RISE: Ultron

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RISE: Ultron

Location: WHISPER Headquarters, Engineering Division

"Okay, gentlemen. As I said before, exercise extreme caution."

The Maker carefully observed the operations being conducted in the R&D laboratory. It took a large amount of effort, but he found the man he was looking for. The problem was that this man was attached to an extinction-level threat with severe emotional issues.

"Open it." As the Maker gave the order, his scientists slowly pried open the pen-sized capsule. At first glance the container seemed empty, but the Maker knew better. "Administer the Pym Particles."

With a blast of energy, the capsule was torn apart as an individual grew to what can be considered above average height. This person was motionless as the onlookers waited to see what he would do.

The Maker entered the impeccably clean room without a care. He was actually excited to meet this person.

"It's an honor to meet you, Mr. Pym," he said with a smile. "Or, should I say Ultron."

Hearing this man stirred something in Ultron's mind. After a moment, he said a single word. "Richards...?"

"Not quite, but we can discuss that in a... moment." The Maker stopped talking as he saw Ultron surging with energy. Sighing to himself, the Maker threw up his arms and said, "Oh, fine. We'll do this first."

"Die." Ultron let loose a blast of power that would incinerate most people, yet this was useless against the barrier that the Maker had generated.

Touching his hand to his ear, he spoke on his communicator. "Blonsky, could you come in here, please?"

Ultron watched as a single door opened, revealing a single man walking through the hallway. However, this man's body seemed to grow and stretch with each step. By the time this individual entered the room, he was the Abomination.

"Finally... a REAL fight!" With this, Abomination charged towards Ultron, ramming him into the wall. "He only wanted to talk, but this works, too!"

Ultron was not interested in Blonsky and quickly threw him off. Aware of the Abomination's strength, along with his own intent to kill, Ultron unleashed a tidal wave of his energy upon the beast. The Hulk himself would have been scorched to the bone if he were here, but the combat trained Blonsky was prepared for such an attack.

Using the moment of being thrown, coupled with his great physical power, he leaped off the walls and launched his body toward Ultron. Slamming him to the ground, Abomination hit Ultron over and over again with no sign of stopping.

Ultron finally realized that something changed in the Abomination. With every blow, Blonsky was getting stronger. Lifting Ultron up like a lifeless doll, he punched him hard enough to send his adamantium body careening into the ceiling, laughing while he did it.

"You getting it yet, robot man??? I'm not the same monster you knew... Not by a long shot!" Saying this, Blonsky stomped on Ultron's motionless form. "Thanks to that terrigen gas, I'm beyond what I was before!" He stomped on Ultron again. "I'm sure you can feel it! The more I exert myself, the stronger I get!!!" He stomped on Ultron once more. This time it was hard enough to intend him into the floor.

"A simple remedy."

Hearing this, Abomination tried striking him again, but Ultron effortless stopped his hand. The onlookers watched as Ultron grew in size. In a matter of moments, he was well over five times the Abomination's height. Crushing Blonsky into the wall, Ultron simply waited as he held him there. It took longer than expected, but Abomination's strength did start to decrease.

Feeling himself getting weaker, Blonsky began to push back. Ultron continued to hold him, but was clearly starting to lose his leverage. "Enough!" Ultron took Abomination and tried breaking his neck. However, Abomination's new power made this no easy task.

Finally forcing his hands apart, Abomination leaped at Utron. "You're right... That is enough!!!" Abomination threw his whole body weight into a hit that put Ultron through the nearby wall. But Ultron, uninhibited, let loose a plasma blast that accomplished the same.

Laughing, Blonsky pulled himself to his feet. "Maker! I see why you wanted this man! He's perfect for what's next!!"

Ultron, picking himself up as well, was curious regarding he meant by this statement. "Emil Blonsky. You have confirmed yourself as a threat. Yet, you claim that we are necessary. Why?"

"I can answer that." The Maker stepped in between them and faced the towering Ultron. "But first, I need to make sure Hank Pym is still in there."

Silently looking upon this man, Ultron shrank to his normal height. Speaking again, everyone noticed the change in tone. They were speaking to Hank Pym.

"You're not Reed Richards," he said.

"Actually, I am. Just not from here. Please, have a seat." Calling in two a few chairs, he invited the cyborg to sit down.

