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They say you never know your place in the world. You're not allowed to know. Deadpool maybe knows his place but he is outside the realm of normal and considered crazy by just about everybody.

Frank Castle he does not know his place he only knows that it is not this place.

Held down by Morter fire and pushed back he knows this is not someplace he wanted or cares to be. The men scream the higher up the ladder people yell.

Frank Castle simple find his pace his place his role in this place.

Kill or be killed take or be taken.

He remembers his childhood he recalls the lake the place, the peace.

Yet something is wrong something is out of place.

His memory is inconsistent with all the rest.

Bombs go off and he screams for the noise to stop mortars drop all around him and he is pushed outside his normal limit.

He is gone he is no place to be found his mad dash makes his troops think one thing.

He will die he will be dead by dawn and they hide in the foxholes they take cover.

Frank how ever runs toward the fight he runs into the hell he runs and he fights.

Soon the rain of fire stops they come out they look around and what they see is Frank Castle walking back into camp.

He passes out at the commander's tent he blacks out he has a vision.

Training and beatings and black ops and being pushed.

The world is not what you think it is it can never be when your not sure of your role in everything.

Frank does not want to remember his role he does not want to remember the death and destruction he would rain down on his foes.

He is let go from the special forces and sent home.

He thinks he is free he thinks he is done with the uniform the service and the brothers and sisters in arms.

Yet when he with his family his mind drifts he gets phone calls he gets messages and he does not understand.

Frank is a question to family and friends an so is his war buddies.

They show up they go camping they come back and not a word has spoken no calls no how are you or how you been.

They just nod and get in the vans and go.

Life is going on around you it is fast it is quick it is untouchable but if you know how you can slow it all down.

The night the last night they were alive.

Frank Castle got out of the van he walked toward the house. His daughter and his son came running and all the world stopped.

They died they left they went away.

Frank screamed he cried out he held them and that night all he recalled of himself was that part that wants nothing to remember but who he should have been.

When hell came calling and made him answer for his sins.

I blaze a path of blood and gore to save the world from the dark pit of what is to come.

Yet it comes and when it arrives I find all I can do it watch and bear witness to the carnage.

Frank castle wakes up he pours hot coffee and drinks it like a war-torn survivor from a place in hell. The demons overrun the borders of heaven and heaven answers back but the wounds run deep and those who seen it all want blood.

They want those responsible to pay to be punished.

The world zips through space it moves with reason with a purpose with a single objective and Frank feels the vibes he knows it is coming he is lost to the vibes of creation.

I flow with the understanding that a million angels have spoken to my soul and we come to teach and make humans ready. Wars and rumors of wars.

When the mist of the enemy falls away the many will flood the world and the world will be found wanting.

Frank Castle taps his armor he feels the seams he knows the peace like a lover knows his or her body.

He can see the doors he knows the energy he finds the flaws.

One bloody peace at a time one bloody round down range at a time.

They move he moves they fly he pushes the armor he knows the pain. A very old women go to cross the road and pauses when she becomes the target of the ghost the military of dark ones.

Frank stops the attack he uses the force against itself and tosses them away.

The old lady is unaware of any danger she simply looks at Frank and she hugs him. "Sonny Your too kind and you remind me of my son," she says the words then is gone into the mist.

The shadows dance the world turns on the music dies down and frank is lost.

He is lost in the moment of the war.

Nobody knows what role they play in the story and once in a great while they get an idea that the story is bigger than you first thought.

The story of mutants and heroes and little old ladies who want the best for children.

We were soldiers once me and you and Frank.

We can never know your role in the universe.

We simply fight the good fight and hope for the best.

Roll with the punches....

The world is crazy the other world touches ours and ever so often and heroes like Frank Castle and Dead Pool and many others stand ready.

Then they are allowed to walk away unaware that they were ever called upon to fight.

To answer the roll call.

The border between heaven and hell is breached and the blood covers the land.