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Usually when holidays collide, the result is something like the Nightmare Before Christmas.

But to save Halloween from Dracula's army of the unholy, Santa Hamster has to bring Christmas and Halloween together in an extremely violent and sort of cute way. It all started that night....

"Squeak" Santa Hamster stumbled upon Santa and Rudolph

"Oh, S.H." Rudolph said "We need your help. Dracula has woke up just in time for Halloween."

"Squeak squeak squeak?" asked Santa Hamster

"Well, that could work" said Santa Claus "But how would we get rid of the laptop in time for the Tickle-Me-Elmo doll to start working?"

"See!" said Rudolph "Thats why we have to send you in. But you'll need a little help..."

At Sleepy Hallows...

Santa Hamster got off the bus and yelled for his new partner to show up

"SQUEAK!!!!" he yelled "SQUEAK!!!"

Suddenly, he heard galloping, like a horse, and that crackling sound of fire

Thats when he knew....

"HAHAHAHA" laughed the Headless Horseman "That fat sack of joy sent you?"

Santa Hamster growled at the Horseman

"Geez" said the Horseman "Just some Christmas humor."

Santa Hamster wasn't amused

"So, where we headed?" asked the Horseman

Santa Hamster pointed to Transylvania on his map

"Of course" said the Horseman

Suddenly, they noticed they weren't alone....

They heard gross, wobbling-like noises

Like a slimey blob was heading there way....


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