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Barbara Gordon, AKA Oracle got a phone call in the middle of the night. She tried to answer it without disturbing her lover Dinah or Black Canary. Dinah woke up and could feel Barbara's chest muscles tense up and hear the tension in her voice. Dinah sat up and turned the light on. Barbara speaking into the phone said "Joker, what do you want?" She put it on speaker. He replied "I just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you!" Barbara said "Its nice to know you care." He said "We still have unfinished business." Barbara said "Look, meet me in the old library tonight at 11:30 pm If you are man enough to finish what you started!" He said "How will I find you in that old building?" She said "A strong, smart man like you shouldn't have a problem finding a little cripple girl." She hung up the phone. Dinah asked her if she had a plan and she replied that she was working on one. It was 4 am and they got up and went to the kitchen to talk and drink coffee. Babs said her old office in the library was windowless and there was only once entrance. Across from it was a curtained alcove. She also mentioned that she had a dummy double. Babs proposed that she put the double in an extra wheelchair and park it in the office. It would face the entrance. She would park herself in her alcove. Dinah said that Joker would probably shoot the dummy on site. And added "That's when you come out of hiding to get the Joker! I should be with you in the alcove though." Later in the afternoon they called in "The Birds of Prey" to discuss that night's activities. Oracle quickly explained the phone call and outlined her plan. She said "Black Canary will be with me in the alcove and Huntress and the rest of you will be outside the building waiting for a signal to come in." Black Canary suggested she could use her cry to signal them. The others grumbled because of the loudness of the cry. Black Canary suggested that her cry would only be a half as loud as usual. At 9:00 pm Oracle and BC snuck into the abandoned library carrying a special surprise for Joker. It was dusty with a lot of abandoned library furniture and some books on the shelves. Oracle whispered that it was a shame to leave the building like that. She found her office as she expected it to be. They set up the decoy in the office. In the half light it looked real. BC went to check on the rest of the building and found it clear of people. She joined Oracle in the alcove, drew the curtain across it. It was ten by then. They hunkered down and waited and had a good luck kiss. Huntress an the others were outside in the darkness. They saw The Joker and others entering the old building and got nervous. Now they had to wait. The Joker entered the building. He poked around a bit and the others were sent to explore the building. Joker found the office and saw the decoy. As expected he opened fire on it and laughed his fiendish laugh. Oracle and BC exploded from the alcove and disarmed the joker. He wasn't giving up, so Oracle fought with him. BC gave her muted cry to summon help. It was still ear piercing. Oracle gave Joker a couple of heavy blows to his knees with her baton and he collapsed. Oracle and BC cuffed him. He wasn't going anywhere with two broken knees. Oracle got a black eye. BC joined the other Birds of Prey to dispose of the other bad guys. Soon they were all cuffed or tied. Oracle was speaking to Joker and said there was one more thing she needed to do. She produced a cream pie and threw it in his face. He spluttered. Oracle continued that Joker had become stale and predictable. She advised him to retire from crime. The police were called and arrived quickly. They took statements and took Joker and his band away. Huntress suggested that they go out and celebrate this victory.