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New York

Five students from Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters stood together in the crowd watching as the machine crackled and hummed. The science fair was showing off a radioactivity display which their schools headmaster, Professor Charles Xavier, had tasked them with watching.

"It won't be cutting edge science," Charles told them as they boarded the bus to take them from their school in Westchester into New York City. "At the very least you'll have a day in the city."

Peals of yellow electricity leapt about the room. Those gathered could feel the static buzz in their hair and on their skin. The air smelt strangle but not awful. Unbeknownst to all, a small spider dropped down a line of silk from the roof. It abseiled down through the experiment, being bombarded by waves and rays, before settling into the strands of Jean Grey's mass of red hair and crawling in deep.

"OW!" She screamed and slapped the back of her neck as a sudden jolt shot through her. "Scott! Something just bit me!"

Scott Summers, a young man in strange ruby red glasses, tentatively moved her hair aside. "Looks like a bug bite or something, not really sure."

Jean tried to touch the sore area when Hank McCoy slapped her hand away. "Don't touch it! If it's a bee sting it'll need to be carefully removed as the stinger keeps burrowing after seperation from the bee's body. On the other hand if it's a tick..."

Warren Worthington rolled his eyes. "It's not a tick! Ticks are in the woods."

"Actually Warren," Hank said. "Ticks are quite co..."

"Here Jeanie," Bobby Drake cautiously and quickly lifted a finger and froze the site with a ray of frost. "That should make it feel better."

"Could you all just SHUT UP!"

The group was taken aback by the young man in glasses who was standing beside them. He was a stringy sixteen year old in glasses with a name badge that read {P.Parker. Midtown High} "I am trying to watch the demonstration!" he hissed. "And all you're doing is talking and making a fuss!"

"Settle down, four eyes!" Bobby mocked. "Don't be such a...nosey Parker! Ha ha!"

"Bobby!" Scott snapped at him.

Jean reached out with her telepathy to her friends -Can we just go? I don't feel so good-

Warren grabbed Bobby by the collar and reefed him away as Scott attended to Jean. Hank tried to apologise to young Mr Parker but the kid simply huffed and turned back to the science show.


"You have a slight fever, Jean," Professor Xavier said as he looked over his star pupil. "Perhaps we should take you to the hospital?"

"No! No more hospitals!" Jean snapped. "Hank says it was a wasp bite."

"Hmmm okay but if there's any change..." Xavier looked at her.

"Yes Professor. But I'll be fine. What's the worst that can happen?"