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Yeah, I still don't have a title for this. I mean, it would really depend on the context of the world the book takes place in, if I were to give it a specific or special title, but... I don't know, I have to think harder. Anyway, here's Issue #2.

Issues #1 and #3


PAGE 1 (Five Panels)

1. This panel is all black, no details except for a couple word balloons. Though we can see the balloons, we can't tell yet who is speaking.

Voice #1: -- don't know what's goin' on!

Voice #2: What are we supposed to do?

Voice #3: Hey, look, she's moving.

Voice #1: Rei? Rei, can you hear me?

2. We're on the floor, looking straight up. The panel is very blurry, only able to make out the vague, muddled forms of two figures standing over us. We still can't make out many details.

Voice #1: She's wakin' up.

Voice #2: Just take it easy.

Caption (Rei): My name is Rei Miura.

3. Same shot as last panel, only this time everything is clear. BRIANNA REID is standing over us, looking down at us, concerned. Another girl with short, dark hair, stands over us, as well, but we haven't seen her before. She's new; her name is DIANA. Note that they're all dressed the same: tight black running shorts and sports bras.

Brianna: Hey, how you feelin'?

Caption (Rei): I'm not your typical high school girl. I'm... different.

4. REI is on the floor, sitting up with a hand pressed to her forehead. She's grimacing in pain and discomfort.

Rei: Like I got clubbed by a cave troll.

Brianna: A what?

Caption (Rei): Like I said, different. But that's a whole other story. Right now, there are a few more pressing things that concern me.

5. A wide shot now of the cell that they're trapped in. The walls are plain and bare, grey stone. One wall, the one that faces the hallway outside the cell, is made of clear Plexiglass. A pair of cots hang from both the two side walls, four in total. In the corner is a toilet. BRIANNA holds an arm down, helping REI to her feet. CHRISTINE WILSON is there, too, banging her fists against the Plexiglass wall.

Rei: Never mind.

Brianna: Right, just glad to see you're okay.

Christine: Let us out of here!

Caption (Rei): Like, where the hell are we? Last thing I remember, I was on a bus with a bunch of other people, choking on some kind of knockout gas.


PAGE 2 (Six Panels)

1. REI stands on her feet now, hands on her hips.

Rei: Any idea what's going on?

Brianna: I haven't the foggiest.

Caption (Rei): I got a letter in the mail a month ago. A brochure, actually, detailing this really expensive boarding school. It even offered to pay my expenses if I attended. Thought it could be the chance for a fresh start, since I hated my other school.

2. DIANA slouches, posture drooping. She looks frightened, sad. CHRISTINE has dropped to her knees, holding a desperate hand against the Plexiglass.

Diana: We... we hear screams every now and then. Sounds like... like torture, almost. It's horrible.

Christine: No one's coming... no one's gonna find us.

Caption (Rei): Should have guessed it was too good to be true. As far as I know, a lot of others were duped in a smiler fashion.

3. DIANA holds her arms around herself now. She's looking down at what she's wearing. The other girls do the same, looking down at their attire. CHRISTINE looks absolutely sick, as if about to throw up.

Diana: And they... they had to have dressed us like this. With what we're wearing, they... oh god.

Christine: Don't make me think about it. Please don't make me think about it.

Caption (Rei): I don't know these girls, not really.

4. A shot of just BRIANNA, her arms folded and eyes staring forward, distantly.

Caption (Rei): Well, I met her on the bus, before we were gassed. Her name's Brianna Reid, from London. I like her.

5. A separate shot of DIANA and CHRISTINE, both sitting on the floor and looking utterly dejected.

Caption (Rei): As for the other two...

Rei (O.P.): I'm Rei, by the way.

Diana: My name's Diana.

Christine: Christine.

Caption (Rei): ...best to get acquainted.

6. REI walks towards the Plexiglass wall now.

Brianna: I wish... I wish I knew where we are... why they're doing this to us.

Christine: I just want to go home...

Rei: I think the biggest question here is...


PAGE 3 (Splash/Title)

Splash/title page, leave room for title and credits. We're outside their cell now, in the hallway. Looking straight down the corridor, we can see a large number of other cells lining the walls, each with the dark forms of other prisoners contained within. The cells are contained in a secure facility, with plain white walls and florescent lights fixed to the ceiling. Small security panels are fixed to the walls next to each cell.

