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All the stories, almost every book/

Starts with the verse, ends with a hook/

Starts in the beginning, ends in the end, with the hook singing/

But I always wanted to end a book… with the beginning…/

A crystal clear, tear, is sitting on her face/

Suddenly, it gives chase, and with grace/

Climbs back up to her eye, she doesn’t cry, hear tear’s erased/

Her hearts stops slowing, the starts going at a faster pace/

She says her word, “Win you…” and then a sword/

Leaves her body, her wound sealed, healed and restored/

Into a hand of a man, his shocked expression turns to rage/

”Now ends this…” he yells, they are about the same age/

He runs backwards, across entire stage/

The cheering arena, suddenly gets quiet/

They all grow silent, no more of the violent riot/

Every one, one by one, sits back down/

Then man with crown grow a smile from his frown/

”Won had Queen my… True is she?” – he whispers to the guard/

The guard, straightens back up, the man falls into the hole/

Smoke draws back into it pit, destruction of all was his goal/

All that the king stood for, he flies back out/

With an energy orb pressing him, too late to back out/

The crowd makes no sound, he is bound with the orb/

She flies above him, her hand tighten the green orb that she absorbed/

He charges at her, their swords connect, protect and let go/

Over and over at crazy speed, the crowd now cheers to set flow/

Their swords collide, her sword decides life of a renegade/

Their cuts vanish as swords touch them, he had been afraid/

Of this moment, she wished he wasn’t the main component/

Their swords touch the last time, they fly down/

Punishment for his last crime, was to fight the crown/

The touch the ground, a spark goes back into their eyes/

As they descend from the skies, the crowd aloud still cries/

They run back into their opposite corner/

None of them wants to be the mourner/

Their swords touch the ground as they run/

The sun, grows bleaker, their swords go from quicker to slow/

The cheer’s still flow, but now softer, none of them know/

As their swords are pushed back into their cases

Winds blow across their faces crowd is now sitting/

The rebel’s face expression turn to unsubmitting/

”Admitting be will you defeat your…” – she yells/

The crowd dwells, anticipation sinking/

He thinks “Thinking am I what…” his eyes start blinking/

Someone chews their food, vomits it out/

It reforms, gets from cold to warm and grows about/

Someone’s glass fills up, from their mouth, then gets put on the table/

They both walk with their backs to the entrance, feeling unstable/

Thinking of how they are able, to finish their fable/

Then they disappear, crowd chants, “Fight! Fight Fight!”

Day goes back to night, he and she wonder, how things never go right/

The clock goes from right to left/

They both sigh, with a nightly breath/

From five to four, once more, from two to one/

On this side was the moon, other – the sun/

She walks into his prison cell, her back turned to him/

She gets closer, clothes slide off, her heart burned by him/

She is naked, so is he, darkness is their covers/

And love hovers all around, nobody discovers/

As they slide under the covers, into each other’s arms/

They start to hold each other’s palms/

His hand goes to caress her hair/

”You love I…” she says with a mesmerized stare/

”Know I…” – he stopped searching, to say something/

”You for passion my back hold can nothing…” – he whispers bravely/

”Truth the out found King…” – queen whispers gravely/

Her head lays back on his shoulder/

A moment ago they were a minute older/

Her hands relax from gripping his back filled with scars/

He menaces a whisper at the stars, “Begun have wars”/

She is slightly humming, her voice is drumming and signing/

Their lips kiss, everything is back to the happy beginning/


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#2  Edited By The_Ghostshell

You got skills dawg. Nice piece.

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It's great, but so confusing!