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Jackson Spider is a cancer ridden man in his 50s. He has lost all hope in medical science so he turns to magic. Jackson builds a machine that will cure him, but he uses magic to do so. Unaware of the consequences of his actions, Spider takes his machine to the center of stonehenge, where it is suppose to work at. Jackson attaches himself to the machine, allowing the magic to flow through his DNA. But something goes wrong, and the machine causes a massive explosion, producing a bright purple light that illuminates the entire sky. Anybody who looks at this for the brief second it appeared would gain unusual powers based on their personality/lifestyle. Jackson himself is believed dead, but he got the greatest power of them all. He leads a crime ring throughout the world, but he was never caught. As the FBI try to figure out how he is eluding them for all these years, several other people develop powers as a result of the explosion. There is Frank Hawkins, a pack rat who gets the power of another dimension in his pockets. Scott Bruce, a college senior who gets the ability of biokinesis. Mike Sky, a knife maker who gets the ability to extend knives from his skeleton in various places. Jack Sweet, an inventor who gets the power to amplify nearly anything. Victor glass, a window maker who gets the ability to control light. Malcolm Hyde, a college student obsessed with technology who gets the ability to control anything electronic. Luther Force, a power hungry CEO who develops the power to increase his strength and other aspects of himself by sucking energy. Zero, who can reverse a superheroes powers, invisibility, phasing, and darkness control. There are dozens of others who gained unique abilities, our heroes will encounter several more during their journey. As the heroes progress, they will learn to develop their powers beyond their current levels and face villains who threaten their lives and even confront a villain with incomprehensible power. They are the Theta Squad.

Frank Hawkins was working late at night at the factory where he works, when a machine started to go haywire. Frank saw a bright purple flash in the sky and his machine exploded. He awoke the next morning seemingly fine. Frank is a pack rat who still has everything he ever owned, and he keeps a lot of stuff in the large pockets of his green trench coat, which he is never seen without. However, Frank noticed that he has been putting a lot of stuff in his pockets lately and he never needed to take anything else out. He started to put everything in his room in his pockets until it's almost empty. He decided to see how much room was left by sticking his hand in his pocket but he got sucked into it. He "fell" on the ground, it was like Earth without the buildings and cars. Just grass as far as he could see, although there was a lake somewhere around him. When he looked around he could see all his stuff, and that's when it hit him: He had a dimension inside his pockets! Now Frank was in a predicament, he didn't know how to get out. So Frank thought about it and all of a sudden he was back in his trench coat. Frank kept his newfound abilities to himself, he didn't even tell his best friend Wayne, who lives in the apartment across the hall. He started to put as much stuff as he could in his pockets in case he ever needed it. He went to garage sales buying everything he could and putting it all in his pockets. He even went to dumpsters and took stuff he could use. It was then he decided to put some kind of storage room in his dimension, so he went to Home Depot and bought wood and supplies and put it all in his pockets. He realized he could manipulate things in his pockets by thinking about it, right know all he could do was move them, so he built a shed. Frank eventually built a small house and got his furniture in it. He was able to stretch his pockets to a degree to accommodate the larger items. It was soon that Frank would start using his powers to fight crime. He was on his way home when a mugger pulls him into an alley demanding his money. Frank remembers something he bought at awhile back. He pretends to dig into his pockets for money but instead he pulls out a 5 ft elephant gun and points it point blank at the mugger, who proceeded to flee. It was at this moment when Frank realized the responsibility he had, and set out to help others in need. Frank has a cornucopia of various items in his pockets which he can pull out at any time, he also knows quite a bit of kung fu. However Franks greatest power comes from his pockets, where he can seemingly pull out anything he needs. After a while of protecting Brooklyn's citizens, he comes into contact with several other people with unique abilities at a meeting in NYC. The team names themselves the Renegade Brigade, and set out to use their powers for good.