Rei: ...what are they doing to us?

TITLE: Extraordinary Persons

SUB TITLE: Genesis: Part 2

CREDITS: Credits go here.


PAGE 4 (Six Panels)

1. We're in a different cell now, though it has an identical set up to the previous one. MICHAEL DANVERS sits on the edge of one of the cots, hands held to his head and eyes staring at the floor. HECTOR RIOS leans back against a wall. They're both wearing similar attire to the girls: the same black shorts, but with tank tops instead of sports bras.

Michael: The f**k is going on here?

Hector: Hey, I don't know anymore than you do.

Caption (Hector): Name's Hector Rios. Family is from Cuba, but I grew up in Florida. I'm a long way from there now, though.

2. A shot of just MICHAEL. He looks up towards the Plexiglass wall in shock, his attention grabbed by a scream from off panel.

Scream (O.P.): NO! NO PLEASE! LET ME GO!

Michael: Sh*t, they took another one.

Caption (Hector): That's Michael. We met briefly, before the gas knocked us out and we woke up here. He's pretty cool, as far as I can tell.

3. MICHAEL is on his feet now, marching towards the clear cell wall.

Michael: We gotta get out of here, man. They'll come for us next.

Hector: I'm all for that, believe me, but how?

Caption (Hector): There used to be a couple other guys in this cell with us, too. They're... gone now. Couple of guards came by and dragged them off, one at a time.

4. MICHAEL throws himself against the Plexiglass wall, putting his shoulder into it.

Michael: Hell if I know, but I'll be damed if I'm not gonna try.

Caption (Hector): Something tells me we're not going to see them again.


5. MICHAEL beats his fists against the glass now, trying to break it. HECTOR sits down on the edge of one of the cots now.

Hector: Looks pretty thick to me.

Michael: I'll get it. Just... need to find the right weak spot. It'll shatter eventually.


6. Suddenly, the Plexiglass wall slides down into the floor. MICHAEL'S fists hit air, causing him to overextend and teeter off balance.

Michael: Whoa!



PAGE 5 (Seven Panels)

1. MICHAEL is on his hands and knees now, looking up at the pair of GUARDS standing over him. The GUARDS are dressed in plain beige uniforms, with black ties and boots, and a belt of equipment around their waist, which includes flashlights, billy clubs, pepper spray, and stun guns.

Guard #1: Which one?

Guard #2: Doesn't matter. Might as well go with the idiot on the floor.

2. One of the GUARDS grabs MICHAEL'S shoulder to pull him upwards. HECTOR lurches from his spot on the cot.

Hector: Hey! Let him go!

3. The other GUARD shoves HECTOR, sending the boy flying backwards.

Guard #2: Back off, kid!

4. MICHAEL springs up to his feet, delivering a hard punch to the GUARD trying to grab him. The GUARD'S head whips back, blood flying from his nose.

Michael: Hands off!

Guard #1: Sh*t!

5. MICHAEL spins around and punches the second GUARD, sending the man stumbling backwards. Behind him, however, the other GUARD is recovering, grabbing for his billy club.

Guard #2: Oof!

Michael: You're not taking me anywhere! You got that?

6. The GUARD from behind swings his club hard, bashing MICHAEL in the back of the head.

Guard #1: Stay down!

Michael: Aaahhh!


7. The pair of GUARDS drags the now unconscious MICHAEL out of his cell. HECTOR watches from the floor, powerless to do anything.

Guard #1: Think the b**tard broke my nose.

Guard #2: Shut up, you'll be fine.

Caption (Hector): ¡Maldición! What do I do? What the hell do I do now?


PAGE 6 (Five Panels)

1. We're back in the command room, the same one from the first first few pages of the first issue. The team of scientists are working at the computer consoles still, monitoring the large screens in front of them. This time, the screens depict the various cells full of prisoners, as well as a couple individuals being strapped down to medical tables and injected with needles.

SLATON (O.P.): How are things progressing, Mister Palmer?

