Pokémon Team for Joker

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First and foremost this is a drunk post so if this is outta nowhere, there you go. I like taking comic characters and imagining a Pokémon team for them and I wanted everyone’s opinion on my team for Joker.

Gengar- cmon, they both have huge smiles and love torturing people. This is dead on. (Dope pun)

Mr. Mime- clowns and mimes are kinda the same thing so this just goes hand in hand

Mightyena- a good Pokémon replacement for Joker’s hyenas

Weezing- joker loves his poison gases so what better fit for him than THE poison gas Pokémon?

Carnivine- clowns work at the circus, carnivine is a carnival themed grass type (I was reaching here)

Mimikyu- idk I can just picture Joker having a soft spot for Mimikyu

That would be his team, or does anyone have better suggestions?