Frank was sitting at home watching TV with his neighbor Wayne, when someone crashed through his window and fell onto the floor. It was no sooner when a young man flew into the apartment to check on the man. Frank was puzzled by this so he questioned it. The kid who flew in was named Scott Bruce, but his alias was Saga. Frank quickly learns that Scott has powers like himself, only Scott had the ability of a genius IQ and biokinesis. Frank and Scott team up and call themselves Pack Rat and Saga. They travel the city looking for action, Saga with his hover boots and Pack Rat on a turbo powered hover board. The notice two robbers entering a 7-11 so they follow them. They easily grab the robbers and throw them through a couple windows, but when the cops get there they think they are the robbers and start to shoot. Although their armor protects them, they are still minorly injured and fly off. Scott and Frank decide they should be more careful of what they do, they could end up killing someone. While Frank doesn't have a hard time hiding his powers from his friends, Scott has a tougher time. When he got to school the next morning everyone wanted to talk to him. The school was buzzing about what he did to Jeff. During lunch Jeff came up to Scott and shoved him against a wall for what he did yesterday, but this time Scott was prepared. Scott started to walk away but Jeff grabbed him again and punched him hard in the stomach, and knocked him in the head. Scott was about to do something, but he didn't want to hurt Jeff, so he walked away. Scott was on his way out when Jeff grabbed him and pulled a knife on him. Jeff was about to cut Scott when Scott punched him in the stomach. Jeff went flying onto a nearby table and the students applauded again. Scott was a hero. On the way home, Scott and Zach were confronted by a man in a trench coat and a hat covering his face, it was none other than Frank Hawkins. Frank told Scott he needed to talk to him so Scott told Zach to walk home without him. Frank told him that there was a fight between the police and a superpowered individual downtown. It was Malcolm Hyde aka Spectro. Scott put on his suit and the two flew down to the scene. Spectro was lifting up cars techopathically and throwing them at the police, but more kept coming. Instantly there were 5 police cars filled with people at the scene. Almost immediately the police started shooting at Spectro, but he just use his electric forcefield to deflect them. He use his gloves to electrocute the officers and knocked them out. He was on his way off when he was got confronted by Frank and Scott. Spectro used his super strength to lift them by their necks and tossed them. Scott had his hover boots and Frank pulled out his hover board and the two took off right before they would've landed on the ground. They flew back in the direction of Spectro, each one grabbed an arm and lifted him into the air and slammed him against a tree. But Spectro is not easily harmed, he used his powers to lift up several cars and threw them at Frank and Scott, luckily there were able to dodge them. Frank went to pull out something from his pocket that could help him, but he pulled out a scarf instead. Trying to make it useful, Frank flew over to Spectro and tried to strangle him with the scarf, but he used a knife to rip it apart. All of a sudden Scott flew over pushing Frank, a car was about to hit him. Spectro kept throwing cars and they continued to dodge them. But Spectro wasn't about to give up, he kept on flying the cars around trying to hit the two, although they were able to dodge for a short while they started to get hit. Scott was hit in the back of the head with a side mirror that crashed on his head, luckily his powers saved him. In a last ditch effort, Scott concentrated on using his powers and was able to use his biokinesis to temporarily reverse Spectros superhuman gene in his DNA making him a normal human for the time being. However this effort made Scott faint and was about to fall when Frank caught him. The FBI arrived and handcuffed Spectro and took him to jail. When Frank got to his apartment Scott gained consciousness. Frank warned Scott that he could get himself severely injured if he kept up this lifestyle, but Scott refused. Just as Frank was about to answer, they heard a scream from down the alley.