2. Focusing on the raised viewing platform behind the scientists now. ISAIAH SLATON is there, staring at the screens. ALVIN PALMER, dressed in a white lab coat, is next to him, while SOPHIE BELMONT stands nearby, taking notes on her clipboard.

Alvin: The success rate hasn't been as fantastic as we'd hoped, only around twenty percent. But still, things are going much better than they were a few months ago.

Slaton: I should hope so. What is being done with our successes?

3. We're in a storage chamber now, darkened with heavy shadows. A row of stasis tanks line either wall, emitting soft glows from the computer panels on the front of the machines. Several of the tanks are filled with an unconscious subject, though most are still empty. A pair of guards drags an unconscious MICHAEL through the room.

Caption (Alvin): "All those who survive the process are being taken into storage, awaiting neural implantations."

Caption (Slaton): "And the failures?"

4. Now, we're in one of the medical rooms. The space is cluttered with large machinery, and shelves of various equipment, such as scalpels, needles, syringes, bone saws, test tubes, and beakers. In the center of the room is a flat metal table, on which a deceased body is being zipped into a body bag by one of the doctors.

Caption (Alvin): "They're being disposed of. We'll send them out to various medical schools across the country as cadavers. The paperwork is already being forged."

Caption (Slaton): "Excellent."

5. Back in the control room, focusing once again on SLATON, ALVIN, and SOPHIE.

Slaton: But try to speed things along. I want this finished by next week.

Alvin: Of course, sir.


PAGE 7 (Five Panels)

1. We're back in the cell with the girls. While REI and BRIANNA lie on their cots, CHRISTINE has moved towards the back of the cell, sitting against the far wall. DIANA sits at the edge of her cot. Outside the Plexiglass wall, a pair of GUARDS can be seen, one of them reaching for the security panel.

Caption (Alvin): "...I'll send for a few more right away."

2. The GUARDS enter into the cell. These GUARDS are different from the two that grabbed MICHAEL earlier. One of them is pointing at DIANA, who shrinks back against her cot with an arm raised, horror on her face. REI has raised herself into a sitting position on her cot, while BRIANNA is already jumping off of hers. CHRISTINE simply watches with wide eyes.

Guard #1: You, you're coming with us.

Diana: What? No! No, please!

Brianna: Leave her alone!

3. The GUARD grabs DIANA by the wrist, trying to pull her off the cot. DIANA struggles, slapping her hand against his shoulder. BRIANNA has up behind the second GUARD, kicking the man in the back of the knee and causing his leg to buckle.

Diana: NO! Go away!

Brianna: I said --

4. BRIANNA delivers a second kick, this one to the side GUARD'S head. The other GUARD has forgotten his struggle with DIANA for the moment, turning his head to look back at BRIANNA.

Brianna: -- leave her --

Guard #1: Huh?

5. BRIANNA throws a vicious punch to the GUARD'S jaw, snapping his head to the side and spraying blood into the air. She's angry, fueled by adrenaline.

Brianna: -- alone!


PAGE 8 (Six Panels)

1. BRIANNA stands over the two GUARDS, who lie motionless on the floor. Her fists are held at the ready in a Karate stance, just in case either GUARD attempts to get back up. The other girls look at her in shock.

Diana: Wow...

Christine: That was...

Rei: How did you do that?

2. BRIANNA lowers her guard, glancing back at the others. Meanwhile, one of the GUARDS on the ground reaches for the stun gun at his belt. His other hand is clutched over his bloodied face.

Brianna: Oh, uh, ten years of Karate, is all. Been a black belt since I was thirteen.

3. BRIANNA holds her hands to her hips now. She's smiling, but trying to remain humble. REI and DIANA focus on her. They're both thoroughly impressed. On the ground, the GUARD from the previous panel is aiming his stun gun at BRIANNA. CHRISTINE notices this. She's lurching from her spot on the ground, holding a hand out as if in attempt to stop him somehow.

Rei: That's pretty awesome.

Brianna: Well, I guess it was kinda --

Christine: Look out!

4. The electrical nodes of the GUARD'S stun gun are attached to BRIANNA'S backside. She screams out, falling towards the ground. The other girls recoil in fright.

Brianna: AAAHHH!!!

Rei: Brianna!

Christine: Omigod, omigod, omigod!

Diana: Stop it!


