothing to worry about, now come on, we don’t have all day, get your flashlights out.”

Everyone did just that and took their flashlights out, they checked around the cave to make sure that nothing was too unstable to walk on, and then went in.

The cavern was quite large; it was covered with fungi, and such. As the group went on, all that they saw was an endless cave, but they couldn’t give up now. They went too far to leave now.

The light got farther and farther away, until the only light available was the light from the flashlight.

Out of nowhere, a growl was heard through the cavern, no one panicked, but everyone checked around them.

Mike’s teeth chattered “What was that.”

Tina while still looking around replied “Probably just an animal.”

Charles started to walk again “Yeah, let’s keep going.”

A few minutes later, a dim blue light was seen in front of them, a few yards away at least.

Alexandra was first to say anything “Must be the end, seems a lot shorter and a lot less dangerous then I imagined.”

Charles was about to reply, but he heard Tina scream, everyone turned there lights to Tina, where she stood there, impaled with a spear in the chest.

Mike screamed out “Oh god, what….what…we have to go back, now, this is way too dangerous.”

No one said anything; they all just stood there, their faces blank.

Charles broke the silence “No, we have to keep going, that light is only a few yards away, we may be safe there, whatever killed Tina might kill us before we can go back, and we will never make it down the mountain.”

Alexandra gulped “Charles is correct, going into that light is our best bet.”

Mike very uneasily agreed to go to the light.

They kept walking, now on guard for anything un-ordinary, and they walked in a triangle, so they could all see each other.

The light got brighter as they approached it, until they saw a door.

Mike slowly backed away from the door “Are you sure we should go in there, Tina died for Christ’s sake, we can’t just forget about her!’

Alexandra rested her hand on Mike’s shoulder “We know that, but we need to still accomplish our mission.”

Charles opened the door, he saw a jungle, a rainforest of some sort, it was covered with high trees, bushes, little lakes, and such.

Charles went in, and was followed by his comrades.

They all took off the gear they were wearing, which left them with t-shirts and sweatpants. They kept their pocket knives though; all of them were worried about what happened to Tina, happening to them.

Alexandra called out “Hello, is anyone here, we want you to know that we come in peace, all we wish to know is the secrets of the universe.

A man jumped in front of them, he was dressed in a tiger skin toga, and had no shirt, his skin was sun-burned, but his face was somehow normal. He had an assegai on his back, and was it was covered in blood, after a second of analysis, Charles noticed that it was the weapon that killed Tina.

Charles took out his pocket knife, and came running at the man “You killed her!”

When Charles was close enough, the man flipped Charles and stabbed him with his assegai.

Mike and Alexandra backed away.

Mike started to tear up. “Who are you?”

The man replied “My name is Age, god of the hunt, I am the protector of The Master, the withholder of the Secrets of The Universe, and you all have invaded this land, whether you come in peace or not, you must die.”

Alexandra turned to Mike “Run.”

Mike started to run “But, what about you?”

Alexandra turned to Age “Well Age, I am going to get these secrets, even if I have to get through a god to do it!”

Mike quietly whispered to Alexandra “Thank you.”

Mike ran off.

Age snickered “You humans are so confident in yourselves. Overly confident that is.”

Alexandra took a deep breath “That is one of my traits.”

Alexandra turned into a bright yellow light, and appeared as a long black haired woman, in a white hunting outfit, with a bow and arrow, and a tiara with a moon in the front.

Alexandra looked at Age “Let’s see who the true, god of the hunt is.”

Age starred in awe “Artemis, it can’t be, Zeus would never allow you to come here, especially to try and challenge me!”

Artemis looked dumbfounded “Zeus sent me to do this, he just could never do it until now, there was no way to get the location without the humans, if Zeus can get his hands on the secrets of the universe, he can find a way to get us gods appreciated again, now if you don’t mind, I have to kill you now.”

Artemis launched 3 arrows at Age, but he easily dodged them.

Age leaped at Artemis, and tried to impale her, but Artemis threw the assegai to the side.

All of a sudden, 4 panthers jumped out of the shadows and tried to bite Artemis’ arms off, but she shot them all with arrows.

Artemis didn’t see Age anywhere, as soon as she was about to walk further into the jungle, he jumped out at her, and threw 3 daggers at her.

Artemis was hit by one, silver blood dripped from her shoulder, but she shrugged it off, and shot 2 arrows at Age.

He was hit by one in the stomach, and another in the arm.

Artemis looked at Age, while she stood over him “Where is The Master.”

Age pointed at a little hut not far ahead, when Artemis got there she saw an old man, he had a long beard, thick eyebrows, and purple pants and shirts. He looked up at her.

“I believe you are Artemis, correct?” He spoke in a frail voice, like he could die any second.

“Yes, you are The Master, correct?” She had put her bow and arrow away, the man looked harmless.

The Master got up from the floor “I am. I’d assume you came here for the Secrets of The Universe. Well, I can tell you this now, you aren’t getting them.”

Artemis started to load her bow “How are you going to stop me, you are old, weak, pathetic, now tell me, I don’t have much time.”

