Origins: Lily

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I dunno what I’m doing, I’m bored and stuck in a get together so here goes nothing.......

The sun was shining brilliantly over the Town of Cody’s Crag, a small bustling town just South of Idaho. On such a beautiful day, most of the town’s people think that they it would be lovely to spend the day with cattle, or sewing , or sitting around reading a good book. But for one individual, today was just like any other day, as such only one activity is suited for it. Adventuring.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” William shakenly screams at his horse, as he tries to calm it down. “Ryyyyyder!” He calls out “Wait up!” “Slow down!”

The boy is around 16 years old, name’s William Hardin, he’s dressed casually, except for the black ring he has on his finger, unlike the girl he is currently chasing after.

“You’d think that after spending so much time with me that you’d get better at riding.” Ryder jokes, slowing down her horse for William to catch up.

Unlike her friend William, Ryder is dressed for adventure, polycarbonate armour, a leather belt with all sorts of gizmos, thick working boots, a leather sheathe which holds her most prized possessions, twin golden sabres, beautifully crafted with the carving of dragon heads at the hilt. And her flowing crimson-red cape, to tie it all together.

William tightly grabs unto the pummel on his saddle and adjusts himself for stability. “Right, I’m good now.”

“Good, now pick up the pace, the day won’t last forever!” Ryder calls out as she gallops ahead.

William grumbles a bit before zooming towards her “Where are we going anyway?”

“Captain Adams told me there were bandits at the ravine so we’re going to stop them.”

“He told you?” William replies in sarcastic disbelief.

“Well -er, it might be possible that I just overheard him, but that’s not important....” she fumbles out.

“This could be dangerous Ryder, what if the bandits kill us!” William worries.

Ryder looks back at him with a smirk “This isn’t our first rodeo Will, tell me again how many times we’ve been beaten by simple bandits?”

William grows quiet as he thinks “Never.”

“And it will stay that way, long as we keep adventuring.”

“Your Dad must be real cool to allow us to keep going on adventures.” William notes.

Ryder smiles to herself, “He loves me way too much to say no to me.”


Inside the Mayor’s humble manor, a doctor presses a stethoscope into the mayor’s overblown chest as he breathes in and out, heavily wheezing

The doctor bites her lip as she sits back down, putting away her instrument “I’m afraid you’re getting worse.” Her eyes look down away from him.

The Mayor, a plump man in his mid 50’s readjusts himself to a more comfortable position. “Every day is a better day.” He says in a sardonic tone.

“Well, it’s not all bad. I’ve got new medicine for you.” The doctor says, as she picks up a dark bag filled with glass viles, ringing as they tumble against each other in the bag.

The Mayor outstretched his hand to receive the bag of medicines before he peers inside of it, “Be honest with me Maryse, how much longer do I have?” He asks in a much more serious tone.

She pauses “You know I don’t like talking about this, but if I had to make an educated guess, 6 months to a year.”

The Mayor exhales deeply at the news as he starts rubbing his temples. “And the pain, when will I show signs of it?”

“As long as you drink your medicine you can hide the pain until the last week of your illness.” The doctor answers. “But I don’t recommend hiding this.”

“Yes.” The Mayor agrees. “The people have the right to know.” The Mayor sighs “But I can’t tell anyone.” He says defeatedly.


Meanwhile, Ryder and William are crawling on top of a ravine, slowly crawling towards the edge to spy on the bandits.

Below them, the bandits have made camp and are preparing their lunch around a campfire, saltine and alcohol seems to be on the menu today.

“I count 15.” Ryder whispers to William. “On my count, stand up and start firing blasts from your ring while I wall jump down there and wallop them, alright?”

“Alright.” William nods back, curling his hand into a fist.

Ryder mouthed the words ‘One’ ‘Two’ ‘Three’ she then instantly springs into action, leaping into battle.

*Cling* *Crack* *Blam!” *Blam! *Swish* *Urgh!* *Aww!*

William heard the sounds of battle from all the way from on top of the ravine, immediately, he gets up and stars aiming his ring at the enemies down below “I’ve got them in my sights.” He thinks to himself before looking down, only to find Ryder waving at him with 15 unconscious men on the ground around her.