5. BRIANNA lies motionless on the floor. The GUARD who shot her is climbing back up to his feet, while the other GUARD pushes himself to his hands and knees.

Guard #1: Alec, get your ass up and help me haul this bitch back to the lab.

6. The two GUARDS drag Brianna's unconscious body out of the cell. DIANA and CHRISTINE look horrified. They're crying, panicked. REI merely watches them drag BRIANNA away. She has one hand clenched tight into a fist. She's angry.

Caption (Rei): This has to stop... one way or another, this has to stop.


PAGE 9 (Six Panels)

1. We're in HECTOR'S cell now. He's alone, on his knees and facing his cot. His hands are folded in front of him, forehead lowered against them and eyes closed. He's praying, undisturbed by a scream from the corridor.

Scream (O.P.): No! Where are you taking me?!

Hector: -- como también nosotros perdonamos a los que nos ofenden...

Caption (Hector): These screams of panic and desperation may haunt me for years.

2. Same angle as the previous panel. HECTOR remains in the same pose.

Scream (O.P.): Let me go! Please let me go! I just want to go home!

Hector: ...No nos dejes caer en tentación y líbranos del mal...

Caption (Hector): Not even my prayers can block them out.

3. Same as the last two panels.

Scream (O.P.): Help me! Somebody help me!

Hector: ...Amén.

Caption (Hector): But right now... it's all I have.

4. HECTOR opens his eyes now, head raised. He lifts his fingers up to his forehead to make the sign of the cross. In the background, we can see the Plexiglass wall to his cell sliding open. Two GUARDS are standing there, ready to take him away.


5. HECTOR is still on his knees, as the GUARDS now stand directly behind him. One of them holds a firm hand to his shoulder.

Guard #1: Alright, kid, time to go.

Guard #2: And don't be stupid like the others. No funny business.

6. A shot from the floor of the cell, facing the exit. HECTOR is dead center, the GUARDS on either side of him, gripping his arms tightly. Their backs are to us as they leave.


PAGE 10 (Five Panels)

1. SLATON, ALVIN, and SOPHIE are walking down a long corridor. SOPHIE remains a few steps back behind them, going over her clipboard still.

Slaton: Everything seems to be in order. I'll be heading back to New York for the time being.

Alvin: When will you be back?

2. The three exit through a large pair of double glass doors. Though we're outside now, we're facing the doors, looking back towards the building, so we can't see the surrounding environment yet.

Slaton: End of the week. I'll expect everything to be done by then.

Alvin: Understood, sir.

3. They approach a limousine, waiting on a paved road next to the building and leading off panel. The driver holds the door open for SLATON to get in, but SLATON is turning back towards Alvin right now. SOPHIE is looking up from her clipboard now.

Slaton: Until I return, Sophie is in charge.

Alvin: Wha- wait, what?

Slaton: You heard me.

4. SLATON slides into the back seat of the limo.

Slaton: Keep them in line, Sophie.

Sophie: Oui, Monsieur Slaton. I won't let you down.

Slaton: I know, Sophie. You never do.

5. A wide shot now, showing the entirety of the facility. The compound consists of one main building, built low but stretching over a good deal of land. It's made of concrete, and is surrounded by a high metal chain fence topped with barbed wire. Several guard towers encircle the property. The facility itself is in the middle of the wilderness, surrounded by trees, grass, and mountains in the distance. We can still see the road leading out of the compound, with SLATON'S limousine driving out of the main gate.


PAGE 11 (Six Panels)

1. We're back in the control room. SOPHIE sits behind an isolated desk near the back of the room. She's typing on the computer in front of her. Next to the desk, ALVIN looks over several files in the folder he carries.

Sophie: Success rates seem to be dropping.

Alvin: That's because the number of tests are going up. It's to be expected, really.

2. Close up of the computer that SOPHIE is typing on. It depicts a list of names in three columns, spanning the entire screen. The left most column is titled "Success", the right most column is titled "Failure", and the middle column is titled "Uncertain". There are eight names under the "Success" column: MICHAEL DANVERS, BRIANNA REID, CHRISTINE WILSON, and DIANA TOMPKINS are the important ones. The others can be whatever names you choose. Under the "Failure" columns, there are upwards of 40+ names, though you only need to depict as many as you can fit on the screen, with some indicator that the list continues when scrolled down. Under the "Uncertain" column, there is only one name: HECTOR RIOS.

