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There is a part of the Cale Storyline that never got written. It was first mentioned at the end of Stranger And Stranger, but it never happened. It was what I called The Emplate War. What I’m sure some people might wonder is what it was supposed to be, so with this, I am going to go over what was supposed to happen in it.

Over all, The Emplate War was supposed to be a series of five stories, all of which would have been dark and possibly disturbing. One of the key features of this series would have been that it would have spanned several years, and in its ending, there would have been a moment of hope.

The first part would have taken place immediately after Stranger And Stranger. Emplate, having successfully captured Skitz and Penance, would now be converting them into Emplate’s. First he would have imposed his powers on Skitz, giving Skitz the option of doing it willingly, or unwillingly. Skitz would then make Penance his thrall. This would give the two hope that it could be undone, until the betrayal happens. That happens just as Generation X would have mounted a rescue, but since the betrayal happened, they end up being moved to a new location. However, when the betrayal is revealed, their minds snap. Once the week is over, Skitz and Penance go on a murderous rampage, killing all of Emplate’s minions, before leaving his lair, and striking at the betrayer. Emplate had then gone to Generation X, not to fight them, but to help them, realizing the monster he created could be far worse than he ever was, arriving too late to save the betrayer.

The second part would take months later, and opens with Skitz and Penance killing Skitz’s parents. In the interim, Skitz has been building his own forces, striking in secret, and taking over wherever he can. Emplate and Aura, having joined Generation X to combat the threat he created, work to try and stop Skitz. In the end, Banshee would have ended up captured, and killed. The team then splits, half going with Emplate and becoming enthralled, while the other half goes with Emma to the X-Men.

The third part would have seen more deaths occur, as years have passed since the second part. While those who survived at the end of the previous story. As things are spiraling out of control in the world, Skitz and Penance’s group continues to gain power, taking over the world. During this story, Emplate’s force is wiped out, and those who remain of X-Men get fragmented even more. It is also stated that with the rise of emplates, the remaining X-men end up teaming up with one of their most dangerous foes, knowing they all need to work together to survive.

The fourth part, set years later, show that the world has become a nightmare. Humans are almost wiped out, and most mutants are kept as cattle. There is still opposition, but as this story would have played out, the leaders are wiped out. This fragments the remaining resistance into lone individuals, with the lone Generation X member from the group at the start of this ‘series’ tending after their son.

The final part of this series is set at least fifteen or sixteen years after the fourth part. The lone member of Generation X is one of a few lone survivors left, with their son. Any resistance is almost gone. They had discovered a story about something that could help them. A mystical artifact that is able to send one individual back in time. By the time they find the artifact, they get ambushed by Skitz and Penance. This results in the death of the last living member of Generation X. In a moment of sanity, however, Skitz and Penance manage to allow the son to get the artifact, seeing a chance to avoid the world they created. They snap out of this just as he reaches the artifact, and he escapes into the past. He, in turn, ends up saving them, rewriting the ending of Stranger And Stranger.

After the first part seemed too disturbing, I switched gears, and wrote the official fifth story, which got titled Reflections on the Emplate War. When it was posted, it was one part, but when it first got added to, it was divided in to two parts.

You'll be able to find the first chapter at Reflections On The Emplate War Chapter 1: A Savior Appears.