“I swear. 15 men in 3 seconds, why am I even here?” He thinks aloud. Then suddenly one of the bandits lunges at Ryder from behind.

William reflexeively shoots down the rogue bandit with pinpoint precision, with a grin. “He just saved your life!” He calls out.

“Oh please William, I could have felt with him.” Ryder calls back, gesturing towards the bow unconscious bandit. “But thanks.” She adds More quietly.

William smiles “I heard that!”

“Whatever! Let’s just go!” She responds, already thinking about the next adventure.


“Are you telling me you haven’t told anyone?” The doctor asks shocked.

“No, only you and I know.” The Mayor responds, looking away.

“What about your daughter does she-“

“No.” He cuts her off. “I really want to tell her, I know I have to. But I-I can’t.”

“What’s wrong?” The doctor asks concerned for her friend and mentor.

“Well I-I, I don’t know. I can’t bring myself to do it. It would break Lily’s heart. I can’t bear to do that.” The Mayor explains, tears filling his eyes.

The Mayor shakes his face, trying to fight the tears “You see, I met her when she was very young. She was an orphan, she was gifted and smart but nobody wanted her. So I picked her up and raised her as my own. I told her, no, I promised her that I would never hurt her, that I would never leave her.” The Mayor begins to break again, sniffling wildly. “And now- now I’m doing both.” He says, looking down.

He then grips his arm rests tightly “I won’t allow it!” He declares defiantly. “I will fight this damned disease! And I won’t die trying either!”

He begins to breath more heavily as he heart beats faster and faster from his sudden burst of emotion. *cough* “I-I’m sorry Doctor Gan, I didn’t mean to unload all of this on you.”

The young doctor smiles back at him and hold his hand “Do you remember when we first met? I was just young, not as young as Lily, but I was ambitious. I wanted to be a doctor, study medicine. No one believed I could, no one except you. You supported me and told me that I could be anything I wanted, as long as I was hard working, strong and honest.”

The doctor sits back up “Now, I have more patients to get to. And you, Mr. Mayor, have a speech to deliver. So get dressed, the people will be waiting.”

The doctor starts to leave, she pauses at the doorway “Please Mayor, get well soon.” He says earnestly before leaving.

The Mayor sighss, grabbing his cane. He starts to get up and walks to the coat rack. He puts on his favorite black coat, slipping his hands inside the over sized pockets, where he feels something strange. A thick piece of paper. Curious he pulls it out only to find a picture of his daughter similing as she holds her favorite red cloak. The Mayor can’t help but smile, a sad smile.


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@ficopedia: I have no idea what I was thinking tbh.

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@cbishop: Welp, I continued this a bit, lol.

Deep inside the damp sewers, it smelt of faeces, rats and carcasses, the sound of dripping water and scuttling rats rang throughout the bricked walls. Only two men disturbed the quiet, illuminated by a faint green glow.

“Contradictions.......contradictions......” Dr Engel gasped as his companion, a short hunchback who carried a green lantern.

Dr Engel himself was a tall male, skinny, filled with nothing but bones and boils around his skin, his teeth were crooked and dark, his eyes red with irritation, his face rotten and disfigured he wore bandages around his body like a mummy to hide his scars. To others, he appeared as if he were a spectral ghoul.

“Man wants to know but refuses to learn. He seeks to live forever but is frightened of age. Man wants to take everything but is too greedy to give anything. They seek purpose yet spend their lives on meaningless endeavours.” The doctor continued. “Man disgusts me......almost as much as man is disgusted by me.” The Doctor spits out the last words with a cough.

His companion, unable to truly speak simply nods in agreement.

“They call us freaks, monsters, ghouls.” The Doctor angrily states through gritted teeth. “But their minds and mental state is what is truly horrific!”

The Doctor turned to his companion and looked him in the eye, “I promise you my friend, that will end soon.”


Miles away, in the heat of the sun, two young adventurers can be heard galloping through the sandy roads “Wooohooo!” Ryder exclaimed as she rode. “15 bandits in 3 seconds, that ouught to be some kind of record, eh?” She turned to her friend, William who struggled to catch up.

“Correction. 14 men in 3 seconds. I took out the last guy.” William smirked.