SOPHIE (O.P.): Monsieur Palmer, I have a question. What is this "uncertain" category?

3. ALVIN stands behind SOPHIE, leaning over her shoulder to get a good look at the screen.

Alvin: Oh, that's actually something I meant to bring up. Seems that the subject in question survived the alteration process, yet at the same time his genetic structure remained the same as before.

Sophie: So he received no changes, like the other successes? Très bizarre...

4. ALVIN looks back down at the files in his hand, while SOPHIE'S attention remains focused on the computer screen.

Alvin: However, upon further examination of his body, we discovered that he may be a suitable match for the Bio-Steel.

Sophie: The Bio-Steel is untested, Monsieur Palmer.

5. ALVIN holds one particular piece of paper in front of SOPHIE to look at.

Alvin: True, but we've hypothesized that there is a fifty-fifty chance of the substance bonding properly with his system. That's fifty times higher than any of our previous calculations. We may never get a better chance.

6. SOPHIE is holding the paper now, one hand touched to her chin in thought.

Sophie: Oui, très bon... in that case, you may proceed.


PAGE 12 (Five Panels)

1. We're in one of the medical rooms now. HECTOR lies motionless on a the metal table in the center of the room, with various large needles poking into his skin, all along his arms, legs, abdomen, and neck. Attached to these needles are long, clear tubes, which connect to a massive tank full of a thick, silvery liquid. Several doctors stand nearby, dressed in surgical gear.

Caption (Sophie): "Begin the process at once."

2. Angle this panel from above, so we're looking directly down at HECTOR. His body is unmoving.

Doctor (O.P.): Subject is sedated. Heart rate is normal, vitals stable. Begin the injection.

3. Same as the previous panel. The only difference here is that the tubes have begun filling with the silvery substance from the tank.

4. Same as previous. The tubes are completely full of the substance now. HECTOR'S muscles begin to tense.

5. Same as previous. HECTOR'S muscles tighten severely now, hands clenching and back arching. His eyes are still closed, but mouth is wide open, face twisted in pain.



Page 13 (Five Panels)

1. We're back in the girls' cell from before, but REI is the only one left inside. She stands at the back of the room, leaning against it with her arm outstretched, head pointed at the floor.

Caption (Rei): They're gone... they're all gone. Brianna, Christine, Diana... all taken.

2. REI is sitting on the floor now, leaning up against the wall.

Caption (Rei): Don't know how long I've been here now... hours, maybe a day, I can't tell.

3. REI is lying on one of the cots now, curled up and holding her arms around herself.

Caption (Rei): All I can do is listen to the screams. That last one was the worst. It was... unnatural.

4. REI shifts positions on the cot, lying on her back now with hands folded behind her head.

Caption (Rei): What are they doing to us? Are they killing us? Couldn't be. Otherwise, why go to the trouble of kidnapping and holding us prisoner?

5. REI sits up on the cot, turning to look behind her at the sound of the Plexiglass wall sliding open.


Caption (Rei): And now they're here for me.


PAGE 14 (Five Panels)

1. A pair of GUARDS approach the cot. REI hangs her head low, her legs now swung over the side of her cot.

Caption (Rei): I could resist. I could kick and scream, beat my fists against them, but what good would that really do?

2. The GUARDS lead her out of the cell, holding on firmly to her arms. REI keeps her gaze pointed at the ground.

Caption (Rei): I'd only get myself beaten or tazed. Not interested.

3. The GUARDS lead her to the end of the corridor, towards a set of double doors.

Caption (Rei): Then again, I highly doubt I'll be more interested in whatever is waiting for me through here. But who knows?

4. In the medical room now. The GUARDS push her forward towards the medical table in the center. A heart rate monitor is positioned next to this table. Several doctors await, going over notes.

Caption (Rei): Maybe I'll get a better idea of just what the hell is going on.

5. One of the DOCTORS motions to the table, urging REI to get on.

Doctor: Lie down here, please.


