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Marvel Mayhem. That’s what brought me to Comic Vine, and it still holds a special place in my heart. For those of you unfamiliar with it, Marvel Mayhem was an alternate Marvel universe for a series of fics all set in it. Various writers worked on it, but I believe it was @irishlad who came up with the initial idea. It was him who had invited me to join its ranks. I had won this honor because of my Generation X fics that are up on Fanfiction,net, which had originally up on the website Kindred Spirits. After some brief negotiations, I had joined up on ComicVine, and started working on my part of the group, Learning Gen-X Style.

Now, there was one thing I had to haggle over, but IrishLad was quick to agree to it. When Marvel Mayhem started, he didn’t want any original characters in the group. One of the things that allowed me my level of work in my Generation X fics was the character I had initially came up with to help the character originally known as Penance come out of her shell. For me, it seems that when it comes to Penance, he has to be there, and even if I put him in a piece, she eventually follows in a form. So I had insisted that if I were to do a Generation X piece for Marvel Mayhem, Richard Cale would be there. He agreed, and thus Learning Gen-X Style was born. Believe this or not, but the title actually came to me when sitting at the dinner table, and with Psy’s Gangnam Style being popular, the name popped into my head, matching up with the refrain from the song. I also ran with the idea that Penance and my character were now teachers to the group that was known as Generation X.

While at the time, I would have liked to have all the group members together, some were not available, due to other people using them. Hense, I worked with the following premise. Emma Frost had been given the opportunity to head the new school, after finally coming out of her coma which was induced to cope with the grief of losing her prior charges, a confirmed Marvel event. During her time in the coma, her sisters had pretty much usurped her company, and almost all her holdings. In part, the school was founded because of a new threat that the X-Men found out about: Emplate. To do this, they have recruited two individuals that know about how Emplate works, and have successfully escaped him multiple times. These two being my original character, and the mutant known initially as Penance.

The students for this school had all been characters that got introduced via the debut of Generation X in Marvel’s main timeline. For the boys, Chamber, Synch, and Skin. For the girls, Husk, M, and Blink. Jubilee was not an option at the time, since she was part of a new group .in Marvel Mayhem, but she did join later on, twice in fact. I also started the group hinting that one member was actually a spy for Emplate. This spy was later revealed in Issue 4, and took a note from Marvel continuity at the time. It was close to the time of this issue that I got contacted by @impurestcheese, about a possible crossover story. In the time, she had posted more stories than I had, but her work was very well done. My stories were more like issues in a comic, but story format. I would plan out each story in about a week or two, and then write it in about a week, proofreading it in a few days time, and then finalizing and posting.

Over time, I tossed in several ideas. First off, I hinted at Mojo, whom Marvel has acknowledged that he knows of alternate timelines, especially since his interactions with the Exiles. This also led to another crossover, done with @rabbitearsblog. The Mojo interaction also allowed me an extra bit of fun, since I had him reference events in my own series, The Cale Storyline. After that, I introduced a few twists and turns, some of which that I saw show up after the series on ComicVine ended in the main Marvel series. One of those was the inclusion of Bling! in my Generation X series as a student, which happened in 2017, and Monet becoming like her brother Emplate, which has been theorized by fans, and come to life in 2016-2017.

Eventually, Marvel Mayhem went defunct after being active for near a year and a half. Part of the problems Marvel Mayhem had finally helped bring about its end. First off, the lack of communications between authors caused problems. Second, some authors, like myself, had been hit with issues and difficulties in real life. During Marvel Mayhem’s run, I had lost one job, got a second, lost that one, got a third job that got demanding at certain points of the year, moved, and at one point, got near suicidal due to getting overwhelmed by troubles. As you can tell, I got past that part, but it was due to a last minute miracle. As second part of Marvel Mayhem’s problems had been due to the fact that some people would post the next part of their series, and then bump all the prior stories to the top of the feed. This led the to end of Marvel Mayhem, at least for a time.

Some time after that, Marvel Mayhem saw a slight revival. I don’t recall how many people worked on it, but some picked up stories from where they left off, or after some time had passed. Myself, having did a wrap up detailing what would have happened after Issue 16, went a slightly different route. I decided to do a different series, which I had dubbed On The Run, and would detail the events between the story I did detailing Richard and Yvette’s (The original name given to the character Penance in Marvel) first meeting, and the beginning of Learning Gen-X Style. Only three stories got done, as Marvel Mayhem Season 2 when defunct like it’s previous incarnation. My workload, both at home, and at work, didn’t help. I didn’t however, forget about Marvel Mayhem.

In 2016, I started thinking about Marvel Mayhem again, and started typing up a remaining of my works. This time, however, I included some stories that I never got to typing, as more of a better lead in. Since this series was set in a similar universe to Marvel Mayhem, I dubbed it Marvel Mayhem Alternate, but kept the focus on the group I had worked on when I started, Generation X. The first story, Elpis Remains, got posted in March of that year, shortly after my 41st birthday. Stories were sporadic, given my workload, and life obligations, but it is my revival of a group I was glad to be part of.

What follows is a table listing all the stories I was part of in Marvel Mayhem, in chronological order of how they happened, including anything that I dubbed as supplemental. On the left side will be the original, and Season 2, while the right three columns, will be Marvel Mayhem Alternate. If a story has no corresponding link, it won’t have one. Also, if it is supplemental, or if I dub it a link to my stuff, I will include it in on here, possibly in the center column, so please book mark this, and keep an eye on it as more stuff is done.

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