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You would think to move at sixty miles an hour that nothing could possibly stop me right, let alone a frail looking woman who would put Gandhi to shame in size. But as soon as I literally squeal away in the old man's car I am stopped with a single hand to the front of the car. As soon as she touched the car the momentum of moving at sixty miles an hour slams into me, I feel the pain of the glass smashing against my face, instantly shattering upon impact with what would be considered a fairly nice looking nose. Did you know that you don't actually need to be harmed to pass out? Well, I did not because as much as the damned thing in my pocket kept me from being cut to ribbons it did not remove the sensation of pain, and with my face plant not only with the windshield but the concrete on the road I passed out.

It only felt like a few moments had passed since I made a new friend with my windshield, when suddenly I was awoken to the sensation of someone grabbing and squeezing a very tender area on my body, albeit an area that has not been touched in a very long time. No becoming of myself I wake up and immediately scream in the face of the same frail young woman who stopped my car "You fecking cu-" she quickly relieves me of any air in my lungs with a gut shot that would make any MMA fighter fall to his knees and cry for his mother. Groaning loud I glare at the dainty little thing "Such a pretty little does a little thing like yourself have such a mean right hook?" It was an honest question as well as a way to keep her from hitting me again, I stand nearly six feet tall and weigh nearly 190 and she hit me with enough force to drop me to my knees if I wasn't....I then notice I was strung to a tree out in the middle of nowhere.

All around me is water, swamps to be more exact. I realize I had been out for a very long time as we are no longer in London. From the smells and memory of places like it ,we are in the Bayou of Louisiana. Quickly I notice shapes in the distance, the light from a nearby headlights cast shadows and all I can see is shapes. I can't hear a damn thing either too far, I look back to the little thing in front of me. She simply glares at me, pigtails hanging on either side of her head and she they move as she steps forward. Holding a fist to my face it glows "Magic you f$%cking else?" I almost laugh at her voice, it was as dainty as her body and the entertainment it gave me must have shown on my face as she sent a quick punch to my face more so my nose, I heard it crack and felt the sensation of blood trickling down my lip. Worried I look down to my pants, my pocket had been ripped out and the Cross was gone. The girl smiled holding it and prepared to hit me again only to stop as a voice echoed "Mercy!" His voice was deep, and soon as the tears stopped I got a real look at who had called out to the Wannabe Oompa Loompa. Tall and as dark as the midnight sky he walked over, a nice suit that more than likely cost more than my entire life savings clung to every inch of his body. Slowly he removed his suit jacket as he neared and grabbed my chin in his hand, his white as snow shirt shined in the darkness as I looked from it to his face.

"Speak now or I let little miss anger issues have another go at her new punching bag.....Okay?"I nod and say nothing smart this time, I can literally taste the power that filled his body. "That old fart as you kept referring to in your sleep, was a dear friend of mine. And he was one of the first of our rule, I want to know why and how you were able to get him to bond this..." he held up the Cross "To you. And I also want to know exactly how a low-key Suck-Head got the information on his location in the first place..."Well the man had a very convincing tone of voice and I am not proud to say it, but I sang like a god damn canary. If I knew who shot JFK I would have told him that too, as quickly as the words slipped I was silenced with a fairly large hand as he covered my mouth. Looking back to another who stepped into the light "He tellin the truth Meridith?"Her bright red hair was the first thing I saw, then it was her eyes. They shined bright green as I felt an itch inside my own mind as she nodded and spoke "He's telling the truth yes, he honestly has no idea why this Muzz was sent to retrieve the Key or Cross as he calls it. He wasn't even supposed to be in the castle, dumb luck it would seem. " Mister tall dark and asshole asked "But the magic Mercy saw....that energy it only comes from people like us. Magic....and..."She interrupted him and spoke "Cor always said everyone and everything has the potential for magic, it just depends on circumstances and a person's own ability....who says that a Vampire can't be a Magician. Or at least the for how he was able to be bonded....perhaps its the prophecy. Perhaps Cor was ri-" I can't help it anymore and I shake my chains and raise my hand slowly.

"Two tings Luv...One...Can I have what the little midget has back please....and two...Who the feck are the lot of ya?"The redhead smiles and turns away waving to the tall black man who smiles as well. Glaring at him I remark "You're going to hit me aren't ye?"The head lights go out of view as does everything else because.....he fecking hit me....