PAGE 15 (Five Panels)

1. REI sits on the edge of the table, glaring at the DOCTOR. He smiles, amused, as he tapes several wires to her wrist and chest.

Rei: You're going to cut me up or something, aren't you?

Doctor: Oh no, my dear, nothing so crude. Now, lie down please.

2. REI lies down on the table. She stares straight up at the ceiling

Rei: But you are going to do something.

Doctor: Oh yes, something, indeed.

3. The DOCTOR holds an anesthetic mask above REI'S face. Her eyes shift to look up at him.

Rei: But why? Why are you doing this to us?

4. A close up shot of the DOCTOR. He isn't smiling, instead shrugging rather indifferently.

Doctor: For a paycheck.

5. The DOCTOR holds the mask over REI'S nose and mouth. REI'S eyes are closed now, as she slips into unconsciousness.

Doctor: Now, take a deep breath.


PAGE 16 (Six Panels)

1. The DOCTOR turns back to one of his associates, holding a hand out. The associate holds out a needle and syringe, filled with a red substance.

Doctor: Needle.

2. The DOCTOR brushes back REI'S hair away from her neck, while holding the point of the needle to her flesh.

Doctor: Make sure to keep a careful eye on her vitals. Be ready to act if she goes into cardiac arrest, like the others.

3. Close up of the needle injected into REI'S neck. The DOCTOR'S thumb pushes down on the back end, forcing the red liquid down inside of REI.

4. The DOCTOR turns to place the needle down on a tray carried by another associate.

Doctor: Everybody stand by.

5. We're in a small, darkened room now. ALVIN sits behind a desk, staring up at a large screen in front of him. The screen depicts the medical room, with REI lying motionless on the table and the DOCTOR at her side. Several computer monitors sit nearby on the desk. One in particular acts as a heart rate monitor, keeping track of REI'S heartbeat. Directly in front of him is a small standing microphone. He presses down on the button in front of the microphone, speaking into it.

Doctor (electrical): How do things look so far?

Alvin: Everything appears normal. Keep a close watch, though. We should know for certain within the hour.

6. ALVIN'S gaze snaps to the heart rate monitor, which begins to spike wildly.

Alvin: Hold on, heart rate is climbing.



PAGE 17 (Five Panels)

1. Back in the medical room, the DOCTOR turns suddenly to the spiking heart rate monitor next to him.

Doctor: Get me the defib, now!


2. Close up on REI'S face. Her eyes are squinting shut tightly, face contorted in discomfort.


Caption (Rei): What... what's going on? What is this feeling?

3. A side shot of the table. The DOCTOR is applying conductive gel to a pair of defibrillator paddles. REI'S back is arching now, arms tensing.


Caption (Rei): I know they put me under... I shouldn't be awake right now. But I am, at least partially, and I can... I can feel something.

4. The DOCTOR is rubbing the defib paddles together now to spread the gel.


Caption (Rei): I can't describe it. It's like some sort of presence... I don't know what it is. It's just there.


5. Now the DOCTOR is poised over REI, holding the paddles above her chest and ready to apply.

Doctor: Clear!

Caption (Rei): Feels like it's building up now, like water in a bucket... a bucket with a lid on top, ready to burst. I need to do something with it. I need to... I need to...


PAGE 18 (Splash)

Splash page. REI lurches upright from the table, eyes still squinted shut and mouth wide open. Her hands clench to fists, arms raised at her sides. All round her, the various medical equipment, machines and small instruments alike (so long as they're made of metal), break apart and fly in all directions. It's complete mayhem, the entire room filled with veritable shrapnel. The several doctors caught in the chaos fly backwards, bleeding and screaming as the broken bits of metal skewer them.

Caption (Rei): ...release it!

Rei: NOOO!!!


PAGE 19 (Five Panels)

1. Everything has calmed down now. The room is an utter disaster area, scraps of machinery and equipment littered across the entire space. The several doctors that had been in the room now lie motionless on the floor, stuck like pincushions with shrapnel. REI sits upright on the table, eyes wide with surprise as she looks around the room.

Rei: What... what the hell?

2. REI slides off the table, careful about where she steps.

Caption (Rei): Did I... do this? How did I do this?

