Robin: The Next Generation part three

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Black Mask gave Mr. Freeze money, and in turn Mr. Freeze gave him some reward. I couldn't quite make out what it was. I saw him rounding a corner so I jumped into a broom closet. As he was walking by I pulled him in and fought with him. I was able to get a clear shot to the face, knocking his mask off. I then stopped what I was doing right away. He was my father. I accidentally said Dad, and he realized I was his son. He taunted me and said what are you gonna do. I'm older, stronger, and bigger--I slammed the door in his face and broke his nose. Found a broom and took the stick part of it off. I observed it would make a good bo staff. As I left the closet Mr. Freeze just happened to be rounding the corner. I was in trouble. He immedialtey fired his gun and hit my leg. I was able to use the batarang I mentioned earlier to get the ice off me leg, and attacked him with my staff. but he hit me, and grabbed me by the collar and slammed me into a wall. I was able to fight through the pain. and slit my "staff" in half, forming two billy clubs, I used them to attack him, and when he blasted his gun, I used the rays to sharpen the clubs. and used THAT to attack him.he tried to hit me, but I blocked and put all my momentum in my legs. and was able to knock him off balance. I then noticed many sharp metallic object on a table and used grabbed them. I thought I could use this to attack from a distance. I was able to pin his gun against the wall with one of them, and I ran for it. I ran HARD. unfortunatley, he stuck out hit arm and grabbed me. and commanded me to stop I kicked the gun and it flew into the air and I caught it. You mean freeze I said, and I won't lie, I smiled as I froze him. the last thing i remebered was I gotta work on the puns.
 When I awoke I remember this man standing over me. He was the rich guy's (The guy I kept seeing at the self defense classes) driver. Apparently he was also a surgeon. And helped fix my wounds. He told me about the rich guy's Bruce Wayne's alter ego the Batman. He was following me. I was able to use the stuff other Robins were able to use, too. Sharp thing as in batarangs, the broom stick as in a staff, etc. He told me I was out for three weeks, in which he was able to porve Black Mask was my father, and was able to get custody of me, since I have no other parents. He wanted me to be his Robin. Of course I accepted.

I am Robert Wayne. I am Robin. I. am. Justice.