"I'm not giving this up". Scott refused to quit being a superhero, after Frank insisted because he was afriad he would get hurt. While they were arguing an old lady was being mugged outside in the alley, when Mike Sky showed up and beat up the mugger. Although Mike was no ordinary human, knives extened from under his wrist which he used to cut the thug. However the old lady was more frightened at Mikes knives than she was at the mugger, she ran from even if he was the mugger himself. Frank and Scott stopped what they were doing and went out the window do investigate this disturbance. When they got down they encountered Mike questioned him. He told them he was just helping out an old lady when she got frightened and ran off when he used his knives. It was at that moment Frank and Scott realized they weren't alone with their powers. Mike could extend knives from his skeleton at basically any point on his body, although he often does it from his knuckles, wrist, and elbows. He also gives his fingers a point tip, sometimes turning his fingers themselves into knife like objects, he also does that to his arms. They told Mike he was welcome to join their team, and they would help him develop his powers. Mike said he would think about it, and he would always know where to find them. Later the next day, Mike was walking down the sidewalk when he noticed someone was robbing the bank. He decided to use his powers for good and stop the robber, but Mike was in for a surprise. When Mike entered the bank to stop the thief, he encountered an 8 ft tall beast of a man with long dark brown hair and wore goggles. Mike extended knives from his elbows, wrists, and sharpened the edges of his fingers, but this human juggernaut failed to see Mike as a threat, and while Mike attempted to stab him he knocked Mike into the parking lot where he crashed onto a car. At this giant brute exited the bank, Mike transformed his arms into knife-like objects and tried to cut right through the giant, but it was to no avail. Mikes knives failed to penetrate the mans skin, he then proceeded to lift Mike up and throw him against a lightpost where Mike fell to the ground. The giant then lifted up a car and tossed it at Mike, where he managed to grab the car as it crashed into him, and if it weren't for Mike extending knives from his heels to slow him down, he would've been crushed by the sliding car. Mike was out of options, so he decided to fight this man with his hands, where he failed miserably. Mike was about to be pummeled, when all of a sudden a toilet plunger flew threw the air and landed on the giant mans face, blocking his view. Mike turned to see what happened, and he saw Frank and Scott hovering behind him. This man, this Golem, easily ripped the plunger from his face and directed his anger at the two floating in the air. Frank and Scott flew around him in circles making it difficult for him to catch, and Frank grabbed a broomstick from his pocket and whacked Golem on the head, to which it cracked in half on impact. He tried throwing everything and anything he could find but nothing put a dent in his skin. Scott also tried his hand at defeating Golem but he failed also, this man was just too strong. Then Frank and Scott attempted to battle Golem in hand to hand combat but he was too much for them. He easily knocked them back and when he got ahold of them he threw them back so hard it would've been fatal to a normal human.