3. REI holds a hand out, narrowing her eyes and concentrating.

Caption (Rei): I think I know what it is I feel now. It's... the metal. All around me. It's almost like I can sense its presence, as if I can...

4. A large hunk of metal, previously part of the heart rate monitor, floats in front of her. REI's eyes go wide with shock.

Caption (Rei): ...control it.

5. REI recoils, bringing her hand back, eyes still wide. The hunk of metal falls back to the floor.

Rei: Oh my god.


PAGE 20 (Six Panels)

1. Back in the darkened viewing room, ALVIN is on his feet now, leaning forward against the desk and staring at the screen in a panic.

Alvin: Not good, not good, not --

Sophie (O.P.): Was that supposed to happen?

2. ALVIN turns to look behind him. SOPHIE is standing there, her arms folded across her chest.

Alvin: Of course that wasn't supposed to happen! She wasn't supposed to wake up like that, let alone manifest her power so quickly!

Sophie: I was under the impression that all subjects would undergo the same changes. This is different.

3. ALVIN turns back to the screen. On the screen, REI is moving towards one of the exits. SOPHIE is frowning, looking annoyed.

Alvin: It would seem that the process is affecting each individual differently, those that survive. It's a variable that we were... unprepared for.

Sophie: Vous êtes un idiot... now I have to clean up after your mistake.

4. ALVIN is still staring at the screen. REI is gone from the medical room now. Behind him, SOPHIE holds a phone to her ear.

Alvin: She's gone. Dear Christ, she's gone.

Sophie: Oui, it is Sophie. Oui... we have a breach. Send your guards down the East Wing, and act yourself if necessary. We don't know how powerful this girl may be, yet.

5. A close up shot of a third of a MYSTER MAN'S face. All we can see is his cheek, his greying hair, the stubble on his jawline, and the corner of his mouth, which twists upwards into a smirk. He holds a phone up to his ear, a thick, padded glove covering his hand, part of his body armor.

Sophie (electrical): And remember... we need her alive.

Mystery Man: Takin' all the fun out of life, you are. But not to worry, mate, ya can count on me. After all...

6. Tall panel, depicting a full length shot of the MYSTERY MAN from the previous panel. His dark hair is cut short and peppered with grey, face unshaven and stubbly. He's middle aged, in his forties. He wears full body armor, but isn't bulky. Rather, the armor is sleek, form fitting, and streamlined for full mobility, nothing fancy. His body armor also contains no metal, made purely of synthetic materials. The color scheme is simple, sticking to black with gray trim. In one hand, he carries an assault rifle, resting it up against his shoulder. Two pistols sit in holsters at his waist, one on either side of a tactical utility belt. There is also a sword attached to his back.

Mystery Man: ...this is what I do.

Caption: To Be Continued...

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Bad. Ass. I can visualize everything quite marvelously, still want to chew Rei... increasingly interesting now, how superpowers are latent, but can be awakened like that. Eager to see what happens to Hector and Rei's cave troll line made me do a combined giggle/d'awww. The dreaded MYSTER MAN (sounds like a silver age villain, rofl) screams Deathstroke to me... we shall see! Also excited to see what happens to the other main characters even if I mostly care about Rei. :P

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@Joygirl: Thanks :D Glad you liked it. I actually figured you'd get a kick out of that cave troll line, too xD As for the mystery man (not his actual name, just pointing out the act we don't know who he is yet xD), he is definitely meant to have that gun for hire vibe to him, since... well, he's a gun for hire, lol.

P.S. You really love Rei, don't you? xD

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Oui, I want to take her home and keep her in the basement, keeping her on a diet of skittles and love.

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@Joygirl: That's... an interesting way to show affection xD

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What? D: Everyone loves skittles!

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@Joygirl: But do they like being kept in the basement? =P

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Well, maybe not, but that's for their own good. >.> They might escape otherwise!

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@Joygirl: Well, I'm certain if you just maybe asked, they might stay under their own free will. I mean, come on. Skittles.

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Good point, maybe I should save the basement until later, would ultimately prolong their stay.

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@Joygirl: They come for the Skittles, they stay for the... tender loving care?

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Provided the loving care is tender at all. >.>

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@Joygirl: oh my

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F$#%in' bump. Is Joy Brady gonna have to choke a b!tch?

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