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It has been more than nine years now since I discovered I was a mutant, and yet it never ceases to amaze me how little you actually get to know people who are supposedly closest to you. This year in particular has been a rollercoaster ride of sorts, with highlights such as my battle against an Aztec priest willing to resurrect long-lost gods or my newfound ability to create holographic imprints of people's past... However, the abrupt death of my beloved mother was probably the defining moment of not only this year, but quite probably the last decade at least.

Disturbingly enough, this event led me to a capital discovery: the evil nature of my sister-in-law Olivia - and I mean really. Quite frankly, I have never got on well with her, but then who could? From day one she has been increasingly stupid, obnoxious, snappish and narrow-minded. Her disapproval of my clothes, hairstyles, musical tastes and friends has been a mainstay ever since I met her, at age 14. Of course, getting to discover and control my powers probably changed my outlook on her, as I ended up pitying her for being such a cow - in every possible meaning... But never before had I had the slightest desire to actually scan her mind. When I came back from Japan after some training in using my powers, I did probe her, as well as others in my entourage, just a little... to test myself. But as we were packing my late mother's jewels, I felt some kind of mental twinge emanating from her; it was not much, really, just enough for me to casually scan her...

That's when I discovered she was not being very truthful with us all. All I could get on her was the memory of a shadowy woman congratulating her on her steady position as a frontline watcher in the "Myskin family", before I was effectively shut out of her mind. To this day, I still do not know where her loyalty lies, but this is certainly not what I would call reassuring, having a mole being married to a former double agent's son. Or could it be because of me? I remember one mission in Hungary when my local contact hinted at me being "less alone than I imagined".

It all comes down to one question now: what is Olivia's endgame? And, also worth investigating, why and how come did she blow her cover, even for a fleeting second, while browsing through my mother's numerous rings - or was it the necklaces?