“Oh, whatever. I just let you have him.” She retorts. “Now hurry up, we’re going to miss Daddy’s speech!” She exclaimed, quickly changing the subject.

The Sayuri Robins, the adopted daughter of the Mayor. She insists on being called Ryder or Red Ryder, and would scold anyone who calls her otherwise, anyone except for her father who she lets call her Lily, Sayuri in English.

The Mayor had already begun his weekly speech as Ryder and William began to enter the small town.

“Thus, I must congratulate our brave sheriff for another crimeless week in our town. So let’s all give a big hand to Captain Adams and Sheriff Williams!” The Mayor went.

The crowd began to cheer as the two men smiled.

“But I fear I don’t only have good news for you today....” the Mayor began, glancing toward Dr Gan, “I think I owe it to you all, I must admit that I haven’t been feeling well and I may be-“

“Stop!” “Stop!” Ryder commands her horse abruptly. “Neigh!”

The struggle could be heard all the way to the podium. The Mayor pauses at this as the crowd turned their heads towards the young girl.

Ryder quickly calmed the horse down, before looking around awkwardly. “Uh, I saved the town from bandits.” She announced, noticing the eyes were on her. “..........don’t mind me.” She added as he leapt off her horse.

“A-as I was saying, have been feeling unwell and I may be in need of a short break, so I cannot deliver my speech next week.” The mayor lied nervously. “That is all.”

The Mayor then abruptly left the podium and stumbled back into his manor.

“Whelp, I’m probably going to get an earful.” Ryder says, turning to William.

She sheepishly walks back to the manor after putting away her horse and saying goodbye to William.

She walked through the old house, expecting for her father to be grumpy with her for disturbing his speech. “Dad?” She calls out. “I hope you aren’t giving me the silent treatment, cause you know I hate that.” She walks through the bedrooms looking for her father.

“Where is that lovable oaf now?” She thinks.

Finally, she walks into the fireplace, where she sees her father’s back, as he sits on his chair.

“Listen, I’m sorry for what happened. William kept telling me to slow down but I told him no, because I didn’t want to miss your speech, and I thought I would miss it if I slowed down, and I was right. But still, I’m sorry for disturbing your speech, you know I always love them, you didn’t have to walk out like that.....” Ryder pauses “Dad? Are you listening to me?” She asked as she noticed there hadn’t been a response.

*Khoo-choo* was the only response as the mayor began to snore.

Ryder tiptoed closer, to inspect the Mayor, who had seemingly fallen asleep with his cane still in his hand and his suit still on. She smiled at him, slowly taking his cane and hanging it at the backrest of his seat, and taking a nearby blanket and covering the Mayor on it. She kisses him on the check.

“I’m sure you’ll get better soon.” She smiled before leaving the old man to rest.

Ryder spent the rest of the day wandering around the city with William before coming home for supper, where she still found the Mayor sleeping. Ryder made supper for the both of them, waking her father, the two of them ate before going to bed.


The next day.

*Shing* *Shing* *Shing* *Shing*

The sound of steel being polished filled the manor early in the morning as Ryder brightened her swords.

“Oh, that girl is at it again.” The maid comments as she hears the noise, the maid comes to the manor every morning to clean and do the laundry before leaving every noon. “I hear that blasted sound every time I come here.” She complains as she cleans.

“Miss Abigail! Miss Abigail!” Ryder called out. “Could you helped me with this?” Ryder asked as she finished polishing her swords, the maid quickly climbed the stairs into Ryder’s room, she finds Already dressed, struggling to strap on her armour.

The maid walks up to help the girl as she does she scolds “If you keep wearing this, it will stunt your development.”

“You know I don’t care about that stuff.” Ryder replies.

“A shame. You’re growing up to be so beautiful.” The maid says disapprovingly.

“Oh, come one now. Let the girl dress as she likes, she’s already the most beautiful girl there is.” The Mayor calls out from below, Ryder smiles to herself in response while the maid just rolls her eyes, finishing the tying the armour into Ryder, “Alright then, off you go.” The maid tells her.

Ryder then quickly puts on the rest of her armour and cloak before grabbing the rest of her gear and spewing downstairs. “I told William to meet me outside, we’ll be going on another adventure.” She tells her father.