Red Herring 2

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Everything was red, eyes drifted down the walls like Houdini falling down Niagra Falls. A Hideous laughter perpetuated the room, echoing like the twisting, insanity of my life.

He had to love me. He was just so angry because of that stupid bat. If I could just get rid of that terrible monster my Puddin would love me.

He loves me so much.

See? He killed the bat, He must be getting getting better now.

What’s wrong? Why is he hitting me? Is that gasoline? What is he doing to mr. Giggles? Is that Mr. Arkham? Why Puddin, what do you want from me?

It Hurts Puddin!

The bat is back, it must have been because the bat wasn’t actually dead.

Puddin knew the Bat wasn’t dead, he must have been waiting for him to show up. He knows I love him. He must love me back. There goes that bullet, Mista J wins. We Won!

What? Is that the cops?

Let’s go Puddin!

Huh? Where’s the car? Where’s Puddin? Where’s the Bat? Oh, there he is!



It’s Your fault! It’s Your fault Mista J hurts me!

No Mista Arkham I don’t want to talk to you. What’s that sound? IS THAT MA PUDDIN?

Mista J and Harley are back together. It’s just so wonderful.

Mista J said that once the Bat is dead we’re going to go to Metropolis and visit the carnival. It’ll be so magical! So what’s you plan this time around Puddin? What’re you going to carve up this time?

Huh? Why am I wearing your old clothes? I’m scared mista J. Everything is going red. I can see the blood everywhere. Is that mine? Is that yours? Is it the bat’s? Tell me it’s the bat’s.

I’m scared Mista J. It’s so dark. Where am I?

What’s that sound?

Mista J?

Maybe yer around this corner?