It seems that all is lost for our heroes as Golem gets closer. In case you missed the last issue, a superhuman known as Golem robbed a bank, Mike Sky tried to stop him but failed, Pack Rat and Saga showed up but their powers were useless against his awesome strength and nearly unbreakable skin. The Renegade Brigade decided to use all their powers in an attempt to stop Golem. Pack Rat managed to pull out a flame thrower out of his pocket, Saga altered his DNA to increase his strength to its maximum, and Mike extended knives from his knuckles, wrists, and sharpened the edges of his fingers. They all attacked Golem at once and it seemed for a second that they got him down. Then, without warning, Golem threw his arms back, knocking the heroes back and knocking them out. Golem was preparing for his final attack when a man came up and attempted to battle him. The man was Jack Sweet, but he preferred his alias, Zone. Zone has the unique ability to amplify almost anything. He amplified his strength by 12 times in an attempt to battle Golem. Unlike the other heroes, Zone put up a fight, but didn't have enough power to stop him but he could still hold his own. Zone amplified his other senses in order to maintain his safety. He was able to land some damaging blows to Golem but Golem got in more. Golem lifted up a car and threw it at Zone, but he was able to catch it and attempted to throw it back. They continued to brawl it out until Golem got the upperhand and start to get in more punches. Mike awoke and saw Jack and Golem fighting in the parking lot. Mike told Zone not to give up, he is the only one with the power to defeat Golem. Jack heard this, and began to increase his powers to upper levels, multiplying his strength further and gaining the upper hand. For the first time, Zone began to pummel Golem and was about to knock him out when he had another idea. He amplified the sharpness and durability of Shredders knives by 15 times. Shredder felt the incredible boost of power and grabbed Golem by the next, extended a knife from the back of his wrist, and stabbed Golem right through the stomach. Golem fell down, but he was not dead, just unconscious. They dragged him to jail where Zone amplified the durability of the prison bars and walls so Golem couldn't escape. Mike decided to take Frank up on his offer and join their team of superhumans. Jack Sweet also joined after growing tired of being a vigilante. The four named themselves the Renegade Brigade and dedicating themselves to battling superpowered villains and protecting those who could not protect themselves. After battling Spectro and Golem they decided they should develop their powers further since there will be more powerful villains out there than Spectro and Golem. Zone amplified all their powers by 10, giving them a significant power boost. Frank learned he could emit a "dimension blast" from his pockets which teleport people into his realm. Scott learned to use his brain power for telekinesis. Mike learned that the material that his knives are made of are a part of his body, making him very durable. Jack started to amplify other things, realizing that his power is even greater than he thought. The team started training and acted more like a team. Back at school, Scott had more friends and Jeff stayed away from him. Zach urged him to go out for a sport, his abilities would give him a great edge. Scott thought about it and decided to join the basketball team. At first he had trouble playing since he wasn't familiar with the rules, but once he got the hang of it he became the star player. Because of his powers he was able to see time slower than normal, once he got the ball he wouldn't let anyone take it from him. And he was able to use his telekinesis to make sure the basketball went in the basket every time he threw it. Scotts dream was coming true. Back at Franks apartment, his friend Michael was making a turkey for thanksgiving. Since Frank didn't have anything better to do he offered to assist. Michael asked him for some help and without realizing it he pulled out a turkey baster from his pocket. By now Michael knew of Franks pack-rat behavior and let that turkey baster thing go over his head. Franks bald friend Jason was talking to him on the phone when a bright flash stole his attention. Naturally, the other three members of the team went to investigate. When they got there, they noticed there was a large hole burnt into a garage door. All the windows were shattered, as well as all the glass inside. When they got into the garage there was a semi large creater-like hole on the ground that looked like it was burnt as well. As they looked around, it seemed like everything in the vicinity was burnt to a crisp. that's when they noticed the footprints, they were burnt into the road and led down the street and into a forest. The heroes started to track them down when they noticed a large silhouette in the backround. As soon as they heard that voice, Frank and Scott knew who it was. Someone they thought was long gone. Someone they hoped they would never encounter again.

