Scooby-Doo: End of Mystery

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This is my fan fiction comic-book script, based on Hanna-Barbera's: Scooby Doo and Mystery Inc. characters, in an almost Dark Knight Returns style gritty re-vamp. Warning, It could get a slight bit depressing...

The End of Mystery


'Bring them back...'

The Past:

After seven years of safety, Fred Jones, leader of the now formidable Mystery Inc. has had enough!

His final clash with Arnold Wickers, the infamous Black Knight left him and his Detective Agency in tatters, trapped in a never ending witness protection hell and the masked criminal in prison for life...

It's been a long time since Fred and the gang drove the mystery machine, but can they claw their way out of the hole Wickers buried them in, before Mystery Inc. are dead for good?

Page One:

Location: News studio

A dull presenter is droning at a Mystery Inc. fan, who is sitting opposite him, the fan is teaming with excitement and is wrapped head to toe in the detective agency's merchandise, ecstatic he is on the news channel.

Fan:...they solved some of our generation's toughest and most violent crimes, that's surely enough to forgive them for their final victory...

Presenter: let me just cut in there sport, you're saying that you can see past what they did?

Fan: That's exactly what I'm saying, and now, wherever they are, I hope they can hear this message...

Page Two:

Location: Outside the studio

The street is rammed with men and women of different backgrounds, all chanting the same thing, and smiling...

Thousands of people shouting: BRING THEM BACK....BRING THEM BACK....

Page Three:

Title Page: Bring Them Back

Author: Gabriel Simmons

Page Four:Location: Alaska, winter

Fred and Daphnie are lay, stiff as the boards beneath them, in sleeping bags, snow has blown in through a shattered window and coats the floor beside their blue tinged bodies.

Fred: I should get going...

He sits up too quickly and takes a minute to regain his senses.

Daphnie: It's too cold... don't go... please...

She is shivering like a sick puppy and talks in a broken tone.

Fred, passionately brushes her hair from her cracked skin and kisses her.

Fred: Bills don't pay themselves Daph.

Daphnie: It doesn't seem you do either.

She smiles, cheekily and winks at him.

Page Five:

Location: Outside the house

Daphnie is embracing Fred, as he stands like a solemn-set statue in anticipation.

Fred: I really have to go Daph.

Daphnie: Don't ever leave... I love you.

Fred: I love you too...

The Mystery Machine trundles down the white road and grinds to a halt outside the house. (The Van is coloured white). Fred Kisses Daphnie again and clambers into the van.

Shaggy Rogers shouts from inside the Van,

Shaggy: Hey Daph!

Daphnie waves at him.

Daphnie: When will you be back?

Fred: Six...

The Van drives away, kicking up a cloud of white dust...

Page Six:

Location: Outside the house

The Van reverses and skids onto the curb in front Daphnie again.

Fred: Six...Ish.

Daphnie shakes smiles and her head, she shuffles back into the house.

She drags herself up the stairs and carefully removes a ventilation shaft cover, she pulls out a gun.

Page Seven:

Location: Daphnie's room

Daphnie aims the gun in to her mouth but quickly pulls it out before she fires...

There is a deafening bang.

she falls to the snow covered floor crying.

Daphnie: Arrrrrraaaaagggghhhh!!!

Page Eight:

Location: Road

Fred and Shaggy are in the Mystery Machine. An awkward silence fills the air, both are waiting for the other to speak, but neither have seen each other in weeks. The tension between the two could be spread onto bread and eaten.

Fred: You okay Shag?

Shaggy is transfixed, eyes front.

Fred: Shaggy?

Shaggy: Yeah Maan?

Fred points to Shaggy's face...

Fred: Um you got a little something on your...

Shaggy: I got it.

Shaggy wipes a white substance from his nose and it falls into his hand, he looks at Fred conspicuously and puts his hand in his pocket. Fred looks awkwardly out of the window.

Fred: Well at least we were located in a beautiful area, hey?

Shaggy sarcastically glances at Fred.

Shaggy: I don't think there's been a journey in this van when I haven’t heard you say that man...

The two smile.

Page Nine:

Location: Road, Traffic Lights

The van swerves to compensate the shoddy brakes and stops at some traffic lights, there is a clang of metal from the back of the van, Fred looks inquisitively up at Shaggy...

Fred: What’s?...

Shaggy: Nothing, nothing, just, um, ignore that okay

Fred: okay, okay...

Shaggy: Okay then.

The van starts up again. Fred is looking at a sheet of paper...