"No, thanks," Pym said with caution. "I'd prefer standing."

"Fair enough." The Maker nonchalantly sat down and relaxed. Abomination stood nearby, interested to see how this plays out.

"I remember being trapped in the sun's orbit. You brought me back to Earth... Why?" Pym asked.

"Because, I wanted to meet you." The Maker replied. "You're accomplishments didn't escape my notice and I was hoping to speak with you about our mutual... problem."

"The Avengers."

"The unimaginative," The Maker corrected. "Think back to all the times you created the incredible. Let's put aside how things went with Ultron for a moment. From the Pym Particle to your own team of Avengers, your ideas were shot down and abused. Your Particles became their plaything and your so-called friends abandoned you when you invited Loki to join the group. They ignored what you were trying to achieve and dismissed you as insane. And yet, when Loki joined a team of younger heroes, that went on with barely an argument."

Pym was silent, but did remember everything the Maker was speaking of.

"But, that wasn't the worst of it. No matter what you did, they always fell back into your mistake with Janet. Yes, you did hit her. And yes, you regretted it. Yet no one remembers that you were in a drug-induced mental breakdown! No one recalls that you were not in the right state of mind, but they write you off as a wife-beater."

Pym remained silent, but grew angry at the fact that the Maker was right.

"Most of the Avengers committed crimes far worse than anything you've ever done and yet they paint you has a monster. You, one of their founding members! Who among them even tried to help you?"

Pym was still silent, but shook after his words. He was right again.

"And when you allegedly died, they didn't look for you. They kept an eye for Ultron, but you were dead to them, Hank. We have the records confirming it."

That was the last straw. "What do you want, dammit!? TELL ME!!!"

"I want you to know that you and I are alike." Pressing a button on the chair, a drone with a monitor flew into the room. "I want you to see everything I tried to do on my Earth. I made sure to leave nothing out."

Watching the events, Abomination couldn't help but look as well.

Once the video was finished, Ultron spoke up. "He murdered his own family to hide himself. What use can be found in continuing to speak with this man?"

The Maker stood up at this comment. "Both of you, please. Look beyond the dark parts. What was I trying to achieve?"

Pym was the one who answered. "A utopia..."

"Exactly! But, my ideas were so far past them that I knew my world would try to stop me. I haven't once forgotten my family and I do regret their deaths. But, it's a small sacrifice in order top elevate the pitiful people beyond what they are now. Yet they never tried to see the world from my perspective. And now look!"

With a motion, a series of holograms appeared. Ultron and Pym watched what were the most recent events: The mutant/inhuman war, Pleasant Hill, the second Civil War, and the deaths of so many heroes that Pym personally knew.

"None of this changes until we make it change," said the Maker. "This is why we are uniting against these so-called heroes. I want you to help us so we can change the world for the better."

Saying this, the Maker extended his hand. Ultron was unsure of this and communicated this to Pym, but Hank saw this as an opportunity. The Maker was indeed right all along. They did want they same thing. Shaking his hand, Pym had a simple question. "Where do we start?"

Grinning from ear to ear, the Maker was pleased at the newest recruit.

"My friend, we are going to do the one thing they tried to stop us from doing. We're going to build a new, perfect lifeform. Despite his attitude problem, Ultron was a massive step in the field of artificial intelligence! As a scientist, it's only natural to want to explore such boundless territory!"

Hank Pym considered this statement, but was confused. "What does this have to do with the Avengers?"

Escorting Pym into a separate observation room, the Maker opened a large display. Pym, as well as Ultron, was amazed at what they witnessed. "What are they?"

The Maker looked upon his creations with what was clearly pride. "The are my children. They are the future of this and of every world. With your help, I can perfect them into the ultimate fusion of man and machine! And once they're complete, the Avengers and their allies will be nothing more than punching bags to them. How does that sound?"

"Very promising. However, I have terms," Pym said with a clear sound of frustration in his voice. "Janet and Vision are off limits. They belong to me."

The Maker nodded his head in approval. As he did, he handed Hank a small computer with a picture of a young woman on it. "There is also... one last thing I needed to show you."

Pym looked upon this woman's profile and was clearly disturbed. So much so, that he crushed the device in his cold, metal hands. He was stunned at what he saw, but Ultron managed to say what was on his mind.

"Who is this child of Hank Pym? This... Nadia?"

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