"Oh no." Frank and Scott stared at the man they most feared, a man they thought had been put away for good. Of course, the rest of the team didn't recognize Malcolm Hyde, they joined after he had been defeated. Spectro was able to escape by having a friend secretly bring him an electric pencil, which he used to subdue the guards in prison and escape. This time Spectro came back with more power. He created a gigantic robot suit that was 12 ft. tall. Without warning, Scott flew into the air and attempted to knock Spectro back, but he simply swatted him away, where Scott slammed into a tree and slumped over. Shredder extended knives from his wrists and attempted simply slash through the robot, but he greatly underestimated Spectros power. Spectro created a ball of electricity and unleashed it at Mike, who fell to the ground with a lightly burnt suit. At that point everyone started attacking the suit, Zone increased his speed and tried to fight him, but his strength was inferior to that of Spectros. Spectro grabbed Zone with his massive hand and tried to hold him, but Zone was able to break free of his grasp and managed to land a punch to the center of the suit, which was able to drive him back just a little. Frank wanted to pull out some kind of squirt gun which he could use to electrocute Spectro, but he pulled out a TV dinner instead and threw it at Spectro, having no effect. Saga altered his DNA to be able to resist the effects of electricity and flew at Spectro without fear. With the advantage of flight, Saga flew around Spectro zapping him with energy blasts from the very gloves Spectro made for him. He used the cold feature in the gloves to blast a freeze beam at Spectro, seemingly freezing him in his tracks. But he just overheated his suit and melted the ice off and continued battling Saga. Scott seemed to have the upper hand until Spectro, remembering building the gloves for him, realized they were electronic and disabled them and at the same time electrocuting Scott. Now Spectro was getting read to fire off a powerful energy blast at the fallen Scott which would've killed him. But while the beam was piercing through the air, Pack Rat unleashed a "dimension beam" from his right pocket which sucked up Spectros energy beam and sending it off to another universe. Spectro, aware of what Frank could do, blasted him while he was talking to Scott, and Frank was knocked out. Now enraged, Zone amplified his powers by 15 times and ran up to Spectro and knocked him off his feet. However Spectro was only slightly damaged, and increased the power of his left arm and knocked Zone into a building. Now it was up to Shredder to defeat this techno goliath. Spectro walked up to him and put out his left arm point blank at Mike where he was about to fire an energy blast. But right at the moment when the blast was firing, he shoved a knife into the center of Spectros giant palm and caused an internal reaction and the left arm of Spectros robot suit exploded, leaving his human arm dangling from the suit, which seemed out of place next to the giant right arm. Shredder, acting over confident, turned away to check on Zone. But while Mikes back was turned Spectro rebuilt his arm using nanotechnology and blasted Shredder in the back. Now it seemed hopeless for Spectro to be stopped, seeing as the Renegade Brigade had fallen. Spectro flew into the air about 80 ft preparing to launch energy bombs which would kill off the team. It was at that moment when Saga realized something. He used his powers of telekinesis to reverse the energy of the electricity that powers Spectros suit, causing him to fall 80 ft to the ground where he was defeated once more. Frank, Mike, and Jack awakened and congratulating Scott on a job well done. But it was at that moment when the team realized that they forgot all about the bright explosion in the garage where the burnt footprints started. Tracking the footprints on the road again the team continued their previous adventure. But Frank wasn't moving, he was stuck. Everyone stopped to see what had gone wrong. Franks feet were trapped in a clay-like substance on the road. Everyone pulled on Frank to try and get him out of this quicksand but all of a sudden a figure began to rise from the clay. They thought he was gone, they thought they had stopped him. But they had no idea what he was capable of. Fear struck their faces as they started at the man. Even before he began to take on his human form they knew who he was, and they were about to face their worst nightmare.