Shaggy: so wher...

Fred: on the left.

He motions to a derelict warehouse.

Page Ten:

Location: Outside the warehouse

Fred: Here.

The van screeches to a stop, the two stumble out.

Fred throws open the doors, and reveals a sight only the characters can see.

Shaggy drops the van keys in awe. Fred's eyes are lit up, just as they used to be in the old days of Mystery Inc.

Page Eleven:

Location: The warehouse

We have a slash page (Whole page devoted to one drawing) of the warehouse's interior, which is packed to the bursting with Mystery Inc. Easter eggs and and memorabilia, mostly referring to fan favourite episodes of the old series.

Page Twelve:

Location: The Warehouse

The lights are suddenly thrown off and a voice is heard through the darkness...

Velma(unknown): This isn't how we're going to do things this time Fred.

Fred: As much as I don't like you being here Velma, you can help us...

lights switch on, revealing an older, more corporate looking Velma Dinkley

Velma: We can't do what we did before Fred! Listen, you remember what happened then don't you?

Fred: Better than anyone...

Velma: Because it was your call Fred! Yours!

The two begin to face off as Shaggy slides sheepishly behind a statue of the gang.

Page Thirteen:

Location: The Warehouse

Shaggy: Will you guys just calm down?...

Fred/Velma: NO.

Shaggy: okay I'm just going to...

Fred: You're 'going to just' stay here and back me up.

Shaggy: Okay sure...

Velma: Do you want to do this Shaggy?

Shaggy: I live in a van Velma.

Fred: This isn't about my ego, this isn't about anything we did in our previous lives, this is about money. Plain and simple money.

Page Fourteen:

Location: Prison

Fred (continuing speech from last page): The criminals we locked up that day have come out better than us...

We are in a prison, close up on a chess board, we see the White King knocked down by a Black Knight piece.

Black Knight(Unknown): Check-Mate.

Convict: How do you even?...

Black Knight(Unknown): Pieces are chunks of wood, Mr Janson, they are as predictable as you are, making your King vulnerable to every bad move you make. Which is very vulnerable.

Convict: But I was sure I was...

We see the board littered with black pieces, only one black knight remains on it's feet.

Page Fifteen:

Location: Warehouse

Fred and Velma are still arguing...

Fred: Not all of us got a job with a global news corporation!

Velma: I can give you money Fred, I've made that clear before.


Velma: Who bought you those sleeping bags Fred?

Fred: what...

Velma: WHO?


Page Sixteen:

Location: Warehouse

Fred goes to strike Velma in the face, but he stops, slumps to the floor and cries.

Velma: I'm sorry Fred...

Fred (given up): you don't get to be sorry...

Velma sighs, she looks around, she makes her way towards the exit, but she looks to where Shaggy is sat, in the corner of the warehouse. Velma puts her sweater covered hands on Shaggy's shoulder.

Velma: I'm in.

Page Seventeen:

Location: Warehouse

Splash Page. Fred raises his head, his eyes wet with tears.

Fred: Let them know.

Page Eighteen:

Location: Warehouse

Fred: Shaggy, get the Mystery Machine Ready, we're going... Shaggy?

Shaggy is looking longingly at a photo of him and Scooby Doo.

Fred: Shag, lets go.

Shaggy: Yeah maan, yeah...

The two head back to the van whilst Velma is making arrangements on her phone.

Fred: Daphnie is gonna freak.

Page Nineteen:

Location: Fred and Daphnie's House

Daphnie is staring out of a window, looking at the street, there are a couple of dog walkers on the road outside, she smiles and waves at them, a distant smile however, and somehow fake.

The Mystery Machine pulls up outside the house.

Daphnie: Six-ish?

Fred jumps out of the van and rushes into the house, as excited as a school-boy.

Page Twenty:

Location: The Mystery Machine

Shaggy has the photo on the book's cover in his hand. He is looking sadly at it.

Shaggy: The whole gang's back together now pal. The only question is... Scooby Doo, where are you?

Page Twenty One:

Location: Prison

The convict we saw earlier rushes into the prison common room, he is rapt in excitement.

Convict: Wick's!

The Black Knight (Mr Wickers) Stands from his game of chess, his expression is unchanged.

Black Knight: Janson?

Convict: Come look sir...

Page Twenty Two:

Location: Prison

The Black Knight is lead into another room, the TV is blaring and the headline reads:

Mystery Inc. REFORMED.

The Black Knight raises a sinister smile.

Black Knight: How Interesting...