Robin: The Next Generation part 2

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I had captured one of the thugs and handcuffed him to a lampost. I knew that bareley any common criminal in Gotham would try robbing a bank without backup from a Batman villain. When I questioned him he just laughed...until I used a batarang (I had picked it up after I saw Batman once) to slash his forehead. I told him it wasn't even a deep gash, I could do much more. He directed me to another bank. I went to it to find another robbery. I was mostly dodging the three thugs. Once cam up behind me to hit me with a lead pipe, but I ducked. and he hit his friend. I then tripped that guy and he fell flat on his facee with the lead pipe in fron of him. The other one I let get away. He took a shot at me, but I saw it coming. I ducked before he fired. I followed him to a giant warehouse. I barley managed to get in without settin goff alarms. I saw he was in a deal with none other than Mister Freeze...And the thug that got away.........He was the new Black Mask.