Frank tried to walk but he noticed his feet were stuck in some kind of clay material. The teams fears became a reality when they looked behind them at the Golem. While Golem was in prison, he realized he had another power, he could transform into clay and manipulate himself while in clay form. Golem easily from prison by turning into clay and sliding through the cracks. "Out of my way", Shredder was ready to take this guy on again after defeating him at the bank. Shredder turned his arm into a knife and attempted to stab Golem with it like last time*, but Golem turned to clay and hardened himself so Shredder could not pierce him. Golem proceeded to knock Shredder down the street where he attempted to hit him again when Saga flew up from behind him and knocked into Golem. Golem was barely knocked back and them grabbed Saga by the foot and swung him into window. Golem started to run at Saga when he tripped on a bannana peel thrown by the Pack Rat. Frank attempted to battle the Golem and actually did okay for a while, Frank knew some martial arts so he was able to dodge the attacks, but Frank was unable to hurt Golem. Golem quickly gained the upper hand and was about to knock out Frank when Zone came up from behind and put Golem in a headlock. Zone tried to restrain Golem and almost succeeded until Golem broke free of his grasp. By now Zone was able to amplify things by 15, and started to battle the Golem. Zone knocked Golem into a wall and then tried to hit him again but Golem softened his clay so Zones punch just went right through him. Golem headbutted Zone and he crashed into the side of a car. Golem was walking up to him when Zone ripped off a car door and slammed it against Golem, which knocked him to the side a bit but didn't do any incredible damage. The two continued to fight with each getting in their share of punches. Golem lifted a lightpost and swung it at Zone, who was knocked into a 3rd story window of an apartment. Golem continued to go after Zone when blasted his dimension beam at Golem which created a hole in him. Golem quickly rebuilt his body and went after Frank. Frank pulled out his hoverboard and flew away and back again in an attempt to knock Golem down. Frank pulled out a frying pan in an attempt to duel with the Golem. Frank knocked Golem upside the head and continued to beat him with it when Golem decided he had enough and knocked Frank to the ground. Saga flew over when he was hit by a clay ball from Golem and fell to the ground. Shredder sliced golems arm off but is grew back. Shredder continued to cut his limbs and even his head but they kept growing back. When Mike realized his knives were useless against this monstrosity, he began to fight Golem himself but could not hold his own and got sent into a wall. Zone jumped on top of Golem trying to bring him down but Golem spun Jack around his head and tossed him. Once again it seemed like the Renegade Brigade would be defeated. Golem moved in on the heroes when he got distracted by a bright flash from behind him. The team remembered the flash and the burnt footprints they tried to track but got distracted by Spectro and his super suit. The flash seemed to come from a human with glowing blue eyes. The light grew brighter and seemed to cover the entire area and all of the lights exploded. This was one of the few times since Golem got his powers that he felt fear.

The blinding light from behind distracted Golem as he was approaching the fallen heroes. Golem decided to investigate what this was, so he approached it. He encountered a human who was seemingly covered in light and had glowing blue eyes. "Who are you?", Golem asked the light figure. "My name is Victor Glass, but you can call me Prism." At that, Golem attempted to land a punch on Prism, but he levitated above Golems grasp and several feet back. "Fool, you can't hurt light, for that you will pay", and Prism raised his left arm and emitted a light blast that destroyed Golems left arm and part of his chest. "You think that will keep me down? I can regrow any part of my body, I am the indestructible Golem!". Prism refused to acknowledge Golems statement and raised his right arm and blasted Golem like before, but on the right side. "Don't you get it? You can't win! It is impossible to keep me down!", gloated the Golem. "That is just a fraction of my power, your clay may be incredibly durable but it cannot compare to my heat", and before Golem could answer, Prism raised both arms and released a massive light blast that incinerated Golem, leaving a pile of sand-like clay. The heroes began to get up and Prism came over to help out. "That was some feat you pulled Jack," a thankful Saga told Prism. "It was nothing, and please, call me Prism". "Okay Prism". Apparently Golem survived the attack, and began to reform from the clay on the ground. "You, how did you survive?", "Like I said, I am indestructible!". Prism was not scared, and he told the other heroes to get out of the way. As they Renegade Brigade scattered, Prism prepared to put Golem down for good. "You may have survived my last attack, but you will not recover from this", "Go ahead and try, you can't succeed". However, Golem was not prepared for what would happen next. Prism levitated himself and began to glow exceedingly bright, it seemed like his entire body was made out of light. To any normal human, the light emitted by Prism would've permanently blinded them. Then, without warning, Prism unleashed his light in all directions, almost destroying the area. The entire area was pure light, nothing could be seen. Then it stopped and Prism gently floated back to Earth, apparently weakened from this massive attacked. The heroes began to return to the area, noticing that there wasn't a single piece of clay around. Prism incinerated everything within its path, apparently completely destroying the Golem in his clay form. The team congratulated Jack, "We are forever in your debt Prism, we would be honored if you joined our team". Prism accepted, and the Renegade Brigade has accepted its final member. In addition to gaining a new member, the team also gained a real headquarters. It was discovered that Jack Glass inherited his parents vast wealth when the died, making him a millionaire. Jack paid for the teams expenses, and bought a building and made it their headquarters. Prism learned he could travel through mirrors, and Zone learned to amplify things by 20 times. Shredder also learned that the material that makes up his knives is also present in his skin, making him very durable. The team started fighting supervillains and honing their powers. The Renegade Brigade was finally on their way to become a real superhero team.

