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Former Power Ranger Tommy Oliver takes a teaching job at Reefside High
School years after escaping from an ordeal with the evil reptilian monster
Mesogog, and takes some of his students (Warren Mears, Andrew Wells
& Johnathan Levinson) on a field trip.

During their trip in the woods, the teens stumble upon a secret hideaway
and find the magical Dino Gems. After a series of events transpired
throughout the day, Tommy grants his students the means to
become the next genaration of Power Rangers by giving them
three Dino Morphers.

Later on, Mesogog unleashes his wild and powerful Bio Zords upon
the city. Afterwards, a news announcement reported in live coverage
on the Zords' rampage and so Mr. O sent the teens out to tame the
wild creatures.

How would these new rangers do in taming the Bio Zords?

Would they still continue being the next generation of Power Rangers
(whether the teenagers were successful in taming the zords or not)?

How would things change if those guys were still Rangers?

Finally, what happens if Lex Luthor & Lionel Luthor were residents of Reefside,
California and Lionel became Mesogog while Lex became the White Dino Ranger
later on down the line (along with the weird stuff that has happened
in and out of the mansion that the Luthors frequent in)?

Note: This scenario is partly based on the Power Rangers Dino Thunder
episodes, "Day of the Dino, Part I", "Day of the Dino, Part II", "White
Thunder, Part I", "White Thunder, Part II", "White Thunder, Part III",
"Copy That" and some other episodes too.

Anton Mercer, Trent and other Smallville/Buffy characters
won't exist and Andrew, Warren & Johnathan would always have
lived in Reefside with Lex & Lionel just making themselves
at home in that city.