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It has been a while since I've gotten one of these together, but I've been going through some very rough times. Now it has taken me some time to get to this, but now I get to let you know a bit about X-Knights: The First Month.

X-Knights, when it was initially envisioned, was a continuation of The Cale Storyline. The main characters from that series were now going to be guiding the next generation. With them now living in England, the school would be set there as well. I also planned to give this new school some new foes, as well as bring back some old ones.

I also decided that the new students would have a range of powers, from very powerful, like spacial folding, to possibly laughable, like being able to throw ones voice over great distance (think that the person is in London, and is talking telling someone in Hong Kong about their day, without aide of a phone.)

I also added a few characters that were initially created by fellow Generation X fandom writers. In the past, they had asked to use my characters in their works, and I agreed. Backgrounds were changed, of course, in the same way I have altered Richard Cale's background to work with Marvel Mayhem.

Another plan that was planned for this was a more episodic set up, and each chapter happens within the time frame of one month. Unfortunately, after the events were playing out, I realized I had some unrealistic time frames, which led me to dropping that idea, and ending it at the twenty-seventh chapter.

Finally, I decided to bring forth a foe I had wanted to use, but wasn't sure how to bring them in into the Cale Storyline. Well, I had an idea, but I scrapped it because I wasn't ready to do it.

As of right now, I'm not sure if this series will see a rewrite, and there is a sequel story to this, but that has been a bit in hiatus. For now, this will have all the links that are currently up on here and on Fanfiction.net.

On Comic VineOn Fanfiction.net
Chapter 1: Darkness RebornChapter 1: Darkness Reborn
Chapter 2: New Class, New ProblemsChapter 2: New Class, New Problems
Chapter 3: Old Friends, Old FoesChapter 3: Old Friends, Old Foes
Chapter 4: Settling InChapter 4: Settling In
Chapter 5: First SessionsChapter 5: First Sessions
Chapter 6: A Dark StrikeChapter 6: A Dark Strike
Chapter 7: Knights of the X-TableChapter 7: Knights of the X-Table
Chapter 8: Hitting The FanChapter 8: Hitting The Fan
Chapter 9: New ToolsChapter 9: New Tools
Chapter 10: Unexplained OccurancesChapter 10: Unexplained Occurances
Chapter 11: Hidden DevilsChapter 11: Hidden Devils
Chapter 12: Child's NightsChapter 12: Child's Nights
Chapter 13: Unexpected ArrivalsChapter 13: Unexpected Arrivals
Chapter 14: Shopping DisastersChapter 14: Shopping Disasters
Chapter 15: Welcome RetreatsChapter 15: Welcome Retreats
Chapter 16: Overseas DevelopmentsChapter 16: Overseas Developments
Chapter 17: RecoveryChapter 17: Recovery
Chapter 18: Sinister Things AfootChapter 18: Sinister Things Afoot
Chapter 19: Gains and LossesChapter 19: Gains and Losses
Chapter 20: Surprise, SurpriseChapter 20: Surprise, Surprise
Chapter 21: Flirting With DisasterChapter 21: Flirting With Disaster
Chapter 22: Dangerous Party CrashersChapter 22: Dangerous Party Crashers
Chapter 23: ComplicationsChapter 23: Complications
Chapter 24: The Person We KnowChapter 24: The Person We Know
Chapter 25: Bogus BobbiesChapter 25: Bogus Bobbies
Chapter 26: Sinister EffectsChapter 26: Sinister Effects
Chapter 27: Darkness RevealedChapter 27: Darkness Revealed