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Hello fellow readers, welcome back I'm glad it hasn't been too long since the last chapter. *Looks at last chapter which was four months ago and slowly regrets entire life* okay, it's been way too long, and I'm so sorry for that. In return, I will be giving you all ten straight chapters of MNIAD as best as I can! Last time we checked on our heroes, Taylor has not only rebuilt her relationship with Kopi but has also added two new Pokemon to her arsenal. With the two now arguably stronger than ever, the next part of their journey is already underway!

Taylor POV

After the week I've been having, I've realized that maybe being famous wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Route 202 for most young trainers was already a difficult path, but my fame made it, so everyone now wanted to take my "place" Though it did give me plenty of opportunities to level up my new companions. While it's only been a week since I've got them, I could still read them like a book. Ziggy is so energetic that he makes even me feel tired; the only problem is keeping people under control. Nadia was also a total prima donna, but so far has done what I told her with enough compliments. Between Trixie and recent events, I thought both my Pokemon needed to be tough and strong and me. But Kopi taught me that I was the one in control of my journey, and that included my Pokemon. And Golett taught me that just because your little bit quirky doesn't make you any less special, which is exactly the time of message I want my team to represent. Though I think it's still going to take a lot of work to get that message across.

Like I said before, the trainers of Route 202 were relentless; most of them were not even licensed trainers, just impatient ruffers that wanted to be the next Ash fast, which makes them great for training, but terrible for any real rest. Ziggy and Nadia were now level 7 with Golett being level 10, too bad their health also matched their level now. It got so bad that Mr.Kopi had to step in and negotiate it while I sat in his foldable chair, absorbing the sunlight. That peace only lasted a second, though, as I felt something hovering over me. A part of me just wanted to ignore it, but the Speleology curiosity once again got the better of me.

Almost hesitant, I gazed up to see a girl in almost uncontained excitement right in my bubble. In an alarming surprise, I immediately did a second frontflip and busted out my balls in a combat stance, ready for action! Though I think this only made the girl even more excited as she stated in utter amazement.

"Oh my Arceus, it is you! Your 'the" Taylor Speleology."

"Yes, I am she," I said in my natural awkwardness.

The comment made her double over in laughter as she only replied with.

"Man, I can't believe you're both strong and funny. I can tell you're going to be a special one."

"Special one to what?" I say in almost frustrated anticipation.

"Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. Phoebe Snapper is the name, and getting the latest scoop is my game. Since your little coming out in Sandgem, you've caught my eye and probably a hundred of others. The Pokemon world has its eyes and covers your story from every angle, except yours. So I was hoping with your permission that I would interview you and get the full story for all to see." she said with almost inviting charisma. I was almost about to agree until I saw the one thing that would give me pause walks in.

"Hey, Taylor, what did I miss?"

A couple of hours later, we were both backs in our new home away from home in Jubilife City. Leaving Sandgem was bittersweet; there were a lot of bad memories there, but at least it wasn't all bad. Prof. Basswood Mr.Kopi both became fast food friends (as they put it) and promised each other to keep in touch as Sandgem started to purge all traces of the Trimutative finally. Though I find it kind of ironic though that in the city filled with joy and media coverage that we would get swept up right outside of it. Once I gave Mr.Kopi the full story, he gave me an honestly surprising response.

"I think you should do it."

"Wait? But what about your identity?"

"This is your journey, Taylor. I'm not going to let you do something that you want to do. Besides, this could be just the thing we needed."


"You're still pretty popular from your battle against the Trumiative, but between a little breakup and that scary face, you've been relatively silent. And with the media, like it is now, that has only made you even more suspicious to some people. This Phoebe could give you the exclusive that people are looking for and maybe the friend you always needed," he said with care.

Once again, in moments like these that make Mr.Kopi's contrast all the more noticeable. Through eyes that weren't even his own, I saw both cold calculations and genuine compassion mixed to the point where even I didn't know where it ended or began. Though that may be a question for another day as in the end, I decided to accept the offer and meet her tomorrow. It had been so long since I've even had the opportunity to have a friend that I didn't even know what to do. Instead, I decided to wear a new outfit. With Mr. Kopi's help, I wore jeans and a cute dark yellow shirt and met up with Phoebe at a cafe. It was only then that I realized that despite our introduction, I never really got a good look at her.

Phoebe was a girl not much older than I; her relatively pudgy figure worked with her poofy pink shirt with leggings that highlighted her ginger hair and almond eyes. Similar to my Speleology curiosity, her Snapper charm was already on full display. But I met it head-on with nothing to hide, sitting down to finally get the greeting that should have been yesterday.

"My name is Taylor Speleology, nice to meet you."

From there, my first official interview began with Mr.Kopi's advice still holding in my ear. I will admit that a couple of the questions were a little hard to pass off, especially the part of my "ditto." Though I was able to explain it away with a pre-planned respone.

"That Ditto was traded to me on my way to Sandgem. He said that he would give me a special Pokemon if I traded it for 5 Starly's. What he failed to tell me was that the Ditto was at a way higher level than I realized. Combine that with my inexperience, and it was about as disobedient as you can get. I put it on timeout for a while until I saw what the Triumvirate had done to this Sandgem. I decided to take the gamble."

Phoebe then looked to me with sparkling amazement, almost mystified at my response.

"Wow, and what made you decide to take such a gamble, go so far for people you don't even know?"

"Because I spent a good portion of my life being looked down upon, and I wanted to spread the message that one of my friends taught me not to long ago. I wanted to show how no one can decide how to live your life, no matter how scary they are."

After that, we had a couple more questions, and once it was all said and done, an inspired Phoebe spoke.

"Man, it's people like you that make me love my job. Hearing your stories and learning what you learned, it's a feeling I never get tired of. I'm glad I covered you, Taylor, I can tell you're going to be one of the greats."

And it was at that moment that I finally realized why our sparks seemed so intertwined because, in many ways, I saw that we were both on a path of discovery. So in a move not very different from before, I took the plunge.

"I can tell that you're going to be one of the greats to Phoebe. If you can make even me sound like a hero, then I think you have a future in this career. I hope that others tell your story someday and that you can still call me a friend when you reach that point," I said as I held out my anticipating hand.

But I didn't have to fear for even a moment as Phoebe instantly grabbed it.

"Don't worry Taylor, I hold you to that."

After that, we both went our separate ways, all while feeling a little less alone in this Pokemon world and all the while feeling freer than I've ever been, free from "her" and free to face anything that comes my way.

And just like that, another shackle is broken, and another bond is forged! With Taylor's confidence now at its peak, her first real challenge is right around the corner. So stay tuned reader, because the journey ever continues.