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The Beginning


The story you are about to hear some would deem fictitious, nothing more than a fairytale passed down from generation to generation. But as war looms on the horizon, I offer you a glimpse into a world of voodoo, thieves, assassins, love and betrayal. For the first time in more than 200 years the Guild Archives have been opened so the truth may finally be told.

This story will serve as the back drop for thee upcoming rpg entitled: Vengeance

Caleb Lafitte, along with a small group of men including his brother Pierre Lafitte, escaped to Louisiana after an attempted rescue of Napoleon Bonaparte was uncovered and foiled. Settling in the deepest swamps and bayous around New Orleans after the Louisiana purchase, they quickly established the Thieves Guild. In the beginning, they lived a simple life of hunting and gathering quickly becoming superior marksmen as well as elite trackers and thieves appearing in the dark of night with the thick Nawlins fog and disappearing like ghosts. And for a while all was right in this world inside a world, that is until Isabella Herbert caught the attention of both brothers setting the ground work for a blood feud that would never truly be settled. Immediately it was clear Isabella and Caleb were in love and this enraged his brother to no end. Spreading lies and manipulating several of the more of unscrupulous members, Pierre soon started to gather supporters in his bid to run the Guild. On the eve of their wedding, Pierre snuck into Isabella’s house, murdered her mother, father and two 5 year old sisters. He then proceeded to force himself upon the lovely bride to be. When the heinous act was done Pierre slowly and cold heartily murdered her as well. Taking his followers and descending even further into the bayou, they simply vanished leaving Caleb and the Thieves Guild with a blood lust and a thirst for vengeance.

As Pierre and his followers descended further into the swamp, they quickly discovered they were not alone, when they stumbled upon the original inhabitants of the bayous, the Arcadians: banished Hation Priests, and practitioners of the unholy dark arts, deemed too dangerous for this world. It was here that Pierre made an alliance with the Arcadians and formed his own Guild of Assassins. With the Arcadians behind him, Pierre led an all out assault against the Thieves Guild. It would seem that Caleb would finally have his chance for revenge but as the battle started the Arcadians simply walked away, what they didn’t know then, I shall tell you now. Though Pierre was indeed jealous of Isabella’s love for his brother, Pierre was not a murderer. The truth is it was the Arcadians who infected his mind, twisting it and eventually taking control, forcing him to murder his brother’s wife to be. Pierre was captured but unfortunately most of the Assassins Guild escaped back into the swamp. Tried and hanged for his acts, Caleb would die shortly after, never knowing the truth.

With no heir to either Guild, the Great Tribute was established. The first born of the two oldest houses, in each Guild would exchange children, to be prepped and groomed for leadership. Jean Sr. was the first born to the House of LeBeau and Bobby was the first born to the House of Pellerin. Bobby was traded to the Thieves Guild and Jean Sr. was traded to the Assassins Guild.

While waiting for their future leaders, members from both groups split off forming two more Guilds, both slightly less aggressive and more intune with peace as opposed to war. As the years passed the two boys grew into men, finally taking their places as leaders, Jean, now leader of thee Assassins Guild, and Bobby, leader of the Thieves Guild. For a time, peace reigned over the Guilds, even the Arcadians kept to themselves and before long, both leaders were married and keeping with traditions, exchanged their first born. As soon as Jean Sr. held the child he could feel his energy and immediately named the boy after himself. But on the other side of the tribute tragedy had struck. The child died mere hours after being traded, infuriated, Bobby demanded Jean’s second born as a replacement, when he refused Bobby declared war. With each Guild taking sides it was the Assassins Guild who once again enlisted the aid of the Arcadian Council. And so began the Guild Wars, months turned to years and still the war raged on.

With their numbers depleted Jean Sr., much to the horror of his wife, enlisted Jean Jr, still only a young teenager into the conflict. And just as Jean Sr. had foreseen young Jean Jr. had power. Able to channel and charge kinetic energy, the young boy single-handedly turned the tide of the Guild Wars. But one last thing needed to be done before the war could truly be over. Never forgetting the tails of how the Arcadians abandoned Pierre and the original Assassins Guild, Jean Sr. repaid the favor in full. Believing the Assassins Guild had come to pay tribute and profess their loyalty to the Arcadians, they gathered in their sacred church. Using Jean Jr. the crafty Cajun had his son charge the church with kinetic energy. Only two Arcadians escaped the blast alive, the High Council Priest, and his young son, Solomon Voodoo. After beating the Priest to near death, they hung him as his son watched. With the gruesome execution finished, they covered the young boy in blood, before tossing him into the swamp in an act known as Gator Bait.

With the Arcadians wiped out and the Thieves Guild defeated, Jean Jr. was praised as a hero. Eventually Jean Jr. became leader of the Assassins Guild and in his first act, united the Guilds under one flag. Peace and prosperity had finally been brought to the bayou.

Or had it?

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Oooo had it? Aww come on, tell me tell me! Very cool start, babe, can't wait to read more.

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Nice when does the Rp start!

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Damn. This is what I get for going to bed! Truly incredible. You've crafted quite the story!

Poor Solomon, I feel so much sadness for him.

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cant wait till this starts

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Maybe this weekend.

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OOO! Liek, Super-fantastic! Can't wait till you get to the present!

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great job, this rpg should be very good,

The OutRiders are comming... CARNAGE! CARNAGE! CARNAGE!

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I'll bring my sword to the table again. Nice story by the way.

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man this is gonna be so kick ass man

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AS resident good guy, Im goign to kill all the evil peopels, lmao yeah right.....

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yeah sure man u just continue thinking that

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Darkchild says:

"yeah sure man u just continue thinking that"

i will when i hav my foot up your a and your begginf for mercy, lmao

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i welcome death i will never beg

well cya guys hey spec check out Final days

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I cant wait to play my part

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Darkchild says:

"i welcome death i will never beg well cya guys hey spec check out Final days "

will do, mate