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Its pretty decent. Everything is sort of cut and dry though, and try to make shorter paragraphs so it would be easier to read. Overall not bad.


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there are 7 issues in there, i just combined all of them. could you give me some advice on how to improve it?

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I thought it was tight. Nice job.

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Giving us some more proper dialog, meaning u start a new paragraph when someone speaks, would allow the reader to understand and get a feel for the characters better. Oh and maybe make a split between the paragraphs, like ur paragraphs r good, but if you split every paragraph in two, it would make reading it easier.

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Renegade Brigade #8 "The War at Home Part I of III"

"You can do what?!", Zach was speechless after Scott revealed his powers to his best friend.

"I can use 50% of my brainpower and I can alter my DNA," Scott still couldn't believe what he could do. He's battled robot suits a person who could turn himself into clay, but he was still awestruck at his newfound powers. "Watch this," Scott performed a small feat by changing his eye color from red to blue to green to purple and back to brown. "Man, that is unbelievable, what else can you do?". Scott then demonstrated his powers by turning his skin completely blue and levitated in the air, "That's only a fraction of what I could do." The school bell rang and they rushed into school to get to their classes. In biology class, the teacher was discussing DNA while Scott slept. Mr. Pitt noticed Scotts head on his desk, "Wake up Mr. Bruce, you wouldn't want to miss out on learning something about DNA." "I already know more than I can handle," thought the annoyed Scott. Scott was getting hungry and he didn't have breakfast so he used his telekinesis to move the clocks hands one hour forward and the bell rang for lunch. "Lunch already? We'll finish this lesson tomorrow students," Mr. Pitt was slightly confused about how fast the class went by. As Scott entered the lunch room he used his telepathy to hear the thoughts of the students in the lunchroom, then Scott heard something that made him shiver. "That Bruce kid is gonna get his ultimate revenge for embarrassing me, I'm gonna get some guys and we're gonna destroy him." "What's wrong? You just got all pale like you saw a ghost," Zach was concerned for his friend. "It's nothing, just leave it alone." Jeff Whitney's thoughts were the only things that Scott thought about for the rest of the day. Before Scott could decide what Jeff meant, someone ran up to him on the way home from school and whacked him on the back of the head with a shovel. Scott looked up and saw Jeff with a shovel in his hand and three other guys with makeshift weapons. "We're gonna mess you up real bad for what you did to me, Bruce," "No, you don't know what you're do-," Scott got punched in the stomach by a baseball bat before he could finish his sentence. Jeff continued to beat Scott with his shovel while the other guys occasionally whacked him with a baseball bat or a wooden plank. Scott didn't want to hurt them, but he also didn't want to get killed. He kept altering his DNA to increase his healing rate and the density of his skin so he wouldn't get hurt. One of the bullies raised his hand which had a fire poker in it and was about to stab it into Scotts chest when he altered his mind to see things slower than normal and was able to dodge the attack so the poker went through a fence. "That's it Bruce, no more Mr. nice guy," Jeff tormented Scott. "Great, I would hate to see what Mr. bad guy is like," Scott teased Jeff. Jeff grabbed a knife from his pocket and attempted to stab Scott but Scott used his powers to grab the knife and tossed Jeff across the street. Then Scott grabbed two guys by their necks and knocked their heads together. Scott looked at the last bully and was about to do something when he the guy ran away. Although Scott liked the idea of Jeff and his pals fearing him, he didn't want them to know about his powers so he telepathically removed their memories of the night. Scott was still a nerd in their eyes. "As always."

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Post Deleted.

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what do you think of #8