The Master laughed “Honey, I was born before you, Zeus, heck, before anything was created, I made the Big Bang, and I created Zeus, Age, you. Do you think you have the power to create someone who could simply wish you from existence? Silly, silly hunter, you don’t have the skill, or the powers to even faze me, now, leave, before I have to make you my new guard.”

Artemis pointed an arrow at The Master’s head “You are going to give me those secrets, one way or another.”

The Master laughed “What are you going to do, kill me. You’d have no benefit from that. Then, on top of that, your arrows won’t do anything to me, I am more than a cosmic entity, or a god, I am made out of pure universe. Part Dark Matter, Part Dark Energy, and Part Global Cluster. I evolve as time goes on. There is no killing me, and even if it was possible, you would all be dead, no more humans, no more Martians, no more gods. They would all die, but not before I kill you.”

The Master threw his hands at her, and Artemis flew back to the door she’d entered.

Artemis shot a plethora of bows at him, but when they hit him, they were just absorbed, like he was a living black hole.

The Master approached her; Artemis hopped into the trees, and was pulled down.

Artemis saw her bow, broken, and her arrows gone.

She knew that this was a lost cause, Artemis ran out the door, but The Master appeared in front of her. He whispered in Artemis’s ear.

“You cannot leave now, you are my protector, from this day on, and you cannot leave this cavern, and you cannot contact any of your friends to help you, now, search the cavern, and make sure that your Mike is dead.”

Artemis looked like she was in a hypnotic state “Yes, my Master.” She ran off.

20 Years Later

3 people stood at the door, they had already passed Tina’s body, but looked un-fazed.

The only woman stood, scanning the area, she had a long sword, and battle armor.

One of the men wore a helm, and had an axe, by his side, he carried a dagger, he didn’t have any type of armor, but he did have a chest plate, it wasn’t Kevlar, but it looked somewhat like it.

The last man wore winged shoes and a winged hat, he held a type of staff, it was wrapped with stone snakes, and wings on top. He was the first to enter.

He saw a futuristic area, artificial trees, flying cars, and everything was made of metal.

From above them, Artemis dropped in front of them.

The woman’s jaw dropped “Artemis, you are alive.” She stepped towards Artemis, but an arrow was aimed at her.

Artemis lowered her bow “You shall not come any closer, Athena.”

The man with the winged shoes stepped towards her “Please Athena, it is your brother, Hermes.”

Artemis growled “I know exactly who you are, Hermes.” Artemis looked at the other man “Why so silent today Ares.”

Ares laughed “Oh, I just love bickering, it fuels me, any who, have you gotten those secrets, it’s been quite a while, we had to do a lot to stop FBI, CIA, and such breaking in here.”

Artemis now aimed her bow at Ares “No, and you won’t either.”

Athena started to walk up to Artemis “You are talking silly; now move out the way so we can-.”

An arrow flew by Athena’s head. Another flew at Hermes, and another at Ares.

Artemis jumped into the air and made it rain arrows at them.

Hermes flew into the air, while Athena dodged them, and hid under a car.

The arrows hit Ares, but they were nothing to his skin, he didn’t even bleed.

Hermes waved his staff, a blast of range light sprung out, it hit Artemis, and she fell onto the ground.

Ares, Hermes, and Athena stood next to her, then, Artemis jumped up and tripped Athena.

Artemis launched 2 arrows at Hermes’ feet and they pinned him to the ground.

Ares came at her with his axe, but Artemis threw him into a house.

Athena snuck up behind Artemis, and put her sword through Artemis’ chest.

Artemis fell to the ground, Athena knelt “I am sorry, but this was the only way.”

Athena took the arrows from Hermes’ feet, golden blood covered the floor.

Hermes looked fine, but he said he couldn’t continue the mission, and disappeared into a golden cloud.

Ares and Athena walked towards a nearby house, to see if The Master was there.

When they opened the door, a gust of wind blew them out, in front of them, The Master appeared.

“I am sick of people invading my cavern, can I at least have a week, in my time! Come on, this has been 2 days for me. Goodness!” The Master’s face got red, Ares got up, but The Master incinerated him. He turned his eyes to Athena.

“You, the goddess of wisdom, you will help me, I will give you whatever you need, but please, just make it all stop.”

Athena stood up, hoping that she wouldn’t get incinerated like Ares.

“Give me the secrets, and I will provide you with something better than help, I will make you a god, you can get the fame and praise you deserve.”

“Yes and a spot on Mount Olympus!”

“Of course.”

“Wait, what will I be god of?”

Athena hadn’t thought of that part “How about god of space?”

The Master yelled out “Yes! Come, come, you want to know the secrets of the universe right, and then I get a spot on Mount Olympus.”

Athena walked towards the man “Correct. So just wondering is Ares dead or...”

The Master laughed “No he is not, I just sent him to The Underworld.”

The Master put his hand on Athena’s head, then Athena felt a bolt of knowledge, how the big bang happened, how mankind came to be, that there was actually life on other planets. When it was finished, Athena looked worn out, and like she was about to cry, she had been amazed by what she saw, some of the most amazing building designs in the world being created.

The Master rushed himself and Athena “Now let’s go Olympus awaits!”

The Master and Athena teleported away, while in the cavern, Artemis was revived. She stood up and saw her bow and arrow(s) on her back. As soon as she exited the cavern, it vanished behind her, like it was never there.

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