Part 4 of my Alternate DBZ Piccolo

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Ok so when we left off Piccolo had died during the Raditz fight instead of Goku.

Kami is basically immediately granted a pass to heaven. How ever when Piccolo arrives at King Yemma's Check-In Station Yemma tells Piccolo that he is impressed with the way he has turned his life around but earth needs it's guardian. Yemma tells Piccolo of a Other World Tournament and that the winner is granted their life back and special training with Grand Kai. King Yemma then sends Piccolo to King Kai to train for the tournament. (As I've previously altered the origin of the Kaio-ken.) King Kai teaches Piccolo the "full power clone technique" basically you can create a clone that does not weaken you and is as powerful as you. This technique fades quickly tho and if over used causes "major problems" ( much later in the story we find out what King Kai means by "major problems") Like two or three episodes of Piccolo holding his tongue and excepting King Kai's training. (King Kai proves he has far superior speed by toying with Piccolo after he arrives and under estimates him) the title of the next eps. " Familar face......... here" Tien has now also died and was chosen by King Yemma in the Other World Tournament. ( in my story four fighters are chosen by the four Kai's of the universe and one fighter is chosen by King Yemma) Their are many new techniques and cool fights but it comes down to Tien vs Piccolo. ( no Pikkon)((he comes later)) During the course of the tournament Tien see's that Piccolo wants to except the roll of Earth's Guardian and has let go of his anger. Tien decides that he is going to let him win but know's he can't let Piccolo know that he let him win. Tien is surprised that he actually needs to use KK X3 to keep the fight interesting. Obviously their fight is epic. But Piccolo does indeed win.

Power levels in my story at end of part three and into part four Goku..... base 2,750 plus Zenkai boost 1,250 plus a space travel boost that will be explained later 1,000 equals new base power5,000.

Tien base 2,500 plus spirit form boost from his connection to spirit form and training for tournament 1,000 new base form 3,500.

Vegeta base form 15,000 plus Zenkai boost 1,250 plus lesser space travel boost 250 new base form 16,500

Nappa base form 10,000 plus near death Zenkai boost 2,000 new base form 12,000

Piccolo base at death 1,000 plus King Kai training 8,000 new base form 9,000

In the next continuation What if Yamcha wasn't just a joke.

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